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Sort of want to throw a party and hire THE BLACK EYED PEAS to play it.

Sometimes it is weird when a 'successful band' has 'a cool new song' that I think sounds stupid/forced, but it is sort of like 'a club banger'/marketed as some sort of energetic fun song.

I think that this 'music video' might actually be some sort of Hewlett Packard computer commercial. I feel like consumers need to stop honoring the hiphop 'onomatopoeia' gimmick. Tired of 'hooks'/'choruses' being some sort of onomatopoeia gimmick. I feel like it is 'lazy' and 'stupid.'

The Black Eyed Peas seem pretty weird 2 me. I don't think that they would be 'quite as marketbable' if they were all black. I think the addition of a white female to their band was 'critical.' Not sure if White America really wants a band with 2 scary black dudes + 1 albino guy. Feel like they need a 'wigger' type of character in their band who is representative of 'who they might want to be.'

I think the 'Black Eyed Peas' might be some sort of metaphor.

I wonder if the Black Eyed Peas would have 'happened' if the Fugees stayed 2gether. Wonder if Will.I.Am is the modern/'sold out' version of Wyclef Jean. I feel like Will.I.Am is 'trying too hard' to be Marvin Gaye, and write/represent some sort of

Not even sure if we will have 'bands' in 2k10. Every1 might be a hologram.

Feel sad when modern stars try to 'recreate' the aesthetic+honesty of Marvin Gaye's "Whats Goin On" and it ends up being some 'crappy duet' somehow involving Sheryl Crow/Will.I.Am/Eric Clapton/John Cougar Mellbrocamp/a rap verse that 'doesn't fit.'

'where is the love, yall?' - Black Eyed Peas

Sort of just want to be 'a stupid mainstreamer' who gets pumped up when I heard a song like Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy" or the song "Let's Get it Started."

Lets Get It Started - The Black Eyed Peas

I want to be a white person
who 'gets jacked up'
whenever a black person in 'cool clothes'
comes out, waves their arms
rhymes into a mic
and tells the crowd to 'get on their feet.'

I will go home
buy this popular song on iTunes
listen to it when I 'start my workout'
to 'get fucking pumped up'
then choose a slow song 4 my 'cool down'

What kind of music do yall listen 2 now that bloghaus/electro is dead