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Lamestreamers on Facebook sing Matt & Kim, ask 'WTF is Shazam?'

So many social tools exist to help humans discover relevant bands. Utilizing social networks, iPhone, and android applications, any1 can identify songs, and let people know what you are listening to. As advanced as we get as a society, nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing, even if it doesn't come out of ur mouth, and instead ur taste manifests itself in a meaningful status update.

It seems like fans of the entry-level band Matts and Kims wanted 2 let every1 know that they were pumped about the cutesy song "Day Light."
Here is the music video so u can familiarize urself with the entry level indie brand of the song while u read the convo.

First a bro starts singing the song, being like "lalallala."

then another bro comes along, and is all like "lalalalala pt 2. loves this song. We are bffs and we love great music!"

Then Bro #1 sings some more, and is all like "lalalala.  I know the words.  Loveeesss it!"

A new bro comes out of nowhere and is like, "I have great taste in music, and I must say, this song is brilliant."

Then Bro #1 is like "U've heard of the Matt and Kims?  Thought u were a lamestreamer. haha!"

Then the bro responds and is like "Matt and Kim... every1 has heard of them.  But if u really want to know, the first time I heard their song, I had to Shazzams it in order to find out who it was.  I went home, downloaded some more of their songs off iTunes, and needless to say that I am a fan.  Thanks Shazam!"

Then a bro comes out of nowhere and is like "WTF IS SHAZAM, YALL?  I NEED EFFING HELP FINDING NEW MP3s and BUZZBANDS. helllpppp meeee"

Some1 else comes along and says "Listen to Edward Sharpe and also check out Pashy Pits and Posty serve"

Some1 finally answers the question about Shazam, and is like "It's an iPhone app that can help u identify songs."

Then some1 is like "ugghhhh h8 all of these hippie-star bands.  Just trying to find buzzbands and cutesy MP3s.  Eff life.  Just wish I knew who the Matt and Kims are.  Laters yall!"


Do yall use Shazam 2 find artists?
Do these bros seem chill, or like huge lamestreamers?
Does technology beat 'humans' when it comes to work AND music referral?
Is Matt & Kim mad entry level?
Do yall ever see lamestreamers talking abt 'indy muzaks' on facespace?