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Politics and Global Issues

Will the Egyptian D.I.Y. helmet become a relevant alt fashion trend in 2k11?

Photos via the guardian

From what I understand, there is some 'intense Iran-style anti-govt riots' going down in Egypt. Some say it is because the President shut down the internet, but I am not really familiar with issues that exist in the real world (especially the non American suburban Arab world), mainly just alt issues that exist on the internet. However, it seems like the #1 meme of the riots has been the zany helmets that protesters are wearing in order 2 protect themselves from bricks / bullets / bombs / miscellaneous projectiles.

DIY helmets seem like they might catch on in the USA/Euro indie scene. I could see a lot of people wearing a diy helmet to a relevant music festival, a Crystal Castles show, or even just to grab coffee at a local, relevant coffee shop. I think it will give non-fashion+design majors an opportunity to create something beautiful, utilizing a meaningulf arts and crafts type of process.

Have yall ever 'raged against the machine' in alt diy art & craft helmets?
Which 1 of these bros seems like he has the most alt helmet?

Sorta hope I can vibe out with some Diet Coke bottles on my head and start a relevant alt trend that sweeps thru the Eastern world, and eventually hits the west by storm (like digipets/tamagachis).

Maybe I can put a vintage record crate on my head / some sort of box that used to transport organic bananas to a local Whole Foods.

Seems like this bro is just vibin with some concrete on his head.

Pretty mainstream bucket helmet. Has been around since the 1970s.

Standard 'pot on head' bro. Used to do this 1 when I was like 2 years old.

Entry level cardboard box over head bro. Dude needs 2 step it up.

This bro seems 'mad alt' because he is wearing an alt Palestinian scarf (aka keffiyeh). He can also use the salad bowl to serve a healthy dinner later in the day.

What are you going to craft your diy alt helmet out of?
Should we go to a local dumpster to try to find helmet building materials?
Are diy helmets 'too freegan' for ur brand?
Should I start an alt helmet making shop instead of trying to start a buzzband / tshirt line?
Will the Western world 'steal' this trend, much like they stole the keffiyeh?
What is happening in Egypt?
Why is there so much trouble in the Arab world?
R u worried about World War III against the Arab world, or do u think we will win because we have better technology [via real helmets]?

Does n e 1 know what G20 protesters are even protesting? Seems like they just want to make .jpg internet memes

Photos via Torontoist

Every year or so, some summit happens called the G20. I don't even know what really happens there, who goes, or what global leaders are trying to solve/talk about. Mainly just exists as some sort of opportunity for a city to 'waste tons of money on security' and for tons of rebellious spirits who h8 society to 'protest' against society/the government/the world/the Illuminati / miscellaneous constraints of the human spirit via 'bullshit'. It seems like a 'protest' doesn't even really mean anything any more. Like many 'real life' events, it has sort of degenerated into the kind of event that is mainly created to 'create sweet web media', whether it is a youtube vid, a .jpg, or even a dramatic gif. Feel like these protesters in Toronto are just 'internet meme generating ass holes' who don't 'give a damn' about the world, and only really care about making people on the internet LOL. Honestly feel like in our meme society, the lolcat might be the only universal currency. I guess the riot cops provide a great 'backdrop' to create a surrealist meme. Feel like it is 'human nature' to want to see people getting beat up by cops [via the Rodney King theory], then reflect on the power of the government. Bros who 'didnt graduate from high school' can unite with 'unemployed bros who graduated with a worthless degree from an expensive university' under the same goal: "H8 society for misleading me/leaving me trapped.' Just wish I could protest 'with song'. Brought my guitar to the protest hoping to throw down some Jack Johnson-esque vibes, but the cops totally killed our chill waves. Is it authentic to wear a Bob Marley 'One Love' t-shirt to a protest? Might start a meme blog called lesbians who look like little boys getting their asses beat by riot police . tumblr . com Maybe I'll just take my flip cam and 'vlog' live from the middle of the violent areas, putting a buzzband soundtrack to make my video seem 'more bad ass/bloggable.'


Worried abt Foot Locker. Thought it was our right as members of the Western World to own the &#39;sweetest pair of sneakers&#39; possible [via the Post Michael Jordan world] Glad the GAP stayed safe. Might go get some on sale t-shirts and socks later Sad that Am Appy didn&#39;t play it safe, and ended up with human feces in their store. [link] Do u think she h8s cell phone stores because of how much they charge for data plans? Maybe she wouldn&#39;t be so violent if she knew that Droid Does Apps. Wonder if there is a Home Depot / Lowe&#39;s nearby where u can pick up plywood / weapons / hammers / etc. Maybe an Outdoor shop is a better place to get a pick axe &#39;Totes gonna make this my facebook profile default pic.&#39; This bro seems to be getting &#39;mad air&#39;, Shaun White style. Wonder if he got those boxers at The Gap / Old Navy. Wonder if they are really &#39;anarchists&#39; or just people who want to &#39;fuck shit up.&#39; Really hope 1 of these g20 things comes to my city soon. Want to go to my local mall and &#39;break some windows.


Do yall believe in anarchy or capitalism? are these real anarchists, or just bros who eat McDonalds like every1 else? Keut cutoff + bandana combo I wonder which 1 has a longer-lasting psychological impact on u: getting arrested [via handcuffs] OR getting arrested [via plastic cord binding ur hands together]. (you probably aren&#39;t a legitimate threat 2 society if u can be restrained by a plastic cord.) Local Business Owners should probably h8 society. &#39;I proposed 2 my wife at the G20 protest. Our pic symbolizes love in the face of a mad world.&#39; ////CONTINUE READING///

Flag Burning Alts [via BBQ]

Photo via thechillerwhale

Flag burning alts,
What are you trying to prove?
Burning Old Glory over your coal-powered BBQ pit
If only u knew how beautiful our great country was
If only u knew abt those men who died 4 u in wars
If only u remembered what they taught u in American History (X)

Many Americans have 'come 2gether as 1', uniting around our coloured President's 1st year in office
but others still continue to rebel
continue to laugh with their bros
as 50 stars & 50 stripes burn {like a candle in the wind [via Eltons Johnson]}

If only BBQ pits were 'regulated'
and we could ensure that humans only burned animal-based foods on them
I can imagine how America feels, since Carles was once the victim of a metaphorical product burning.


Shame on any alt who BBQs the American flag
Shame on any alt who burns a war movie, such as 'Platoon', 'Saving Private Ryan', or 'In the Army Now.'
Shame on any alt who thinks that this is good for 'our scene.'
////worried about the 'national media' writing a piece about how 'hipsters hate america and have flag burning parties'

Wonder if it is still 'alt' 2 h8 America, or if it is chill to <3 America.
Felt confused after I some of my high school ex-bros etched a swastika on a local golf course, mashed up with Obama.

Might open up an online tshirt boutique, kinda like how people can <3 NY.

Might get buzzed and watch a zany comedy about 3 Americans who enlist, get deployed 2 Iraq, but accidentally end up in Mexico and think that the 'fucking beaners' are the 'Iraqi Savages.'


God Bless America
Support our Troops
(Sorta missin George W. Bush. Worried Obama wasn't the right man 4 the job.)

Remember the time those alts dressed up as 'the twin towers' [via 9-11]?


Hope this isn't a metaphor.

(worried that the PBR brand will get tied to this scandal)

Are vaccines ‘fucking bullshit’?

