Rihanna humps a 60 year old man on-stage! | Hipster Runoff

Rihanna humps a 60 year old man on-stage!

Rihanna humps a 60 year old man on-stage!

by the UlTiMaTe LaMeStReAmER!!!

RIhanna BB! What r u Thinking? Who is this NEW MYSTERY MAN?

He honestly looks like an old man. I dated a man who looked similar once. He was older, and required viagra to pleasure me, but honestly, even that didn't work because the site of my body made him immediately go soft. It was sad, and I did have many body image issues. I dealt with his weight, and he SNORED. But i snore, too, so Iguess maybe the right lover for me can accept me the way i am.

Rihanna has DARK, SEXY side, and she is riding his belly! Honestly, I dont think a man could penetrate me due to my large bellie. He most likely would have to find a fold of skin and fat to make love to, but would probably have to get a Clorox wipe to ensure that there weren't dirt crusties in that particular fold. It is very difficult to maintain fold hygeine when u are so large, and there are so many small crevices.

Rihanna BB! Save a horse, ride a cowboy... or a 60 year old man!

give me his # if ur not d8ing him.... I hope that means ur finally OVER Chris Brown