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BREAKING: Cults receives 8.5. Is this a 'pan' or a 'successful buzz launch'?

Cults have probably produced the most compelling buzz album cycle of 2k11, so every1 has been paying close attention to them 2 try to forecast their P4k score. It seems like Pitchfork 'played it safe', and slotted them in the standard 8.4-8.6 'first album' buzz range. The 8.4-8.6 Debut Score Range Theory claims that Pitchfork is trying to 'regulate buzz', making debut buzzbands earn scores instead of letting 'hype' inflate their score. They want to give a buzzband 'room to grow'; however, this theory also enables a buzzband to plateau on their sophomore album.

Most importantly, this album scored a full half-point than Tyler the Creator's GOBLIN, so this marks a HUGE win for white man's indie [link].

Did u listen to this album?
What did it deserve?
Did this album deserve higher than the Neon Indian debut 8.6? Way higher than the Best Coast debut at 8.4?

Really dug this intro hook. Used this technique when I wrote a paper about Paul Revere in 5th grade.

When Cults' "Go Outside" first appeared on the web last year, it spread like wildfire. It was catchy and sweet, the kind of sing-along that felt like it was pulled from the air, with a sentiment perfect for anyone stuck in an office or addicted to the Internet. But how many communal sing-alongs can a band make before the approach goes stale? Cults have opted not to find out.

'The British were coming and America was TOTALLY EFFED. What would life be like if they took over our United States of America? Paul Revere opted not to find out.' -Carles, 5th grade

The review seemed 'favorable', even though they called Madeline Follin a tween:

At the center of the band's appeal is singer Madeline Follin's youthful alto. She has a tone that creates the impression you're listening to a precocious tween fronting a band well versed in Phil Spector's Back to Mono and three decades of climactic indie pop.

Will precocious-tween-wave become the next relevant genre of indie?

For some reason, Cults 'get away with' writing 'simple lyrics', while Best Coast gets 'panned' and made fun of 4 being such a 'simple ass woman':

And if Follin's lyrics aren't necessarily deep-- "I can run away and leave you anytime/ Please don't tell me you know the plans for my life"-- she delivers them with relatable and affecting conviction.

Additionally, Cults have finally forced p4k to assert that 'teenage sentiments' have now become 'universal sentiments'. This line probably have a HUGE impact on the future of their lyrical analysis standards.

Even the eternally sunny "Go Outside" ends on the lyric, "I think I want to live my life and you're just in my way." These are teenage sentiments, the kind of things you feel dumb for saying and thinking once you've navigated into your mid-twenties, but they're also universal sentiments during that stage of life when you're trying to figure out what kind of person you're going to be.

Sorta feel like I am supposed to dance around alone in my room with my peen tucked between my legs [via a mangina], listening 2 Cults, thinking abt tween issues.

The last paragraph basically says, "We believe in this band. They are going to grow and mature. That's why didn't give them higher." They also keep hammering the whole tween gimmick into the ground by referencing 'bus rides 2 skewl.'

At just over a half hour, Cults feels like the perfect length-- just long enough for the bus ride to school (or to work). But more importantly, it executes what it sets out to do masterfully while allowing the group room to grow and mature. They've also set themselves up to take their sound and subject matter in any number of possible directions in the future, and that's a good position for a young band to find itself in. Cults built up a lot of goodwill last year on the strength of just three tracks; on their debut album, they've rewarded it.

Did Cults deserve this score? Higher? Panner?
Will Cults' legacy be tainted by such a poorly written review, or do bands usually overcome that?
R u a precocious tween on the inside [via universal sentiments]?
Do u think Best Coast is 'pissed' at Cults for getting away with writing 'simple lyrics' and being praised for it, or does Besty Coasty lack a conceptual edge because she writes abt cats and dank?
Is this the greatest fuzzy buzzy album of all time?
What is nxt for Cults' career?
R u tired of Cults?



Cults wrote a hit MP3 "Go Outside" and are looking to ride fuzzy buzzy pop waves in 2k11.

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Pitckfork pans the eff out of Death Cab with a 5.0, is their indie career over?

If there's one thing that does well, it is 'completely panning'/turn its back on a fallen indie band that went mainstream and totally sux and is lost in a weird purgatory where they make poopy noisey music, but at the same time sell enough albums to keep their career moving forward. Anyways, they went ahead and panned Death Cab. Let's be honest, no1 with 'good taste' even bothers to pretend to appreciate anything abt them, and they honestly don't even get very many hits for an authentic alt blog, but maybe this post will perform well because every1 will like reading about how far they have fallen and how their 'indie' career is basically over [via 'has been over for a while now, yall'].

Would u rather sell mad albums, or double ur p4k score from 5.0 to 10.0?
Here is a 'classic' pan paragraph.

Over the last decade, both Death Cab and the landscape around them have changed considerably; while they've signed to a major label and topped the charts, the sensitive-guy Pac NW indie rock archetype they launched a decade ago has receded from the conversation. Another sound that Gibbard had a hand in introducing, however, still reverberates: the gentle, electronic bedroom-pop that he and producer Jimmy Tamborello made as the Postal Service. Those sounds never really infiltrated Death Cab until now, but Codes and Keys doesn't approach that project's level of emotional engagement. Here, Death Cab sound miles apart from each other and, ultimately, from us.

Also, the members of Death Cab are 'too Hollywood' 2 record 2gether. They've 'gone Hollywood' especially Benjamin Gibbard, but he is married 2 Zooey Deschanel, so I would do anything to keep that fine piece of blue-eyed a$$:

The rudderless quality might owe something to the album's sporadic recording process-- eight different studios were employed, and the members of Death Cab rarely sound like they're in the same room together. Most remote of all is Gibbard. His vocals are frequently treated with effects, creating an alienating space that, excepting the moony-eyed closing hymn "Stay Young, Go Dancing", robs him of his trademark intimacy. Lyrically, he largely plays it safe, engaging in nonsensical rhymes ("When you scream/ Love you seem") and sweeping declarative generalizations. Gibbard's evocative narratives and incisive commentary, always overlooked with this band, are mostly missing.

R I P Ben Gibbard
R I P the ghost of indie's past

do u feel sad when fallen indie buzzbands lose 'it'?
Did they make the right decision by going mainstream?
Have u heard this album? Does it totally blow?
Who still likes Death Cab 4 Cutie?
Do u get excited for a good p4k pan job?

Death Cab for Cutie


Death Cab for Cutie was one of the first 'mainstream indie' bands, but now no1 really cares abt them any more because they just play forgettable soft rock. Ben Gibbard is the lead singer but he arguably should have

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Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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Chloe Sevigny talks openly about how she is 37 years old and potentially 'past her prime'

Chloe Sevigny is an alternative 'it-girl', except she is a grown ass woman. So I guess she manages to preserve her 'it-ness' mainly because she was alt in the formative stages of 1990s alt, and the 90s are 'totally hot right now'/forever, because the 90s are the new 80s and Chloe is an 'effing goddess' and can do no wrong, because she basically gave Vincent Gallo a hummer (also known as a beej) on camera in Brown Bunny, and she let Hillary Swank make love to her with a strap-on penis. Anyways, she was interviewed by some magazine about how her life and career are amazing, and talked openly about random stuff that sounds interesting because she is Chloe Sevigny.

Here is an intro that makes her sound like the most interesting alternative woman in the world, who is trying 2 maintain authenticity & make $$$.

No one could ever accuse actor Chloë Sevigny of playing it safe. From her first major role as an HIV-positive teenager in Larry Clark's KIDS to her Golden Globe Award–winning portrayal of a sister-wife on HBO's Big Love, the 36-year-old actor and fashion designer has never been one to shy away from controversy. In her latest film, Mr. Nice, Sevigny plays Judy Marks, wife of Howard Marks, a Welsh drug smuggler who was alleged to have once run 10% of the world's hashish trade. Up next, she's planning a return to television with two very different miniseries: a Lizzie Borden biopic, in which she'll play the homicidal lead, and a still-untitled project about a pre-op transsexual assassin, for which she's readying her Irish brogue.

Do u admire her career?
Does she 'crush it' in Big Love?

Anyways, here is a part of the interview where she brags abt how long she has been alt for, how she was alt b4 alt was alt, and how she has really mellowed out now that she is a 'grown ass woman':

When you were 17, your parents forced you to go to an AA meeting. I’m curious to know if that colored your work in this film at all.

I don’t know… My parents found my bong. They put the bong on a table next to a note that said, “This is shit and you’re in it.” I thought it was so funny. I was kind of a screw-up in high school. I dressed really weird and was really despondent, and I did smoke a lot of pot and took different experimental drugs. I think it definitely affected my performance in high school, but I also think I might have been that way even if I wasn’t on so many drugs. I was just miserable. I had a really hard time as a teenager. It was super-fun and crazy, but I wasn’t doing the “right” things at all. When I shaved my head and pierced my nose my mom wanted to die—they kicked me out of the house.

You were such a cliché!
[Laughter] It was 1991.

Which was only a few years before you starred in KIDS. Do you feel as if, even though 16 years have passed since the release of that film, people still consider you to be this New York party girl?
I often think about that a lot, the fact that people still think of me as a kid, but I’m 37. I’m, like, a woman. But I still feel like people are judging me in an unfair way most of the time, like I’m still a little kid. But I don’t go out so much anymore. I’m not going to all the cool spots anymore.

Pictured: Chloe Sevigny's bangin bikini bod!

Does Chloe seem 'totally kewl'?
R u surprised she is 37 and still has a BANGIN BIKINI BOD? [link]

Can u believe she has been alt 4 so long?
Should she 'retire' from being alt?
Can she ever 'quit' being alt, or will she always be alt no matter what she does?
Did u smoke dank in 1991?
Who is the modern Chloe Sevigny?

Chloe Sevigny

Alternative Celebrity, Alternative Entrepreneur

Chloe Sevigny is an alternative actress and model. She is famous for 'being alt hot' and giving Vincent Gallo a BJ on camera.

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Ben Gibbard tries to sell records by claiming that he overcame alcoholism.

It's sorta weird how 'mainstream' indie has gotten. I'm not really 'lamenting' it, but sorta shocked that we're finally at a point where a popular indie-ish band is pulling the whole 'overcoming substance abuse addiction'. Sort of a generic 'album buzz narrative', and I'm not sure if that type of story even 'endears' u to new markets.

I think he is just trying to make his personal brand 'more edgy' or something. But he should probably just 'become an alcoholic' and go on some sweet benders.

In the three years since Death Cab for Cutie released Narrow Stairs, frontman Ben Gibbard has turned his life around: He married his sweetheart, actress and singer Zooey Deschanel, began running in marathons, and overcame a serious drinking problem, the singer reveals in the June issue of SPIN.

Speaking with writer John Sellers, Gibbard opens up about how he kicked the bottle in 2008 and replaced that vice with a healthier addiction to running. His thirst for alcohol was partly borne out by the intensity of writing music for Death Cab, especially during the sessions for Narrow Stairs, which he calls the group's most "depressing record."

