CONSPIRACY THEORY: "MAJOR LAZER RACIST imagery EXPOSED & Dissected" | Hipster Runoff


Major Lazer is a dance sound project by Diplo and Switch. Their music videos + product have 'come under fire' for being 'racist' since the exploit a culture that is not their own/has black skin.  Some African Americans think that they are 'racist ass holes.'

The video above is a semi-boring meme that diagrams the racist images deployed by their sound project:

This Documentary is composed of pics of Racist Imagery Created by the Group Known as Major Lazer (Diplo & Switch) taken on my iphone. Focusing on the 3 Major Lazer videos that are currently circulating around the Globe...We have come to the conclusion that the Group is Promoting Negative Stereotypes of the African Diaspora ie by Making Caribbean People seem as though they are Foolish Hyper-Sexual animalistic Sambo's. We Have created this short Documentary to put an End to the Exploitation of Womyn and People of Color.

Worried abt ppl who 'go 2 college' and learn 2 much about cultural imagery.

Original Video:

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