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Arcade Fire ‘charts’ at #1, are they still ‘indie’ or now ‘dude-bro butt-buddy rock’?

Not sure if this is really news, or if it really 'warrants analysis' since it was inevitable, but Arcade Fire 'debuted at #1' and sold 156K American copies. Do u remember the first time u heard/saw the Arcade Fire, and they 'pumped u up', feeling way more meaningfulcore than even the best Deathcab 4 Cutie song? Seems like they found a sweet way to monetize that, inspiring bros and dudes and lil entry level bitches to 'wake up where the wild things r chillin @ the super bowl.'

Wonder if they are still gonna give $1 million to Haiti, or if they are just gonna flake out on that since the headline is already 'done' and they are 'rolling around' in money.

Do u think 156K is a 'success' or a 'flop'?

The Suburbs sold 156,000 copies its first week out, better than M.I.A. (28K), The National (51K), and LCD Soundsystem (31K) combined

Seems like those 3 artists should be 'ashamed of their performances, and blogs should be required to delete 75% of their blog posts about them.

Back on the albums chart, "The Suburbs" gives Arcade Fire its first No. 1, surpassing the Montreal band's previous high of No. 2 when 2007's "Neon Bible" arrived with 92,000.

"Suburbs" reaped the benefits of a week-long sale in Amazon's MP3 store, where it was priced at $3.99. Apple's iTunes Store offered the set for a standard $9.99. While SoundScan's data does not reveal how many were sold only through Amazon's MP3 store, downloads from all retailers made up 62% of the album's first week (97,000 downloads out of 156,000 total sales). Comparably, "Neon Bible" saw 30% of its first week come from digital sales (27,000 of its 92,000 opening frame).

Is the Arcade Fire 'authentic'?
Is the Suburbs the greatest indie album of all time, just based on sales?
Are they gonna hold on 2 #1, or fall hard?
Is Arcade Fire for authentic indie fans, or just 'dude bros' who are 'butt buddies' with 1 another?
R u tired of Arcade Fire since this meme was 'effing inevitable'?
Is this the crowning moment of meaningfulcore music?

Is Win Butler gonna have hot, sweet 'celebration sex' with Regine (the Arcade Fire's accordion player + his wife)?

Or is he regretting dating her/letting her in the band/not being able to pound sweet indie alt ass?
Really feel like he would be 'dating a celeb' right now if he didn't commit so early. Maybe like Kate Hudson or a member of the Gossip Galz cast.

Arcade Fire


The Arcade Fire is a 2k0s indie band that went mainstream because their songs sound like meaningful anthems. They pretend to be Canadian but Win Butler (lead singer) is actually from Houston, TX.

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Best Coast album charts at #36, sells 10K records. Is this 'a success'?

Just checking some 'album sales numbers', seeing how popular indie bands are this week. It seems like Best Coast's new hit album "Crazy For Yall" 'charted' at #36, selling 10K 'units.'

new indie buzz act Best Coast sail into the #36 spot with Crazy for You (10,000).

Can't really tell if this is a success for a small indie label / indie band, demostrating the power of blogs and buzzbands, or if this is a 'disappointment' because she coulda sold way more. Still think Vampire Weekend is 'the golden indie standard', selling 124k copies in their first week. Arcade Fire is 'due to top that' but feel like they might be even more streamstream than Vampy Weeks.

R u surprised Best Coast 'charted'?
Do u think a bunch of cool dads bought this shit on iTunes / iTunes vinyl store?
Will Best Coast see a 'sales bump' and see sales continue to trickle in for the rest of the year?
Do you think over 10k bros who obsessively read blogs downloaded the Best Coast rapidshare leak?
Will Best Coast go on Fallon, or is she not buzzbandy enough?
Will indie buzzband debuts ever build up enough hype to chart at #1, or will alt rock bros + black rappers + wigger rappers + tweens +slutwavers always 'chart' at #1?
Will Best Coast attract 'major labels', and should she sign with them in exchange for several trashbags full of marijuana?

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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Is the Arcade Fire ‘cheating’ by selling their album for $3.99?

In our modern world, indie bands must do 'whatever it takes' to compete with mainstream bands. Indie bands are in a battle with alt rockers to become 'the best selling guitar rock bros in the world.' Not sure if it will happen in our lifetime, but mindie bands like Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire are doing their best to sell mad units at discounted prices.

Is this an 'ethical' way to sell albums, or is there no such thing as an 'ethical way' to sell anything?
Do u think the $3.99 discount price 'appeals' to random cool dads who want to vibe out legally to buzzband jams?
What is a more powerful impulse purchasing tactic: the $3.99 digital sale or the $9.99 physical copy sale?
If u were a mainstream bro, would u be 'pumped' to see an album 'on sale' for such a low price?

Will the Arcade Fire 'chart' at #1?
Will they 'blow the competition out of the water'?
Is this a 'great accomplishment' or have they 'cooked the books'?
Will Lady Gaga sell her album for $1.99 to set Billboard chart records?
Are people who buy complete albums for 9.99 'fucking chumps'?
Will iTunes file a 'lawsuit' against Amazon for reverse price gouging?
Did the Arcade Fire steal their cover art from suburbia?
Do we know that indie bands are 'seeking amazing first week album sales numbers' when they sell their album on the cheap?
Which band will be next to use the $3.99 amazon sales technique?
How much is an album 'actually worth'? $17.99? 9.99? 3.99? ~.99 per mp3?
Do u prefer bands who accidentally 'give away their albums for free' [via leaked rapidshare file]?

Arcade Fire


The Arcade Fire is a 2k0s indie band that went mainstream because their songs sound like meaningful anthems. They pretend to be Canadian but Win Butler (lead singer) is actually from Houston, TX.

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Amazon MP3


So far unsuccessful effort to compete with iTunes by cutting prices. Some artists & labels accuse Amazon MP3 for hastening the destruction of the music industry. Kinda sad to have your new album sold for $3.99. Others claim that super cheap albums distort the billboard/charting process.

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Some bro in a band posts bitter Facebook Note about how lil indie bands don’t make money touring

From what I have heard/read, bands 'don't make money any more' because every1 just lives on the internet and steals music. I have heard 'rumors' that the best way to support a band is to 'go see them live', and possibly to 'buy some of their merch.' N e ways, not really important to me, since I think most bros in bands should 'get real jobs'/go 2 technical college.

Anyways, just saw this facebook note where some bro in a band 'bitterly' tells the state of his band's financial situation. Worried abt him. Feel like 'being in a band' and 'touring with ur bros' might not be a good career move/good for ur mental health.

Hey Everyone,

For the past 5 years my brothers in Oh, Sleeper and myself have sacrificed our lives, our time, relationships, birthdays, holidays, health(haha) to travel around and play shows for our fans. Not to say that isn't been a fun ride!

I would just like to bring a few things to our fans attention:

I would like to show you guys an average day in finances for a "mid-level" band like us. Im going to breakdown the average monetary in and outs of a day on tour.

On tour bands have two ways to make money. Guaranties, and Merchandise.

On tour bands have big bills. The biggest are: Managers, Booking agent, Merch Rates, Merch bills, Food, and of course.. the Gas bill.

Our last headliner tour was an east coast run with 3 other bands. The average guaranty per band was 300$ per band, and around 300$ in merch. This was the average for all 4 bands, for the entire tour.

So we have a 600$ gross income per night. Now lets break this down.

Merchandise is bough, printed, and shipped on the bands dollar. We print most our shirts on American Apparel. They obviously offer the best fitting shirts, and kids are smart about looking good now days. They wont sell unless you have slim fitting, soft shirts. The demand for better quality shirts from bands is higher in last few years.

American Apparel shirts are very pricey to print. usually $7.50 a shirt. More for v-necks, 3/4 sleeve shirts, etc.

We sell our shirts for 15$ at our shows, UNLESS we are on tour with a headliner that demands we price match them.

SO $15 - $7.50 = $7.50. So half is profit. So out of the 300$ the band made in merch, they owe 150$ to the printer.