"Writing is such a solitary act," Gibbard says. "You spend hours alone, only with your thoughts, and you torture yourself. It's a tendency of many writers to temper the self-destructive act of writing with other self-destructive acts. I certainly was one of those people for a long time."

I feel kinda bad 4 Zooey Deschanel. Like she probably 'picked him up' from a dark place in his life, and he is probably 'keeping it together' 2 preserve their relaish, but now she is sorta like 'ughhh.... I should have married [buzzworthy actor/musician of today].'

He told some 'bender' story, except it didn't involve cocaine or prostitutes or watching snuff films. Instead, it involved 'five beers, five shots, and pizza.'

Gibbard says that he realized he needed to change after a particular bender with a friend in Big Sur, CA. "It was so stereotypically my own little Kerouac Big Sur weekend," Gibbard says. "And I remember being on the flight home, going, 'You know what? I really have to do something about this. This has really gotten out of control. But I have a friend's birthday tonight, and I need to go out and have a beer with him.' Cut to three in the morning, five beers and five shots in, eating a pizza. I woke up the next morning and I was like, 'That's it. I'm done. I have lost the ability to control this.'"

"A great bender means there will be pizza." -a 12 year old bro

Really want to hear some thing dark, about doing lines of blow at 10 am, staying up for weeks at a time, accidentally dabbling in meth, losing your teeth, having your social security card stolen by a prostitute, and paying 'down on their luck' souls to perform untold sexual acts on one another with a group of your closest bender bros.

<3 Benders <3

So what is he like now? Has he totally changed? Is he healthy in spirit, mind, and body?

These days, Gibbard prefers running long distances — he recently completed the L.A. Marathon in under four hours — and spending time with his wife, Deschanel, whom he started dating soon after hopping on the wagon. "Quitting had been such a positive change in my life," he says. "Nothing was going to make me want to go back to that. But I want to qualify that. I'm not, like, walking around with a chip in my pocket. I don't have a sponsor. I don't go to AA. It's not like that."

Do u think he was an 'alcoholic' or 'just livin buzzband life'?
Was he 'really' an alcoholic?
Do u wish u could go on buzz benders every nite?

Speaking of 'getting sober', how did it impact the tone of their new album?

Getting sober has had a big impact on Gibbard's writing for the band's new Codes and Keys (out May 31), their least mopey album yet.

Do u <3 the 'getting sober' narrative?
Do u think he 'really had a problem' or just 'kicked back some brews'?
Did Benjamin Gibbard ever get past the 'daddy' + 'girl' issues from his earliest albums?
Has 'healthy' Ben Gibbard 'lost his swag'?
Is he just trying to 'appeal to Christian middle America'?
r u sober or do u still vibe out on benders?

Ben Gibbard

Alternative Celebrity

Ben Gibbard is the lead singer of the Death Cabs and the now defunct Postal Service. Zooey Deschanel married him to be more indie.

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Death Cab for Cutie


Death Cab for Cutie was one of the first 'mainstream indie' bands, but now no1 really cares abt them any more because they just play forgettable soft rock. Ben Gibbard is the lead singer but he arguably should have

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Carles gives 'honest, forthcoming' interview on mainstream sports insider bro's podcast

Jonah Keri is a buzz 'sports writer influencer' who hosts a DIY sports podcast, and the author of some book that sounds like it has 'important ideas' in it that can be relatable 2 any aspect of life. Popular indie webblogger 'Carles' went on the podcast to talk about 'indie crap' and 'sports' and 'life' and 'blogging' and was potentially the 'most forthcoming' that he has ever been in his career on the internet.

Did Carles 'break character' in this interview?
Did u learn more abt Carles 'than u ever have before'?
Did the interviewer 'crush it' or was he just 'an entry level bro'?
Do u <3 podcasts because it is a 'humanizing convo' between two humans who are trying to brand themselves as 'relevant visionaries/insiders'?

Is Carles 'trying 2 hard' to be a 'sports bro' after his NBA 'piece' in GQ magazine?
Is Carles 'the next great American sportswriter'?
Will Carles 'retire' from HIPSTER RUNOFF 2 focus on his sports writing career?
Will Jonah Keri become 'the next Peter Gammons / Mikey Lewis / William Simmons / Adam Schefter / Stuart Scott / Mike Lupica / Mitch Albom / Michael Crichton?'

Today’s guest is Carles of Hipster Runoff and the Hipster Runoff Podcast. Follow him on Twitter @HipsterRunoff.

The topics we cover:

0:30-4:39: The origins of Hipster Runoff, meta-alt, and blog identity
4:40-7:06: The turning point of alt/indie music
7:07-9:13: Reconciling alt and monetization
9:14-10:09: Having a secret identity
10:10-15:02: Hipster glossary: alt, buzzband, relevant, bro noodling
15:03-20:04: Alt athletes
20:05-22:33: Alt in sports
22:34-23:45: Assessing the relevance of the Jonah Keri podcast
23:46-28:56: Buzzhuman power rankings and the politics of music blogging
28:57-33:01: Carles’sGQ piece on NBA buzz and the sports blog renaissance
33:02-end: Food Pick of the Week

Do u <3 or h8 this podcast?
Is Carles's brand 'going down the shitter'?


Meme, Blog, Alternative Celebrity

Carles is the popular blogger from the popular internet website HIPSTER RUNOFF.

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Meme, DJ, Company, Buzzband, Blog, Alternative Celebrity

HIPSTER RUNOFF is a blog worth blogging abt, created by Carles that is trying 2 stay relevant. It blogs abt buzzbands, alt stuff, relevant topics, the end of the social web, and more.

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Diplo 'talks mad shit' abt M.I.A. bc she is insane, calls her a terrorist sympathizer

Have u heard of Wesley Pentz? Me neither, but he goes by the DJ name "Diplo", which was probably a good branding strategy bc no1 would listen 2 his music if he was 'DJ Wes Pentz.' Anyways, he was interviewed by some magazine, and is still talking about M.I.A. issues from like 1-2 years ago (100 blog years ago). Basically just 'throws her under the bus' again. Even though she deserves it and he is only rlly stating the obvious, but maybe it gets 'a little bit too dark' bc they are exes so he could come across as 'bitter.'

I think he has said this b4/will say it to any1 who asks. Sorta makes me yearn 4 the days when M.I.A. could still meme with the best of them, before her career/voice took a Charlie Sheen-like nose dive.

There is no need to bring up M.I.A. to Wesley Pentz, aka Diplo, the DJ-producer-ex-boyfriend who was instrumental in her success. Pentz will do it on his own. At first it’s complimentary in a conversation about Coachella. “I saw M.I.A. play there two years ago and it was probably one of the most amazing shows I ever saw,” he says. But then: “Last year she played, too, and it was kind of lame.” Ask him if they’re friends and the answer is, “No, no, no. Not anymore. No one in my camp talks to her anymore. She’s kind of really gone crazy.”

It’s been three years since “Paper Planes,” the song from M.I.A.’s second album “Kala,” hit critical mass. You couldn’t escape it after it was used in the trailer for “Pineapple Express” and “Slumdog Millionaire,” and it’s arguably the biggest hit for both M.I.A. and Pentz, who wrote and produced the track. They had a contentious breakup, personally and professionally, and Pentz still has plenty to say about her. “She got famous off ‘Paper Planes,’ ” he says. “She had already thrown in the towel when that record came out. Before that, she was like, ‘I’m retiring. I’m going to marry this guy, f--k it.’ Then ‘Paper Planes’ blew up and she was like, ‘Oh sh-t. I gotta take advantage of this. I’m actually an artist now.” Her follow-up album, which Pentz had little to do with, was not the success everyone was expecting. Then there was Lynn Hirschberg’s scathing New York Times truffle French fry story, which depicted M.I.A., whose lyrics are filled with references to Sri Lankan terrorists, as a political poseur living in a Brentwood, Calif., mansion. Pentz’s quotes validated Hirschberg’s thesis. He is still not above saying I told you so.

Do u think he is just trying to 'brand himself' as not having anything 2 do with M.I.A. any more?
Or is this just the most compelling angle to write abt Diplo, so you don't have to write the whole 'he is a world traveling DJ who has unique partnerships with brands like Blackberry'?

Pictured: Diplo sits on the ground, looking keut

Anyways, he basically says she is one of those people who always talks about politics/important issues, but is uninformed + stupid. He also says she supports terrorism.

“Maya left herself open for attacks,” he says. “She’s not an easy artist to criticize because she’s very left-leaning, she’s progressive, she’s a woman. She’s good in a lot of aspects, but when it comes to die-hard, facts-on-the-ground politics, she’s at zero. She’s nothing. I told her at the beginning of the third record, like, do not bring politics into this. Obama’s the president, for one. You just can’t glamorize terrorism, it’s not cool.…You can’t hide behind that sh-t. But she totally did. She didn’t have a plan B. I told her from the beginning, it’s not going to work. And Lynn Hirschberg just ate it up. If she didn’t, the critics would have ate her up anyway because the record wasn’t good.”

Do u think M.I.A. is sad that Osama Bin Laden is dead?
Do u think she has a 'conspiracy theory' about [everything]?
Is she 'full of air/shit'?
Should this article have 'come out' in 2k10/2k9/2k8?
Is M.I.A. 'being stupid' an 'old scoop', or are we just going to hear stories about how insane she is for the next 10 years?

Really hope she 'goes off the deep end' on her next album, like we find out about her crazy child raising philosophy + practices, her diet, and ________ [something else 'bat shit insane'].


DJ, Alternative Celebrity

Diplo is a relevant alt DJ and producer.

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Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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Best Coast and WAVVES try to rejuvenate their careers by doing zany P4k interview

Unfortunately, we are at a point where we realize that bands aren't very interesting people, so in the modern 'web humor' era, progressive digital video journalists basically just ask them random questions, and hope they make u laugh, then u feel 'closer' 2 the artist bc they are normal [via humanization] just like u... Best Coast and WAVVES went on some video doodle thing that looks like it was made for toddlers. They asked them random questions, and u could see that they sorta have communication issues in their relationship. Like they probably go months without talking about 'something real', then Bethany probably has deeper emotional needs, and Nathan Williams is just like "Let's watch Most Valuable Primate on Netflix Watch Instantly." Feel complex 4 her... I know she needs more emotional support to be the artist that I believe she can be...... #pray4bethany

Do they look good? Do they have 'good body language'?

Do they talk abt relevant/zany issues?
Do u feel like 'relate with them'?
Should they have said 'more controversial' stuff?
R u sorta hornie 4 Best Coast's conceptual trampstamp?

Honestly, if I were at my local strip club on $5 lappy night, and there was a stripper who was all tatted up like Best Coast/a Vivian Girl/a relevant indie songstress, I would definitely empty my wallet to keep them grinding on my 70% erect peen for hours and hours. Because honestly, it's the closest I will ever be to 'being with a top tier indie female celeb.'

