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Meaningful MP3s 4 people who want to 'be connected' 2 'a scene'

Yacht Psychic City

Analysis: I feel 40% 'more willing' to listen to Yacht since they signed with DFA. I think this song is possibly better/worse than I think it is, and might be the type of song that 'defines a summer' in an accidental way because it was relatively inoffensive, seemed kinda fun, and it lends itself to placement on multiple mixCDs/playlists.

Yacht's brand is 'about to be very strong' since they will be grandfathered into 'fun music that is dancey that P4k honors as being authentic.' Sort of wish I had been into them 2 years ago, and accidentally went to one of their shows on a school night, had fun, and totally 'got' them even though most people didn't. They seem pretty 'artist-y.'



Memory Tapes Last One Awake (Friend Version)
Analysis: I think that Memory Tapes is the next 'conceptual-ish' band to 'really look out for' in terms of blowing up a hype bubble. I think that if they put together 30-45 minutes of 'solid music' in an LP, they will probably become one of the most 'listenable' products of 2k10-2k15. Sort of like AnCo pre-MPP, back when you could just 'chill' and listen to them. FEel like I would 'actually' describe them as 'a band that would open for AnCo, except they are actually good.' MemCassy is more 'electro' and possibly has 'more pop sensibilities' than most modern 'conceptual bullshit music.'

Buy the new Memory Cassette EP



Lil Wayne Kobe Bryant

Analysis: This is a song by Lil Wayne about NBA player, Kobe Bryant, who will begin his pursuit of his first NBA championship without the help of Shaq "OMG he has a sillie Twitter" O'Neal. In the song, Lil Wayne honors Kobe by talking about 'how great' he is. I am not sure how I feel about Kobe Bryant. He has always been a bad teammate, and he also 'forced himself' upon some white girl in Colorado. He seems like 'a huge fraud', but not sure if he is actually 'lying' because I don't think he really has a 'true self.'

I don't know how I feel about the current generation of NBA stars. I feel like it is 'kinda forced.' I feel angry that I have to 'suck LeBron James's dick' even though he has never won an NBA championship. I don't really like how every1 is 'trying to act like Michael Jordan' or something.

Not sure if Kobe will win it all. Wonder if the Magic are gonna 'win it all.' Feel like Lakers fans are 'ass holes.' Can't believe LeBron is going to leave Cleveland.

N e ways, think that the Kobe Bryant song is 'stupid.' Feel like Kobe Bryant isn't even 'a real person' he is just sort of 'pretending to be real' based on how great NBA players have acted before him. I think he grew up in Europe, so he wasn't even an American kid. I think if Kobe Bryant could be white, he probably would be. I think that this song is some sort of representation of 'how stupid people' interpret sports, and sensationalize 'greatness.'

Who do yall think will win the NBA Championship?
Is LeBron James an 'asshole' 4 having a CHOSEN1 tatty on his back?

seems like he is 'out of touch with reality' or something. feel like he seriously might believe he is 'god'/'jesus'