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My buzzband wanted 2 go viral so we blocked traffic on a busy freeway.

It's so difficult to be a band these days. Close to impossible to get a decent amount of buzz from an authentic tribe of followers on the internet. U have to something special 2 get some1's attention on the internet, fighting against so many other memes that exist.

There's more 2 being in a band than just writing songs, recording MP3s, building myspace layouts, and guilting your immediate network of friends into coming to ur crappy shows. U have be be a master online strategist who knows how to generate content that truly 'gets ppl tlkng.' Gets ppl tweeting. Gets ppl buzzing. Gets ppl excited abt ur brand.


My buzzband and I decided 2 'take matters into our own hands', and do something that would get the attention of not only 'in-real-life' consumers, but also generate bloggable content that would force people on the internet to listen 2 our band. We decided to block a busy expressway in our local city during rush hour traffic. We knew there was a high chance of us getting arrested, but we didn't care because we were probably never going to get real jobs anyways.

This was our moment. Our time to shine. We weren't just playing for the cars in the front row of our traffic jam. We were playing for all of the ppl who were gonna watch this shit on youtube, and share it with their friends. They would see how chill we were, how 'effing sick' our music was, and what we were all about. We would be on every television channel and blog, and soon we would get a 'sweet ass record contract.' Maybe we would even make some money on iTunes sales 2 mainstreamers.

Here's what we look up close up. We're the Imperial Stars. Do we seem chill? Do yall wanna listen 2 our mp3s? If we 'guestlist' u, can u come backstage and give us Beejes?

Just trying 2 get home 2 suburbia
But there was a buzzband blocking my way
so trapped in my life
so trapped in my car
so trapped on society's roads (physically + metaphorically)
now trapped listening to this crappy buzzband :-(

This is 'brilliant marketing' because we are also releasing a track called "Traffic Jam." Here is the official music video. U can see we're sorta like 3 Oh! 3 meets Linkin Park, except way more bad ass and u can't even really describe us.


We truly embody the spirit of rock n roll.

Unfortunately, the plan didn't really work. We were arrested and our converted ice cream truck was impounded. We only got about 5 minutes of footage, and it was kinda crappy. We really shoulda hired a production team, and thought more about 'sound' issues. Maybe we invested too much in our 'official video' and we shoulda spent more on the 'guerilla' product. Worried we can't try again or else we will see 1-5 years of jail time. Guess we missed our 1 shot, our 1 opportunity to truly create a 'viral meme.'


Feeling sad. Keep refreshing youtube to check our view count, expecting to see it in the millions. Still in the low thousands. Feeling like a failure. Like now we are 'effed' every time we get a background check and we didn't even go viral. Honestly feel like committing internet suicide.

At least we got some sweet 'chopper' footage via the local news station's 'eye in the sky' helicopter.


Feeling alive.
Knowing that 'at least we tried'
Some bands never get blggd abt
But I proved today that I will do anything it takes to get 'mad coverage'
Maybe we'll get a few more fans, maybe we won't
But we were able 2 prove that we care abt our music reaching new fans
We didn't just make an anonymous myspace and upload a lofi mp3
We brought the music 2 the ppl.

Are these bros hella unchill?
Does their buzzband suck, so it doesn't matter how viral they go bc no1 is going 2 listen 2 them?
Were u in traffic when they started playing and did it make u late 4 dinner/soccer practice/a real buzzband's show?
Which buzzband do u wish played in traffic?
Do u hope these bros were put in jail 4evr?
Is this a huge safety hazard, and should the judge 'come down on them' hard 2 set an example, letting buzzbands know that it isn't chill 2 put other ppl's lives' in danger just because u want 2 go viral?
Are bands required 2 become 'master internet marketing strategists' in the modern world?

Diplo brags abt his awesome life as a relevant DJ in Blackberry commercial


U might know Diplo as some guy who is a DJ, but did u know that he has the most awesome life in the world? Unfortunately, Diplo is stuck using a Blackberry because they pay him 'mad bank' to make it seem like the Blackberry is a relevant phone that ppl should use, but I'm sure Middle Americans are like 'that white dude doesn't look very cool' and they just go back to using their Android phones until the iPhone costs $50 and they can get 1. At this point, more ppl would rather have an iPod touch without a data connection instead of using a Blackberry due to the lack of a developer community and a misguided 'lifestyle branding' strategy that broke away from their core business.

Did u know that Diplo is not just a DJ but a music innovator?

It seems like u can use Blackberries to sext with ur BFFs.

Just wanna hang in 'da studio' with a relevant producer/DJ and see how the magic happens.

