What’s the deal with Lana Del Rey’s Gold tooth? | Hipster Runoff

What’s the deal with Lana Del Rey’s Gold tooth?

What’s the deal with Lana Del Rey’s Gold tooth?

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Lana BB! Is that gold tooth in ur mouth?

But ur so pretty! Why would u have a gold tooth? Did u just have some dental work done or something? Maybe ur trying to be like a rapper or something. I'm s000 confused. I guess u said in that one song that u grew up on hip hop or punk rock or something, so I guess that toteally makes sense. I get most of my dental work done once per decade in Mexico, so I guess I understand that sometimes life is tuff. I used to live in a trailer, just like u!

I am honestly completely ashamed of my teeth. Many of them are rotted away, and it hurts to chomp with them. If I eat something hard and chewy like peanut brittle, I'll usually end up swallowing parts of my chipped teeth. Some of them are filled with some silver metal, but i hate the way my mouth tastes all metally all day and makes my favorite foods less yummy.

I'm jealous of that girl with u! I wanna hang with u! Hit me up when ur in town. I wanna learn how to edit videos in Windows Movie Maker so bad! I need to start getting creative and showcasing my artsy side!

The truth is that u r BEAUTAFUL and even if u have a gold tooth, u still have a BANGIN BOD and every1 loves u so everything will be okay. I honestly thought u were good on SNL, bb. BACK OFF HATERS!


Does any one know why Lana Del Rey has a gold tooth?
Is she swaggin or are there legitimate dental reasons?