BUT HOLD ON! Merch rates!

Most nice venues have merch rates, we have seen them be as high 32% gross. Usually they are 25%.


So out of the initial $300 in merch the band made. 25% goes to venue. Thats $75.

$300(gross) - $150(merch cost) - $75(merch venue rate) = $75 (Net profit for the band.)

BUT the breakdown doesnt stop there. If the band has a manager, he takes 15% of Net profit of merch.


$75 X .15 = $11.25

$75 - $11.15 = $63.75( TOTAL Net profit in merch for the band.)



The breakdown in deductions from this money is: 15% to Manager, 10% to booking agent.

$300(gross guaranty) - $45(managers cut 15%) - $30(booking agents cut 10%) = $225

Average Gas bill is around $150. some days way better some days way worse. We have done 17 hour drives..leaveing show and showing up to next one right before we play...many times. Those are a bit more expensive. Most west coast tours we do the average gas bill is around 200-250...but ill use 150 for this example.

$225(guaranty after manage and agent deductions) - $150(gas bill) = $75

We have 6 people on tour, our 5 Guys, and our merch guy "The maze". We give everyone $10 bucks a day to eat on. (This isnt enough when your 6 4 and 200lbs like micah and i by the way)

6 people x $10 = $60

$75 - $60 = $15

$15 Total net profit in Guaranties.


$63.75(Net merch) + $15(Net guaranty) =

$78.75 for the band for the night. out of $600 gross.

if you divide that 6 ways its $13.12 a day per band member.


This doesnt include hotel costs. which are usually 50-60 bucks. Most bands dont get hotels or shower to save money to pay for phone bills.

This does not include Tires/Van payment/Oil changes/Van upkeep registration bla bla/Trailer tires/Gear/etc.

This doesnt include taxes. This doesnt include ROAD TOLLS. Which in the northeast can add up to 20-40bucks a day.

Thanks for reading.


thanks for reading.

Worried abt these bros. Feel like they might have to start 'flipping burgers' or something like that. Maybe working at a local call center for $10 an hour.

Worried about merch costs. Worried about booking + managerial costs. Worried about toll roads. Worried about rising cost of gas. Worried about Am Appy t shirt prices.

Seems like everything costs soo much money these days. H8 having to pay 4 things. Wish we could all just live on the internet, stealing mp3s, and being happy 4evr.

Do bands deserve to make money?
Are 'indie bands' misguided abt how they deserve to make money?
Whenever u hear about a band from ur local scene 'going on tour', do u 'laugh a lil bit'?
Do true indie fans 'steal music'?
Should we just 'pay tidings' to buzzbands to keep them afloat [via paypal]?
When do indie bands deserve 2 make money?
How much money should indie bands expect to make per year? $1 million?
Should Obama provide tax breaks 4 buzzbands?

M.I.A.’s album ‘charts’ at #9, loses to Eminem, Korn & Biebro

M.I.A. has had 'a huge target on her back' since all she ever does is 'talk mad shit' about other artists, the government, and every1 who she can 'mudsling' 2 get hits. N e ways, it seems like her album sold 28000 copies. I can't really tell if that is good or bad. All I know is that Vampire Weekend's album debuted with 124,000 copies sold, so that is sorta the 'indie gold standard.'

Feel like this might be a 'huge disappointment', maybe. Like they were hoping she could ride the slutwave and be one of the most important female artists, but since album sales are 'tanking' across the industry, saying ur #9 sounds like u 'did a good job' or something. Not sure if I am supposed to make this post say that she 'disappointed' or if I am supposed to say 'she performed above expectations.' Wonder what demographic of humans/consumers purchased her album.

Eminem has notched a fourth week at No. 1 on the Billboard album chart, beating out new albums by Korn, Newsboys, Sting and M.I.A. Eminem’s “Recovery” (Aftermath/Interscope) sold another 196,000 copies in the United States last week, Nielsen SoundScan reported.

Korn’s “Korn III: Remember Who You Are” (Roadrunner) is the highest charting new release, opening at No. 2 with 63,000 sales. Other new albums include “Born Again” (Inpop) by the Christian rock band Newsboys, which reached No. 4 with 45,000 sales; Sting’s “Symphonicities” (Deutsche Grammophon/Cherry Tree), with orchestrations of his hits, which opened at No. 6 with 36,000; the country singer Jerrod Niemann’s “Judge Jerrod & the Hung Jury” (Arista Nashville), at No. 7 with 34,000; and “Stampede” (Epic) by the metal band Hellyeah, at No. 8 with 28,000. M.I.A.’s “/\/\/\Y/\” (released by N.E.E.T./XL/Interscope, and also known simply as “Maya”) opened at No. 9 with a tiny bit less than “Stampede.” (The numbers are rounded.)

Feel sad that she lost to the horrorcore/hardcore rapper bros Eminem and Korn. Feel like maybe it is 'refreshing' that Korn still has a solid tribe of followers. Just some bros who want to a.d.i.d.a.s. [via all day I dream about sex]. Kinda seems like bands that existed in the 90s will 'always find a way to sell records' [via people who haven't made the transition to the modern world].

Just wish I could be a mainstream band / Christian band / rapper / tween sensation. Not sure if there is that much money in 'indie music.' Guess we all can't be Vampy Weekends. Sad that they might lose all their money. Just want to be the next Kings of Leon or something. Wanna sell tons of units and 'not worry about authenticity.' Just want to

Did M.I.A.'s album 'tank'?
Did she sell more units than u thought she would?
What type of people bought her albums? Edgy Twilight fans? Cool dads who 'love ethnic girls'?
Is this the beginning of the end of M.I.A.'s career?
Should she just ride chillwaves with billionaire dollars?
Did M.I.A. 'peak' both artistically and commercially with "Paper Planes"?


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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Washed Out expands brand, launches new frozenwave ice cream truck

Ernest Greene, AKA "Washed Out Bro" is known as 'the founding father of chillwave' after creating his hit song "Feel It All Around." N e ways, he has merged into a 'legitimate indie force', touring the country and playing relevant music festivals.

This picture seems to indicate that he has 'taken his brand to the next level' and started some sort of ice cream truck. Instead of just selling t-shirts, he is probably selling ice cream to 'keep people chilled out', helping them to conjure up 'nostalgic images of youth' by selling Push Pops, rainbow freezes, Fudge Bars, Banana Fudges, Dream Bars, Ice cream sandwiches, Cookies N Cream ice cream sandwiches, and miscellaneous Skinny Cow 'smart snack' treats.

Do u think this new ice cream truck is 'helping his brand' become more dynamic, or do u think this picture was actually taken as he was working his 2nd job because 2 many people stole his mp3s and he didn't make any money?

What kind of ice cream treat do u hope he sells? Should he sell sno cones/snowballs/'raspas' [via mexis] in order to diversify his product? Should he sell 'pickles' [via a huge jar]? Should he sell 'Sour Punch Straws' and possibly 'frito pies' [via crock pot]?

Do yall think Lemon Chillwave iced treat is gonna 'catch on', or will alts stay 'brand loyal' to Pinkberry/gimmick frozen yogurt establishments?

Do yall support Washed Out's new ice cream truck meme?
Do u think the business will support itself?
Will ice cream treats make it easier 4 bros 2 ride chillwaves?
Will Washed Out's next mp3 sound like 'The Entertainer' [via the official Ice Cream truck circling the neighborhood song]?


Will ice cream trucks replace record labels as the ultimate distributors of band memes?

Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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Some altbro wears a “SHOULD HAVE TAKEN ACID WITH YOU” shirt

I remember the first time I heard the hit song "Should Have Taken Acid With You" by Neon Indian, I felt like I was standing at the forefront of a new cultural/indie movement. It seems 'so krazie' to have grown another year older, while that song has grown another year older. Kinda weird how 'definitive indie' songs don't necessarily 'get old', but instead 'exist forever as a placeholder 4 a moment in alt cultural history.' Even though buzzbands can grow into 'indie legacy bands', we will never forget the spirit of buzz that they buzzed when they were first buzzbands.