Do u <3 this interview?
Was it 'funnie'?
Did they say anything that really made u <3 them?
Is Pitchfork 'nailing it' with premium branded content?
Is the production level on this [HIGH-CLASS], [MIDDLE-BROW] or [ENTRY-LEVEL]?
Are BC and WAVVES 'totally over'?
Is WAVVES 'more over' than Best Coast?
Can either of them write a seminal pop album that takes them 2 the mainstream?

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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WAVVES is a fuzzy buzzy buzzband that sings about aliens, marijuana and being a failure in life but laughing abt it because u r high.

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BREAKING: Pitchfork 'pans' Tyler the Creator, gives 8.0. Is the OFWGKTA buzz totally over?

Do u hear that noise? Ppffffffffttttttfaaarrtpooooop.... No, it's not the sound of an unbuzzworthy mp3/a human dropping feces into a toilet... it is actually the sound of Pitchfork 'getting aggressive' and 'panning' the new Tyler the Creator album, deflating the buzz bubble that surrounded the horrorcore rapper. Every1 was hyping Odd Future, making it seem like they are 'the next big thing.' But now Tyler the Creator's album GOBLIN 'dropped' and every1 was like, "Yeah..... I think I'll PASS on calling him the next Kanye West."

This has to be a HUGE blow to Tyler the Creator AND Odd Future. Basically, this will begin a wave of ppl + mainstream magazines 'cooling off' on him. He couldn't even beat chillwavers and fuzzy buzzy bands at the 8.4-8.6 range. Really a disastrous day for the entire Odd Future crew + surrounding enablers who are doing their best to monetize these outspoken, young, African American men... Hopefully he sells some albums 2 'make up 4 it.' But u kinda get the feeling that a Houston rapper could do better with regional sales.

Basically, Odd Future dropped a lot of memes, and ppl 'took interest' in their use of 'social media', but now we're kinda at the point where it is just as annoying + perplexing as when 'weird hashtags that black ppl tweet' ends up trending on twitter.

Lots of people have been noticing OFWGKTA lately, though, and no wonder: They're new and exciting and divisive and youthful, a magnet for controversy and commentary, and near-perfect think-piece-generating machines-- due in part to the brutality and stomach-turning sexual violence of their raps. At the fore of OFWGKTA's 10-member army is Tyler, the Creator, whose feral stage presence, distinctive growl, and misanthropic lyrics have won the group a legion of obstinate followers.

Anyways, the album is probably a 'let down' 4 every1, especially the people at his label who want to sell mad albums. However, this is sorta like a rap album that a troubled 16 year old would write so it's not even premium, Eminem-style horrorcore. Damn. 8.0... What a let down... So much buzz... This is a HUGE failure, perhaps the most SHOCKING p4k review of the year.

There are a lot of expectations placed on Goblin, namely, that it will serve as a potential crossover. But while that might have been the hope for a lot of those industry co-signers, or even a lot of listeners, it's clearly not Tyler's intention. Goblin does not sound like a record made by the goofy, smiling kid with the pulled-up tube socks riding Jimmy Fallon's back. Instead, it's a natural sequel to Bastard-- a dark, insular indie-rap album. Where Bastard was more accessible and inviting, this album is bleak, long, monolithic, and can be a slog to get through. It's also uncomfortable and brave-- a brutal but honest look at Tyler's image of himself.

Anyways, then P4k kinda admits that there's these certain black/rap/hip hop artists that are trying to be 'indie rap/hip hop'. Even though it 'seems cool' and u have to applaud them 4 building online personalities that end up being controversial on hiphop + white indie blogs, it is ultimately still kinda lackluster and lacking depth. Then they tweet 300 times per day and u have 2 unfollow them.

What is here is more promise than delivery, yet it's still a game-changing record for indie hip-hop-- a singular and sonically complex album neither in hoc to 1986-88 "real" hip-hop nor created by rappers aiming to define themselves in opposition to the mainstream. (It takes about three minutes for Tyler to align himself with other artists here, but he chooses Erykah Badu, Pusha T, and Waka Flocka Flame instead of Immortal Technique.) Alongside Lil B and Soulja Boy, OFWGKTA are harnessing the Internet to communicate directly and often and pushing a new kind of indie hip-hop-- often rambling, not always musical, frequently surprising, and absolutely beloved by some. It takes work to get through, and a lot of its success rests on cult of personality. Those two barriers are particularly why it's so successful: You have to commit to it in many ways. You have to want to be an insider. And that's a club that's quickly expanding.

What did u think of GOBLIN?
Is this a disastrous day 4 #TeamOddFuture?
Do u think this deserved 'above 9.0' and a 'Best New Music' stamp?
How long is Odd Future's shelf life?
Is every1 'over them' now?
Were they 'over-buzzed' this whole time?
Can Tyler the Creator ever write a 10.0 album?
Is this the beginning of the end of Odd Future in 'white man's indie' content streams?
If they sang less about 'rape', 'f*gg*ts' and 'n*gg*rs', do u think that ppl would take them more srsly?

Tyler, The Creator

Alternative Celebrity

Tyler is a teenage producer, rapper, and the leader of an experimental lofi shock-rap crew called Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.

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Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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Fleet Foxes receive 8.8 from Pitchfork... Was it a flop for not breaking the 9.0 barrier?

The Fleet Foxes released a new album called "Helplessness Blues", a highly-anticipated followup 2 their previous self-titled album that was widely considered the album of 2k8. But things change in 3 years... times change... 'Having a beard and making folk music' doesn't get you the 9.0's of yester-year...

U have to wonder if this 'step back' for the Fleet Foxes means it is a 'flop', or did they 'do a good job' and 'hold serve'? I haven't listened to this album because I am not a cool dad, and I refuse to stream anything from

Here is some part of the review that explains why Fleet Foxes appeals to overgrounders and cool dads, but still gets 'credit' from authentic reviewers/critics.

Fleet Foxes' unpretentious, crowd-pleasing directness was the key to their rapid rise. Their Sun Giant EP and self-titled debut LP, both released in 2008, brimmed with inviting melodies, evocative lyrics, and open-armed harmonizing that seemed designed to reach a wide variety of listeners. Their bright folk-rock sound wasn't exactly "cool," but that was sort of the point-- it's familiar in the most pleasing way, lacking conceit or affectation. Their expression of their love for music (and making music) was refreshing three years ago, and that sort of thing never gets old.

Are the Fleet Foxes 'the perfect band'?
Should Bobby Pecky 'go solo' and 'ditch the rest of the Foxes'?

Do u <3 the Fleet Foxes?
Is this album 'good' / 'relevant', or is it just like 'ehh whatever I'll check it out next time I am on a scenic drive thru the country'?
Do u think they will debut with the #1 album in America?
Should they 'add a girl' and write more anthems so they can challenge the Arcade Fire 4 best-band-in-the-world status?
Is 'falling' 0.2 points difficult for a buzzband to recover from?
Do u feel sad for bands that are 'failed versions' of the Fleet Foxes?
How 'good' is this album? Will it win 'album of the year'?

Fleet Foxes


The Fleet Foxes are a Seattle-based folkwave band signed to Sub Pop Records.

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Cults receives a Best New Music for song "Abducted", are they on the fast track to a +9.0?

Cults recently received a 'Best New Music' label for their single "Abducted" from Pitchfork Magazine, reviewing the track with a [HIGHLY FAVORABLE] tone. It seems like 'everything is coming up roses' for Cults, as they have 'won over important critics' and have caught 'buzz lightning in a bottle'... Is it only a matter of time before their debut album gets above a 9.0?


Cults - Abducted by cultscultscults

Is every mp3 that Cults touches 'turning 2 buzz gold'?

Granted, it's a really, really great indie pop song, its precious ferocity and echo-cradled mix offering more kinetic urgency than girl-group ephemera of this strain usually affords. But is it one we saw coming from Cults? As a two-piece bedroom project, Cults brought us the immediately likable "Go Outside", equally sweet and naive in its open-armed optimism. It was excellent (as was the similar-sounding follow-up track "Oh My God"), but the preciousness could for some prove to be a little much.

Is Cults 'getting too much hype' or not enough?
Will they get a higher debut score than the XX and all of the chillwavers and Sleigh Bells and Jimmy Blake and Skrillex?

It seems as if Madeline Follin is being 'groomed' to become the next big female indie sex icon who is both 'beautiful on the inside [via vocal chords]', but more importantly 'beautiful on the outside [via physical appearance]'... They write that Maddie has a "terrific vocal performance" on every single Cults song that exists...

The five-piece sounds lean and weirdly wolfish, bringing Follin's voice to a rapid boil almost effortlessly. As she wails, "He tore me up 'cause I really loved him," there's such a tangibly rapturous longing in her voice, what could've been just another pat love song now barks with a wounded fervor.

Sometimes I wish
Maddie would open up 2 me
abt her life, her problems, her hopes, and dreams
and bark in my ear with a wounded fervor....
Vicki LeGrand who? #TeamMaddie

Photo by Graeme Flegenheimer via Stereogum

Are Cults getting 'massive buzz'?
Will they break the 9.0 barrier, which is unprecedented for a debut LP?
Are they 'overrated lofi pop' or have the transcended the gimmicky/tired genre?
Is Madeline Follin the #1 female in indie as of 2k11.66?
Are the buzz stars aligning for Cults?
Will they 'flame out in a ball of buzz' or will they add 8 members to their band to bang on shit, play violins, and become the next Arcade Fire?



Cults wrote a hit MP3 "Go Outside" and are looking to ride fuzzy buzzy pop waves in 2k11.

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Madeline Follin

Alternative Celebrity

Mysterious vocalist, 1/2 of 2k10 buzzband Cults.

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Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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BREAKING: Pitchfork gives Panda Bear's TOMBOY a lukewarm 8.5, attacks chillwave genre

Many industry insiders were wondering if the indiesphere would 'turn its back' on Panda Bear or commit to another 3-10 years of Panda Bear as a relevant artist. However, it seems like after this tepid/lukewarm 8.5 score from Pitchfork, we can confirm that 'markets are cooling' on Panda Bear. Many Panda stockholders are looking to unload their shares in this once valuable bear before the AnCo buzz bubble completely bursts. The popular indie site bestowed a 'Best New Music' label upon the album, but decided to use the review as an opportunity to launch a full-scale attack on Panda Bear's 'crappy' chillwave imitators and by-products.

The highlight of the interview was the part where they called him the KING OF CHILLWAVE NATION.

Lennox has found himself the unwitting king of the chillwave nation, hero to a whole generation of underground kids drawn to his mix of heavy reverb, sun-woozy synths, droning kraut-surf-ambient-pop songs, high childlike voice, and psychedelic-cum-nostalgic sleeve art.

In addition, they made it clear that chillwave artists can't actually sing, but Panda Bear can.

Unlike many chillwave and dream-pop artists (and Spacemen 3), Lennox is blessed with the ability to actually sing, and he knows enough about crafting harmonies to do more than vaguely nod in the direction of 60s pop.

