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Best Coast’s old band breaks up, is it Best Coast’s fault 4 not being loyal?

I am a relatively new buzzband fan, so I am not 'up to date' with the history of buzzbands. From what I understand, most relevant buzzband members were in 'sound projects' that they are probably now ashamed of before they finally found a marketable sound. Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino was in some band called Pocahaunted b4 she started Best Coast. apparently Pocahaunted 'just called it quits' on being an indie band. U have to speculate that the band members were frustrated that they couldn't be as successful/buzzworthy/famous/well-monetized as Best Coast.

Do u think Pocahaunted quit because they were disenfranchised by the hypeballing of the Best Coast sound project?
Is it Bethanie's fault that Pocahaunted 'broke up'/'quit'?

In four active years, the band created by Amanda Brown and Bethany Cosentino seemed poised for great things but always lied just on the edge of indie-breakthrough act. Then, Cosentino left the group and formed Best Coast, which I hear is making some waves on the scene. But Brown continued on with touring and recording, creating some respectable music and earning a devoted following along the way. But, as announced on the band’s MySpace, the journey has ended and Brown has decided to hang-up the moniker and start anew.

Do u think Bethany shoulda tried harder 2 make her old buzzband work, or is this just part of the buzzband lifecycle?

Here is some music video of when Bethany Cosentino was 'still in' Pocahaunted. I think this video sorta shows off Bethany's early experimentation with drugs/marijuana, going for the whole art/tribal vibe.

Remember when dual-girl cutesy indie bands were 'popular'? Not sure if they still exist, or if Tegan & Sara ruined it 4 every 1.

Think this is 'recent footage' of the band Pocahaunted. They seem to just be 3 alt broads dressing up like Neon Indians. Maybe it is a good thing they died.

Might be more like Neon Nells [via the Jodie Foster movie about the woman who grew up in the wilderness and invented her own language]

Should u only be in 1 band ur whole life, or is 'experimentation' with sounds always a good thing?
R u sad when buzzbands die?
Is it great to hear about buzzbands for the first time when they die?
Was Pocahaunted any good?
Do u wish Best Coast had tried harder to make Pocahaunted work, inviting the AZN bro and that Vivian girl in2 their band?
Did Best Coast make 'the right career move' ditching this 'poor man's Gang Gang Dance' band?
Why do buzzbands succeed/fail? Is it because of a talent, marketability, or a random set of circumstances in the blogosphere?
Should AnCo just invite a Pocahaunted broad in2 their band to 'go to war' with the buzzy fuzzy beach dank sound?
Should I just start a buzzband & brand myself around a cat, weed, and California?

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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