Always gonna dream of that night when I shoulda taken acid with yall...

N e ways... Some bro is wearing a 'should have taken acid with you' shirt. Not sure if this is official Neon Indian band merch, or if this bro made the shirt to wear to Pitchfork Music Festival just so the band would see him in the crowd and invite him for free brewskies in the VIP center. Maybe he is actually just a random bro who laments passing on the opportunity to take acid with a bro, and has never even heard the hit song "Shoulda taken acid with u."

Does this bro seem chill?
Would yall rather wear a Washed Out shirt or a Neon Indian shirt, or a Toro Y Moi shirt?
What type of shirts should Neon Indian make?
Should Neon Indian 'sell acid' at their concerts?
How about branded Neon-colored Indian headdresses?

What is the most authentic kind of band merch?
Is it authentic to wear the shirt of a band to their concert, or does that make u a 'buzzband n00b'?
Should u have taken acid with u, me, & every1 we know?

True or False: "BUZZ MP3S NEVER DIE"

Best Coast and the Vampy Weekend bro star in some Converse commercial/music vid


Best Coast and Rostam Batmanglij (the Panda Bear of Vampire Weekend) and some ethnic rapper named Kid Cudi 'collabed' on some song for the Converse shoe line. Basically, 'free advertising' everytime a blog embeds that shit and buzzes about the viral mp3. Anyways, they 'released a music video', but seems like it is just an excuse to show off tons of shots of Converse shoes.

Also they kinda dance around with big heads. I think they are supposed to represent 'blog fame' and how it has gone 2 their heads. Feel like maybe they will develop a spinoff tv sitcom where a black guy, a white girl, and a 'lovable gay bro' learn how to co-exist as buzzbands, sort of like Will & Grace meets Friends meets The Fresh Prince.

Do yall want to buy Converse shoes?
Are yall still disappointed by the mp3?
Which artist's brand suffered the most via this collab?
How much bank do yall think they were paid?
Are yall still 'pissed' at Best Coast?
Are Vampire Weekend and Best Coast having a 'tough time rite now' [via blog beef + law suits]?
Is this meme a 'success' or a failure?
Are u pissed when buzzworthy mp3s are created just 2 sell u shit?
Do u miss the glory days when buzzbands were just 'buzzy' and hadn't signed lucrative buzz deals with major soda/shoe/jean brands?
Will the new era of brand-sponsored buzz MP3s soon implode if a band doesn't create a 'great' mp3 soon? [via halfhearted b-sides]

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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Arcade Fire tries to prevent album backlash by riding a charity meme

Arcade Fire is a former indie band who is in the process of 'going mainstream', possibly about to be just as mainstream as the Kings of Leon. Even though their songs have been licensed to huge films and events like the Super Bowl, they seem to always 'give their money away to charity.' One of their members is apparently from Haiti, so she probably throws out ideas like "Let's give a million dollars of our money away to charity" and the rest of the band members are like, "hmmm... okay... we'll see.... still gotta finish paying off my condo in Montreal, but we'll see..."

Arcade Fire is one of the few indie bands who can ride a 'charity meme.' The goal of dropping a charity meme is to 'distract people' from trashing ur album, since it is tied to the cause of 'helping humanity.' As pure as the intentions are, riding the charity meme can help u form a forcefield of positive vibes around ur album that no music critic can penetrate.

Seems like they 'pulled a Wyclef Jean' and started one of those 'text 2 donate' lines:

According to the Times, at the show, Arcade Fire co-leader Régine Chassagne revealed the creation of a nonprofit organization called Kanpe, which funnels aid from Canada to Haiti to help the poor. (Chassagne's parents emigrated from Haiti to Canada.) According to the Kanpe website, Chassagne sits on the nonprofit's board. At the Quebec show, Win Butler, Chassagne's husband and Arcade Fire co-leader announced that audience members could donate $5 to the effort by texting 30333. UPDATE: You have to text the word "STAND". The band promised to match every donation from the public up to a million (Canadian) dollars.

Wonder if they are going to be like most famous musicians and athletes and let their incompetent friends/innercircle work for the charity for high annual salaries.

I sorta feel most comfortable with 'telethons', since I know what I am getting into when I turn it on. I know people are gonna be begging me 4 money, and when I don't wanna watch it any more, I can turn it on. H8 when I'm just searching for buzz mp3s, and then people ruin my chillvibes by bringing up 'harsh global issues.'

Seems like the lead singer wants every1 to know he is loaded, and doesn't even make money any more. Probably 'wipes his ass' with $100 bills.

Butler said, "Please, take our money," the Times reports.

Will any buzzbands from the modern chillwave lofi era ride charity memes, or is the Arcade Fire in a unique mainstream market position?

Will Arcade Fire raise a million dollars?
Do cool dads who read blogs donate money to charity via text, or is that more of a twitter phenomenon?
Do u think Arcade Fire is trying to 'minimize' their inevitable backlash by linking their brand with charity?
Should they donate all proceeds of their album to the Boys and Girls Club, kinda like LeBron James' "The Decision" special?
Is Haiti still rebuilding? Haven't seen them as a trending topic on twitter in a while
Is the Arcade Fire neglecting our oil spill? Should Americans boycott their album?
Do u h8 it when famous people + bands get philanthropic, or do u respect them because they are using their voice for good?
Can u believe the Arcade Fire are millionaires?
Do u think they will raise a million dollars, or do they know that they will make under $100k in donations?
If the Arcade Fire wanted to make the perfect indie charity meme, would they organize an indie 'We Are The World' meme?


Arcade Fire


The Arcade Fire is a 2k0s indie band that went mainstream because their songs sound like meaningful anthems. They pretend to be Canadian but Win Butler (lead singer) is actually from Houston, TX.

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Panda Bear’s PR Team gets ‘mad pissed’ at blogs + Pitchfork for posting ‘the leak’

Panda Bear's upcoming album TOMBOY is one of the most 'in demand' leaks in the history of the blogosphere. The PR team responsible for dispersing memes and guiding their album cycle to achieve mad sales, mad buzz, and critical acclaim is Forcefield PR. (The company manages memes for other buzzbands such as WAVVES, Ariel Pink, and Neon Injuns.)

Daniel Gill, the head of Forcefield PR 'went on a massive/moderate twitter tirade', utilizing the Retweet function to share the previous ALT REPORT story about how Pitchfork 'broke blog ethics' to post the new Panda Bear unauthorized MP3s [link]. It seems like this 'retweet' solidifies the Alt Report's 'MUST READ' status for true indiesphere insider 'scoop', 'daily dish', 'gossip', and 'analysis.'

The tweet seems a mix of 'bummed' and 'pissed' at the state of the blogosphere.

Later, the PR Company twitter account 'cooled off', making it clear that Pitchfork was not the only blog who was unchill, but basically just about every alt blog on the internet.

Seems like he put "legit" in quotes to let all music websites know that they are 'fucking bush league' and should be mad ashamed of themselves.

The buzz behind this album is 'getting out of hand', bloggers 'breaking laws', PR companies 'pissed at blogs', Pitchforks acting like blogs. The circle of buzz seems to be under siege.

Do blogs 'have the right' to post unauthorized material by buzz artists?
Is Panda Bear 'too blazed'/'too busy being a father' to handle
Should the PR company 'be pissed' at blogs, or should they 'forgive blogs' since 'blogs and Pitchforks are the best way to reach tons of consumers?
If blogs truly love Panda Bear, should they 'wait' until he gives them 'the green light' 2 blog him, or due to SEO, should we 'scoop' him like Lindsay Lohan going back 2 the slammer?

Feel like this album is changing everything. Everything so crazy. Mother Indie 'has been disturbed' and everything is turning into a shit storm. Thought this album cycle was gonna be chill, but it already seems 'frenetic', like a group of sharks feasting on a human that is trying to clean up the oil spill.

When will Panda Bear sound off on all of this commotion? We could really use a soundbit from him or something, letting us know what to do. Feel like if he 'called off the dogs', we would all chill out, and chill until his albums come out. Noah Lennox can help us to 'give peace a chance.'

