My parents drive a car that makes me look poor/rich/middle-class. | Hipster Runoff

My parents drive a car that makes me look poor/rich/middle-class.

I remember when I was a child, my parents would drive me to school most mornings, dropping me off to start my day. Even though they didn't realize it because they had 'grown up problems', there was a lot of anxiety within me abt the kind of car that they drove. A lot of ppl say u go 2 school to 'learn', but the American school system is actually a process of 'being judged' and learning how to react/evolve/thrive/fail. Most Americans know whether or not they 'fit in' with society by the end of freshman year of high school.

Even though my parents didn't really have a 'sloppy jalopy' like some of the poorest kids at school, I still felt like my parents should have probably worked harder so that they could have bought a sweet car that would have aided/enhanced my personal brand. It's sorta weird how even though ur a kid, u can still tell how 'material things' can shape ur 'social status.' Even though u r young, and have no idea how money works/how much BMWs+Mercedes+Range Rovers cost, u wish ur parents would move to a cheaper house so they could at least have a sweet ass ride.

I felt scared that my personal brand would be compromised if some1 saw me getting out of a 'poor person'/lower middle class car. Like ppl would think that I ate 'free lunch' and lived in some sort of 'crappy apartment' on the edge of town/our district. They would find out I came from a single-parent household, or that we had been on 'food stamps' until my mom got her most recent job. They would find out that my Abercrombie clothes were actually 'hand me downs'/purchased on sale/that I made my mom max out her credit card 2 purchase them.

Didn't really matter if my parents had paid off our car
Paid off our house
Had an excellent retirement / savings / college fund 4 our entire family...

Nothing says 'I'm fucking sweet + loaded'
Like getting dropped off in a sweet car
Will Smith was right
'Parents just don't understand.'

"I don't tolerate dorkiness." -lil ass hole bro

Feel ashamed of my father
for being such a 'middle class failure'
I wish he would get a sweeter job
Buy me sweeter shit
Kewl clothes, Video Games, Macbooks, Vlogging Cameras
I am more than just a spoiled tween
I am a lifestyle brand

"My dad is a fucking pussie. I am ashamed of him. The whole world treats him like shit because he is a human turd."

Nothing is sweeter than having a sweet car with kid-friendly features
Were u the kind of ass hole who made ur parents listen 2 ur selected tunes
or did u let them play their 70s/80s classic hits?

But srsly...
I am ashamed of my 'dumbass dad'
He doesn't know how to use a fucking GPS
turn on the CD player, satellite radio, the seat warmers
Really clear why he hasn't gotten a raise/promotion in 10 years
when his dumbass probably can't even figure out how 2 use the copy machine.

Look at his bald, fat ass
I swear to god
I will kill myself if I become him
I mean, let's be honest...
He drives a goddamned Toyota
I am pretty sure those are for 'middle class' ppl
no matter how u try 2 brand them.

Letting ur friends ride in the back seat with u
Have some sweet ass TV screens in the back
Escape from their lamestream parents
Who don't really 'get' why social status is important
4 forming a successful child in our modern society

Just glad my parents took the time to really 'think abt' how a kid can turn out to be 'effed' if they think they are inferior to other kids. Kids need to feel 'rich', even if they aren't. Raising a kid who thinks he/she is poor means raising a kid who doesn't believe they can achieve their dreams. Instead of seeing money as no object, they see it as a bottleneck/restraining factor in their existence.

My parents understood that they had to 'spend some money' to make sure that I was rich and able to select from the top tier of 'potential friends' at my local elementary/middle/high school.

Once again
My personal brand
is a lifestyle brand
I am 'selling myself' to all the other kids at school
They want 2 be me
They want a part of me
They want to know what my life is like
I am a unique experience/human/brand

Would give anything
to be dropped off at school
in a helicopter / airplane / submarine / time machine every day
Just want my parents to be 'richer than every1'
Want to be secure
Want my dad to 'be a man'
I want to have the #1 personal brand in my class.

I am a lil tween ass hole
Way 2 aware of material things & social status
If only I could appreciate my parents
4 putting a roof ovr my head
and filling my spoiled face with fast food

//ashamed of u dad

Is Toyota launching a 'brilliant' / 'spot on' marketing campaign, or are they 'pissing off America'?
R u afraid of having a spoiled tween who thinks too much abt 'social status'?
Did u make ur parents drop u off a block away from school because they drove a shitty car?
R u ashamed of ur parents for being 'too poor/middle class' or did it help 2 shape u / make u 'appreciate life' more?
Do u wish ur parents were rich so u never really had 2 work/take things seriously?
Is this kid a 'lil ass hole'?

Is 'the lil ass hole' the new face of Toyota?
Should I go and buy a Toyota Highlander so my tween son will stop being a spoiled lil a-hole?

Did I mention my dad is a 'complete fggt' who wears fanny packs?
So ashamed of him
Srsly not going 2 become my parents
trapped in suburbia
driving a pseudo-luxury SUV
popping out spoiled kids like myself.

I'm going 2 break the cycle
H8 SUVS, suburbia, mortgages and raising kids

My parents drive a car that makes me look poor.