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Are vaccines ‘fucking bullshit’?

I have always been told that it is important to get vaccinated from miscellaneous evils like 'the flu', 'the bird flu', 'the swine flu', 'bacterial meningitis', miscellaneous Hepatitis strands, and even 'HPV.' As u grow older, ur body needs help fighting off these evil illnesses/bacteria/viruses. Feel sort of vulnerable, like I won't actually live 4evr.  Like there are tons of competing lifeforces that are in direct competition with my own personal lifeforce.

From what I understand, vaccines work because they 'introduce a lil bit of the strand of bad stuff into your body' so that your body is able 2 build up a natural immunity 2 the evil stuff. It's kinda weird how that works. Seems questionable. I feel like the goal of life is 2 'avoid being exposed to germs/etc', not to 'introduce the germs' into your system.  I think this is why companies created 'hand sanitizer' to make sure germs don't spread.

I got scared after watching this video. There was a 'perfectly normal broad' who took a vaccine, then her whole life got turned upside down.

She seems to have 'serious permanent damage' just because she took a flu shot. Needless to say, I won't be taking any vaccines any time soon because I don't want this to happen 2 me. Jesus Christ. Might as well 'get the lethal injection' instead of a vaccine. These things seem dangerous, and I can't believe so many health care professionals still believe in them. Maybe if they saw this video, they would change their minds. Afraid of taking a vaccine, then 'gettin da funky walk.'

It seems like 'the government' has made up an entire schedule of vaccines that I am supposed to take. I don't even know what is in these vaccines. I have heard tons of 'conspiracy theories' that the government is somehow trying to slowly kill us, or at least make sure we die by age 65 so that there aren't population+food issues.

I wonder if the government is trying to slowly kill you, me, & every1 we know.

I feel kinda afraid of swine flu, but I don't think it is worth it to take a vaccine. I might just quarantine myself in my loft for the next 1-3 years until the government kills all the people they want with the H1N1 vaccine. Worried abt the H1N1 vaccine. Part of me wants it since it is 'rare and valuable' (sorta like how people wanted Wiis when they first came out), but part of me is rlly afraid of it. Like this disease is going 2 kill me if it enters my body.

It seems to enter your body in a 'non-traditional way.'

I am rlly afraid of vaccines, yall. I wonder if I should 'risk my brand' and become an anti-vaccine spokesperson. Even though most anti-vaccine ppl seem 'krazie' right now, I feel like in the end, they will be 'right about everything.' I never want a needle entering my child's body, flushing evil into his pure system.

Do vaccines work, or are they just a myth?
Will vaccines kill u?
Should we be afraid of the government?
Do I really need health insurance, or can I take care of myself with proper nutrition and good decisions with multivitamins?
Is there any vaccine that 'actually works'?
Will infants and elders be 'wiped off the Earth' when the next pandemic goes down?

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