Does Diplo have 'everything'?
R u gonna buy a Blackberry bc it will turn u into a famous DJ?
Can Diplo rise to David Guetta-like heights in 2k12?
Does Diplo have everything and u have nothing?
Is Blackberry 'the worst phone' or 'Android'?
Are iPhones overrated?
Who is the #1 'music innovator' in the game?


DJ, Alternative Celebrity

Diplo is a relevant alt DJ and producer.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Album Sales are going down the shitter

Did yall know that 'the music industry' is 'going down the shitter'? Ya. Obvi. It doesn't really matter 2 me because most of the bands I listen 2 are just lofi buzzbands that know their shit is gonna get leaked or else they won't have any fans/buzz. Anyways, here is some graph that shows album sales from 1973-2010. "What an alarming trend!" [via graphical analysis]

Sorta wish I coulda been a buzzband from 1993-2000. Even if we were a 'one hit wonder', we probably still woulda made more bank than we would have made now. Would yall rather be a 'crappy alt rock band who had a hit that sold 3 million albums' or a modern buzzband getting 'tons of buzz'?

Good news though, yall. Here is a graph of 'singles' sales. As yall can see, the 'digital single' is selling 'like hot cakes.'

"Vinyl is totally back, yall!" -some indie cool dad

I guess it's a good thing that we can buy mp3s 'a la carte' instead of having to go 2 Blockbuster Music/Sam Goody/Suncoast 2 purchase an $18.99 CD full of crappy songs.

Have digital singles 'ruined' the music industry?
R u sad abt 'the death of the album' or is it a good thing 4 consumers?
R u sad that the music industry is 'dying'?
Would yall rather be a modern indie buzzband or get a standard 9-5 job?
Do consumers on the internet have more power than evr b4?
Do yall miss the 1990s?
Do yall h8 product placement/co-branding as the final attempt 2 'monetize' music?
Do u think tweens with iTunes gift cards 'fuel' the music industry?

INFOGRAPHIC: How many hits do ur favourite music blogs + streaming services get?

If you’re red-green color blind then this is going to hurt. Based on estimated traffic data from Compete, this visualization depicts web-based music consumption in the U.S. in 2010. Included are websites where music is streamed and/or downloaded. Due to accurate sample rate availability (and in the interest of sanity) websites with less than 100,000 monthly visits are omitted. The map is to scale. Larger map areas represent higher website traffic. Green indicates positive growth in 2010. Red indicates negative growth in 2010.

I just looked at this infographic that attempted to demonstrate how many hits some of the most popular music sites on the internet get. It makes me kinda sad that there there aren't very many music blogs on this infographic, maybe demonstrating how music listeners would rather 'discover music' based on an algorithm.

Anyways, what do u think of this infographic?
What music streaming service do u use?
Is Rhapsody 'alt'? eMusic? Should I get a new Napster account?
Is Soundcloud 'legit' or do they just allow illegal streams on their site?
Do u think all of these 'successful' sites will eventually just get purchased by iTunes and exist outside of the browser?

Also here is an 'infographic' that represents how many more hits youtube gets for streaming music purposes than every other service on the internet. Also 'pandora' is way more popular than a lot of these sites.

Then they talked abt how popular Rolling Stone, NPR, Pitchfork Media, and the Pirate Bay are.

Bonus tracks: Right now The Pirate Bay gets as much traffic as Based on its current trajectory Pandora will soon surpass The New York Times. The most popular music magazine online is Rolling Stone—2.2M visits in December 2010. The most popular music blog is Pitchfork—1.4M visits in December 2010—like two Hype Machines. NPR is in the same ballpark as

What can Pitchfork do to 'get more hits' than Rolling Stone, or will it lose its 'indie cred' [via 'going mainstream']?
Should all music just be free?
Has Hype Machine 'gone down the shitter'? [via too many crappy remixes + blogs]
Has NPR 'taken over' the indie music marketplace?

So many hits... So many users searching 4 an authentic streaming experience.

Would u rather start a 'music blog' or a 'streaming music discovery service'?
Are all of these websites 'stealing money from artists' or do they legitimately help artists reach wider audiences?
Do u hope every music site on the internet 'goes under'?
Who is going to 'win' when more Walmart-core people start streaming music instead of buying it at Walmart?
Are there enough hits on the internet for every1?
Do yall use spotify, pandora or last fm?
R u sad that iTunes purchases Lala?
What streaming app do u use on ur iPhone / android / blackberry?
Do u just stream videos on youtubes?
Do u just illegally download rapidshare + mediafire + megaupload indie leaks?
What music website will 'win the internet'?