I have always been told that it is important to get vaccinated from miscellaneous evils like 'the flu', 'the bird flu', 'the swine flu', 'bacterial meningitis', miscellaneous Hepatitis strands, and even 'HPV.' As u grow older, ur body needs help fighting off these evil illnesses/bacteria/viruses. Feel sort of vulnerable, like I won't actually live 4evr.  Like there are tons of competing lifeforces that are in direct competition with my own personal lifeforce.

From what I understand, vaccines work because they 'introduce a lil bit of the strand of bad stuff into your body' so that your body is able 2 build up a natural immunity 2 the evil stuff. It's kinda weird how that works. Seems questionable. I feel like the goal of life is 2 'avoid being exposed to germs/etc', not to 'introduce the germs' into your system.  I think this is why companies created 'hand sanitizer' to make sure germs don't spread.

I got scared after watching this video. There was a 'perfectly normal broad' who took a vaccine, then her whole life got turned upside down.


She seems to have 'serious permanent damage' just because she took a flu shot. Needless to say, I won't be taking any vaccines any time soon because I don't want this to happen 2 me. Jesus Christ. Might as well 'get the lethal injection' instead of a vaccine. These things seem dangerous, and I can't believe so many health care professionals still believe in them. Maybe if they saw this video, they would change their minds. Afraid of taking a vaccine, then 'gettin da funky walk.'

It seems like 'the government' has made up an entire schedule of vaccines that I am supposed to take. I don't even know what is in these vaccines. I have heard tons of 'conspiracy theories' that the government is somehow trying to slowly kill us, or at least make sure we die by age 65 so that there aren't population+food issues.

I wonder if the government is trying to slowly kill you, me, & every1 we know.

I feel kinda afraid of swine flu, but I don't think it is worth it to take a vaccine. I might just quarantine myself in my loft for the next 1-3 years until the government kills all the people they want with the H1N1 vaccine. Worried abt the H1N1 vaccine. Part of me wants it since it is 'rare and valuable' (sorta like how people wanted Wiis when they first came out), but part of me is rlly afraid of it. Like this disease is going 2 kill me if it enters my body.

It seems to enter your body in a 'non-traditional way.'

I am rlly afraid of vaccines, yall. I wonder if I should 'risk my brand' and become an anti-vaccine spokesperson. Even though most anti-vaccine ppl seem 'krazie' right now, I feel like in the end, they will be 'right about everything.' I never want a needle entering my child's body, flushing evil into his pure system.

Do vaccines work, or are they just a myth?
Will vaccines kill u?
Should we be afraid of the government?
Do I really need health insurance, or can I take care of myself with proper nutrition and good decisions with multivitamins?
Is there any vaccine that 'actually works'?
Will infants and elders be 'wiped off the Earth' when the next pandemic goes down?

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Clubbing baby seals seems like an unchill practice.

It's always weird when a band/famous person becomes an advocate for change, especially when they are 'raising awareness' for a problem that I wasn't really aware of. One could make the argument 'out of sight, out of mind' is a good thing. Like if you knew too much about the world's problems, then u might become paralyzed with fear/h8 for humanity, realizing that 'things would never change' and evil will always live on this planet. But it's also kinda good because if you know more 'issues', then you are more interesting.

I was 'completely unaware' that clubbing seals was a huge problem in our world. I have honestly never seen any1 wearing or eating seal. For some reason, I have 'never had a desire' to wear seal/miscellaneous exotic animal fur. It seems out of my price range, since I am just a suburban upper-middle class alt, and I would rather spend that kind of money on consumer technology instead of clothes. Maybe if Am Appy 'branded' animal fur, I would be interested.

Clubbing seals 'seems unchill.' Like some1 who listens to horrorcore music would be a seal clubbing bro.


I feel like 'seal clubbing bros' should be eliminated from the Earth. I am glad that I learned about this cause. I have an opinion about it, and I understand that is wrong, but I am not sure what else I can do to prevent companies and humans from clubbing seals. It seems unchill to skin animals just to wear them. Like the people who value animal fur are 'severely troubled' and have 'a very stupid perspective of the world'--like they didn't go to school and learn stuff. I think that some1 needs to make a movie about seals similar to 'March of the Penguins' so that people think that seals can have a group brand that is 'cute enough to save/care about.' It seems like humans care about cute animals.

Really just happy that AnCo 'made it.' Feel happy that a band from my range of tastes has ascended into 'activist relevancy.'

Can't believe AnCo is such a relevant celebrity. As famous as the homosexual blogger, Pedro Hilton.

Even larger than the star of the recent teen dramedy "She's All That."

AnCo can do as much change as the world for star of 'Laguna Beach Cribs', Brody Jenner.

I feel excited for AnCo. A lot of people think that AnCo 'is going to cross over.' They keep waiting to hear them on the mainstream radio. I feel like 'lending ur brand' to a PETA campaign seems like u have 'made it.' Like if Pitchfork had some sort of 'humanitarian ratings', this would probably be around a 9.6.

Celebrities Speak Out Against the Seal Slaughter.

'U can create all kinds of textures with all kinds of fabrics.'

-Panda Bear, 2k9.8

'U can create all kinds of textures with all kinds of sounds.'

-Panda Bear, 2k4evr

Feel like my whole life make sense now that 'Animal Collective' has truly become 1 with the Animal Kingdom Collective of Real Animals.

Honestly feel sad/disturbed after watching seals being murdered. Will probably think of seals being clubbed every time I listen to AnCo from now on, even when the themes are happy. :-(

Vintage HRO post [via 2k8.1]

Remember the time Panda Bear and his wife designed hoodies?

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Do animals have rights, or should we just eat them all?

Photo via sharkvsbear

Sometimes I feel bored with all of the eating options available in America. We've tried everything--pizza, hamburgers, chicken tenders, miscellaneous sandwiches, miscellaneous items wrapped in tortillas, and even things as exotic as 'sushi.' I feel like I need some sort of subsistence that is 'different.' Feel like I might start eating things that are nonconventional. Possibly kittens.

It's kinda weird how the internet has 'branded' cute things like kittens. I have read in Time Magazine that there is a site about cats that laugh out loud. (I think it is a blogspot). It seems like people like to rally around things that 'make them smile'/'warm up their hearts', then send them to coworkers, or post sillie things on their facespaces. I feel like it might be 'alternative' to 'rage against kittens' and use them to stay alive, sorta like how in the hit film The Matrix, the computers utilized human heat to generate the energy to keep their systems running. Sorta just want 2 stay alive 4ever.

I have read on Wikipedia that AZNs actually eat tons of 'weird shit' including dogs, cats, river monsters, and 'Nessie.'

It seems weird to think that nonAmerican countries eat dogs and cats.

This picture sorta makes me feel 'disturbed.' These things that mean so much to American families can mean so little to AZNs. Wonder if they look at us, and think we are 'retarded' 4 pretending that these animals deserve to be treated like 'spoiled humans.'

I feel like maybe I should think that 'all animals are the same', including cows, pigs, fish, chickens, and turkeys (stuff that ppl eat every day). Animal Farming seems 'fucked up' and unfair. Wonder if I should stop eating meat. Wonder if I should only eat domesticated animals to 'make a point' about the mistreatment of animals that are raised just to be eaten. Would feel sad/meaningless if some1 raised me just to eat me, like I wouldn't be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life like 'a sunny day' or pop 'indie music'.

Can't believe dogs + cats have been domesticated to the point where I 'don't even know where they come from.' For example, u know that zebras come from Africa, polar bears come from cold places, and sharks comes from places with water... but i have n00 idea where dogs + cats come from. I feel like this might be an argument for 'creationism.'

