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SO ME: I hope that guy gets at least 50% of Ed Banger's profits

I'm sure every one is familiar with So Me. He's the dude who does the ART for all things Ed Banger. So whether it's the breakthrough video for "D.A.N.C.E." or the "DVNO" video, it's pretty evident that So Me's a pretty effective artist.

Anyways, maybe you had heard about his studio show in Toronto.

Here's a picture of So Me between two portraits of Ed Banger Records' most popular act, JUSTICE.

Some could argue that SO ME is the best party & concert flier-maker of our generation

I'm one of the most critical people in the world, but is it safe to say that SO ME's work is extremely visually and conceptually satisfying?

He even made a tattoo for Uffie

Sometimes I wonder if SO ME should leave Ed Banger Records, and work for only Fortune 500 companies.

As demonstrated by the video made for Justice's "DVNO," his corporate identity skills are second to none.

And remember that time Kanye West had SO ME make a video for him after Kanye got really into Justice & Daft Punk?

SO ME: Better Than Warhol?
SO ME: Will he ever leave Ed Banger test the market as a free agent?
SO ME: Should Pixar offer him a lifetime contract?
SO ME: Are you happy that he's not just teaching After Effects classes at an Art College?
SO ME: Will he ever make an animated pornography scene?
SO ME: Should the United Nations enact a law that only lets SO ME make graphic tshirts for the next decade?

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