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Finalizing Who this Bro Looks like

In a previous post, I asked the yalls who this bro looked like. I didn't know the answer, but yall provided me with some solutions.

Not sure which 1. Plz help me figure out--thinking about taking the pictures to Kinkos to blowup 2 poster size so that I can have a vague altJew chillin on my wall 2 'start conversations' [via my dorm room].

A) Dave 1 from the Chromeos

B) Marc "King of the Twinks" Jacobs

C) Dov Charney, CEO + CFO + CTO + CMO of Am Appy Clothing & Fun Lifestyle Corporation

D) Star of the Royal TenenAquatic/Earth Girls are EZ, Jeff Goldblum

E) Choose.Your.Own.Response

Is this a sign that 2k9 is 'the year of the AltJew'?
2k8 was the year of the ___.