What do u like 2 eat?
Do animals have rights?
What happens when we run out of resources 2 feed huge animals like cows?
Do humans need 2 eat meat?
Is there a 'humane' way 2 kill animals?

(do u shop at the Whole Foods?)

Is a woman's place always going to be 'in the kitchen'?

Photo via lookbook

Sometimes I wonder about the role of the female within alternative society. Are women 'more respected' by alternative men, or are they still 'sex objects who are meant to do chores'? From what I understand, non-self aware females 'just want to get married and birth kids', even if it means that their husband is aloof and distant (as long as he makes at least $100K per year). Sometimes I feel confused by the motives of alternative girls, bc it seems like even they 'don't know what they want.' Somtimes I wonder if females can be 'authentic alts' if they are using 'altdom' as a rebellion against their parents.

I feel like mainstream women raising families, who are 'trapped' in their situations might be stronger women than 'lil alternative bitches' because they know how to put other ppl first. I am not sure what alternative women want to be when they grow up. Possibly something in 'corporate retail', or possibly 'public relations', or if they are lucky, 'something artistic.' I am not sure how much altGirls really want to independently 'make it', or if they would be happy 'marrying some rich bro at age 26 just in case their life doesn't pan out.'

Not sure if AltWomen would know how 2 do 'mainstream chores' like washing dishes, clothes, dusting, swiffering, cleaning toilets, driving vans, going to the store, planting flowers in the front lawn, living in suburbia, carrying a child, or other mainstream female duties.

Feel like I have always semi-ironically done 'chores' and stuff, and sometimes used them as an excuse to bond with people from my local scene. Like when me and all my 'flatmates' would 'get buzzed and do laundry.'

Photo via Pregnant Goldfish

I feel like there is more pressure on women to 'conform' to society's expectations of 'being clean', 'being happy', and 'staying tidy.' Seems like it is more socially acceptable for a bro to end up being 'really tragic' bc he is a 45 year old man who is 'still trying to be alt.' Not sure if altWomen's flaws within alternative society make them 'more functional within society' than altMen, but I think they might be a good thing for physical mental health.

Would yall rather be a boy or a girl?
Do yall want a family with a happy home?
What are ur expectations of women?
Do yall honestly believe that women are capable of the same things that men are?
Is society 'bullshit'?

I want to reconnect with my country.

I spent 4th of July 'getting fucking hammered'--drinking beer, chilling by a man made lake in my 'rich friend's' lake house, and looking at girls' 'sweet racks' in bikinis. We rode jetskis, and other 'mad absurd shit' like that. Eventually I put on the album Strawberry Jam by ANCO just so that we could hear the song 'Fireworks.'


I stared into the bonfire that we started, and thought about life. Not just in the way that I start to think about life when I listen to conceptualcore music, but more about just all of the opportunities I have. Not just because my parents are wealthy, but just the opportunity to have this lifestyle. I'm really grateful 4 being an American. I feel different from 'my generation' because I 'get' that America is 'bad ass', instead of just being one of those people who 'pretends America sucks' just to seem liberal.

Photo via the big picture

Feels weird that my generation was 'defined by 9/11.' I feel like that was more of something that I felt 'entitled to be affected by' as opposed to something that 'lit a fire under my ass/inspired me to unite for the greater good of my country.' Feel like maybe I might have been different if I was 'drafted' to fight in Vietnam/WWII/etc. Might 'appreciate my country more.' Sometimes I just wish I had 'something 2 fight for.'

Sorta wish I lived in Iran, or possibly a 'shitty South American country' where some sort of revolution/Civil War was happening. Feels like I would have 'a real reason' 2 use twitter, like to organize people for protests.

Feels weird that America is 'in the shitter' and China is better than us at everything now, and our 'dollar' doesn't 'mean' as much as it used to, but I still feel 'better than ever.' Feel like I 'take everything 4 granted. I just want to fight in a war, and kill a foreigner. I want to take control of my life, and prove to this land that I was born in that I deserve to be a part of it. I don't want to stand around indie rock festivals for the rest of my life. I think my life could be more meaningful if I saw the world, and also fought for the lives' of millions of people.

This 4th of July, I realized that I want America to go to war soon, so that I am not part of a generation defined by the internet + 9/11 + 'social networks.' I want 2 die fighting in the Final_War_of_Mankind. This will be our legacy.

'We can be heros...just 1 day...'
-Jakob Dylan, The Wallflowers

God has Blessed America.

'I would die 4 u.'

This is the last chance our generation has to 'rebrand' itself. We must goto war before 2011.

Should Obama fire his AZN intern for ‘abusing social networks’ on the job?

I believe that Barrack Obama is a modern President dealing with modern problems. Not just 'mainstream' problems like 'dealing with the Brown part of the world' or 'trying to reduce our national debt', but problems that 'real people' can 'relate to.' I was recently looking at this picture of Obama 'having a serious discussion' with an AZN intern about his employment status. Apparently, this White House intern had numerous photos of himself in 'provocative situations' posted on his facebook, and even had very 'racist' and 'sexual' twitter posts on his @twitter. He even had an embedded picture of a 'marijuana leaf' and 'a Bob Marley gif' on his myspace page.

Unfortunately, many republicans have called for the AZN bro to be fired/executed. As u can see in the photograph, he is remorseful, and looking for @BarresObames to be 'a bro' in his time of need.

I am not sure if he deserves to be fired. I think that all young people in America below the age of 23 deserve to 'express themselves' freely on the internet. It's part of living a healthy life. It doesn't matter if your online presence is 'out there' or even 'controversial.' It doesn't always mean ur the same on the internet as u r in real life. Wish ppl could understand that 'disconnect.' Wish they'd realize that ppl like the internet because u can seem 'better than u actually are' and also 'bully people' legally.

I think that in the past 'old people' have never been able to 'get' why young ppl talk 2 eachother all of the time, whether via internet or text message. Now that Barry Obama used 'the internet' 2 win an election, he 'understands' that young ppl need to 'chill on the internet' in order to 'remain healthy.' I am hoping that he lets this slide, and he can set a good example for all employers who fire ppl because they 'posted something bad' online.

Do yall think the AZN should be fired?
Should employers be allowed 2 'look at ur twitter/fb/myspace'?
Should I 'deactivate all of my pages' since I am looking for a job?
Is Obama a 'dictator'?
Should we create 'internment camps' and ship AZNs to them, and only allow them to use xanga/other online tools that 'basically only AZNs use'?
Should we 'nuke the fuck out of' Iran?

Worried about Iran/Persians

Every now and then, I am in a campus computer lab, and I check the popular blog CNN.com so that people behind me think that I 'care about the world' + 'miscellaneous global issues.' I happened to see that there was some sort of election in Iran.

There was apparently some President bro who wore Palestinian scarves. He h8s America, apparently, and used to 'take shits on pix of George W. Bush.'

Then there was some sort of Barry Obama-like candidate in Iran. He used twitter and facebook to 'get mad hits' from 'young ppl. Then the election happened, and it was 'bullshit' because it was 'rigged' to get the 'i h8 America bro' 2 win. There is some religious bro named The Ayatollah who also h8s America, and loves his version of Gawd.

I think he has also been 'a fuckhead' according to America for a very long time.

So n e ways, the Iranian Govt shut down facebook+twitter or something, and then the young people had nothing 2 do, so they 'took to the streets' to march + riot. Seems like what I would do if I didn't have sweet ass social networks to chill on.

