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Question 4 Female Readers

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Sometimes ur hornie, but there's no1 else around 2 'get u off.' I feel happie that some1 invented 'masturbation.' Imagine if there was no way 2 pleasure urself? Feel like there would be a lot of lonely people out there. I think guys just have to 'tug off' and 'watch some slut getting fucked' on the internet.

Does n e 1 know how girls 'get off'?
From what I have heard, when a girl wants 2 cum by herself, she just has to sit on top of a washing machine/dryer?

Not even really sure how vaginas work. I think there is 1 part that ur 'supposed 2 rub' and then another part 'deep inside.'

Feel anxious about losing my virginity. Worried that my parents will find out and think that I'm 'a slut'/'hornie piece of shit'. I just wish that they'd realize that I'm young and in love.

Happie that I know about 'condoms' and 'alternate methods of contraception.' I srsly feel like my life would be over if I got a girl preggers.

Sort of wish my middle school had Sex Ed/taught evolution. Think that I wouldn't be so 'naive' if I knew more about the world.
Is n e 1 gonna wait 2 have sex until ur married?
What do u do when ur hornie? Do yall like sexting?

This is a post about exploring ur sexualitie, kinda like the movie EYES WIDE SHUT.