Songs that I think I am supposed to know about to stay 'relevant' | Hipster Runoff

Songs that I think I am supposed to know about to stay 'relevant'

I am going to start covering the most 'relevant' mp3s in the mp3blogosphere. People use HRO as not only a source of 'kewl content', but also as a voice which passes judgment on the most important alternative products. I will help u assemble ur iPod.

Rye Rye Bang (ft M.I.A.)

Review: Listened 2 this song by Rye Rye featuring M.I.A. Not sure what I am supposed to think about it. Not sure if Rye Rye is 'authentically from the streets' or in that genre of 'rap that is marketed to 'hipsters' but not really accepted by authentic hiphop circles.'Can't really 'judge' music that sounds like this. I really only know Rye Rye cuz she sang that one song about 'shaking that shit to the ground' that was 'catchy' or something like that. This song sounds alright, I guess. Probably doesn't mesh with my background+lifestyle choices. When I hear the song, I wonder if M.I.A. was in the studio, or if they just used an audio sample of her saying 'bang' from a previous song. Sounds kinda weird, but I think it is important for music blogs to cover M.I.A. even if they 'don't really know why.'

Grade: 3 out of 10 runoffs

Sometimes I wonder if Rye Rye's greatest moment will always be 'when those fat broads danced to her song and created a hit internet meme.'