Think this might be some sort of 'altbro rebellion'. Wonder if 'riot pix' are the same as 'party pix' in Iran.

Sorta wish I had an excuse to 'dress up' in Green Am Appy tshirts then 'beat the shit out of shit' instead of just 'physically and mentally abusing my GF/

Damn. Heard that even riot police 'got their shit fucked up.'

Feel sad about fallen bros.

Think that this might be some sort of Calvin Klein product placement.

Damn. Seems 'serious.' Like a music festival meets a weekend crafts + activities fair in the alternative part of town.


Not sure how to feel about this 'rigged' election. From what I understand, the United States has a system called 'Electoral Colleges' which mean that u don't have to win the vote to win. I feel like Iranians possibly need to understand this so that they are not pissed about life. Feel like they need to accept that 'government' is bullshit, and possibly move on.

All in all, this made me love America more. I feel like we often think that other countries 'h8 us' or 'dont wanna be us', but over time, we learn that there is a significant number of people who would do anything to live The American Dream. We have s000 much stuff that we take for granted, even if it is small stuff like getting to create a facebook group called 'I'm Wanna Fuck Barry Obama.' We have s00 many political freedoms, and for the most part, we have a free-spirited/blood-thirsty media who get to make sure that conspiracies don't really happen. Would feel sad if the government controlled the news instead of just 'rich people.'

It's kinda weird... I have met a few Persians in my life, and I thought they only cared about things like medical schools, name brands, nice cars, clubbing, and living in gated communities/Los Angeles/Houston. I thought that they h8ed America, and that I had nothing in common with them. But now I guess I 'shouldnt judge them' and accept that we all want to be the same. We all want to have an EZ life, where justice prevails, and we all get to chill on social networks.

Srsly tho... is Barry Obama going to reinstitute 'THE DRAFT' and make us fight against Persian in the_Final_War? Worried about having to fight in the war. Not sure if I wanna serve 4 my country.

Are yall scared?
Is this 'an injustice'?
Do u know any Persians and what are they like IRL?
Should we just 'nuke the Middle_East'? kinda like George W. Bush said?
Do yall think Obama is 'chilling too hard'?

M.I.A. makes some image to support a political candidate that looks like a 'shittie party flier'

Photo via MIA blog

As yall know, popular rapper M.I.A. has a personal brand that is 'very political.' I'm not even sure where she is from, or what this flier is encouraging me to do. I think it is for some governmental election or something. She is apparently 'giving away an mp3' for people who vote. I'm not sure if you get a 'redemption code' after you vote, or if this is some sort of online election, like hotornot.com.

I wonder if M.I.A. has enough reach to impact an election. Maybe if the election was in Sri Lanka/Brooklyn, but I am afraid that it will be a difficult for her to sway the vote of people who don't listen to indie/mainstream rap. I feel like if I were a political candidate, and some sort of 'zany minority with ties to terrorist groups' supported me, I would say 'thank u, but could u keep quiet.'

It's weird when celebs have a personal brand that is 'political.' It's like u know they are yapping about something 'important', but you sort of just filter it all out as 'noise' and just think 2 urself 'thats nice that they wanna make an 'impact' or something.'

How do u feel about celebs with a political voice?
Do u want to be elected to a political position 1 day?
Do u think that M.I.A. should take a graphic design course a community college?
Does M.I.A. need to pick more authentic fonts/colour schemes?
Do yall think M.I.A. used PAINT or PHOTOSHOP 2 design this flier?


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

Read more>>>>

M.I.A. 'stands for something.'


I watched this video of rapper M.I.A. being interviewed by snarky political comedian Bill Maher. I know that M.I.A. is political and shit, but I never really knew what she was talking about. Glad that Bill Maher sort of 'spoke for her' and 'explained the issue' that she keeps blabbing about. Not even sure if I 'get it.' I feel like I might only care about American issues, or issues that cause the American govt to spend money so I can complain about how there are potholes in my roads even though we are spending money on the war in Iraq.  Sort of just wish that she would 'rap' over some sweet beats (produced by Diplo) instead of 'talking about issues and shit.'

From what I understand:

  • M.I.A. is from Sri Lanka
  • They are killing the 'minorities' there
  • There are crimes and stuff like that going on there
  • It is 'bad' and 'serious'
  • M.I.A. will write a song called "Paper Planes 2.0" about it
  • M.I.A. has black hair but it used to be orange and it is growing out
  • Bill Maher thinks American ppl are 'mad stupid'
  • M.I.A. lived in the U.K. since age 10

This is a map of Sri Lanka.  I think the green areas are 'less violent' and the yellow areas represent 'more acts of hate and political oppression.'

Just trying to educate yall.  Trying to get yall to care about more global issues.   Wish more celebrities would come up with more creative causes to support instead of just 'supporting Obama.'   Feel like he's boring to support since he is making things worse and led us into economic crisis.


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

Read more>>>>

Can't believe Iceland elected an openly gay Prime Minister

Yall. This is a picture of 'the Ellen/Obama of Iceland', I think. She probably has a charismatic personality or something. Can't believe Iceland elected a homosexual into office. Makes me feel a little bit proud, but also really nervous. Not sure if I really 'believe' that she can turn the Icelandic economie around. Heard that it is really in the shitter because Iceland doesn't produce anything valuable for the world.

Feel sad that Sigur Ros and Bjork are Iceland's most valuable exports.

I think that Iceland is 'pretty doomed.' I feel like they lived so far away from 'civilization' that they started to build some sort of 'imaginary reality.' While that is good for 1-5 artists who become successful, I can't help but stereotype the rest of the population as being 'zany' and 'ppl who wear weird clothes.'

Feel sad that Iceland going to melt [via global warming]. Not sure if Iceland will be around much longer. Wonder if their educational systems are helping out, or if they just have arts&crafts programs instead of 'math.'

I wonder if Icelandic kids see Bjork just like American kids see rappers/athletes. I wonder if they think that 'I will be the next Bjork' and neglect cultivating functional skills that will contribute 2 society.

Does n e 1 know anything about Iceland? Worried about their economy.
Hope the lesbian President works out. Does n e 1 know if Iceland is one of the places where there is still 'mob violence' whenever they want 2 kill a politician/witch?
Is Greeland the new Iceland?
Do yall think the movie 'Milk' made this happen?

But srsly...
is America going to have a 'gay male' President or a 'lesbian' President first? What kind of 'ghey' will they be [via butch/bear/twink/etc.]?
R u going 2 'move 2 france' as soon as a homosexual is elected?

I feel less unique 2day cuz I have 2 file taxes just like every1 else.

h8 days
where society's laws are imposed on every1
they say that they take our tax money 2 'make our world better'
but feel 'sad and angry' that they 'waste our money'
on shit that's neither 'functional' nor 'bad ass'

Might need to impeach our President
if he doesn't 'get shit together'
and fix the roads in my local subdivision
or 'start using money more smarter'

Don't think taxes are fair
especially for the poors and coloureds
who don't even know how to add
nor did they advance to a level of math
that required a graphing calculator

Not even sure what 'money' is
I understand goods and services have 'value'
but I'm not sure 'money' is the best way 2 monetize our society
think maybe we should use more 'banner ads' [via dennys/am appy/shoe company]
or perhaps create a startup that specializes in human trade/slavery/iPhone apps

Sort of just wish the govt would buy every1 a laptop
provide free buffet-style meals for us
and let us chill on the internet all day
making memes, and spending less time building
infrastructure in real life
and start forging our reality around 'cyberspace'

Worried about issues like
childhood obesity
and obese teens making viral videos
then washing down their bad food with Schmirnoff Ice (aka 'pussy water')


Whenever I have a problem
I feel like my 'tax dollars' should be used 2 fix it
Sad that my parents got divorced
Sad that they were in a tax bracket that 'fucked them over'
and meant I couldn't go to design school in The City
because they didn't give me enough financial aid disguised as 'grants'
Maybe if I wasn't such a 'little ass hole tween', they would have stayed 2gether
Made them take me to get a Macbook on December 26th after I didn't get 1 on Christmas
and locked myself in the bathroom for 14 hrs.

