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Record Store Day is the worst gimmick since "Valentine's Day" and possibly "Flag Day"

Have you heard of RECORD STORE DAY? It's a chance to remember that record stores are places where you can buy CDs and vinyls.

How many positive experiences have you had in record stores? Is it a Generation X thing? I feel like most of my experiences when it comes to buying music were in places like Blockbuster Music, Warehouse Music, Sam Goody, or some other chain that sold CDs for $18. I always found the franchises to be a better environment than the indie record stores, because you didn't have to have some schmuck at the counter make a comment about your CD purchase (and if they didn't comment, they'd give you a scoffing look that meant "I can't believe they're buying THAT album").

Does it make sense for 'online music magazines/blogs/websites' to support RECORD STORE DAY? I feel like atleast 5% of the why I even spend time writing HIPSTER RUNOFF is to shut down independent record stores. After movies like "High Fidelity" and "Empire Records", I think it's just time to move forward from glorifying stores that sell mostly crappy CDs, and shut down most record stores. Do you think RECORD STORE DAY was organized by all of the major record labels as a last chance effort to 'get people to buy CDs?'

Do u guys wanna go shop for some records, read some magazines, and search for authenticity?

I don't really buy into the theory of 'the people who care the most about music are the ones who shop at independent record stores.' I'd say the people who care the most about music are the ass holes who spend too much time online, and find a way to get it for free. Independent Record Stores are usually pretty 'hit or miss' when it comes to selection. Sure, there are some in major metropolitan areas that are probably pretty well-stocked, but for ever 1 of those, there are at least 10 crappy record stores selling stuff that you might as well pick up off of the "Staff Selections" rack at BORDERS.

RCRD ST0RE supporters say that their clerk is able to give them [Recommendations] based on what they have purchased in the past. I really think that the Amazon Recommendations, or iTunes features like 'people who purchased this also purchased..." is way more valuable than a scruffy dude telling you to 'check out Sparta since you're buying that At The Drive In CD.'

I think the worst part about record stores is that you actually buy complete albums. Usually, complete albums aren't worth purchasing. There's nothing like sorting through your CD collection from ages 9-19, and wondering what it all means. Why did you buy all of these mainstream alt-rock albums? You wish you could have all of that money back that you wasted on crappy CDs, pogs, basketball cards, and other stupid hobbies. The internet helps us become better consumers by providing us with important information before we make decisions.

In addition, most music is recommended by your friends, acquaintances, and especially douchebags who care about music too much. The internet has given a great opportunity for douchebags who care about music too much to be heard, and to gain the tastemaking status that they may or may not deserve. Things are better than they were in the pre-music blog era, because DOUCHEBAGS WHO CARE 2 MUCH ABOUT MUSIC basically steered the direction of turn-of-the-century indie rock, since they were all in charge of college radio stations.

It's just difficult to get behind this idea for RECORD STORE DAY. I would rather support a day where every band has a paypal account, and you can make a direct donation to the band members, or something like that. Times are changing, and industries change, so I'm never really into 'standing up for businesses that are perceived as authentic, so they don't have to adapt to modern business practices.' There are other people providing innovative services that help us find more music that we 'love' and 'makes our lives' more meaningful.'

If people are 'just about the artists', then they should tell more people about music services like hypemachine,, imeem, and even muxtapes (as bloggerly cliched as those have become so quickly). All of these websites also create a way better PERSONAL EXPERIENCE than walking out of a retail store and taking off your new CD's excess packaging.

It's not like music is getting worse now that records stores are closing... it's just that most people still buy their crappy music from other places.

R u a capitalist?
Do u shop @ a local record store?
Do record stores even carry the albums that you want?
Should all of the INDPNDNT RCRD ST0R3S form an alliance and sell on
Remember when you could get 10 CDs for $1 by filling out that form in a magazine?
Do you regret buying so many CDs in your formative years?
Is the undervalued value of the iPod the way it made you think less about purchasing entire crappy CDs, and put more value into acquiring only songs that you like?
Will U go to a Record Store on Saturday?

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