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The Bob DylAlt

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If u have a relevant circle of friends in ur local alternative community, every1 knows some1 who has implemented the personal brand of Bob Dylan circa 1960/1970. U have 2 have curly brown hair 2 do this, so it's kinda like a 'gift from god' if ur able to pull it off. All u need is to be a lil bit skinnie and wear meaningful black sunglasses. Being a Bob Dylalt probably means that you aren't into anything that is too modern (art, music, recent cinema), and u enjoy being 'vintage' bc things used to be way more authentic back then.

I'm not even sure what Bob Dylan was all about. I think he was about 'authenticity' or something. Only heard like 1 of his songs about being 'like a Rolling Stones' but usually get him confused with Bruce Springsteen.

Didn't he h8 Andy Warhol cuz Warhol was 'too zany' and 'too modern' and 'didn't take the world srsly enuff' and Bob Dylan was kind of like the AnCo of the pre-internet era?

PLZ some1 help me. I don't know much about alternative history. wish there was a class about it at my local community college.

xx bonus Dylan Spawn Meme xx
Does n e 1 know if it is more authentic to be a WallflowerAlt than a BobDylalt?

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