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Should I blog more about politix?

Have yall heard about this new election thingy? Is it true that u get to vote online now, and that even nonAmericans are allowed 2 vote? Do yall want the world 2 be a better place? Are they really going to be able to verify Myspace accounts if they use the MyspaceVote platform? Will MyspaceVote be more significant than MyspaceMusic?

Did yall hear that we have to pay for some banks that ran out of money bc poor people have been stealing it to buy houses that they haven't worked hard enough 4? Why couldn't they just live in apartments 4 the rest of their lives'? Why/How are they(we) gonna pay 4 this?? Are they gonna take the money out of my bank account, or will I pay with monthly payments, or can I use paypal? s00 confused. Wish we didn't have 2 use money and we just exchanged goods and services without 'currency.'

N e ways...back2 politix....
People always talk about 'getting the young people out to vote', but they don't really provide much incentive. I think with this new 1Vote=1GiftCard system, kids will finally start to 'get off the couch' and start voting.

I wish politicians would talk about stuff that I care about, such as the same couple of bands over and over. Or maybe even the pursuit of altness. Or our mainstream world, and the influence of altness over it.


Does n e 1 know how I can change my blog font 2 be one of these?

Not very good at computers. These are the only fonts that can carry the weight of my words. Just wanna express myself to yall.