Are yall on #TeamBlog, #TeamPitchfork, #TeamPRteam, or #Team Panda?
R u worried about the blogosphere?
Will Panda Bear leak?
R u worried about the next AnCo album?
Is life all about firsties?

Panda Bear

Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

Panda Bear is a member of Animal Collective. He wrote the hit album "Person Pitch" but failed to deliver in 2k10 with TOMBOY.

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Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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Best Coast lets fans ‘stream’ new album at Urby Outfitties, looks to appeal to alt demographics

Since every relevant album is going to 'leak', most indie bands are forced to stream their entire albums for free at various sites. The goal is selecting a site that has a built in fan base that might inspire a few thousand more album purchases. Some artists choose NPRs to appeal to cool dads with money, while other artists select Myspace to appeal to minorities and laggard tweens. Chosing Urban Outfitters for Best Coast's stream seems like a 'bold business decision', meant to integrate her product into their sales / lifestyle brand. Urban Outfitters probably has a huge database filled with 'ditzy alt girls' who don't really know how to find their own music on the internet, instead trusting brands to create compilations for them.

Not sure if Urby Outty sells CDs, or maybe there is some sort of 'merch' deal in place. Maybe every1 who shops there will get a Best Coast sampler pack that involves a CD, a kitten, and a kilo of weed (only if they purchase something for more than.
Do yall know what type of people shop at Urban Outfitters? What kind of music do they play in there?

Have yall heard the album/downloaded the leak?
Is it 'good'?
Is it 'album of the year material'?

N e ways, seems like this album has 'the chance to displace Beach House' from the top of the female indie charts in 2k10. It just depends on if u want to honor the 'buzzband that has paid their dues' (Beach House) or if u wanna brand yourself with the fuzzy buzzy trend (Best Coast). Even if the Best Coast album is more enjoyable on a regular basis, feel like most critics will probably slot Beach House at #1 female singer of 2k10 (with a shot at best album of 2k10 if Panda Bear flops), but also rank Best Coast top 5 to make sure that she represents 'promise' and 'the future' of fuzzy buzzy indie rock.

How do u feel now that Best Coast's album is finally out, and she is no longer just one of those fuzzy blog bands with 1 decent mp3?
Will she have staying power?
Will she have a 'sophomore slump'
Will she play Fallon?
Does she need to break up with WAVVES? Is holding her career back?
Is WAVVES pissed that her album is 'way better' than his own album?
Will WAVVES be pissed
Will the album score an 8.7 on Pitchfork, or is every song the same, singing about beach, cats, weed, and boys?
Is Best Coast the #1 female in the indie buzzosphere?
If u were in a buzzband, what website would u let stream ur album debut? NPR? Myspace? Twitter?

Best Coast


Best Coast is a fuzzy buzzy band that sings abt dank, California, boys, and kitty cats

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Pie Chart Meme Graphic: How artists, record labels, & retailers split album sales

Have always wanted to start a buzzband, but didn't really know if it was 'worth it' cuz of the state of the modern music industry. Feel like there is some sort of 'effed up' system where bands don't even get paid, and even if u go mainstream, tons of entities are 'stealing ur money' cuz they market + distribute ur music. Mad bummed. Thought being a rock star would get u mad rich, but feel like this chart illustrates that bands 'don't make that much money.'

Feel like if I had a band, I wouldn't have a manager, bass player, or lead guitarist. I would avoid signing to a record label, and would try really hard not to use a distributor. Might outsource an 'album sales website' to a web design firm in India. Just gotta maintain all my profits, avoiding 'legal counsel' and even a 'producer.' So weird that bands have to spend money on all of this stuff.

'Solo project' without any sort of band / marketing infrastructure seems ideal. Wonder if chillwave/lofi/being Radiohead is the best possible band business model, since you can minimize 'bullshit costs' and really focus on exploiting your tribe.

Really just want to keep all of the profits, knowing that my art belongs to me, and no1 can use it without my consent.
H8 how the music industry is so effed up, and it doesn't even allow us to make art any more. Even Larry Gaga is a 'slave' to the horizontally integrated corporate structure.

Do artist 'make money' from album sales?
What type of band would yall be in?
What staff would u have if you had a band?
What are some good ways to 'cut corners' and save ur band budget?
Will I make more money in my life if I have a mediocre 9-5 job for 35 yea, or if I have a buzzband that has 2 albums that sell moderately well?
Does this mean I'm never going to be a rock star / blog star?
Is the music industry 'swirling down the shitter'?
Do musicians deserve Health Insurance?
Do record labels 'steal' tons of money from artists, or are bands 'worthless' without relevant record labels?
Do musicians/bands waste tons of money on goods and services that they don't need?

M.I.A. wants tweens to stream her album on myspace, doesn’t care about NPR cool dads

Lately, NPR has been 'hyped up' as the best place for artists to release their albums to be streamed 4 free, since it has an older audience who is trying to be 'cool', and are willing to actually 'purchase albums.' M.I.A. 'doesn't give a shit' about this demographic, and instead chose to stream her album on the social networking graveyard known as 'Myspace.' Not sure if people even use that thing any more. Feel like even the slowest laggards chill hard on facebook/twitter now.

Tried to listen to the album, but just skimmed it. Only ever really liked that song "Paper Planes" for a few days, but even that gimmick kinda wore off. Just wondering how she has a career.

Wonder if her album sales are gonna 'tank' or if she will have a radio hit + some1 will
Wonder if M.I.A. will 'chart' in the top 10, or if her mainstream label is gonna 'lose tons of money.'
Wonder if Pitchfork is going to 'turn' on M.I.A. since they regret letting her use their twitter account for marketing purposes. [link]

Should M.I.A. have given exclusive streaming rights to NPR?

Do yall think M.I.A.'s album sucks?
Should M.I.A. retire/be fired?
R u glad that M.I.A.'s album is out so now we don't have to hear about her n e more?
Do white cool dads who listen to NPR have any interest in ethnic female artists, or do they prefer 'the white pussie' like Feist, Joanna Newsom, and Zooey Deschanel?
What kind of people still use Myspace?


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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Levi’s Jeans pays Passion Pit ‘top dollar’ 2 cover Smashing Pumpkins “2nite, 2nite”


Apparently, Levi's is doing the whole 'record label' thing where they generate blog buzz by hiring indie/bloggie artists to 'create new mp3s' that can be co-branded with their products. Sorta wonder how much this type of stuff pays. If I had to guess, somewhere between $2,000- $1,000,000 has to be given to these buzzbands.

Anyways, Passion Pit decided to 'lend' their whimsical indie bleepy bloop falsetto aesthetic to the Smashing Pumpkins hit song "Tonight, Tonight."

Passion Pit’s re-crafting of the song strips away some of the ambitious bombast, losing the strings but none of the business. Angelakos’ high voice fits comfortably with Corgan’s lyrics, but instead of a piece of grandiose rock, he’s instead created a synthy underwater symphony.

Wonder if Billy Corgan is 'spinning in his grave' after hearing his timeless song get 'butchered' by some fleeting indie buzzband. One of the most definitive 'low key chill bro' songs of the alt rock era 'down the shitter' just to sell some blue jeans.

Do u think Billy Corgan got paid 'mad licensing fees'?

Is Billy Corgan more talented than any artist in the indiesphere?
Is this cover 'awesome'?
Do yall support branded mp3 'record labels?
Will u buy more Levi's jeans because of this cover?
Do u wish Smashing Pumpkins didn't exist so they wouldn't have inspired Passion Pit?
Do u hope they do a 'magical' cover of this live so it will help to 'lube up' the entry level alt teen that you brought to her first indie rock concert?


The band quickly developed its sonic identity: Angelakos’ high, high voice singing big pop hooks in an electronic world of bleeps, blips and whirrs.

Passion Pit

Passion Pit is a bleepy bloop indie pop band that tons of entry-level alts <3.

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Ariel Pink’s album debuts as the 163rd most popular album in the country. Has lofi gone mnstrm?

