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Natalie Portman is Not a Role Model

Pitchfork and Perez Hilton have been writing all of this crap about Natalie Portman.

She has great taste in music. She is a humanitarian. She went to college. She made a playlist for Entertainment Weekly that showcases her love for freak folk. She is the real-life version of her characters in "V for Vendetta" and "Garden State" combined. She wears wrist bands for causes. She goes to conferences where important people are talking.

From Pitchfork:

Portman also revealed herself as something of a freak folkie to, saying "I love this whole movement now with Antony and Devendra and CocoRosie and Sufjan Stevens," though she also claimed, "Stevie Wonder is probably my No. 1 [favorite artist]. And Radiohead, the White Stripes-- they're modern-day classics." 

She also downplayed her role in launching the Shins into the stratosphere, telling, "The Shins are the ones who created their own success. No one is gonna think a sound is great just because I say so. They hear the songs, and that's what decides it for them."

Don't you secretly hate the person in your group of friends who acts 'globally aware' and says stuff like that?

We think she should focus on being a more realistic role model. Like some one for those kids who aren't going to go to college, and get an Associate's Degree in fashion/design/hair styling/ auto repair, etc. She could probably really cross over if she made a film about a girl who is myspace all day, goes out to the movies with her friends to see the new Wes Anderson film, has a Sidekick, and takes a lot of pictures of herself throughout the whole day.

I think it's time we stop holding it against teens for glorifying the Paris Hilton/Lindsey Lohan type of lifestyle that they'll never achieve. Instead, we should work to create a less lethal, more accessible version of that lifestyle for the masses.

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