Do yall think Panda Bear was the original 'bro who couldn't sing but convinced ppl he had a good voice'?

Then they talk about how Panda Bear's audience just wants him to keep 'writing the hits' like BROS and COMFY IN NAUTICA. Then they said that every crappy chillwaver who wants to be Panda Bear sux and could never achieve anything close 2 TOMBOY:

The trouble with recording a ramshackle epic like Person Pitch is that you set up a portion of your audience to expect the next album to be at least as grand in both scope and design. There are certainly no obvious peaks on Tomboy like "Bros" or "Good Girl/Carrots", where the 12-minute lengths announced them as attention-demanding stand-outs. So Tomboy's smoothness will likely be mildly divisive among Lennox's fans. Many might have hoped that Lennox would have recorded something less accessible to separate him from the beach-obsessed glut of bedroom pop. But the scaling back on Tomboy in no way represents a scaling back of ambition on Lennox's part. In a way, what he's pulled off here is even more difficult. He's condensed the sprawl and stylistic shifts of Person Pitch into seemingly tidy songs. The fact that he's able to make music that's both otherworldly and familiar-on-first-listen is something that all of his followers would like to achieve, and very few have the chops or inventiveness to pull off.

Do u buy into the take that 'Panda Bear made a complex record that not all of us can appreciate', or do u think it is more challenging for an artist to make an album that every1 can appreciate [via Michael Jackson]?
Do u think Avey Tare is pissed that his solo album only got a 7.9? [link]

Did Pitchfork 'pan' Panda Bear's TOMBOY or did they 'give it a free pass' [via alternative tenure]?
Is Panda Bear the #1 album of 2k11?
Do u think this review was just an attack on CHILLWAVE NATION?
Did it deserve 'at least' an 8.6?
R u unloading ur stock in Panda Bear?
Is TOMBOY a 'flop', 'a success' or 'chill'?
Is TOMBOY 'overrated', 'underrated' or 'rated rated'?

Panda Bear

Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

Panda Bear is a member of Animal Collective. He wrote the hit album "Person Pitch" but failed to deliver in 2k10 with TOMBOY.

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Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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Some Japanese Magazine calls WAVVES 'a complete idiot' after interviewing him

WAVVES had an interview in a random Asian magazine. Probably not in China because they h8 foreign cultures, which probably includes fuzzy buzzy music. I'd have to guess Japan since they are kinda alt. Anyways, WAVVES must be new to them, because every1 in America is pretty tired of his gimmick and is just exhausted reading abt his 1 dimensional antics. The blogosphere rode him + Best Coast pretty hard, but by doing so, they might have ruined their careers/no1 will ever really take them seriously.

U gotta give this Japanese Indie Zine props for calling him an 'idiot' after interviewing him. Maybe he said something offensive about the Chinese government, or was like 'why do yall eat weird noodle and sushi food?" U never know what Nathan Williams will say in an off-the-cuff interview.

Is Nathan Williams 'an idiot'?
R u tired of Best Coast + WAVVES?
Is it time for them to 'shut it down' for 6-18 months or are they addicted to alt microfame?
Do modern buzzbands have to stay in the spotlight all year because they have to continue to find ways to make money?



WAVVES is a fuzzy buzzy buzzband that sings about aliens, marijuana and being a failure in life but laughing abt it because u r high.

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VIDEO: Bradford Cox gives insane, emo, angry interview. Worried abt him...


Bradford Cox of Deerhunter and Atlas Sound sat down with some dude with an accent at a radio station and gave an very emo, angsty, angry, pissed off interview where he basically 'let out all of his emotions', and came across as a man who gets no joy out of life any more. I feel worried abt him after this interview...


List of things that Bradford Cox hates

  • indie
  • the modern indie machine
  • music festivals
  • being an indie celeb
  • no1 caring about any1 else in Deerhunter other than himself
  • drugs and alcohol
  • every1
  • everything
  • 'music'
  • himself
  • u
  • me
  • every1 we know

Worried abt Broford Cox... Wish he'd just accept his place as 'the Win Butler of Deerhunter' and stop being so afraid of being a front man. Wish he was more appreciative of his blog buzz... Does he know what it is like to be an indiesphere spectator instead of producing critically acclaimed albums every year? Shame on u, Bradley Cox.

Does Bradford Cox seem like a 'genius'/'troubled artist' or does he just need 2 'shut up and make some more mp3s for blogs'?
Is he 'jaded' by the modern indiesphere?
Should he be more appreciative of his 'golden boy status' with Pitchfork + surprisingly solid album sales?
Does he seem 'complex' or 'simple'?
Does he curse too much, setting a bad example 4 kids?
Do yall care abt the other members of Deerhunter or should BroCox throw them out?
Do u think we will see more explosive interviews with this 'loose cannon' in the near future/can more journalists try to inspire bloggable tirades out of him?
Do u think he needs antidepressants so he can feel happier abt life as a buzzband?
Do u have any ideas 4 anything else that Bradford Cox should h8?



The Deerhunter are some buzzband that Bradford Cox is in but no1 really knows who the hell the other member bros are.

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Toro Y Moi gets higher score than Radiohead, Pitchfork craftily avoids using word 'chillwave' in review

Yesterday, Pitchfork Media, a popular indie reviews site 'panned the fuck' out of the latest Radiohead album [link], giving it a lackluster 7.9, which is basically like a 5.0 (adjusted for buzz inflation). It seems like they have returned to 'giving out 8.4s' to overperforming albums by artists that might be prolific (Toro Y Moi) but on the other end, might just be buzz flameouts (Best Coast, WAVVES).

Many experts projected this album to get between a 7.9 to an 8.7. Do yall <3 this album, or do u miss the vintage Chaz pure chillwaves of 'Causers of This'?

Anyways, for some reason the reviewer 'refused 2 use the word chillwave.' Maybe they are just in denial abt the prevailing story lines of the Neon Indian, Washed Out, and Toro Y Moi albums being 'Is this chillwave or not?' Or maybe just sad that 'glo-fi' didn't catch on.

Here is a paragraph where they talk abt the chillwave lifestyle without saying chillwave.

When Chaz Bundick sang, "I found a job I do it fine/ Not what I want but still I try," on "Blessa", it became Causers of This' most-quoted lyric for obvious reasons. Not only can all of us relate to that sentiment at some point in our lives, but it also drew a direct line between the escapism of home-made electro-pop and the lives of most of the people creating it. Talk about Hipstamatic prints, Ariel Pink, and surfing all you want, but y'know, it's also the economy, stupid. Now, I've never shared a cubicle with Bundick, but that kind of resignation is completely at odds with his work ethic as Toro Y Moi, given the steady stream of remixes and side projects he's released in the time since. Just over a year later, he's already the first of the A-listers from this scene to release a follow-up. But if he was feeling any pressure to validate himself and his peers, Underneath the Pine doesn't show it. The album may be too lyrically opaque to have a line as bloggable as "Blessa"'s, but it's a far richer and more accomplished whole, and it makes a strong case for Bundick as an artist with scope, ambition, and a firm grasp of how to balance the two.

'escapism of home-made electro pop'
'Hipstamatic prints, Ariel Pink, and surfing'
'first on the list of A-listers from this scene'

Cmon bro... Just say 'chillwave lifestyle', broski. Really let down the criticism community by not directly confronting the main chillwave issue.

Here is another part where they list every chillwave buzzband, admit that they are grouped together in a genre, but still don't drop the term 'chillwave.'

Because Toro Y Moi is so closely linked with the likes of Neon Indian, Washed Out, and Memory Tapes, it's tempting to read into the success of Underneath the Pine as some predictor of those bands' collective staying power, or a direction others might take. But Bundick seems to be following nothing but his own internal compass.

Feel like the author of this review should have followed his own internal compass right to the chillest chillwaves, riding chillwaves and not being afraid of the chill water and waves crashing in2 his face.

Will Pitchfork avoid using the word 'chillwave' in the Neon Indian and Washed Out album reviews?
Is there a 'movement' by the blogluminati 2 kill chillwave?
Is chillwave dying?
Is it fair to these artists 2 ask 'are they still chillwave?' or does it take away from the discussion abt the quality of their albums?
What are some creative ways to say 'chillwave' without actually saying it?
-lofi bedroom pop
-spaced out bliss electro
-diy home recorded fuzz core
-South Carolinian-inspired post-pop
-floating in vibes
-post-Ariel Pink pop
-Music 4 alt 20somethings


Did Toro Y Moi deserve an 8.4? Is he on his way to an 'above 9.0 career' or has he reached his ceiling?

Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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Pitchfork 'pans' Radioheads "The King of Limbs."

For the past 100 blog centuries (~20 years real time), Radiohead has been the darlings of critics all around the world. But after their new album 'The King of Limbs', u can't help but think that their time as 'relevant musicians' might be over... Popular American blogsite Pitchfork Media gave the Kings of Distorted_Alt_bleepbloop_core_post_ambient_trance_dubstep an incredibly disappointing 7.9.

I think they basically say "In Rainbows" was a better album because it was free and it lowered expectations, so it was 'bullshit' that the Radioheads charged money 4 this album when all of their fans were already used 2 getting their music 4 free.

Now that the music on In Rainbows has had four years to outshine its launch mechanism, it's easy to forget that the album originally came bundled with an honest attempt to solve a business problem. The pay-what you-think-is-fair system wasn't just Radiohead being magnanimous, it was using their popularity and their newly won independence to ask what might have been the single most important question facing a shaken music industry: What is an album in the download era actually worth to fans?

Here is a paragraph where they say that the album was kinda lame, lost, lacking something that we've come 2 expect from the Radioheads

Radiohead's eighth record, The King of Limbs, represents a marked attempt to create a considered and cohesive unit of music that nonetheless sits somewhere outside of the spectrum of their previous full-length discography. And that's not to say that it doesn't ripple with the dazzling sonics or scenery that have become the band's stock in trade, but just that, unlike so many of their milestones, there's no abiding sense of a band defying all expectations in order to establish new precedents.

Instead, we get eight songs that feel mostly like small but natural evolutions of previously explored directions.

Basically, Radiohead got lazy and sorta just 'mailed it in', and because they weren't 'pushing the envelope' with a gimmick like 'pay-what-u-want', fans and critics were bored, and they just made another forgettably good album.

So: eight tracks, each of them worth your time, and yet The King of Limbs is still likely to go down as Radiohead's most divisive record. A trawl through message boards and social networks leaves the impression that many disappointed fans are still struggling to make sense of the gap between the greatness of the thing they got and the genius of the thing they thought they might get. It's in that gap, when assessing the album overall, that it's easy to get tangled up. This is well-worn terrain for Radiohead, and while it continues to yield rewarding results, the band's signature game-changing ambition is missed.

Is 7.9 a disappointing score in the modern Pitchfork Era when any lofi/chillchill/wavewave buzzband is 'guaranteed at least an 8.4'?
Are we 'being too hard on Thom'?