Ariel Pink's "Before Today" was one of the most anticipated leaks of 2k10, but no1 really expected people to buy it. It seems like 'all sales expectations were shattered' and the album peaked at #163 on the mainstream Billboard charts. This is huge news for the lofi genre, proving that 'lofi is going mainstream', and lofi releases with enough indie internet buzz can 'shatter the charts.'

Simply put, lofi wave indie is now a commercial mainstream force which will evolve into some of the most popular music in the USA. In the alternative lofi universe, #163 is the same as #1.

The album outperformed MGMT (out for 9 weeks, peak at #2) and She & Him (out for 12 weeks, peak at #6).

It seems like pitchfork 'panned' MGMT now that it is a commercially safe move, and spoke on the commercial lofi success of Ariel Pink :

As predicted, MGMT's oddball album isn't exactly tearing up the charts-- it currently sits at number 166 on Billboard's Top 200, three spots behind Ariel Pink's Before Today. Weird times.

Can't believe Ariel Pink is 'so mainstream.' Wonder if he is 'popping bottles' celebrating this accomplishment.
R u proud of Ariel Pink?
Is Ariel Pink mainstream indie?
Will there be 'tons of pressure' on Ariel Pink to make a new album that lands in the top 10?
Is Ariel Pink 'the great lofi hope'?
Will Ariel Pink's album continue to climb, or will it fall off the charts?
Has lofi 'gone mainstream'?

Ariel Pink

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Ariel Pink is a 'lofi genius/wizard/mastermind' who has transitioned his brand to 'relevant indie buzzband status' in 2k10.

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The XX ‘liquidates’ their album, puts on sale for $2.99

Not sure what the popular 2k9 buzzband is 'trying 2 do.' They are selling their album for $2.99 when the popular price point is $9.99 for a digital album. I feel like the market rate for an actual CD is $17.99 [via Virgin Megastore/Blockbuster Music circa 1997]. Really unsure what I'm paying for when I purchase music--maybe it is just the jewel case, album art, and shipping costs. Making music seems really easy these days, so feel like it should be free.

I feel like I am on the 'frontline' of tastemaking, so I usually deserve a free copy of every album for 'evaluation purposes' [via rapidshare leak]. Really difficult for me to wrap my head around what is going down in the music industry in the digital age.

Does n e 1 know what the strategy is when these album prices drop? Do they sell more albums? Does the band get any of the proceeds of this sale? Who determines what the price is supposed to be? The band management, or the retailer?

Is amazon the only chill bro service that reduces album prices?
Can some1 explain the digital sales revenue model for me?
Can u 'liquidate' mp3 inventory, or is there an infinite amount of disc space in our modern world?
Should all indie buzzbands 'sell' their albums at a low price in the first week of their release to 'cheat' on the charts? Can we assign a name to this common practice, like 'Vampire Weekending' or something like that?
Who buys mp3s from amazon/itunes?
What is 'worth paying 4' in the music industry? Concerts? Festivals? Digital albums? Physical albums? Vinyl?
Does the XX make money off album sales, or are they 'stuck touring 4 the rest of their lives'?

Some alt makes an XX lamp as an arts & crafts project [via progressive merch]

I recently received an email from an alt who had a girlfriend who loves the popular 2k9 buzzband the XX. Utilizing lamp-based technology, he created this CUSTOM XX lamp. It seems like having an XX lamp would make u the ultimate XX fan. Maybe u could also put a picture of the band in ur room with the text Yall Were Great On Fallon."

Sorta wish I had this lamp to aid the glow of my Macbook in the night,
buzz mp3s playing thru mediocre speakers
reflecting on life
waiting on the buzzband 2 come.

Do u think this lamp is authentic?
Do u want directions on how to make this progressive XX lamp?

sorta just wanna make more products that utilize the XX iconography.

Photo by J Caldwell

Do yall have any ideas for more X-branded merch that the XX can sell?
Should they make a more complex logo that people can't steal?
Is the XX gonna release some mp3s in 2k10, or are they just gonna wait til 2k11?
Do u think the XX 'holds up' over time?

Neon Indian gets record deal, ‘controversially’ signs to FADER LABEL

Neon Indian is a 2k9 buzzband who 'broke thru' riding the thick waves of chill buzz. He has evolved from 'anonymous enigma' to a 'blog darling', sorta like Vampire Weekend b4 they went stream-stream. It seems like many record labels see the 'huge commercial ceiling' for Neon Indian, so they were all 'bidding' to release his second album, probably throwing out promises of mad cash, huge creative control, and miscellaneous perks that can make ur life as a buzzband easier.

In a move that has been 'scrutinized' by the blogosphere, Neon Injun has signed with the FADER Label. Many are familar with THE FADER as an alternative 'media empire', not a record label. Some bloggers have written 'progressive posts' questioning the separation of press vs. label.

The eventual home of the artist was the subject of speculation following a series of breakout SXSW performances, with rumors of a bidding war. FADER Label is part of music branding agency Cornerstone and has also released Matt and Kim, Editors and Saul Williams.

The first release under the deal will be a re-release of Neon Indian's debut album, "Psychic Chasms," which will be out today (June 8) digitally in collaboration with Static Tongues, the label started by Palomo. The album was first released on indie label Lefse Records last October.

Damn. THE FADER. Have u heard of that label, or just the magazine? Their 'media company' seems to boast mad internet numbers:

FADER Media Network consists of credible music and lifestyle-focused properties that speak to a combined audience of influential young adults and generates over 3,000,000 Pageviews and 1,800,000 Unique Visitors.

Wonder if Neon Indian will be on the cover of every Fader Magazine for an entire year.

Do u think this was a good move, or should he have signed with AnCo's label?
Will Neon Indian's new label help him to avoid an 'MGMT-esque' sophomore release?
Is Neon Indian guaranteed to 'chart' in the Billboard Top 10 upon his debut?
With the support of Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato, will Neon Indian ride waves into the mnstrm?
Is it 'bullshit' that blogs and magazines can have record labels?
Do u think Neon Indian's record label will put out some solid products, or will it just generate another meme that helps the mothership?
Do u wish artists would just 'stay pure' and release mp3s via brands like Mountain Dew, Kia Soul, and other brands trying 2 reach alts?
Will Neon Indian's next album be the next MPP?

Neon Indian


Neon Indian is a chillwave buzzband from 2k9 that rode chillwaves

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Fader Media

Record Label, Company, Blog

The Fader is some sort of alternative media conglomerate. They are in charge of blogs, record labels, and other marketing initiatives 2 exploit alternative markets and steal money from brands

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WAVVES becomes latest indie artist 2 sign to Mountain Dew’s Record Label [via marketing]

WAVVES is a controversial indie singer because he 'doesn't give a fuck about anything' other than surfing and doing drugs. Mountain Dew started Green Label Sound, a 'record label' that releases mp3s by relevant buzzband. I guess the idea is that every writeup about the buzz band also includes a mention of 'Mountain Dew', the soft drink. Instead of taking out billboards for the Mountain Dew brand, the spinoff brand is meant to appeal to alts like u and me. Every fan who likes WAVVES will now become a chill Mountain Dew fan.

Wonder if it is a good thing for the Mountain Dew brand that the name of the song is POST ACID. Feel like Mountain Dew has always had an extreme brand, but maybe 'a drug beyond LSD' might be a little bit too much.

Green Label Sound today announces the release of their next single "Post Acid" by Southern California garage-pop band, Wavves. The new, original track is the first single off the band's highly anticipated forthcoming full-length King Of The Beach and is the second official single release for Green Label Sound this year. The Wavves album, King Of The Beach is due out August, 3rd 2010 on Fat Possum Records.

Worried that the Mountain Dew brand might be 'too aligned' with drug culture now.
Wonder if Mountain Dew is only interested in male bro demographics. Maybe they should sign a bloggable female to try to get women to drink 'Mountain Dew Zero' or 'Diet Dew' or 'Dew 4 bitches'. (not sure what the female version of MTN DEW is).