Microsoft rips off the Arcade Fire's "Wake Up" in some commercial


I was watching the television, and I saw this commercial, and I couldn't help but think... "This kinda sounds like a popular indie song... I can't quite put my finger on which 1... hmmm.... let me think... hmmm... shit what is this song. It sounds soooo effing familiar. Who is itttt. Ughhh this is driving me crazy? Shit! Who the eff is this...Sounds so familiar, right? God. Still trying to figure this out.... Hmm..." Anyways, a few days later after I DVRed and studied the commercial for a long time, I finally realized, "Eureka! I've found it. They ripped off Regine and the Arcade Fire's hit song "Wake Up"."

Do u think it sounds like the Arcade Fire?
Do u think Win Butler 'threw his guitar' thru the TV when he heard this and thought of all of the money he was losing. You know he has to be pissed that they gave so much money 2 Haiti just because his wife is from there.

I wonder if Win Butler woulda given them the song, since the Arcade Fire 'only cares abt money.' It seems like u could say that they basically wrote "Wake Up" just 2 make tons of money.

Do u use Bing/MSN?
What have you googled with Bing?
Regine Chassagne Arcade Fire Nude
Does Bing 'rip off' google search results?
Should Regine still 'go solo' [via Stevie Nicks]?
Can Regine release a solo album in 2k11?
Is "Wake Up" officially one of the honkiest songs ever written?
Does this 'cheapo' version of Wake Up sound bttr than the original?
What is Win "the" Butt_ler like behind closed doors?

Arcade Fire


The Arcade Fire is a 2k0s indie band that went mainstream because their songs sound like meaningful anthems. They pretend to be Canadian but Win Butler (lead singer) is actually from Houston, TX.

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Google censors rapidshare, megaupload, & torrents because they leak 2 many albums

No1 buys albums any more, unless you are a tween or an overgrounder, so people just illegally download them by googling [album name] + [file hosting provider]. It seems like Google is trying to make that process more difficult because they 'turned off autocomplete' for these [file hosting providers]. The results still show up, but u just have to type it all out now. S000oo0o0o00oOO ann0ying, Google.

Searching for file-sharing information via Google is going to take a little bit more effort now, thanks to new steps taken by the search engine to remove all sorts of references to torrents from its instant search and autocomplete features.

Do u think the dude from Metallica who shut down Napster 'made this happen'?
Do u h8 the RIAA?
Have u been sued/served bc u illegally downloaded something?

It’s taken a while, but Google has finally caved in to pressure from the entertainment industries including the MPAA and RIAA. The search engine now actively censors terms including BitTorrent, torrent, utorrent, RapidShare and Megaupload from its instant and autocomplete services.

Why do u think they singled out these services, but let u autocomplete sweet services like The Pirate's Bay, Mediafire, and

Part of the problem with this new implementation, as TorrentFreak noted when it broke the story, the list of banned terms is "seemingly arbitrary." No version of the word "torrent" will work for instant search - neither the software "uTorrent," nor "BitTorrent," the name of a protocol and a San Francisco-based company. But while the cyberlockers RapidShare and Megaupload are now forbidden, other sites like HotFile and MediaFire are not. Furthermore, you can still find the names of other popular torrent sites, including The Pirate Bay.

It seems like these companies are trying 2 pretend that 'legitimate users' use their services, not just people who are trying to illegally leak + share files. C'mon yall... It's chill. Accept what u r.

RapidShare is not pleased with Google’s new filter either, at least not with its current scope in today’s roll-out.

“We knew about Google’s plans for quite a few weeks now. We embrace that certain search suggestions will not put a wrong complexion on RapidShare anymore, but we are concerned that at the same time the legitimate interests of our users will also be affected. We believe it was the wrong decision to remove the term ‘RapidShare’ from the search suggestions,” RapidShare told TorrentFreak.

“RapidShare is one of the most popular websites worldwide. Every day hundreds of thousands of users rely on our services to pursue their perfectly legitimate interests. That is why Google has obviously gone too far with censoring the results of its suggest algorithm. A search engine’s results should reflect the users’ interests and not Google’s or anybody else’s,” the company added.

Is Google being 'totally unchill'?
Will they stop indexing these file hosts, or just do this autocomplete crap?
Is Google more useful than the Hype Machine now?