Is Radiohead just another example of an alt-rock band who has outlived their shelf life?
Is it time for Radiohead 2 'break up'?
Is it time 4 Americans to stop 'kissing the ass' of Radiohead and other UK dubsteppy bands?
Would most buzzbands 'kill' for a 7.9?
Is Radiohead allowed 2 be 'Best New Music' because they are old & tired?
Do u <3 or h8 Radiohead?
Can we officially call The King of Limbs 'the biggest flop' of 2k11? [via Fox News' #1 album of 2k11]



Radiohead is a conceptual band that ppl like to think is kewl because u can do drugs and get deep 2 their music.

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VIDEO INTERVIEW: Best Coast and WAVVES talk abt how drugs are kewl & shit

I just saw this video interview of Best Coast and WAVVES, sitting down with the #1 indie videojournalist in the world, John Norris. This is 'only a clip of the entire 20 minute interview', and they talk about how they do drugs and they are hella chill and kewl and stuff. Not sure if I want 2 sit thru 20 minutes of this, though. They sorta just seem like seasoned drug veteran 32 year olds who talk abt how 'drugs make u smarter' and other statements like that.

At this point, it's kinda just like 'we get it.' Sorta worried abt them. Some1 needs to tell their publicists 2 get them 2 shut down their twitter accounts and 'go dormant' for AT LEAST 6 months. Definitely have just become 'memes that incidentally make music' as opposed to 'musicians who release strategic memes 2 help their careers.'

Bethany looks rlly happy with him, though. I feel happy 4 her if he makes her stronger... G-d bless u, Bethers... But don't let Nathan bring u down if he doesn't show u the love that u deserve <3

Anyways, what did u think of this video? Did Johnathan Norris assault them with 'hard hitting questions'?
R u 'ovr' WAVVES and Best Coast?
Do u care abt what they have to say or does it just sorta mix in2 a big bowl of poop and bong water?
Is it time for BESTWAVV 2 retire?
Should Bethany 'dump' WAVVES and d8 John Norris because he is 'famous'-er than him?



WAVVES is a fuzzy buzzy buzzband that sings about aliens, marijuana and being a failure in life but laughing abt it because u r high.

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Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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John Norris

Alternative Celebrity

John Norris is a former MTV VJ who gave up mainstream life and is now pursuing a meaningful alt career in the indie blogosphere.

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Jamie XX goes solo 2 concentrate on dubstep career, only receives a 7.8 from Pitchfork

Recently, Jamie XX of the popular 2k9 buzzband The XX 'went solo' and released an album with some dude named Gil Scott-Heron. Apparently, Jamie XX is 'hellbent' on proving that he is an authentic dubstep DJ/producer. His newest album 'We're Not Here' got a 7.8 Pitchfork. Unfortunately, The xx's self-titled release got an 8.7, so this probably represents a 'step backwards' 4 his career, and he should probably make more music where 2 people sing seductively over his tunes.

Here is a paragraph where they say that Jamie XX is the #1 pad tapping drummer in the world right now.

Jamie Smith, percussionist and producer of the xx, has become a minor celebrity of the post-dubstep Brixton scene, earning a reputation as a DJ with his MPC mastery and as an ace remixer, crafting memorable, expansive edits of songs by Adele and Glasser in recent months. Smith, like many liners-scanning millennial sound nerds, is a massive Scott-Heron fan, and at Russell's suggestion has taken a stab at recontextualizing I'm New Here in service of changing sounds-- you can practically hear him cycling through subgenres track-to-track.

It's too dangerous to question either the necessity or the motivation behind such a project-- 22-year-old wunderkind cinches cred with resurgent iconoclast, perhaps?-- but it will come up.

I don't really 'get' dubstep, so I can't offer much analysis, but it seems like a 'hot trend' that the UK is trying to 'trick' Americans in2 thinking is relevant. Do yall <3 Dubstep?

Apparently Jamie XX doesn't think that this is a solo album because that other dude's name is on it. Wish he just understood that according 2 the buzzosphere, this is his album, and he 'went solo', abandoning the other members of the XX. Now it might be time 2 'crawl back in2 the dog house' and ask 4 forgiveness...

Is Jamie XX ur fave dubsteppin DJ?

Did this album 'crush it' in dubsteppy ways?
Do u think Jamie XX has 'failed' as a solo artist?
Is Jamie XX the most talented member of the XX?
Does P4k <3 or h8 dubstep?
Do u ever wish America didn't import UK sounds/trends/'movements'?
WTF is 'dubstep'?

Jamie xx

Alternative Celebrity

The drummer bro who taps on the pad for the xx

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Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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Some alt NBA player spotted canoodling with the Arcade Fire's Regine Chassagne

matt bonner arcade fire
Matt Bonner is an alt indie NBA player who recently did some impression of Nappy Dynamite [link]. Anyways, he has some indie music/sandwich hunting blog, and he wanted 2 brag abt how indie he is, and how he is boys with the Arcade Fire.

He did some interview with Win Butler abt basketball/the NBA. Win seemed like his usual 'standoff-ish' / 'I'm too good for this interview' self, but probably was intimidated by the NBA player so he said 'okay' instead of talking 2 some blogjournalist.

Coach "B": Who was your favorite team growing up and who was your favorite player?

Win: I grew up in Houston Texas during the 1990's, so Hakeem was my player and the Rockets were my team. Hakeem going off on David Robinson the night David was awarded the MVP might have to be the best individual performance I have ever seen.

Not chill bro. Hakeem came to America and made it his country. U left our beautiful country. Shame on u. U'd be nothing without Hakeem the Dream and the Suburbs of Houston.
hakeem the dream win butler

Win continued 2 share his totally 'wrong ass' NBA analysis.

Coach "B": Who is currently your favorite player?
Win: It is such a great time for point guards, but I would have to say Chris Paul and Rondo...there is nothing more fun to watch then a great point guard running a team the way it is meant to be run.

Weak, bro. Rondo doesn't have a jump shot and Chris Paul only has 1 leg... Shoulda gone with Derrick Rose [via Derrick Brose].

In addition, he claims he never listens 2 his own music.

Coach "B": Which Arcade Fire song is best to get pumped up before a game?

Win: Believe it or not I don't listen to my own music...I usually listen to The Clash on the way to a game.

Cmon bro... U have the #1 album of the year. Ur allowed to strip naked, put on ur album, and make love 2 whoever u want (Regine or some1 else). Ur a rock star... Own it bro. Personally, I'd listen 2 'Neighborhood #69.'

Do u think u could take down Win in basketball?
Will yall be on my team for 3-on-3 vs Win Butler, Will Butler, and the Ginger Bro?
arcade fire basketball
How do u think Win Butler feels abt the Yao Ming era of the Houston Rockets?
Do u think Win Butler is 'good at basketball' or could u take him off his game if u 'played physical'? [via Dirk Nowitzki]
Does Matt Bonner seem like a chill indie bro?
Do yall <3 "Win the Butt"-ler?
Does Matt Bonner seem 'dangerously close' 2 Regine?

Do u think Regine is chill with Win going to ball with his bros, or does she harsh the vibe and make him feel guilty 4 'being so American'?

Matt Bonner

Alternative Celebrity

Matt Bonner is an NBA player for the San Antonio Spurs. He is known 4 being a huge fan of indie music, and hangs out with alt celebs.

Lists: athletes
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Win Butler

Alternative Celebrity

Win Butler is the lead singer bro of the Arcade Fire. He is married 2 some girl in his band named Regine. He is from Houston TX but now claims 2 be from Canada.

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Arcade Fire


The Arcade Fire is a 2k0s indie band that went mainstream because their songs sound like meaningful anthems. They pretend to be Canadian but Win Butler (lead singer) is actually from Houston, TX.

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Vampire Weekend interviewed by lamestreamer d-bag talking heads on Grammy red carpet

Vampire Weekend didn't win anything at the Grammys, but maybe they will in 2k13/2k45. It seems like the still went to try to improve their market share in our post-Arcade Fire 'best band in the world' indiemainstreamosphere. Do yall think "Contra" was better than "The Suburbs"?

Anyways, they were interviewed by some 'talking head gossip losers' who are trying to end up hosting Entertainment Tonight [via John Tesh], but right now they are stuck working 'the side stage' of the Grammys, interviewing bands that they aren't really familiar with even though Vampy Weeks sold mad albums.

Feel kinda bad 4 the band 4 having 2 talk 2 these schmucks. Wish they had the 'indie etiquette' of a music blogger, doing the proper wikipedia research and asking 'unique, innovative questions' that the band 'has never answered before.'

Here are some sample questions that these ppl asked:
-"So every1 here is more famous than yall...Who do yall want 2 meet that is actually famous?"
-"How did u get ur sillie band name?" -u can see Ezra Broenig pausing because he wanted to 'lie' and throw down a meme
-"So yall play basketball with Win Butler of the Arcade Fire?"
-"Short films can lead 2 something, huh?"
-"Blah blah bloo blee indie blah, right?"

Do u think it was a good thing that Vampy Weeks went 2 the Grammys?
Do u think enough tweens found out abt who they were, or did tweens stop watching because Justin Bieber didn't win anything?
Was Rostam 'too nice' 2 these lamestreamers?
Does Ezra Koenig look 'mad pissed' to be there? Do u think he is upset that they lost 2 the Black Keys?
ezra koenig angry cute

Is Win Butler the #1 basketball player in the indiesphere?

Win Butler Basketball
Really feel like I could take down Win despite his size if u just 'get into his head' with tons of trash talk abt Regine / Haiti / the Suburbs / "I know who u really are" [via playing hoops in ur driveway in Texas].

Remember last year when the MGMT was interviewed on the red carpet? [link]

Remember the time Phoenix was interviewed on the Grammy red carpet? [link]

Can Vampy Weeks write the next great indie album/reclaim glory 4 American indie music?

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Arcade Fire's Win Butler after the Grammy win

After the Arcade Fire's victory in that mainstream awards ceremony, we had a chance to sit down with a frantic Win Butler. We asked the indie frontman what was on his mind, and what the victory means 4 the state of indie...

Hey Win. How r u feeling abt the victory?
win butler interview haircut

Yeah. What does it feel like to beat Lady Gaga?
win butler interview haircut

Are you going to make love to Regine 2nite? Is her status in the band still 'up in the air' or can the band thrive if you just hide her in the back on a drum set.
win butler interview haircut

R u gonna do any thing 'extra drrrty'?
win butler interview haircut

What does this mean for the future of indie music? Has it gone mainstream?
win butler interview haircut

Do Pitchfork scores still matter 2 ur band, or do u think u've sort of transcended that 'lil blog site'?
win butler interview haircut

Do u think blogs made u famous, or were u pre-blog?
win butler interview haircut

Do u think ur gonna 'crossover' enough to win an MTV VMA?
win butler interview haircut

What do u have to say to the BMX bikers who rode around during ur song?
win butler interview haircut

How would u explain the Arcade Fire to a mainstream American who listens to Justin Bieber, Eminem, Lady Gaga, and Lady Antebellum?
win butler interview haircut

Thanks Win.
Ur a chill bro.
Enjoy ur nite.