I guess it's true...
the only guarantees in life
are death, taxes,
bros letting u down
parents getting divorced
signing up for a new social network every 2.3 years
and getting fat [via pizza rolls]

This is a post about h8ing Barack Obama and his failed regime.
What would yall do to fix society/ the 'taxation' system?
Do yall 'believe in money' or think we should have a new currency? What would yall call it?

Don't 'get' why the Arab/Muslim world still h8s America + our President

Yall. I have been reading CNN.com, and found that Obama is on a 'rebranding' campaign through the Middle East. I think he wants to 'prove that we have changed' and that we're 'not ass holes any more', and we 'need their help' so that Iran doesn't bomb the USA.

I thought that once George W. Bush left office, our nation would be safe again, cuz the rest of the world would realize that we had 'some Texan racist bro' as our President. Guess it's 'not that ez.' Wish I could live knowing that America/my local mall/business center isn't gonna get bombed by some krazie ppl.

Got sad when I saw Obama getting 'stomped on'

I just wish these people understood how 'cool' and 'normal' Obama is, so that maybe they could accept him, too.

Think this is a metaphor that Obama is 'still the enemy' even though he is in a different mask

I think she really cares about Obama going home because she took the time to trace out the sign with a pencil before putting marker ink on the sign.

YALL. Do you think America will ever be 'cool' in the eyes of the Muslims/Arabs? Do they know that he drinks brewskies at basketball games and participates in March Madness?
I think we need to send them large television screens that they can put in public spaces and watch more American television.
Does n e 1 know the difference between 'Muslims', 'Arabs', 'Middle Easterners', and 'terrorist cells'?
Do u think it is time 2 give up on peace in the Middle East?
Should we just build a metaphorical firewall around America?
Should we put a boot in their ass?


Can we send 'Arabia' some sort of care packages full of leftover Obama Presidential Campaign t-shirt, stickers, and miscellaneous tactile memes.

Hey yall I came up with a plan 2 save the economy called ‘bracketologie’

Meme via Awful Announcing

Yall. I'll be honest. I was a big Obama supporter--even supported him enough to follow him on twitter. I felt a lot of 'pride' when he was elected since I am partially 'black' [via Pangea]. However, I think some1 needs 2 tell him that the campaign is over. He doesn't need to focus on his personal brand any more. He doesn't need 2 waste his time doing gimmicks that help him 'relate 2 the common man.'

He should be President, and do serious stuff instead of watching ESPN, and being a 'bro who fills out a college basketball NCAA tourney bracket.'

Feel like it is inconsiderate, since our economie is 'in the shitter.'
Tired of this never ending public relations campaign when there are so many ISSUES out there unresolved. I remember when he was being a bro and drinking beer at some sports game, now he is trying harder to get bro-y with our nation.

I think that his act is as reprehensible and disgusting as the ppl at that one bank giving themselves bonuses after they got bailed out.
-Carles with a hardhitting opinion

h8 the modern world. h8 how leaders+celebrities have to be 'human' and 'accessible' these days.

some1 srsly needs 2 tell that bro 2 'get 2 work' b4 he gets impeached.

Can’t believe Lance Armstrong ripped off the Obama HOPE meme aesthetic

Meme via ps4k

I remember during the Barry Obama campaign, I really got behind this meme of Obama representing 'hope.' Artist Shephard Fairey really found a way to take memes to the mainstream and have them be 'more than just an image that is freely traded on the internet.' His viral art created a timeless hit that will hang in the Obama Presidential Museum on the campus of Art Institute Chicago.

Can't believe Lance Armstrong hired the same meme designer to make his own propaganda/brand+identity. I think that Lance Armstrong created 'hope' after he beat cancer and conquered Europe, so it makes me kinda sad that he had 2 piggyback on the Obama meme. Feel like his brand is strong enough already, and he created something that has already transcended mainstream global culture with the LIVESTRONG BRACELET. [via Nike branding]

I just hope that mainstreamers are able to actually appreciate/notice that these 2 iconic memes are by the same designer bro. H8 when the world doesn't appreciate cobranding, but also kinda h8 when things 'aren't original' since I want everything to come from an authentic life force.

‘I’ve always wanted a President who I could have a beer with & talk abt life.’ -some bro asshole

While googling 'how to fix the economy', I recently stumbled across a picture of President Barry Obama drinking a beer on the sidelines of an NBA/NFL game. A lot of people have always said that they want a chill President who they can chill with, and be bros. However, I don't think I want this at all. I want a President who takes his job seriously. I want a President who is trying to make things better, instead of getting hammied while drinking Bud Light / Sparks.

Is n e 1 else 'outraged' that we let this man into office just for him to prove to be 'just happy to be there.' Ever since he's been in office, all he ever does is vlog and twitter. Don't think he's making any of the CHANGE he promised to us or to the world. A lot of people would say that we want a President who we can 'relate 2', but I don't think that's reasonable. I want a President who is '100% business.'

I'm kinda worried about stuff like terrorism, Chinese ppl, business ethics, CEO bonuses, lynching Osama Bin Laden, nationalizing a stringent methodology of racial profiling, sending Michael Phelps 2 jail, pardoning OJ, and making sure that every home in America has high speed internet.

Just kinda pisses me off 2 see this bro chilling so hard, like nothing even matters.

ughh... s00 d0ne with politix.

Is n e 1 else 'outraged'? Or does seeing Obama drink a beer make him seem 'more personable'? R yall worried that some terrorist is gonna buy season tickets to the Washington Wizards just to 'get his assassinate on'?

Miss U

Dear President George W. Bush,
First and foremost, I just wanted to say 'miss u.' I really took u for granted. I remember when u were in office, I liked to pretend that I was 'outraged' about 'the way our nation was going.' I was 'pissed off about the war' (even though I would never have to go), and I thought that u were 'too strong armed and oppressive.' However, I realized that you were a lot like me. You were a chill bro. You were a dreamer.

In the future, I will learn from my mistakes. I will not be influenced by the mainstream liberal media who just want some Commy Red in office. I will value u. U ruled our nation during my most critical formative years. U r as significant as the time that my parents' marriage fell apart in early 2001. U r part of the 'perfect storm' that made ME.

We have a lot in common. We both like to do blow. We are both set in our ways. And we both found out about 9-11 while we were in a public school.

I'll never forget after 9-11. I was so afraid of the world. I felt fragile and vulnerable. I felt scared. And then u walked into Yankee Stadium and threw a strike while wearing a Bullet Proof vest. I thought I could do anything. I almost even joined the armed forces, but then realized I was upper middle class and didn't have to resort to such a drastic lower-class solution like that.