Is it gonna be 'totally annoying' 2 have to type out 'rapidshare' when ur looking for a relevant album to download for free?
Do u wish Rapidshare at least had 2 share their download numbers with record companies so that the DLs could be counted towards album sales numbers?
What are some great ways to download leaked indie albums?
How many leaked albums do u download per year and what is your preferred file hosting service?
Should Google just be chill and let us search 4 whatever we want?
What searches should google 'ban'?
Is Google 'owned by the Chinese/US govt'?
Will bing become the next big relevant illegal file hunting system?

Some cool dad folkwave indie band called the Decemberists have the #1 album in America

I have never listened to the Decemberists because they always seemed like some sort of band for people who like 'folky' sounding indie or something. Like cool dads or girls who doodle pictures of unicorns and like bands that have a dude with a really 'distinct' voice that sounds kinda like a joke. I'm sure some people would say they are 'brilliant', but they would probably also say Sufjan Stevens, Architecture in Helsinki, Of Montreal, and Iron and Wine are their favourite indie bands.

Anyways, they some how have the #1 album in America. Have no idea who likes this band/who listens 2 this band, but I feel like there is some huge grid of people who still 'read Rolling Stone and listen to NPR'. No idea who these ppl are. Does this mean the Novemberists are 'hella relevant'? Or are they just a honky ass Kings of Leon-wave indie band?

The Decemberists' sixth album The King is Dead debuted at the top of Billboard's album chart this week, scoring not only the band's first Number One album but also the best first-week sales performance of their career. Their previous high water mark for sales was the opening week for their previous album The Hazards of Love, which peaked at Number 14 with approximately 19,000 units sold. The King is Dead performed significantly better, selling 93,567 copies last week.

Have yall heard the Decemberists?
Are they 'relevant'?
Did they 'cheat' 2 win the #1 album by selling steeply discounted digital albums?

Much of the album's retail success was online, with digital sales accounting for 65 percent of all units sold. The breakdown of the digital sales figures by retail outlet (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) is unknown, though it's worth noting that The King is Dead was sold at a deep discount — $3.99 — in Amazon's MP3 store.

Can indie bands ever win a #1 record without 'cheating' and selling their album at a discount 4 the first week?
Should I check out the Decemberists?
What do they sound like?
Is Collin Malloy 'hotter' than Win Butler/Ezra Koenig?
Is this another 'victory' 4 indie, or just further evidence of the mainstreamification of indie?

Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" was the #1 selling song in the world in 2k10

Ke$ha is a slutwave songstress who specializes in writing songs about partying, banging dudes, and even releasing sexy photos of herself multiple times [cum on her tummie pix] + [getting her pussie eaten out pix]. Apparently Ke$ha's hit slutwave anthem "Tik Tok" was the #1 selling single 'in the world' in 2k10. Does this 'blow u away'? Is Ke$ha the most famous/successful female singer in the world right now?

Ke$ha had the best selling digital single of 2010 with Tik Tok, which sold 12.8 million units globally according to the IFPI’s new Digital Music Report 2011.


1. Ke$ha – Tik Tok (12.8m)
2. Lady Gaga – Bad Romance (9.7m)
3. Eminem ft Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie (9.3m)
4. Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce – Telephone (7.4m)
5. Usher ft – OMG (6.9m)
6. Katy Perry – California Gurls (6.7m)
7. Train – Hey, Soul Sister (6.6m)
8. Justin Bieber – Baby (6.4m)
9. Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling (6.1m)
10. Paramore – crushcrushcrush (6.1m)

R u surprised at this list?
What felt like the #1 song of 2k10 (Based on hearing the song 2 much)"?
R u surprised that Train is more popular than Justin Bieber?
I feel like Katy Perry + Black Eyed Peas were 'everywhere', but never could really ascertain the full pop/cultural/global appeal of "Tik Tok."

Do u think 'Tik Tok' is the #! slutwave anthem of all time?

Is slutwave ruining the industry?
Do u wish Train had won the #1 selling song of the year?
Is this John Travolta's most successful 'career comeback' since Pulp Fiction?

Does this make Ke$ha the #1 slutwaver in the worl right now?
Has Ke$ha reached 'Gaga' / 'U2' / Madonna status?
Which slutwaver will have the longest career?
Who is the most talented slutwaver?


Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Ke$ha is a slutwave autotune rapper who takes pix of men cumming on her.

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VIDEO: Some bloggers go to a conference and talk abt how mp3 blogs are rlly important 2 the music industry

Just watched some videos of some 'panels' of some ppl talking about topics that are 'relevant 2 the indie music industry.' I remember this kind of stuff used 2 be interesting back in 2k4-2k6, back when blogs were 'emerging' and 'kewl, new places 2 find mp3s', but now even blogs + the state of music journalism kinda 'is what it is' and no1 really cares and the large blogs are 'just a part of the machine', 'don't do anything for truly independent artists' and 'musicians can't make money.'