Win Butler

Alternative Celebrity

Win Butler is the lead singer bro of the Arcade Fire. He is married 2 some girl in his band named Regine. He is from Houston TX but now claims 2 be from Canada.

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Arcade Fire


The Arcade Fire is a 2k0s indie band that went mainstream because their songs sound like meaningful anthems. They pretend to be Canadian but Win Butler (lead singer) is actually from Houston, TX.

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Pitchfork gives James Blake a 9.0. Has dubstep 'crossed over'?

james blake pitchfork
I don't know what James Blake sounds like, but I guess he is 'almost perfect.' Not really qualified 2 write a post abt this meme. Not really familiar with 'dubstep' or whatever kind of music James Blake is. Don't really vibe that hard 2 music from the UK. Sorrie. Guess I'll check it out. Seems to be 1 point less than Kanye West, so probably a 'big deal.'

Has 'dubstep' 'made it'?
Is James Blake 'the Prince of dubstep'?
What is 'dubstep'?
Is that like UK chillwave or something?
So confused...

Feels like...
A British Invasion...


'The British are coming.'
-Paul 'Indie' Revere

James Blake

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

James Blake is a solo buzzband from London. Some call him 'the prince of dubstep.'

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Pitchfork gives Cut Copy 8.6, claims we will like album more when winter is over

cut copy pitchfork review zonoscape
Cut Copy's new album Zonoscape is apparently the first truly buzzworthy, highly anticipated album or 2k11. It seems like popular internet music rating service Pitchfork Media gave Cut Copy a score of 8.6 on the album. Many have mixed emotions on this album, because it is 'aiiite', but 'not really the fun electro post-bloghouse' that we were expecting. Sounded sorta like a weird trance/new wave album.

Is this album a 'solid start' to 2k11, or are we basically re-living 2k10?What would u rate this album?

Basically, they were just like, "yeah cut copy is good. blah blah. This album is good. Blee Bloo. It is summer in Australia, so Australians probably rlly like it. We'll like it when the American snow melts away and we can partie hard 2 it.."

Cut Copy are Australian, and it's summer in Australia right now. So if it feels a little weird listening to an album of euphoric, starry-eyed dance-rock on earbuds while you're scraping snow-grit off your windshield, keep in mind: Somewhere in the world, someone is probably road-tripping to a swimming hole with this album playing, or eating a popsicle, or playing catch with their dogs while it blasts out of a car stereo or nearby boombox. By the time summer arrives for those of us in the northern hemisphere, we'll know these songs by heart and be able to sing along loudly.

Do yall <3 eating popsicles at the ole swimmin hole and listening 2 buzzbands?
Do u buy into the theory that Cut Copy's Zonoscape will 'make more sense' when we can throw down a sick spring break/summer/sxsw partie?
Do MP3s sound better while u r eating a popsicle?
popsicle girl buzzbands summer

Has every electro indie band been inspired by Cut Copy? Has any1 topped Cut Copy as 'the #1 electro band in indie'? Here is a paragraph where they call this album Cut Copy's version of OK Computer [via the radioheads].

Back when this group released 2004's Bright Like Neon Love, the idea of backing dazed, introverted indie pop with a utopian house thump was still relatively novel. And though that sound has since inspired legions of followers and copycats, still no one does it quite like Cut Copy themselves. 2008's steamrolling In Ghost Colours was an album of anthems; tracks like "Hearts on Fire" and "Lights and Music" were transcendent pop that stuck in heads for days. But Zonoscope is something different. It's an album-album that puts serious work into movements and transitions, and it works best when you hear it all in one chunk. That doesn't mean it's Cut Copy's OK Computer; it just means that the group has put more work into building a vast, rolling landscape rather than a series of peaks.

Do u appreciate this album 'as a whole' or was it just kinda a letdown?
Do u expect more out of Cut Copy?
Do u hope the snow melts away?

Here is a part where they say that Cut Copy is no longer dance rock.

Compared to the last two albums, Zonoscope has precious little guitar crunch, which makes it hard to even call Cut Copy a dance-rock band anymore. And that's for the best-- not just because that combination seems like a less thrilling prospect in 2011 than perhaps it once did, but also because Cut Copy have the architecture of dance music down perfectly and the confidence to execute the genre's moves with absolute precision. Even in the dead of winter, Zonoscope does its job beautifully. Imagine how it'll sound when you don't have to layer up to go outside.

Have yall ever experienced music that sounded better when the weather was different?
Does the winter make u sad + less available 2 partie?
Should all 'electro albums' be released in the American summer?
Do buzzbands sound more meaningful in the winter?
Do u hope the snow melts soon?
snow buzzbands poem cut copy indie
Does 'the weather' really change the mood of the human spirit, or is that all 'bullshit'?

Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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EXCLUSIVE Girl Talk post-game interview, reacts to crushing Super Bowl Loss

Girl Talk recently attended the Super Bowl in Dallas between his hometown Pittsburgh Steelers against the Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately, the Packers defeated the Steelers, and Gregg Gillis was all sad. It feels like he went there 4 nothing, just to experience pain + disappointment.

In this EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, Gregg is interviewed by HRO blogger Carles, and reacts 2 the loss.

Hey Gregg, did u have fun at the Super Bowl?

Cmon. You just had to be happy to attend such a huge event.

At least the guys played well, executed, held on to the ball.

Aaron Rodgers was the clear MVP of the game, right?

Do u think the Packers will 'repeat'?

Is Ben Roethlisburger a bad dude? U think he 'lost his swagger' this year because every1 was on his ass?

Why r u being such a sore loser, bro?

Are you a DJ?

R u happie?

Black Eyed Peas at least put on a sweet show, right?

Cmon dude. Ur a mainstream bro. Just admit u liked it.

Will the Super Bowl appearance revive the Pittsburgh economy?

Will you make people pay 4 ur next album?


R u worried abt Girl Talk's dramatic response 2 the loss?
Did Girl Talk 'jinx' Pittsburgh?
Does he need 2 stop being such a bro and start shooting for a 10.0?
Did yall rave at halftime with the Black Eyed Peas?

Girl Talk

Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Girl Talk is a laptop DJ who got big in the bloghouse era but really just produces generic, well-branded mix tapes.

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Panda Bear gives interview, say TOMBOY is a 'guitar rock' album. R u worried?

Panda Bear's upcoming album TOMBOY is [allegedly] coming out in April or March or something (not sure if the leak date has been announced), but every1 is kinda skeptical. He gave an interview to Rolling Stone, probably to try to appeal to overground markets so they will buy his album, but every1 on that site probs just wants to read Kings of Leon and Paramore news + look at pictures of slutwavers.

The interviewer asks Broah 'what the eff took so long, bro?'

Recording the album took longer than you expected, right?
It just kept expanding. At first I was really shooting for it to come out in September, and that was sort of on the tail-end of touring with the Merriweather songs, and I’m not going to blame that, but trying to pull double duty I think pushed me back a little bit. Then just wanting to make sure things were as good as they could be, I think made it take a little bit longer.

Do u believe 'Panda'?
Did he deserve a long vacay after Merriweather?
Did he put 2 much pressure on himself/raise expectations 2 high 4 die hard AnCo brand fans?

Anyways, they also uncovered the fact that TOMBOY is being branded as a 'guitar rock' album. Wonder if it is gonna sound like the 1990s or something.

Why were you interested in returning to the guitar on Tomboy?
I think I just hadn’t done it in a while, so I thought it might force me to write different types of songs, and it did. But using the samplers and strictly electronic means to write songs, I just started to feel like I was writing the same song over and over again.

At some point you said you were into the idea of less sampling – you even said you were thinking about Nirvana and White Stripes and that kind of immediacy. Did any of that survive onto the final version of the album?

I would guess that for somebody just listening to it, they wouldn’t really see that corollary at all. But stopping the sampling was kind of an easy way out of not doing a Person Pitch, part two – which I really didn’t wanna do.

I guess sample-based music is 'no longer relevant.' I wonder what the new 2k10 sound is like. Really hope new album doesn't sound like the White Stripes.

R u gonna miss the days when Panda twisted knobs on stage + pressed buttons?

Panda Bear adds guitar to live performance

Panda also admitted to being 'hella self conscious' about his product now that the expectations 4 TOMBOY are 'thru the roof.'

How much pressure were you feeling to live up to the success of your last two projects?
In the past, I guess I was able to block it out or something, but for this I went through a lot of weird mental stuff for sure. It just became something that I kind of had to fend off in my mind a little bit, like constantly thinking, “Maybe this isn’t good enough” and stuff like that, just always kind of weird doubts and stuff like that. I just kind of had to get over that every day.

Is being a relevant human being 'more difficult than any of us realize'?
Do we need 2 'ease up' on Panda?
Should we show more support, and let him know that even if he makes a mediocre album, we still appreciate him and his previous work?

R u gonna miss sample based music?
Is Panda gonna 'strike out' with this guitar rock album?
Will Panda Bear's album 'chart' at #1, or will it be too drone-wave + guitar rock 2 inspire NPR cool dad purchases?
Do u believe that TOMBOY is 'actually coming out' or do u still distrust Noah Lennox?

Panda Bear

Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

Panda Bear is a member of Animal Collective. He wrote the hit album "Person Pitch" but failed to deliver in 2k10 with TOMBOY.

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Some music journalist writes article called "Leave Chillwave Alone" abt how Ariel Pink is a 'sell out'

I just read some article that is entitled "Leave Chillwave Alone" that is by some authentic music journalist named Simon Reynolds. From what I understand, he is a pre-blog era music journalist who is even famous enough 2 have his own wikipedia page. Anyways, the article tries to talk abt Pitchfork Media, Altered Zones [link], and Ariel Pink and chillwave, and how 'the WhOLe MuSiC sCeNe iS a ClUsTeRFuCk!'

First he talked abt how Pitchfork Media's Altered Zones website is for lofi 20somethings who have only experienced music discovery on the internet, and have ended up in an altered zone of reality where 'bedroom musicians' are perceived as authentic, even thought it might all be 'bloggy blog bullshit.'

Founded by people whose formative musical experiences occurred before the Internet really took off, Pitchfork retains an attachment to notions like "importance" and "significance," along with such related pre-Web concepts as the geographically located scene, the gig as a privileged site where the community forms around a band, et al. But the Zones generation, artists and listeners alike, have never really known a time when music wasn't enmeshed with the Web. They have only a tenuous sense that music is something you pay for, and a much-diminished investment in live performance. In the '80s and '90s, Amerindie fans typically withheld judgment on a band's worth until they saw them "deliver" live. But when the Web is your primary new-music portal, live performance fades in importance. In the Zones, buzz bands are rarely bands as such: More often, they're just a guy in a bedroom.

