Taylor Swift dyes her hair #seapunk | Hipster Runoff

Taylor Swift dyes her hair #seapunk

Taylor Swift dyes her hair #seapunk

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

Taylor BB! Ur jumping on the #seapunk trend too? First Miley Cyrus died her hair #seapunky, and then Rihanna TOTALLY went #seapunk on SNL. Every1 is DEFANATELY goin #seapunk.

I need to get in on this #trend because it is ToTaLLy #trending IRL.

Taylor who is that hottie?!? I don't know who he is, but 1 thing is for sure: Yall are Never EVER EVER getting back together, just like me and my ex. Except at the same time my ex probably wouldn't take me back and I would take him back in my life even though he used to be a #relationshipbully to me and sometimes the neighbors would call the cops because he would yell at me when I made the mac and cheese 'too cheesy' but that's just how I like it. I also bake it in the oven with bacon bits.

Taylor looks FLAWLESS! She looks #punk AND from the #sea. I want a #punksea makeover ASAP!

I wanna go to yalls hairdressers so I can be more #seapunk.

Sometimes I feel like the closest I'll ever be to #seapunk is eating at Long John Silver's. But honestly I love the lil crunchies at the bottom of the plate. #TeamFriedCrunchies

Lady Gaga who? #TeamTaylorSwift
Leanne Rhymes who? #TeamTaySwift!