We're just a lot alike. U were kinda spoiled and entitled to a lot, and I'm kinda like u except on a smaller scale. I liked u. I feel like I wasted our glory years. U did what I would have done during ur lame duck term: chilled hard. It's also important 2 realize that most reasonable people h8 Al Gore. Glad u won. Not sure if I will ever vote again, unless a true bro emerges.

These next 4-8 years are gonna be sooo annoying. I might even not be able to watch my two favourite shows 'with my peen out' any more--The Colbert Report and the Daily Show. (I still think that Craig Kilborn was the best Daily Show host). Without u, they don't have a world to pretend is 'bad.' Just glad I realize that things were never really too bad with u. Kinda weird how when ur a citizen, u feel 'small' and can't ever really tell when things 'change.'

I'm just trying to say that before 2k8, I wasn't very progressive, and I thought 'being into politics' made me an individual. Then I realized that it's kind of a gimmick for 'people who want 2 seem interesting+concerned with global issues.' Now I feel kinda bad that I constructed my personal brand based on h8ing u 'with a passion.' I now realize that I was just an entry leveler looking for a gimmick--however, I realize now that I was only searching for my perfect vision of our world. I now realize that my utopian society will not be achieved through 'politics'--instead it will be achieved through the arts/self-expression/the internet/conceptual stuff.

miss u
wish we had 8 more years.
h8 when people call my blog 'sarcastic' or that I am trying to be 'satire' but this is what's actually what I'm feeling deep down inside of me. Just trying 2 b 'raw', yall.

President Bush
a true bro
We Miss U
Way more chill than your dad
and more vulnerable than Obama
if u were going 2 do a mountain of blow
with any President,
who would it be?

[photos via nytimes blog]
All I ever wanted was an authentic bro to run this nation.

<3 Carles

Has my life improved since Obama took office?

I saw this meaningful, pro-GHEYs altbro cuddling with Obama, and it made me a lil sad & reflective. Now that Obammy is chilling in the Oval Office, it's like I have nothing to look forward to. Maybe it means I've 'grown up a lil', but I just don't look forward 2 anything n e more. Am I depressed?

When I was a pre-alt, and an entry level meaningfulcore bro, I used to look forward to things. Movie releases, new album releases, 'shows'/concerts, going back home 4 the holidays to prove that my life was more meaningful than the other people I went to high school with who hadn't found meaningful existences. These days, I feel like there's nothing to look forward to. Maybe I'm scared of growing up. Am I 'losing my edge?'

I used to have a Rushmore calendar in my room that I would highlight important days of album/movie releases. Never 4get the day that I lined up at midnight to see the Royal Tenenbaums at 2 pm the next day. Or the Meaningful Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind ( a movie about 4getting about the quirky girl who u r s0 0bsessed with, but every moderately alt guy wants a piece of her ass). To me, new indie films are kind of like Star Wars/Lord of the Rings/Matrix/Beethoven releases.

//Just trying 2 figure out 'The Science of Sleep' ///
//Closing my eyes// Opening My Heart ( <3 )

Do yall know 'what the deal' with Obammy is? Why does he want 2 'go viral' s0 bad? Did he not have a 'traditional post-y2k childhood'? Are these lil vlogs the only way to reach the tweens of America who will be critical in his failed re-election in 2012?


[via zany Saturday Night Live sketches that blogs feel like they have to 'recap']

Kinda scared. Read in a blog magazine that Barry Obama is a smoker. Does that mean he does blow off his blackberry?

R.I.P. GEORGE 'vonnegut' BUSH

Part of the Election 2008 meme never dies

Yall. So worried that Election 2008 memes are no longer gonna be 'viral-worthy.'

Is there n e thing left 2 bl0g abt now that Obama was elected?
Do I have to start listening to electroMusic to find HRO content again?
gonna miss the election s0 bad.

Who am I?
What should I believe in in 2k12?


Is n e 1 else 'gettin a lil bit of anxiety' abt 2nite. I'm gonna wake up 2morrow, and everything is gonna be different. I will have a reason to live. I will have a reason to keep going. I will have a reason to go to design school. I will have a reason to 'lose some weight' as a 2k9 New Year's resolution.

Tonight, Barry Obama will win. Tomorrow morning, I will drive to a rural area and be embraced by some one who voted for George W. Bush. We will go out to McDonalds for breakfast and realize 'maybe we're all kinda the same after all.' We will be brothers for the next four years.
We will unite under 1 church which preaches both 'faith' and 'logic.'
We will govern our nation with 'a lil bit of God' and 'a lil bit of science.'
We will let convicts out of jail, granting them a fresh start.
We will take down Osama Bin Laden.
We'll teach a modified version of 'evolution' that's a lil bit more fun.
We will rescue our nation from financial crisis.
We will make sure that altbros and altbags have an equal voice in the Senate.
We will defeat Iran.
We will defeat North Korea.
We will defeat China and destroy their Olympic facilities.

This is our America.

I'm eggcited, yall! Barry won! Hooray!


Barry Obama will bring us together.
-to the tune "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

[Original Art]
Patrick Moberg - Meaningful Obama Tumblr Meme (HIPSTER RUNOFF RMX)

I <3 2 rmx memes.

Should I Vote?

yall. I'm not sure if I should vote. Ppl tell me that it's 'rlly important', but I just feel like my personal life won't be that different if George W. Bush isn't re-elected. Not sure who this 'new guy in town' is, but have heard rumors he is a terrorist/a member of the Bin Laden family.

Kinda need 2 wikipedia these candidate guys 2 'see what's up'.

Why r people trying to get the George Bush out of the office? Nvr rlly did n e thing 2 me. Seemed like a chillBro.

I don't rlly watch TV, so I haven't followed the election 2 well except for memes about that MilfLady.

Has n e 1 heard rumors that if u don't vote, u will automatically die/be executed?

"Come With Me" -puff daddie
"I'll be missin yall." -Sting ft. P Diddy

Don't rlly understand why celebs think they have 2 'tell people 2 vote'. not rlly their jobs. Kinda wish they'd leave us alone and let us tug offin front of our computer screens. Kinda feel like they are 'making the election less authentic' by trying to tie themselves to some sort of blog buzz marketing gimmick. There need 2 be laws/regulations about celebs who are 'using' the election just 2 make themselves seem 'more connected' to 'our world' and 'you.'

Should I start 2 believe in G0d in order to have him help guide my vote?

Should I get involved on my college campus's Young Democrats organization? Will I meet people with similar interests as me? Will we 'get buzzed' and 'partie' but also talk about important issues?

Voting makes me feel (more/less) authentic.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) unique.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) alt.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) mainstream.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) in control of our country's future.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) 'connected' with what 'the common man' cares about.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) like a fggt.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) like an old person.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) like an internet user.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) like a bitter political science professor.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) like a 'political blogger.'
Voting makes me feel (more/less) like a person who 'laughs rlly loud' at Saturday Night Live sketches because they 'get' the world.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) pressured to find Tina Fey's Sarah Palin impression 2 be 's00 funnie.'
Voting makes me feel (more/less) comfortable with the direction of the world.
Voting makes me feel (more/less) human after yall.

Should I 'vote'?
Does n e 1 know a website that has 'the issues' posted?
Can people still make zany internet memes abt the candidates even after the election is ovr?

