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A-Trak and Dave 1 do a DJ set 2 show off how relevant their bloodline is

The Brothers Macklovitch consist of Dave 1 from Chromeo and A-Trak, the popular altstream DJ. They were both generated from the same set of parents, so they have a bond that is deeper than any BFF-ship. Just saw this picture of them DJing, and it made me wish I had an alternative brother who was really in2 'the scene' and had the same drive as I did to be 'hella relevant.' Sometimes even wish I just had a brother who I could talk 2, some1 who understood me and my problems. I wish I could be a better sibling 2 all of my bros and sisters, but they are all kinda mainstreamers and lamestreamers, but deep down, they are still good people.

Honestly, I'll never form a relevant DJ duo with my brother. I might never write a hit indie EP, and he sure as hell won't. We might never have anything in common again, unless we both have kids and then we can talk abt how we have to change poopy diapers and complain about 'the old ball and chain.'

Do u wish u had a relevant sibling who 'understood' the scene?
Do u want 2 be buzzworthy with ur family?
Do u wish u had alt parents?
If 2 members of a family are alt, is one of u just into 'being alt' for the sake of 'doing drugs'?
R u jealous of Dave 1 and A-Trak for their eternal alt bond?
Are Macklovitches the most relevant AltJews on Earth?


Alternative Celebrity, DJ

A-Trak is a popular alt DJ who is also mainstream.

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Dave 1

Alternative Celebrity

Dave 1 is the indie frontman from the buzzband Chromeo.

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