Do yall chill out on Altered Zones, streaming some krappie lofi sample based wave mp3s?
Is Altered Zones going 2 become 'bigger than Pitchfork' when P4k 'goes mainstream'?
Is there a zone that is darker/rawer than Altie Zonies?

Then there is a 'setup' paragraph abt how Ariel Pink's hit 2k10 album was kinda lofi, but at the same time, kinda hi-fi. Ariel Pink is 'the king of lofi' basically or something.

Ironically, just as a legion of one-man bands emerged brandishing pre-faded sounds, Pink returned after a five-year silence with 2010's Before Today, an album recorded with a proper band, in a proper studio, and—in this realm, almost unheard of—with a proper producer. On songs like "Can't Hear My Eyes" and "Round and Round" (Pazz's #8 single, and Pitchfork's #1), Pink stripped away his trademark reverb-haze to reveal the formal perfection of his song structures in all their intricacy and ingenuity. As the title hinted, the album harked back to a lost golden age, approximately bookended by Rumours and Synchronicity, of professionally crafted, crisply produced pop-rock. That is to say, the very slickness and adultness that the lo-fi indie tradition originally defined itself against.

So I guess they are saying like "Ariel was ahead of his time, but now that the micromacrogenre is popular again, he returned 2 his throne."

Anyways, then the journalist bro starts talking about chillwave. He says he wishes 'glo-fi' had caught on as the name of the hit 2k9 genre.

I wish glo-fi had caught on as the name for the genre spawned off those three Pink albums (a sound that Before Today ultimately leaves behind), since it at least captures something of their gloss and mess. But "chillwave" seems to be what we're saddled with, a term coined as a joke and wielded most energetically as a brick bat. For 2010 wasn't the Year of Chillwave so much as the Year of Chillwave Backlash, a flurry of jibes almost as formularized as detractors make out the music to be: obligatory reference to Hipstamatic + snigger at the name + invocation of nostalgia as a priori Bad Thing = entire region of music dismissed.

Is this paragraph totally irrelevant bc he didn't name Carles as 'the inventor of chillwave'?
Was there a huge chillwave backlash in 2k10?
Why does every1 think that chillwave is a 'joke'?
Do u feel 'saddled with' chillwave?
Will chillwave last 4evr?

Anyways, the rest of the article goes on to name a bunch of other bands, genres, and other music criticismy techniques 2 sound all 'smart' and stuff. Then it 'closes up', saying that chillwave is an effing lie because Ariel Pink chose 2 go mnstrm, and all of the 'bullshit chillwave artists' that think he is authentic need to re-evaluate their long-term strategies: Do they want to chase the idea of being a 'respected lofi God' or do they wanna go mnstrm and sell tons of records 2 cool dads & impressionable alt tweens who 'trust tastemaking blogs' [via the NPRs].

This scene is about being engulfed and enthused, carried along by the currents of the new. Drifting not sifting. Before Today made the Top Tens of most of the blogs that make up this restless circuit, but, one senses, mostly out of sentimental loyalty to the forefather. Signed to a big label, touring to promote his big album, praised and profiled by big magazines, Pink no longer really belongs to the underground. Whether that now puts him in limbo, and whether any of his chill-dren (the most promising, Toro Y Moi and Neon Indian, both add Daft Punk to the mix) will follow him there, remains to be seen.

Does this bro h8 blogs, Ariel Pink, and chillwave?
Do u think 'glo-fi' is a 'kewl' genre name?
Is chillwave way more chill than glo-fi?
Is this piece of journalism 'authentic' + 'eye opening' [via 60 Minutes/Dateline NBC]?
Does Carles & HIPSTER RUNOFF deserve 2 be mentioned in any article abt chillwave, due to the fact that Carles 'invented' chillwave?
Has Ariel Pink 'sold out hard' ?
If 2k9 was the Year of the Chillwave, 2k10 was the Year of the Chillwave Backlash, does that mean that 2k11 will be the year of the Chillwave ____________?
a) death
b) Renaissance
c) Reconstruction
d) Golden Age
e) Depression
f) War
g) Famine
h) Tsunami
i) Tornado
j) Thaw
k) BIG FREEZE [via local news weather coverage]
l) holocaust
m) ______________ CHOOSE UR OWN RESPONSE

"I brought chillwave into this world, and I can take it out."
-Carles, losing relevancy, holding on 2 the past

Ariel Pink

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Ariel Pink is a 'lofi genius/wizard/mastermind' who has transitioned his brand to 'relevant indie buzzband status' in 2k10.

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Altered Zones


Altered Zones is a lofi mp3 discovery blog created by Pitchfork Media. It is rlly, rlly alt/underground/lofi.

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Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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INTERVIEW: Best Coast and WAVVES share their opinions on HIPSTER RUNOFF

Best Coast and WAVVES are both alternative celebrity fuzzy buzzy bands who are in a relationship (might not actually be in a relationship) but they are on tour 2gether just to capitalize on the meme that is their relationship. I haven't heard anything abt their shows, but feel like it would only be interesting if

Anyways, some 'journalist' did an interview with Best Coast and WAVVES and the journalist knew it would 'get blggd abt'/be 'relevant' if they asked BC + WAVV the 'most important/blogworthy' question possible, which is 'how do yall feel abt HIPSTER RUNOFFS BLOGSPOTTY?'

Here is the mandatory intro where they talk abt how much they 'love smokin weed':

L.A. Times: So is this your first joint interview?

Nathan Williams: Yeah. Well, we’ve done interviews…

Bethany Cosentino: With joints!

NW: I actually pre-jointed.

BC: Yeah, he did — puffed an inhaler, then took a hit of the bong.

Is it sweet 2 brag abt illegal drug use, or should an undercover indie cop 'throw them in the slammer'?

Here is 'the relevant' part of the interview.'

LAT: The satirical blog Hipster Runoff seems to really have it in for you—it seems to have made a cottage industry making fun of your Twitter conversations back and forth. How do you feel about that?

NW: Really, Twitter is our only way of talking when we’re on the road, 'cause we don’t have Facebook.

BC: I don’t give a ... about that guy. I did laugh when Hipster Runoff said “Pitchfork Gives Best Coast Same Score As Wavves To Avoid Relationship Conflict,” but I just don’t need to read it.

NW: I’m pro “Hipster Runoff”—I think it’s funny. In the end, it just makes both of us bigger and bigger. He can say whatever he wants: It just breeds hate, but it’s always helpful. Anybody that says they hate it probably loves it. That’s just what the Internet is.

What is ur analysis of their reaction?
Does Nathan Williams rlly think that HIPSTER RUNOFF is 'mad funnie'?
Does that mean HRO is just 'cheap stoner comedy'?
Does Bethany rlly 'not read HRO', even though Snacks the Cat is an active contributor 2 the blog?
Could Bethany recite every headline involving her name?
Does Carles 'have a chance' with Befernee Hardaway?
Does HRO really 'make them bigger' or does the blog only have a small niche following of fans?
Should every journalist ask every band 'what do yall think about HRO?'
Does Bethany still h8 Carles because Carles stole her weed? [link]

Here is some other part where the journalist asks abt their relaish when they were tweens, but doesn't ask the 'juicy questions' like 'what base' they got 2.

AT: You’re totally public as a couple. Does it bother you when people trash-talk you about your romantic life?

BC: No. We’ve known each other for a really long time so we don’t really think about what people say about us, really.

NW: The first time we dated, we were 17. She lived in Eagle Rock, down the street from where we live now. I was living in San Diego at the time.

BC: I had this friend Hayden who was like, “I’m going down to San Diego this weekend if you want to come with me,” and I was like, “All right.” We just met in San Diego at a party, and then just started hanging out all the time. It was basically a summer fling.

NW: That was a hot summer.

BC: We would take the train to see each other. My mom lived down the street, and we would always steal pills from her. We talked about Wu-Tang a lot, I remember; we went to the [FYF Fest] together. We hung out for a hot second, and then we parted ways for a couple years.

Have yall ever stole ur mom's pills?
Does BC's mom have a twitter where we can 'tell' on them? [via snitching]
Is it time 2 'retire' blogging abt WAVVCOAST?
Which indie bands do u think read the most blogs?
Should indie bands monitor their internet brand, or should they just 'focus on making beautiful art'?
Do u remember the time Bethany Cosentino called in2 the HIPSTER RUNOFF PODCAST? [link]
Who will emerge as the #1 'enemy' of HIPSTER RUNOFF in 2k11?

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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WAVVES is a fuzzy buzzy buzzband that sings about aliens, marijuana and being a failure in life but laughing abt it because u r high.

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Meme, DJ, Company, Buzzband, Blog, Alternative Celebrity

HIPSTER RUNOFF is a blog worth blogging abt, created by Carles that is trying 2 stay relevant. It blogs abt buzzbands, alt stuff, relevant topics, the end of the social web, and more.

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New York Times writes deifying profile piece on Girl Talk, compares Gillis 2 Warhol

The New York Times enjoys doing trend pieces, so it seems like the 'trend of the week' is Girl Talk aka Greg Gillis. They wrote some article abt him entitled "The 373-Hit Wonder" where they educate readers abt things like 'how alt is Girl Talk', 'how many samples does Girl Talk use', 'how famous is Girl Talk' and 'is Girl Talk way more innovative than Andy Warhol.'

Ultimately a piece intended for lamestreamers and uncool dads, but still kinda funnie when 'the mainstream media' tries 2 make an alt_wave/malstream artist seem 'kewl and interesting and innovative'.

Who the eff is Girl Talk? Did yall know he is totally innovative bc he uses samples and 'gives it away 4 free on the internet'?

Girl Talk is the stage name of the 29-year-old Pittsburgh native Gregg Gillis.

In November, Gillis and his label, Illegal Art, released the fifth Girl Talk album, “All Day,” as a free download. Within 24 hours, several sites had posted annotations of “All Day,” cataloging the samples on the album —there are 373 of them. Download traffic was so heavy that MTV News ran the headline “Girl Talk Apologizes for Breaking the Internet” — hyperbole, but not far from the truth. reports that “All Day” was downloaded so often that the servers crashed. In Girl Talk’s honor, Pittsburgh declared Dec. 7, 2010, “Gregg Gillis Day.”

Kinda feel bad for Pittsburgh knowing that 'sample based music' is their #1 export and they are giving it away for free. Seems like they will be 'riding Detroit waves' pretty soon.

Tons of authentic pix of ppl 'partying hard.'

Here is a paragraph where they try to make Girl Talk's music 'sound beautiful', like it has universal appeal or something.

All this excitement is focused on a performer whose instrument is a laptop. Girl Talk songs are mash-ups: chunks of other people’s songs combined into new ones: the Rolling Stones and the rapper Wiz Khalifa, Ice Cube and Devo. The mash-ups sound ironic to the ironically inclined and like pure joy to the joyfully inclined, and for both camps they’re fun to dance to. These are not just a collection of other people’s hooks; Girl Talk has created a new kind of hook that encompasses 50 years of the revolving trends of pop music. Sometimes cynicism is a hook, sometimes the hook is humor, angst, irony, aggression, sex or sincerity. Girl Talk’s music asserts all these things at once.