[Aoki foto by StyleClicker]

Best Coast releases new song abt how it is unchill 2 "traffick humans"


As yall know, Best Coast usually writes songs about weed, cats, boys and Sunny Delight California Style... but what if I told u she was exploring a new side of herself + writing songs abt things she felt passionate abt. As a tween, it seems like 1 of the issues nearest and dearest 2 my heart is human trafficking. At first I thought it was like 'website traffic' [via humans visiting websites], but then I realized that there is an entire industry of modern enslavement going on, even in our own USA.

Do yall like this new Best Coast song abt how human trafficking is totally unchill.

Human trafficking is the illegal trade in human beings for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor, a modern-day form of slavery.

Here is an INFOGRAPHIC abt what u can do with a human while u r trafficking them

Do yall know the difference between 'polygamous marriage' and 'human trafficking'? [via domestic servitude]
R u worried about the 'Misc' section of this graph? [via darkness beyond prostitution]
If u work in agriculture or in a factory in Asia, r u basically a modern day slave?

Do yall think Best Coast got blazed watched this Lifetime movie 2 'do research' 4 what human trafficking is like?

Increasingly inescapable Best Coast frontwoman Bethany Cosentino has lent her vocals to "When Will I Feel Love", a new song and video that aims to raise awareness of human trafficking. It's an effort from MTV EXIT, MTV's global anti-trafficking initiative

Sometimes I will be tempted to purchase prostitutes off craigslist, but then I get scared that I will some how end up in a really dark human trafficking ring.

Do u have any human trafficking stories 2 share?
When a buzzband is on tour, are the humans that are trafficked around the country?
Do yall think that Best Coast 'really cares abt human trafficking' or is she just trying to break into AZN/Chinese markets?
best coast trafficking mtv human
Do u wish all humans can get along?
What is the difference between 'being trafficked' and 'working in a cubicle'?
What is 'free will'?
R u glad that Best Coast is finally getting away from the fuzzy buzzy and writing some piano jams so she can go mainstream?
Every time u purchase an illegal drug, r u supporting terrorism, human trafficking and other 3rd world evils?

"Stop trafficking other bros, yall. Check out indie buzz tunes instead."

George W. Bush confirms he is racist, says he h8s Kanye West

George W. Bush is the former President of the United States from before Obama took over and gave every1 "HOPE." He was tearing shit up in Iraq, Afghanistan, and kicking terrorist ass all over the world. Now Obama effed our economy, and we are 'picking up the pieces.'

Anyways, George Dubbies has been chilling hard, but is about to 'cash in' on a sick ass book deal/tour that is going to make him tons of money. In order to 'be relevant', his consultants probably told him not just to talk about 'serious stuff' like how he felt when 9-11 went down, but also stuff that blogs will talk abt, like "that 1 time Kanye West called u a bigot racist."

Remember when Kanye West was still learning how to make bloggable memes/be controversial, and he said "George Bush doesn't care abt black people" after Katrina went down? It seems like George Bush took some time to respond now that Katrina is over because the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl.

He called me a racist … And I didn’t appreciate it then. I don’t appreciate it now. It’s one thing to say, “I don’t appreciate the way he’s handled his business.” It’s another thing to say, “This man’s a racist.” I resent it, it’s not true.

It seems like George W. Bush is probs angry because he 'actually does h8 black ppl' but doesn't want ppl to think he h8s every race. I'll bet he has a few Mexi bros, some chill AZNs, and even some people from Europe who arent' American blooded white. I give him props for accepting that he doesn't like Kanye

Do yall remember Condolleezza Rice?

Do yall think George W. Bush is a racist?
Does he h8 or <3 black ppl?
Do yall remember that time he vibed out with that Mexi bro, but the mexi bro let him down?

Do all old white men in power secretly want to 'bring back slavery' and pass a law that outlaws the rap genre?
Do u think Kanye West is better at making memes now than he was in 2k5?
Is it sillie when Presidents waste their time talking abt Kanye West?
Should they be curing cancer, fighting terrorists, and putting computers in schools that poor ppl attend?
Has George W. Bush had the ultimate chillwave post-Presidency life?
Now that George W. Bush is gone, do u think he was 'way more chill'/'bad ass' than ppl gave him credit 4?
R u pissed that the Republicans / Tea Party bros 'stole the House'?
Is America going 2 end soon?

Some alt writes in votes for Carles, WAVVES, BestyCoastyy, & Snacks

Voting is a process by which u go 2 some lil booth and u say 'I want this bro 2 be in charge' and then if enough ppl do the same, then that person is in charge. From what I have read in history classes, they invented this so that a 'King' wouldn't rule the nation and ride dictator waves, making people give him all their money and he would steal all of the hot women and keep them in a sex dungeon.

Anyways, voting can be kinda lame, because sometimes ur candidate will lose. In addition, most of the candidates are old ass white men who are basically lamestreamers that just eat a lot of red meat. Even when the candidates are ethnic, it is like they have white souls. Sorta wish u could actually vote 4 people who u care abt. It seems like some alt decided to vote for both Carles (author and editor and blogger of HIPSTER RUNOFF) and Tao Lin (author of some alt books).

Wonder if this was a waste of a vote.

Do u think Carles can lead or country 2 better places?
Would Carles make a great leader?
Do u think u could manage humans like u manage a blog?

Do u think it was a bigger waste 2 vote for WAVVES, Best Coast, and Snacks the Cat?

Who would make the best leader?
Snacks or Carles?
WAVVES or Bethany?
Tao Lin or Barry Obama?

Did this person 'disgrace' of the political process?
Is writing in a sillie vote 'just 2 be funnie' totally lame, or does it mean u transcend society?
Should u email this picture to 1 of the other people on the ballot just to let them know that what they are running 4 is 'totally worthless'?
Who do u want 2 be America's leaders?
Would u vote 4 Carles if he ran 4 office?
Did u write in any1 funnie / alt when u voted, or is voting 'a waste of time and energy because u can't change anything by voting'?

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

Read more>>>>

GRAPHIC INFOGRAPHIC: Which nation has the biggest average peen size in the world?

Do yall ever stand in the mirror and look at how big your private parts are? You'll start to feel insecure, proud, or ashamed, then you'll take a step back and have a more global perspective... You'll begin to wonder, "Who has the biggest peens in the world?" It's so weird how different groups of people have evolved to have different skin colors, hair types, and some people can even get diabetes rlly easily.

But I guess the ultimate question is, "Which group of people have the biggest peens?" Many people think that Africa-based humans are 'hung', but other European countries are hella macho, so they probably have big peens too.

Sorta wonder if penis size has altered / determined the course of global civilization.

Who has the biggest penis size in the world?

Complete list + average penis size

1. Denmark – 7.59
2. Italy – 7.44
3. Sweden – 7.44
4. Australia – 7.41
5. Netherlands – 7.41
6. Belgium – 7.39
7. England – 7.38
8. Switzerland – 7.37
9. USA – 7.37
10. Greece – 7.37
11. Dominican Republic – 7.36
12. France – 7.36
13. New Zealand – 7.35
14. Ireland – 7.33
15. Panama – 7.32
16. Spain – 7.31
17. Canada – 7.3
18. Cuba – 7.28
19. Israel – 7.27
20. Portugal – 7.26
21. Brazil – 7.25
22. Egypt – 7.22
23. South Africa – 7.21
24. Germany – 7.21
25. Argentina – 7.21
26. Chile – 7.19
27. Colombia – 7.19
28. Russia – 7.17
29. Costa Rica – 7.14
30. Venezuela – 7.11
31. South Korea – 6.98
32. Peru – 6.95
33. Mexico – 6.89
34. China – 6.86
35. Thailand – 6.82
36. India – 6.74
37. Taiwan – 6.56
38. Indonesia – 6.54
39. Philippines – 6.14
40. Malaysia – 6.08

Not sure if this data is accurate, but makes sense maybe. Think it was 'sourced' from a gay blog's reader poll, so it probably carries no weight since people in Africa don't have computers, aren't gay, and don't read blogs abt gay lifestyle.  This poll claims 'white blooded' people have huge peens, and 'brown people' / AZNs have small peens. Might move to Scandanavia and try to get some 'hung' bros, and check out how big their penises are. Just hold them in my hand, feel insecure.

