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Panda Bear does interview, sends ‘rational messages’ to all his h8rs and critics

Every1 is eagerly awaiting Panda Bear's new album, but it might not come out anytime soon. I think he might have scheduled the 'album release interviews'/a US tour assuming his album would be out now, but now he has to talk to a bunch of people, talking abt everything except music. Bet he wishes he had an album to talk about, so he doesn't have to get so 'introspective'/talk about bloggy issues. Feel like we have learned more about Panda Bear in the last 2 weeks than we ever knew abt him.

Anyways, some Village Voice bro asked him about how it feels when 'a rock music critics' says that ur music sucks in the live format:

When you say you feel uncomfortable about performing live, is it because of people like rock critic Jim DeRogatis, who didn't -- in so many words -- enjoy your Pitchfork Festival set, or is it because of other factors?

Well, it doesn't feel good when you read or hear that people think you're just really bad or a joke or something like that. It definitely doesn't do anything positive. It's kind of the social aspects of the job, too; it freaks me out a little bit. I'm not the kind of person who really spends a lot of time around crowds of people. I guess I feel like I have trouble meeting people sometimes or talking to people; I guess I'm not the most social person I know.

Seems like a reasonable response. Nothing really 'fiery' about it.
Damn. Feeling kinda bad. Sometimes i am a music critic on certain blog posts, so maybe I'm not helping artist vibes.
Do u think Panda Bear would be 'more respected' by mainstream rock critics who get cranky when they see 1 man on stage playing drone wave music if he was a better 'networker', and took them out to Chili's to 'stuff their fat faces'?
Do more artists need to 'cozy up' to relevant bloggers who will turn on them as they grow older, fatter, and more bitter towards the world?

Then he has to get all introspective and talk about his personality. Seems like he is all self-conscious, but found a chill/weird zone in Portugal.

After living in Portugal with English as your main language, I imagine coming back here, where everybody wants to talk to you, is pretty jarring.

Yeah, that's the thing -- growing up, I was a super, super shy person. Then, sometime after, I dropped out of college and moved to New York, which I guess is just the kind of place where you're forced into social interaction everyday, it was really good for me in a way. I feel like I developed this feeling of being able to talk to people and not feel weird about it. But having moved to Portugal, where I'm in a much more isolated zone and don't speak to people that much, I feel like I've regressed a little bit and I'm more in a socially inept zone than I was maybe five years ago. But overall, being in the spotlight, even though it may be a really dim spotlight, is another thing that I'm not really a natural at.

Do u think Panda Bear has a 'chill personality'? Or is he 'socially maladjusted'?
Do u think his personality helped him to create the Panda Bear project?

He also says that the new album is a Bach-wave album:

I also read that, somehow, Bach is an influence on the album. Is that something the listener can hear in "Slow Motion," with those two thick, pounding chords that play throughout the song?

I could see that, I mean, it almost sounds like a church organ in a way. Yeah, I know what you mean. I think on "Tomboy" there's something really serious and almost heavy-handed, which I'm not crazy about. But serious in kind of like a sacred way; that sounds like really lofty and kind of pretentious, but I guess that's where my head's at these days.

Really feeling a lot of tension in Pandy right now. Seems to be 'thinking a lot', feeling insecure. Hope he's chill. Just want him to get back to his comfort zone and write more songs that sound like "Comfy in Nautica", "Bros (edit)", "KIDS", and "Time to Pretend" bangers.
R u pissed that TOMBOY is 'never coming out'?
Should Panda Bear tell all his haters to 'go eat a dick'?
Should Panda Bear 'get controversial' to get more coverage [via M.I.A.]?
Do u think Panda h8s all these interviews?
Is Panda bear 'too terminally chill' 2 handle press tours?

Panda Bear

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Panda Bear is a member of Animal Collective. He wrote the hit album "Person Pitch" but failed to deliver in 2k10 with TOMBOY.

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