Did yall know that Gregg Gillis 'parties so hard' that he causes physical harm 2 his body?

Minutes before showtime, I found Gillis alone in a kind of abandoned break room. His baseball cap had been replaced by a sweatband, and his custom basketball shoes — Nikes that really do say “Girl Talk” — sat on a folding chair beside him. He wrapped athletic bandages carefully around both of his feet: for the next 70 minutes on stage, he would dance so hard that he would be sick to his stomach afterward, like a marathon runner. The intensity with which he dances occasionally makes his feet bleed. He can’t stop his feet pounding, his head bobbing. Before he found the right kind of table, adjusted to the proper height, he got dark bruises on both thighs from crashing against it in his trance.

Sorta wonder if this is true. Feel like maybe he should stop wearing basketball shoes or something. I feel like a healthy human being's feet would be pretty chill after DJing a show. He's gotta be doing something wrong/making this story up.

Wonder if this is a picture of Gregg Gillis' feet after a show.

Did u know that Girl Talk uses snippets of songs called "samples" which could be highly illegal if he wasn't so 'awesome'?

To secure permission to use the 373 samples on “All Day” would cost, Gillis estimates, millions of dollars. Some labels would refuse, others would draw him into endless negotiation. But he has never been sued. No one has ever asked him to stop doing what he’s doing. One of the acts he samples on “All Day,” the Toadies, proudly put a link to Girl Talk on their home page.

Did u know that Pitchfork Media is responsible for 'the success of Girl Talk'?

But by 2006, people were starting to take seriously what had started as Gillis’s avant-pop joke. Pitchfork, the influential indie-rock Web site, gave “Night Ripper,” Girl Talk’s third release, an out-of-the-blue rave review. Girl Talk was suddenly headlining the Mercury Lounge in New York. “I was weirded out,” he says of that night. “These people actually wanted to see this laptop show. I used to pretend that the audience was having fun. After six years of pretending, the audience was now actually having fun.”

Here is the part of the interview where the interviewer asks Gregg 'hey are u the new Warhol?' and Greggies is all like "Hell yeah I am, bitches. I shit on that dude's art."

I asked him if, in addition to the Pirates and the Steelers, he ever felt any identification with another Pittsburgh institution, Andy Warhol, who blurred the usual distinctions between shallow and deep, trashy and sublime (and who broke through with a “sample” of Campbell’s soup cans).

“I definitely see parallels,” he said. “He made work that was very visual. Very conceptually focused. But also art fans could easily dismiss it.”

Do yall have an easier time dismissing Warhol or Gillis?

Here is the closing paragraph where Gregg compares himself to a famous NBA player just because he gets free shoes.

It has grown into something absurdly bigger than Gillis ever dreamed. Something — his inner Pittsburgher, perhaps — keeps his focus not on the “big” but on the “absurd.”

“When the Jordan brand is sending you free shoes,” he tells me, “it’s pretty much the peak of success in my mind."

Is Girl Talk 'the ultimate frat boy DJ'?

Does Girl Talk 'come across like an a-hole'?
Is this profile piece 'a disgrace' 2 journalism?
Is Greggy Gillies 'the new Warhol'?
Is Andy Warhol 'spinning over in his grave' after this puff piece?
Is Girl Talk 'the ultimate mainstream DJ'?
R u worried abt the economy of Pittsburgh?
Do u think Girl Talk is jealous of DJ Pauly D for 'getting 2 date Chloe Sevigny'? [link]

Girl Talk

Alternative Celebrity, DJ

Girl Talk is a laptop DJ who got big in the bloghouse era but really just produces generic, well-branded mix tapes.

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NYC Critics 'pan'/'attack' Ariel Pink for 'crappy' solo show

It seems like some ppl organized some concert/music festival that was a metaphorical circus, and they invited indie bands 2 play. Ariel Pink was a 'last minute replacement', except he played 'karaoke style', doing his solo show. For some reason ppl were 'pissed' and said that he 'sucked.'

Wonder if they just 'don't get' Ariel.' Feel like u would go to an Ariel show to either 'witness a meltdown' or 'watch an artist' get 'raw.' Looks like he 'crushed it' during Menopause Man.


Critics seem to have been 'baffled' by the solo performance without his indie band, using the opportunity to write a meaningful 'pan piece' abt how the crowd was confused, the event was stupid, and compare Ariel's stage presence to a 'person having a drug binge in their pajamas on stage.'

From the Village Voice:

Within 20 minutes a woman will be directing ten white horses around the main ring. And within 20 minutes of that, we will realize that she was the high point of the night.

As the horses gallop off, Ariel Pink is enthusiastically announced by our drag queen host, Acid Betty. AP saunters out alone with a mic, followed by two backup "dancers" in long animal hats who sort of move around every few minutes behind him. He is backed by no band whatsoever and sluggishly sings behind karaoke versions of his own songs. It's as if we've caught him in his living room in pajamas on some strange drug trip we can't even begin to understand. He lays down onstage, he walks into the crowd and sits next to someone, he climbs a lighting post till he's brought down. It's what you imagine may have happened to Kurt Cobain if he were still alive and performing in Vegas.

The entire crowd shares a skeptical look, not sure if they're in on the joke or a part of it, if this is some Tony Clifton-style hoax where the real Ariel Pink is about to suddenly appear. Nope. "OK, next song!" Pink commands, waving his hand mid-verse as a DJ somewhere skips to the next backing track for him to sing along to. The crowd nervously laughs. The whole affair feels like some sort of meta-goof: "We actually got a bunch of companies to pay for THIS!!"

About 30 minutes after appearing onstage, Ariel walks through the crowd -- still singing -- and right out the front door. People wait a moment for his reappearance and then start to follow him. Pretty soon everyone does. But the guy is long gone. The circus is over.

Wonder if these critics just don't 'get' Ariel Pink, and this was just supposed to be a reminder as to why he 'embraced' the Haunted Graffiti as his band. Personally, I think Ariel should 'go solo' and build a Daft Punk pyramid instead of paying a backing band, but I think they are 'a part of the creative process' so I guess that's chill.

Wonder what it's like 2 have horses as ur 'opening act.' Sorta wanna go 2 a show like that.

Had 2 climb some shit just to kill some time

Looks like he got tired and took a seat.

This must be him on the way out, stopping in the audience 2 pick up some popcorn and maybe a candied apple [via nostalgic images of youth].

Do u wish u could have gone to this circus-based indie show?
Do u feel bad for the ppl who paid for this/organizers who thought a circus-based indie show would 'be a good idea'?
Did ur parents take u 2 the circus when u were a kid?
What was ur favourite act? The bros in the lil sphere who rode motorcycles?
Should Ariel 'go solo'?
Are critics 'backlashing' against Ariel Pink after his 'way successful' 2k10?
Do u wish u had gone to this show?
Did we miss the greatest Ariel Pink performance evr?
Is the indie scene just 'a metaphorical circus'?

Who is the indie ringmaster?

Ariel Pink

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Ariel Pink is a 'lofi genius/wizard/mastermind' who has transitioned his brand to 'relevant indie buzzband status' in 2k10.

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Panda Bear claims that TOMBOY is done, announces new AnCo album

Panda Bear 'totally effed up' 2k10 because he was supposed 2 save it but then he never released TOMBOY and we were totally stuck with all of these crappy albums, and now it seems like even though he announced that TOMBOY is 'really close' it seems hard 2 trust him, and even if it does come out, I still feel like critics will have a lot of 'resentment' + 'high expectations' and will probably like his album even less than Avey Tare's 2k10 solo album.

Noah Lennox, experimental musician, better known as Panda Bear as a member of Animal Collective
I'm moving back to the States for a while so the rest of Animal Collective and I can be in the same place to write songs together and make something we're excited about. "Tomboy," my new album, is really, really close to a final mix; I spent the last three years or so on it. It's taken me forever. I feel like I did the tour for it already: Animal Collective and myself are in the habit of touring the stuff live before its release.

C'mon Panda. Stop making excuses, like u need to 'tour with the material' 2 really figure it out. 'We just want mp3s.'-altbro indie fans

Anyways, then he goes on to say that he is 'moving back in with his mom.' He is bringing his wife + kids. Wonder if that is gonna be chill, or maybe his wife + mom don't really 'get' one another and have opposing views on the viability of Noah's career as an artist + how they should raise their baby.

My family and I are going from Lisbon to Baltimore for three months. I'm going to be living in my mom's house, which is insane. I hope the turmoil isn't too much for my kids. I would be lying if I said I wasn't anxious or nervous, but it's the kind of challenge that makes things interesting.

Really hoping sends cameras to make this a reality show.

Anyways, he goes on to say that his New Year's Resolution is to 'exercise' and 'get physical' but he realizes that he doesn't have time nay more.

I'd love to do something physical like exercising once a week, but I don't feel I have the time. When I look back on my life, I used to think I didn't have enough time for things. But now I really don't have time. It's just the way things are.

Do yall agree with him?
Do yall not have any time 2 exercise + focus on self-improvement?
Will TOMBOY come out in 2k11?
Will Animal Collective 'crush it' in 2k11?
R u nervous for Panda/AnCo?
Can Deakin be re-integrated in2 the band?
Will Panda Bear be able to make an album while he lives with his mom, or will the lyrics be all like "Mom. I'm a grown ass man"?

Some bro builds a website that graphically displays all Pitchfork scores of 2010

From what I understand, tons of indie music fans read Pitchfork reviews in order 2 'keep their finger on the pulse' of what 'authentic music critics' have 2 say about the world's most relevant albums. So many scores throughout the year that u sorta need a place to 'look back' on the year and be like "Oh yeah... So that's what 2k10 was all abt." Anyways some bro used 'the web' to make some site that graphically displays [via bar graph] the range of scores.

U can practice math gimmicks like 'median', 'mode', and 'mean' with relevant indie data. Sorta wish they had this when I was in high school so I coulda scored higher on the PSAT.

Below are all the albums reviewed by Pitchfork in 2010 . Explore albums by hovering over the album art or using the search bar and filters below. Clicking the album art opens the written review. Enjoy the year in reviews.

What I learned from this site

  • six albums got 10.0s
  • tons of albums get between a 7 and an 8
  • Ghostland Observatory got the lowest score of 2010 with a 1.5
  • It is difficult for new albums to achieve a score of above 9.2
  • Relevant buzzbands tend to get 8.4 or above

What will be the Pitchfork trends in 2k11?
Is Pitchfork's album review still going 2 be relevant in 2k11?
Do u think Pitchfork should build this 'data visualization' in2 their site?
Are 'bar graphs' authentic, or do u prefer 'pie'?
Have 'infographics' replaced standard graphs as the ultimate data visualization gimmicks in the modern world?
Are 'pie charts' 4 lamestreamers?
What's the difference between "mean" and "average"?
R u tired of Pitchfork scores?
Was 2k10 'a shitty year'?

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Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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