How big is ur peen?
What's ur nationality?
What type of human do u think has the smallest penis?
Do u think penis size matters when determining ur personal brand?

Kewl new buzzband human Barry Obama on the cover of Rolling Stone 2 try 2 save his Presidency

Not sure what the eff Barry Obama is doing. He's the g-d President, but he is still pursuing his dream of becoming a 'buzzband' or something. That's rlly the only way I can explain him being on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine besides them paying him tons of money for exclusive nudes 2 help them sell magazines [via the Playboy biz model]. Unsure if magazines still make money. Feel like if Barry Obama really wanted to 'send out a message' he could just take over every national TV network for like 3 hours and just 'riff' and let every1 know what is on his mind, sort of like a teen vlogging on youtube or something.

Not sure what his deal is. Is Barack Obama a 'President' or a 'buzzband'? Should he be focusing on jobs / the War in Iraq / Osama bin Laden / gay rights instead of talking abt 'What's on his iPod' with some journalist?

Feel like this is a difficult question for Barry because he probably likes white honky James Taylor-y/Michael McDonald yacht rock music, but also has to pretend that he loves 'black culture' and 'black artists.'

What music have you been listening to lately? What have you discovered, what speaks to you these days?

My iPod now has about 2,000 songs, and it is a source of great pleasure to me. I am probably still more heavily weighted toward the music of my childhood than I am the new stuff. There's still a lot of Stevie Wonder, a lot of Bob Dylan, a lot of Rolling Stones, a lot of R&B, a lot of Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Those are the old standards.
A lot of classical music. I'm not a big opera buff in terms of going to opera, but there are days where Maria Callas is exactly what I need.
Thanks to Reggie [Love, the president's personal aide], my rap palate has greatly improved. Jay-Z used to be sort of what predominated, but now I've got a little Nas and a little Lil Wayne and some other stuff, but I would not claim to be an expert. Malia and Sasha are now getting old enough to where they start hipping me to things. Music is still a great source of joy and occasional solace in the midst of what can be some difficult days.

Might have to send the White House a preloaded iPod shuffle with tons of relevant buzzbands on it. Feel like Sash and Malia might get 'alt' as the get older.

Does some1 need to send Barry a memo like "Dude, ur in office. U got elected already dude. Stop worrying abt how many people like ur brand and just be a President"?
Is Obama failing as a President?
Do u think hiphop magazines are pissed that he didn't give them an interview?
Are magazines 'dying' or are they the last place where 'real journalism' takes place?
If u were going to introduce Barry 2 an indie buzzband, which gateway band would u propose 2 him?
Is Barack Obama failure as a President?
Is Barry going to lose his next election to a racist Tea Partier whose campaign slogan will revolve around 'getting blacks out of the white house'?

Lady Gaga and Shannon Gaga team up to vlog abt gay rights [via asking & telling]


From what I understand, homosexuals are second class citizens in the United States of America. When they serve in the military, it is kinda unchill because the American government doesn't want 'fuu fuu' fighters to ruin the rest of the straight troops who are 'killing machines. Not sure if I 'get' it, but as u know 'better safe than sorry.' Don't wanna lose any wars just because we have homosexuals in the military. U never know if they might 'ditch out' on fighting, hit up a gay bar, do tons of poppers, have casual sex with multiple partners, then watch re-runs of Project Runway [via stereotypes of homosexuals].

Lady Gaga went ahead and vlogged about gay right's, telling u 2 tweet/email the government, and tell them to 'change.' Not sure if she authentically cares about gays, or if they just buy a lot of her albums, so this is just some sort of complex 'advertorial.'

It seems like this was some sort of co-branded marketing experiment with Shannon Gaga, who also decided to vlog in black and white. She makes it clear that she 'is friends with gay people' and that she is a bisexual.


Shannon Gaga is so eloquent, yall. Read on her wiki that she was captain of her debate team. Feel like if u just want to go ahead and forward this post to ur local city councilman / senator / obama@president.gov, they will watch these videos and the laws will change.

Shannon makes a lot of good points. Compares gays to black ppls, hispanics, white people, other civil rights movements. Her phone goes off. Says she tried to call her senator but it didn't work. Says her parents are bigots who 'h8 fags.' Says she is 'open minded.' Says she is not using a teleprompter to speak.

U really can't say no to 2 gagas. Really glad two powerful people finally 'spoke up' on this issue. Kinda wish they'd stand up for bloggers soon.
Should gays be allowed to serve in the military?
Are 'don't ask don't tell' and 'racial profiling' both pretty chill practices that keep us safe from terrorism?
Should all gays be required to wear some sort of 'scarlet letter' or can u already kinda pick it up if u have 'strong gaydar'?
Does Lady Gaga 'care about gays' or is she just trying to make sure they buy her albums?
Does Shannon Gaga being a bisexual 'turn u the fuck on'?

XX BONUS Don't Ask Don't Tell vlog by the 'Leave Britney Alone' Fallen Viral Star Chris Crocker XX


Leave gays alone, yall.
Is Harvey Milk 'rolling around' in his grave?

Lady Gaga

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Lady Gaga is the #1 modern slutwave artist of all time who tries 2 be all 'artsy' and mainstream ppl think she is 'interesting.'

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Democratic Party redesigns logo to tap into the post-Obama ‘HOPE’ brand

After the election of Barrack Obama in 2002, beating George W. Bush III in one of the most heated elections of all time, Democrats have been trying hard 2 hold on to their liberal, left wing power. Many say that the power of graphic design is what got Barry Obama elected into the Presidency chair because he inspired Americans 2 align with his logo that was all about 'HOPE'. It seems like the Democratic Party has 'unveiled' a new logo / brand / corporate identity. They are probably trying 2 ride Obama waves or something because he is trying to get re-elected with all of the other Presidents in every other State in the Union Confederacy. Who are u gonna vote for for mayor/city councilman/senator / Supreme Court Jousteece?

Logos + graphic design play a huge part in my consumer decisions every day. Something abt the Taco Bell / Pizza Hut logo makes me go there for lunch every day.

Really trying 2 analyze their new logo / brand. It seems like their old brand was all about 'being a donkey' and also 'being an American.' Now their new logo is about 'being a chill, minimalist Democrat' who only really cares abt reading design blogs, sweet fonts, and tweeting with @ObamaBro.

It seems like the "O" surrounds the D to represent the omniscient presence of Barrack Obama in the context of the modern Democratic Party.

Do u think their logo design and corporate identity will inspire u 2 vote for them?
Did Obama 'revolutionize politics' with effective graphic design?
Will the Republicans come up with a new logo in Comic Sans?
Is Obama 'overrated' as a politician, leader, and graphic designer?
Is the Obama brand more relevant than the Democratic Party Brand?
Are 'independents' ruining life 4 Democrats?
When Obama takes our country 'down the shitter' in 2011, will we all join chill ass Tea Parties?

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