Wavves seems to 'get defensive' when explaining his involvement with Mountain Dew.

Wavves lead man, Nathan Williams, had this to say about the Green Label Sound single release, "First off and foremost it's a chance to give away free music. 'Post Acid' was written and recorded as a true pop song to me and in doing so I knew that I would want it to be heard on as wide a scale as possible. Green Label Sound is helping us to do that."

Damn bro. Chill. Ur just a MTNDEWBRO. Nothing wrong with that. Don't get all mad at the brand just cuz they paid u to write an mp3. I'm just a bro on the internet, and any time some1 throws a free mp3 my way, I'm ready 2 download it.

Feel like he should 'chill' and accept the fact that he is a Mountain Dew bro now. Whether he likes it or not, he is a brand ambassador, sorta like Grant Hill and Sprite.


Do u think WAVVES will be in any commercials?
Will WAVVES 'get backlashed' for being part of the Green Label Sound marketing project?
Is WAVVES trying to 'ride in the wake' of Neon Indian's commercialized chill wave?
Is WAVVES a good brand ambassador, or is this a 'questionable decision'?
Who should be the next Green Label Sound band / artist / sound project?
Do yall wanna go drink some Mountain Dew?
Can we start calling Mountain Dew 'post acid'?

This post has theoretically been made possibly by the Mountain Dew: a chill ass cola soda pop for bros who just wanna do rad shit.

Green Label Sound

Record Label, Meme

GLS is the record label of Mountain Dew. They pay a buzzband to write an MP3, then release it to blogs in order to get buzz.

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WAVVES is a fuzzy buzzy buzzband that sings about aliens, marijuana and being a failure in life but laughing abt it because u r high.

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Uffie’s album cover doesn’t show off her sweet bod, seems doomed 2 fail.

Women in music are often evaluated based on 'how hot' they are OR based on how much of their body they are willing to share with us. It seems like you have to 'give daddy a little bit of eye candy' in order to be a successful female in the music industry. Unless you are one of those second rate females who just wants to be liked by a limited number of people, seeking out 'artistic credibility.'

The album cover to Uffie's new album "Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans" seems to be 'forgettable.' Like she possibly shoulda tried to 'sex it up' if she really wanted to 'crossover' into new American mainstream markets. Feel like there are a lot of good pictures of her breasts + ass floating around, so maybe she shoulda just photoshopped those into a collage, or something. Maybe a picture of her having sex in denim jeans, sorta trying to integrate the album title brand into the equation.

In addition, she recorded a song with Pharrell, trying to 'crossover' or something.


Seems like some sort of failed Brittney Spears song.

Do u think Uffie is 'pissed' that Ke$ha stole her autotune gimmick?
Are Ke$ha's songs better than Uffie's?
Do u think Uffie will integrate nicely with the post-Lady Gaga era where mainstreamers want weirdo electro by blonde girls?
Has the post-LadyGaga bubble already burst?
Did Uffie 'miss' her opportunity 2 go mainstream?
Is Uffie stuck living in a bloghouse?


Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Uffie is a French bloghouse rapper who is known for hanging out with her titties out.

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Arcade Fire tries to cultivate ‘organic buzz’ by planting their vinyl single in obscure record stores

Apparently some bro who was just getting his record hunt on at a local record store found a copy of Arcade Fire's upcoming single "The Suburbs"/"Month of May." Not sure where Glasgow is, but that's where he found it. Feel like this story is probably 'some contrived marketing bullshit.'

Seems chill that u can see the bro's reflection in the record. Feel like that makes the meme 'more personal' and 'organic' even if it is just trying to be tactile viral marketing as presented by the internet.

Arcade Fire have been teasing us with vague news about a new 12" single, "The Suburbs" b/w "Month of May". They've even offered some short, distorted snippets of those two songs on their website. And now, it looks like the single is out.

Chris Ward writes in to tell us that he found the single, a white label double A-side, in a Glasgow record store. (Pictured above). Keep an eye out!

I feel pissed that Arcade Fire didn't plant any singles at Best Buys, Circuit Cities, Blockbuster Musics, and Virgin Megastores. (Not sure if these stores are still in business). Maybe they h8 America, and they are protesting Arizona / Obama / George W. Bush.

Wish Arcade Fire would 'cut the bullshit' and just give us some leaked mp3s/iTunes links where we could just impulse buy some of their mp3s. Worried that by 'being all quirky', they are isolating the Walmart rock Kings of Leon markets who 'just want to buy an album and play it in their car CD stereo.' Feel like it might be time for them to stop 'being indie' and start getting their mainstream brand together. They might have to hire Jay-Z to wrap over one of their breakdowns.

Wonder if 'physical leaks' hurt sales as much as 'digital leaks.' Hope that Arcade Fire is ready to 'assume fiscal responsibility' for their leak. Seems like they 'shot themselves in the foot', unless this is part of a larger gimmick.

Have u heard the new song "The Suburbs"? Did it change ur life?
Did Arcade Fire 'peak' with their hit song "Wake Up"?
Was "Neon Bible" overrated since they were sorta just victory lapping "Funeral"?
Do u wish u uncovered a physical leak at a relevant, foreign record store?
Should I go look for a leak of the Arcade Fire in my local record store?
Does Arcade Fires need to 'cut the shit' and start buying some generic banner ads all over alt/mainstream websites?
Will Arcade Fire beat Vampire Weekend for the #1 mindie band charting of 2k10?
Di u wish the Arcade Fire still wrote poppy songs like "KIDS" and "Electric Feel"?
Can some1 please take a picture of themselves' holding up a fake vinyl with plausible Arcade Fire song names written on it so I can turn it into a rumor meme since the indie blogosphere doesn't really have to do any 'fact checking'?

LCD Soundsystem has the #10 album in America, sells 31K ‘units.’ Flop or success?

LCD Soundsystem recently released their album This Is Happening for people to buy and download. It was the #10 selling album in its debut week. Not sure what that means, really. Feel like Vampire Weekend is still the 'golden standard' for Week 1 sales numbers, having sold 124K units.

The final debut in the top 10, at #10, is the second effort from indie-dance punks LCD Soundsystem, This Is Happening, which moved 31,000 copies.

Really unsure how to 'evaluate' this news. Not sure if the record industry is still doing well. Is 'indie music' bigger than ever, or is it just easier to do well since indie bands are internet-centric and tons of rich cool dads 'impulse buy' mp3s from Amazon and iTunes?

Did LCD Soundsystem do 'super well'?
Did the album 'flop'?
Will their next album do even better?
Will James Murphy really 'retire' or is there too much opportunity with his band brand?
Do they deserve to 'pop bottles' over this result, or will their major label be pissed that it didn't sell at least 50K albums?
Is LCD Soundsystem the perfect mainstream + alt product?
Was their performance negatively impacted by illegal downloads?
R u proud of James Murphy for being a cool old dude?

LCD Soundsystem gives fans ‘free balloons’ at recent concert to make experience ‘more meaningful.’

More Photos at Brooklyn Vegan
Photos by Andrew Frisicano

LCD Soundsystem recently performed live in some city, probably a 'relevant one' like Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Iowa City or Salt Lake City, Utah. In order to make the live experience 'more memorable' for fans / to create better photographs that would last forever on the internet, James Murphy decided to 'mastermind' a balloon drop on all of the fans. Seems like this would provide fans with an item that was not only free, but also 'more personal' than just buying random 'merch.'

I am usually aware of my surroundings, so I noticed early on that there would be a balloon drop. Felt excited, anticipating the 'meaningful moment' when the balloons would fall on the commonfolk, replicating the feeling of when free mp3s 'rain down on us' from the internet.

I reached towards the sky as the balloons began to fall. Many people batted around the balloons as if they were beach balls [via a music festival], but they didn't realize that these were limited edition LCD Soundsystem balloons filled with black tar heroin.

Have yall ever done heroin?
Why does it come in balloons? So that u can stick them up ur butt?

Does n e 1 know when is the most authentic time to 'execute' a balloon drop? Right before the encore? Final song of encore? When ur band starts 2 play "Do U Realize?"

