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Does buying a Justice jacket make U a ‘poser’?

Are you interested in looking like Justice?
What if I told you that Justice is releasing some cute jackets and pants? I know these photos look like they are clothes that are made for dolls, but they are for real humans, like yourself.

Do you hang out with a group of people who will respect you more, because you bought a jacket that was designed by Justice?

Are you interested in jeans with subtle, yet loud neon orange buttons to make sure every one knows that you are in jeans designed by Justice?

Would you feel like a more unique individual if your clothing tag said "JUSTICE FOR ALL" instead of "American Apparel"?

If you bought this jacket, would you find a way to make sure that people could see the cross in the inner-lining?

I think Justice failed to capitalize on female markets. Much like professional sports teams make pink versions of their jersey to appeal to girls, Justice should have made a cute pink jacket. For example, NFL Quarterback Peyton Manning only became popular after the release of this pink jersey.

Justice: They Don't Care About Women?

What do yall think of the JUSTICE jackets+pants? R u gonna buy them? I am no designer, but I have watched several seasons of Project Runway. Do you support Justice's 'design collaboration' with Surface to Air? Would you rather buy a jacket at a different store? Just based on the pictures, I'd say they look like clothes for little ass hole 5-12 year old boys whose parents style their hair for them & want them to have 'girlfriends' at age 9.

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