NSFW: Photos of Ke$ha covered in cum + semen are 'leaked' | Hipster Runoff

NSFW: Photos of Ke$ha covered in cum + semen are 'leaked'

Ke$ha is a terrible autotune rapper/singer/indie songstress who is trying to be 'marketed' in the post-Lady Gaga niche. Just the whole genre of artsy and slutty females who write pop songs, then try to market themselves as trying to be 'in touch' with their status as sex icons, trying to empower women using sex, but actually just being sluttier sluts than ever.  Not really good role models for young women.

Feel like there is a 'huge battle' going on right now between Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Ke$ha for the '#1 modern slut in music', and I feel like these photos of Ke$ha covered in cum have to put her into the lead as the #1 female in music. I think this will help her to appeal to bros. Men seen so many cell phone nude pix of girls that it is difficult to get 'turned on' by a simple nude. This picture with cum / semen on Ke$ha will definitely make men 'take another look' at Ke$ha.

Feel like 'cum pix' are the new 'sex tapes' in this decade.

Do yall like to cum in women or on women?
Is it enough for u to cum on some1, or do u like to take pictures of ur cum pool on a female's body?
If u take a picture of ur cum on another human being, do u own their soul?
Will cumming on women and taking a picture of it emerge as the new 'bros icing bros'?

Not sure how I feel about Ke$ha's looks, but I feel like she is a top tier slut who loves to be cummed on.
Sorta get creeped out though, like I just came on Jon Travolta.

Do the perfect alternative breasts have cum on them?
Who is the number 1 slut /skank / pop icon in music?
Should Lady Gaga make an outfit out of semen?
Is it 'empowering' to cum on a woman?
Do women like 2 be ejaculated upon?
Is ejaculating on a woman 'the ultimate sign of love/possession'?
Who is DJ Stolen?
Do u think this is really Ke$ha?
Is this the cover art for an upcoming conceptual EP?

Who is ur favourite slut/skank/female in music?
Can u think of a slutty cum-based/bukkake based gimmick for another female indie artist to use as a marketing tool?