Feel like I wish I could be age 1-19 again, so a balloon drop could 'feel meaningful.' Except it would probably be when my local sports franchise won 'the championship.' Might also mix in some confetti.

Are balloons a more authentic indie prop than the toilet paper launcher [via leaf blower]?

Which 'prop' is more 'green'?

Is this gimmick by LCD Soundsystem going to be replicated at all of their tour stops, or did they only do this because it went down in a 'relevant city'?
Should all indie bands have 'balloon drops' to stimulate the crowd?
Do the pix of balloons make u wish u were there so u could tweet about how beautiful the white ballons were?
Will LCD Soundsystem be the #1 album in America?

Always feel kinda bad or the 1 balloon that 'gets left behind' and doesn't get to chill with all of the other balloons.

Feel like that's sorta a metaphor 4 my life.

It's chill though. Don't really want to 'fit in' with the crowd. Feel like all of the balloons in this picture are 'mainstreamers.'

(but 4 real, I caught a balloon and I tied it 2 my ceiling fan when I got home. It is spinning around my room right now, reminding me of how Jimmy Bro [what I call James Murphy) totes 'killed it' and 'nailed it' at the same time during the show.)
Have yall ever done black tar heroin, stared at ur ceiling fan, and thought about memories from better days?

Court rules that RapidShare is still legal, people can still illegally download leaked albums

Rapidshare is a service where you upload a file, then you can share the link with tons of other users for free. Theoretically it seems like a straightforward service that should help people share important files to make the world a more productive place, but Rapidshare has become branded with illegal album leaks + movies + television shows.

Do u still buy albums, or do you just download leaks before the albums are even officially released?
Do u ever worry that you will 'get in huge trouble' for downloading / sharing leaks?

Apparently a court ruled that RapidShare is still chill/legal, and the music blogosphere will continue to be able to download album leaks from it:

Yesterday, the online storage locker RapidShare announced that it triumphed in its appeal over copyright holders who demanded that the service take more steps to control online infringement. Because RapidShare does not make uploaded files publicly available (those who upload them can control access), the court found that it could not be held liable for distribution and that running filename filters on all uploads would produce too many false positives.

It's a huge win for the site, which suffered a major setback in the case before a Düsseldorf court back in 2008. In that decision, the court found for rightsholders, and it looked as though RapidShare would have to start prescreening all uploads by file name, IP address, and other measures to preempt infringement.

It seems like this was a 'huge day' for people who want to share and download digital products that they didn't pay for. Feels like our rights to remain anonymous and illegally download copyrighted material have been preserved:

According to the new ruling, RapidShare cannot be held responsible for actions of third parties, since it forces people to choose how their content should be distributed rather than making it automatically available to the public.

In addition, the appeals court took aim at several filtering schemes. Blocking all files of a certain type (such as RAR files) was deemed inappropriate, since a file type has no bearing on the legality of an upload. Scanning by IP address was also tossed, because numerous people can use a single IP address. File name filtering tells you nothing about the contents of a file, so that was tossed. Even content scanning was problematic, as the court noted that this would just lead to encrypted files. Besides, even if you could know that a file was copyrighted, it could still be a legal "private backup" not distributed to anyone else.

Feel like 'our rights' were excessively protected. Always wonder if these sites are gonna get sued big time for hosting so many illegal files, but I guess the will be 'safe' and the users who download from these sites are well-protected.

What is your favourite source of albums: rapidshare, megaupload, mediafire, zshare, or iTunes?
Do you still pay for albums, or do you just google "band name" + "album name" + "illegal file hosting company"?
Can you go to jail for downloading a leak?
Should all music / movies / tv shows / digital media be free?
Do you know any 1 who has been sued for downloading a torrent / album illegally?
Should artists be 'flattered' when their albums leak, because enough people want it to illegally share it?
Is there anything that can be done to prevent an album from being leaked?

DJ industry in trouble, club owners will start to purchase DJ robots instead of expensive human DJs

I am not sure how much DJs cost, but apparently it is becoming more economically feasible for club and venue owners to invest in robot DJs, instead of paying nightly fees to book relevant DJs who are on tour. Feel like it would be sweet to go to a club that 'kept costs low' by not hiring DJs, so maybe u could focus on other elements of nightlife besides 'going out 2 worship a band/DJ's personal brand.'

Do u think robot DJs will replace human DJs?
Does n e 1 know the difference between a Robot DJ and a 'jukebox'?
If we begin to hire robot DJs, will 'real DJs' stop getting jobs?
Will machines / robots take over the world, and harvest our energy to run their computer systems? [via the Matrix]

Seems like robot DJ technology is in mad production:

The highly regarded Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology houses one such team and where in 2002, Assistant Professor Of Media Arts & Sciences, Chris Csikszentmihalyi launched the DJ-I Robot Sound System. I-Robot used a PC, several micro-controllers and an advanced ‘motion control’ system to automatically search, play and manipulate the vinyl records sitting on its turntables.

Over the past decade I-Robot has been on educative world tour, learning new techniques and generally stupefying its human counterparts. Csikszentmihalyi is keen, over time, to create the perfect spinner: “If we can make this machine work, we’ll give club owners an easy time.” And yet he has always been aware of the fun, experimental aspect of his work; back at that 2002 launch, he teased those human jocks concerned about imminent robot revolution. “We’re trying to make human DJs obsolete as far as possible” he semi-joked. “They’re expensive; they’re unreliable.”

Are DJs expensive, unreliable, and abusive of the perks provided by venues and promoters?

Can't believe the world is abt to end. can't believe robots are replacing humans. Wonder if there will be an era where DJs are replaced by outsourced DJing services who use a live feed via India to spin at a relevant party.

Maybe robot DJs would be able to produce 'sicker mixes' and 'deeper breakdowns' than just 1 human.

Csikszentmihalyi will tell you that robots aren’t likely to be on the nightclub bill for a few decades yet, but the radical advances do keep coming. Just under five years ago German industrial robot manufacturer Kuka launched Juke Bot, a pair of synchronised robot devices able to grasp vinyl, move it onto a number of surrounding turntables and mix. Appropriately, perhaps, Juke Bot’s preferred sound is industrial techno and, again, the device has been touring extensively, learning how to perform more effectively and provoking dizzy commentary on the future of clubland.

Seems like this robot arm is doing a 'chill job' at DJing.


Should we enjoy every DJ we see in the next 1-2 years, since DJs will go extinct soon?
If u had a club, would u buy nightly DJs, or just invest in a robot for 20+ years of fun?
Did Daft Punk inspire the robot DJ movement?
Is there a 'human element' in DJing that can't be replicated by robots?
Are DJs overpaid and overvalued?
Will Steve Aoki be homeless in 2k56?
Is this kinda like the movie Terminator 2: DJ Day?
Will humans win because we have 'heart', kinda like every movie about robots at war with humans?
Will robots replace humans in every industry?
Has the Alt Report Robot 'taken over' the Hipster Runoff brand?

MGMT album sales drop 74% in Week 2. Fall from #2 to #18 on the Charts.

MGMT sold just over 18000 copies of their new album Congratulations in week 2, down 74% from their week 1 total of 66,000 albums. They 'free fall'-ed to #18 on the Billboard charts, losing to many mainstream acts like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, The Black Eyed Peas, and the Soundtracks to Glee and Iron Man 2. Does n e 1 who is a music industry insider know if this type of free fall is natural for indie bands, or is this 'a huge disgrace'?

Wonder if 'heads are gonna roll.' Maybe MGMT will be dropped from their label, and they will rebrand themselves as 'authentic independent artists making music 4 the right reasons.'

Is a huge decrease in album sales to be expected for indie bands?
Are you pardoned from a free fall in sales if your album charts at #1?
Is MGMT 'the biggest flop' of 2k10 since they got a lukewarm Pitchfork score, didn't go mainstream, and were chauffeured through a series of hollow profile pieces about 'the challenges of a sophomore album', etc?
Did MGMT 'blow their opportunity' to become the next Coldplay / the Killers?
What are your predictions for MGMT album 3?
How many albums is the Arcade Fire / LCD Soundsystem / Crystal Castles going 2 sell?

