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Daft Punk wants u 2 buy their $350 headphones instead of making any good mp3s

Daft Punk is in this new movie TRON, they made the soundtrack and it is a huge letdown, and I sorta just want them 2 'go away' until they write "Discovery 2.0", but now we are being 'barraged' by press from Disney because they made TRON and they are doing everything they can 2 let every1 know 'how kewl' this movie is gonna be.

I guess Daft Punk did this cuz they would be guaranteed 'mad bank' instead of running the risk of releasing an album that 'flopped' critically and commercially. U can respect them for that I guess.

Here is the dumb 'press release' where they really try to co-brand Daft Punk, TRON, Disney, and 'sweet ass headphones':

"To complement the futuristic TRON: LEGACY soundtrack created by Daft Punk required cutting-edge products that utilize the most innovative technology and high-end design,” said Chris Heatherly, vice president of toys and electronics, Disney Consumer Products. "We sought out true industry leaders to bring to life Daft Punk-inspired merchandise that will take the TRON: LEGACY experience to a whole new level for fans."

Glad they are thinking abt the fans so we can 'buy more shit' that is branded by our fave bands.

R u gonna buy these?

Will these 'transcend' demographics? Will gamers, electro bros, and ppl who think they live in TRON WORLD all buy these headphones?

Here is another paragraph abt more shit they are selling or something:

The Daft Punk Edition TRON: LEGACY headphones complement the extended electronics line by Monster which is designed to appeal to discerning gamers and audiophiles and features dark finishes, neon lighting and the cyber aesthetic of the film. The Monster TRON: LEGACY T1 over-ear headphones feature Advanced Noise Suppression Technology and ControlTalk™, for easy and clear hands-free calling (SRP $349.95). The TRON: LEGACY audio dock is inspired by the iconic data disk from TRON: LEGACY ($249.95) and delivers a world-class listening experience. TRON: LEGACY fans that have downloaded Disney Mobile's free TRON app (www.itunes.com/app/tron) will be able to use the TRON: LEGACY audio dock to unlock a special TRON-themed alarm clock feature.

Rlly let down by Daft Punk.
Wish they had actually 'made an album' 2 'blow us away' instead of wanting to go head-2-head with Dr. Dre by creating these headphones.
R u gonna buy these?
Do these headphones look like they were designed by Linkin Park?
Is TRON gonna 'bomb'?
Are Dr. Dre headphones the 'official headphone choice of the Rich Blipster'?

Did Daft Punk secretly ruin/tank in 2k10/2k11?
Can I borrow $350 from some1 so I can buy some _________?

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Daft Punk is a French House band that 'peaked' with discovery.

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