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Bebe Zeva gets fashion spread in Seventeen Magazine

Bebe Zeva's status as an alternative 'it girl' seems to be 'way legit.' After her career as a model for the now-defunct I Am Carles brand, she seems to have 'evolved' and 'taken her brand to such great heights.' She is featured in Seventeen Magazine as some sort of relevant it-girl.

Meet Bebe, our new style crush! she's spilling her secrets so you can be fashion-fearless too.

Will 'mainstream tweens' be exposed 2 Bebe and 'want 2 get 2 know her'?

Does Bebe look totally amazing on the cover?

R u jeal of Bebe Zeva?
Has Bebe Zeva 'gone mainstream'?
Do u wish her 'new bangs' were featured in seventeen magazine?
Has she 'finally made it'?
Do 'they only want u when ur Seventeen'? [via the Lady Trons]
Is Seventeen Magazine a more authentic/mainstream version of Nylon?
Will Bebe Zeva 'make the leap' to Vogue/Tigerbeat/Alt_Tween_Magazine/Time Magazine?

Bebe Zeva

Alternative Celebrity

Bebe Zeva is a model for the I AM CARLES brand.

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