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BREAKING: Bebe Zeva dyes her hair blonde

Bebe Zeva is the face of the now-defunct & bankrupt I Am Carles brand. Recently, Bebe Zeva decided to cut her bangs [link], rebranding herself as 'a keut alt girl with bangs'. It seems like the bangs era was short, and she looked to move on 2 something way more alt. Dying her hair platinum/blonde/white seemed like her strategy, and now her hair is all blonde-ish and she looks keut.

What do u think of her new haircut?
Do u miss the bang era?

Is Bebe a beautiful brunette?
Do u support her hair coloring experiments?
Is her outfit/thigh tat 'totally keut'?
Do u think she is wearing a keut outfit?
Do u still <3 Bebe?

Bebe Zeva

Alternative Celebrity

Bebe Zeva is a model for the I AM CARLES brand.

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