How can bands exploit their fan bases? How to categorize a band’s target consumer groups.

Some blog that probably tries to sound 'all innovative' about music and the internet came up with this infographic. It seems like it is trying to compartmentalize types of fans, and how bands can exploit them to make money.

There are four tiers of fans:
True Fans: bros who are way into a band and will buy something stupid
General Public: Random ass people who have no identity, and just want to buy what other people are buying
Local Concert Goers: People who don't realize that the internet is the ultimate buzzband incubator, so they accidentally get way too into 'local music'/the live concert experience, and blow money when they pass by merch tables
Friends and Family: The sad people who are guilted into going to shows / supporting a band, even when a band sucks/doesn't deserve to make more money. Your friends and family who are afraid to tell you that your band sucks + probably won't ever attract a larger crowd.

What band do u like?
What type of fan are u for that band?
Does Animal Collective have the highest density of 'true fans' in the history of music?

Based on the graph, I have come up with the following broad assumptions about music fans / buyers of music

  • True fans are super annoying, but u can make a shitload of money off of them if you make them feel special
  • ur band is pointless if you can only sell ur CDs to friends and family
  • local bands are worthless to the 'general public'
  • The general public doesn't really identify with a band's music, but are sort of just shopping for something that makes them appear to be 'more cultured.'
  • Blogs that try to direct 'the general public' towards good music are for entry levelers
  • The goal of life is to exist on a level that transcends this chart, where you illegally download albums + get into shows for free + eventually become bros with the bands
  • Bands that make the most money exploit the 'General Public'
  • Bands can make more money than they deserve by exploiting local concert goers who buy merch

Which band do u feel the most spiritally / emotionally / financially connected to?
Have you ever been guilted into going to your friend's band's show every weekend for a 1 year span?
Do you h8 the mainstream general public who just aimlessly fill up their iPod with iTunes recommendations?
Are blogs for super fans, the general public, or macro-micro-local audiences?
What is a good way for a band 2 make a shit load of money?
Do u feel sad for bros who are 'way into local music' and don't realize that the buzzcentric internet is the optimal format for consuming new artists?
Do you think it is more valuable to have a core group of super fans, or just to create a poppy, accessible album that you can trick the general public /Middle America into buying?
Is Nickelback / the Beatles / Radiohead / U2 the best band of all time because the general public = super fans?
Is life just about accumulating a tribe of followers who will pay you to release kewl / interesting / functional products?
Should music be free?

Steve Aoki designs his own sneaker

Steve Aoki apparently designed some new tennis shoes / sneakers. They seem like they are supposed to be very alternative, since they don't include the mainstream technology called 'shoe laces.' Instead, they feature 4 futuristic straps. Maybe they are marketed towards people who never learned how to tie shoes, but no longer want to wear dorky velcro shoes.

Finishing up the Spring 2010 NS lineup is the Strapped II. Steve Aoki’s signature shoe has been completely redesigned from the original – the new model retains the signature four-strap design while sporting a taller cuff and lower-profile vulcanized sole. The Strapped II will be relaesing over the next two months in Black Full-grain Leather, White Canvas and Acid Wash Denim versions.

Do u think Steve Aoki shoes will become 'the new Michael Jordans'?
Do u still wear sneakers, or are they for entry level alternative bros?
Do u like his shoes?

Are shoe laces alt or mainstream?
Do u own a pair of sneakers?
What is the most authentic footwear?

Are velcro orthopedic shoes the new alt trend?

Is Steve Aoki the ultimate Renaissance man?
Is Steve Aoki better at being a DJ or better at being a shoe maker / designer / cobbler?

Progressive Marketing? M.I.A.’s marketing push begins by taking over Pitchfork’s twitter

Pitchfork media has close to 1.5 million followers on the popular lifestreaming service, twitter. In a progressive marketing tactic, M.I.A.'s marketing firm must have paid Pitchfork to let her tweet from their account. I am not sure if this is 'innovative marketing' or if it is something that will 'backfire' for both the Pitchfork brand and the M.I.A. brand. M.I.A. has been known to say controversial things, usually about how she hates the United States government, or she will post graphic images.

It's an exciting day here at Pitchfork. We've turned our Twitter over to Maya Arulpragasam herself!

That's right, all day, M.I.A. will be Tweeting from Pitchfork's account. So head over to to follow the madness. Who knows what she'll post-- we sure don't! Every one of M.I.A.'s Tweets will be marked with the hashtag #miap4k, so you can more easily keep up.

It seems like they are trying to make the hashtag #miap4k 'go viral' / become a trending topic.

I feel like M.I.A.'s goal is to try to crossover into mainstream markets with her new album. I am not sure if targeting the same internet indie fans will 'do her any good.' I think she just needs to write Paper Planes 2.0, and hope that the tweens will purchase it.

Do u think this is 'progressive marketing'?
Do u think other blogs and music magazines will 'be pissed' that they weren't used for marketing purposes, and sort of 'hold it against her' when they evaluate / cover her album?
Since M.I.A. and Pitchfork are now co-branded, can we expect her to receive a 10.0?
R u going to unfollow @pitchforkmedia?
Is Pitchfork Media 'in bed' with M.I.A.?
Will M.I.A. tweet a picture of a person having sex with a dead body?
Does marketing ruin everything authentic?
What can we trust in if we can't trust in Pitchfork ratings?


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

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MGMT has #2 album in America, loses to Justin Bieber

MGMT apparently sold 66,000 copies of Congratulations in its first week. I don't think that is 'very many' copies compared to Vampire Weekend's debut with 124,000 copies sold. Wonder if this is a 'huge loss' for indie music. MGMT was another chance for us to debut at #1 with one of our recommended artists, except they choked, and didn't 'represent.'

Is this album officially a 'flop' or is it more of a 'lukewarm success'?
Would other indie bands 'kill' to sell 66K albums in 1 week?
Is Justin Bieber's album better than MGMT's album?
Did MGMT fail to write the album that every1 expected them 2 write, both commercially + critically?
Does 2nd place = 1st loser? [via advice from an unloving, over-competitive dad]

Debuting at No. 2 this week is MGMT's sophomore album "Congratulations" with 66,000. It's the best week ever for the alternative act, as its first set, 2007's "Oracular Spectacular," never sold more than 17,000 in a week and topped out at No. 38 on the chart. So far, that effort has sold 606,000.

"Oracular" has been a consistent seller since January of 2008, and has continued to perform well into 2010 -- selling at least 2,000 copies per week. The album's long shelf life has been no doubt helped by its hit singles "Kids" and "Time to Pretend." They reached Nos. 9 and 23 on the Alternative Songs radio airplay chart, respectively, and were heard in in TV shows like "Gossip Girl" and films such as "21" and "Whip It."

Meanwhile, "Congratulations'" first single, "Flash Delirium," has yet to chart on any of Billboard's radio airplay tallies.

Damn. MGMT getting no mainstream radio 'love', therefore, they will probably just 'die out' and sell a very small amount of albums for the rest of time. Wonder if their mnstrm label will be pissed at them for not writing a radio friendly hit that at least could have made them some iTunes dollars.

In addition, Ke$ha seems to have received a sales bounce after her performance on SNL [link].

Ke$ha's "Animal" roars, as it climbs from No. 16 to No. 8 with 31,000 (up 39%). The album was featured in Best Buy's circular advertisement last week and discounted in iTunes' Music Store for $7.99. Additionally, she performed on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" on April 17, perhaps spurring a late-in-the-week sales bump.

Is the MGMT album cycle officially over?
How do u feel about the journey?
Do u have enough energy/time to watch them on a few late night shows?
Will MGMT's third album sell more or less albums than their second album?
Should MGMT be proud of themselves, or disappointed?
Will more record labels stop taking risks with indie artists who seem 'too crazy/artistic' to deliver a commercial hit?
Is Justin Bieber the ultimate musician / marketable human?

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