There are 2 panels of interest. One is about 'Are bloggers more important than record labels?' and the other 1 is "Has music journalism gone down the shitter?"

Here is some panel called "Debate: Bloggers vs. A&R's: The Smackdown" where some bloggers and some A&R ppl talk abt who is more important. Bloggers are probably all like 'we find artists and promote them and record labels aren't even necessary. My blog gets tons of hits and has an organic fan base that is more powerful than any record label.' Then the A&R ppl are probably like 'bloggers are lamestreamers who don't add anything to the_conversation. Bloggers need 2 get their heads up out of their asses. We actually make money (theoretically).'

In this corner: Bloggers. In the other corner: A&R's. Who finds bands first? Who influences who? Who listens to more music? Are bloggers doing the work of A&R people?

Moderator: David Prince (Billboard/The Daily Swarm)

Matthew Perpetua (Fluxblog), Bjorn Jeffery (Discobelle), Ryan Catbird (Catbirdseat)

Nick Catchdubs (Fool's Gold), Dean Bein (True Panther/Matador A&R), Gordon Conrad (Relapse)

I have no idea who these blggrs are, what they blog abt, whose careers they helped, or what they contribute 2 the scene, but I guess it is 'interesting' 2 hear ppl talk abt a pseudo-industry that they are very proud of. Whose side are u on? Are bloggers more important than A&R ppl? What does A&R even 'mean'?

Does n e 1 know if bloggers are important 2 the music industry?
Do they talk abt progressive ideas that can help every band 2 monetize in our zany internet music scene?

Who are the true 'thought leaders' in the music industry?
Does n e 1 even care abt u and ur lil blogspot?
Should they have invited Carles?


The rise of blogs provided a vehicle for a new generation of music writers and made music critics at mainstream publications need to prove their relevance. As print publications have had to defend why they are not obsolete, they’ve also seen their ad revenue, budgets and page counts shrink. But what most online music writers can’t, or don’t, do is go out and report stories. They aren’t observing or getting the facts about the cultures and places that create the music. Long-form journalism and big pictures currently don’t translate digitally, but are there just other, better, ways of doing music reportage online?

Moderator: Eric Ducker (Malbon Farms)
Panelists: Maura Johnston (Idolator), Michael Reich (Videothing), Rob Harvilla (Village Voice)

There are like 100 parts 2 this but they just kinda keep saying like "things are sooo different. A lot of blogs suck. eff the

Each of these videos have like 100 more parts [link], but I think they are probably pretty boring bc I didn't even watch these 4 that I embedded. Just sorta assumed no1 had anything innovative 2 say bc they are active participants in 'the_problem.'

Who would be ur 'dream panel' of music bloggers/relevant online music journalism personalities?
Is the music industry 'effed'?
Does n e 1 even care abt music journalism any more, or do ppl just want to DL free MP3s and 'decide 4 themselves'?
Do u think it was really nice of Scion 2 sponsor this 'intellectual summit' or should they have just wasted money throwing a huge partie with free alcohol + free car giveaways?

UNCOVERED: A complete list of 2010 indie album sales

I have always wondered if there is a discrepancy in 'the number of blog posts an indie artist can generate' and 'the number of albums that they can actually sell.' It seems like some random bro with a blogspot somehow did 'investigative research and uncovered the number of units sold by various indie ass + relevant buzzbands.' No idea if these sales are 'accurate', but 'whatever', seems reasonable.

Feel like u can really use this list 2 generate tons of theories abt the state of indie music and use this information 2 learn which artists 2 blog abt due to popularity+interest+appealing to consumers who 'actually have money' instead of just altbros who download tons of leaked lofi albums.

I went ahead and sorted it/filtered out the relevant buzzbands that u actually care about, then grouped all of the 'rappers' / 'African American artists' 2gether:

James Blake – The Bells Sketch EP / CMYK EP / Klavierwerke EP (511/4,091/na)
Twin Shadow – Forget (10,985)
Girls – Broken Dreams Club EP (10,266)
No Age – Everything In Between (13,802)
Wavves – King of the Beach (18,563)
Robyn – Body Talk (23,869)
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Before Today (25,942)
Hot Chip – One Life Stand (~30k)
Caribou – Swim (33,803)
The Walkmen – Lisbon (39,159)
Crystal CastlesCrystal Castles (39,368)
Best Coast – Crazy For You (48,296)
Joanna Newsom – Have One on Me (48,754)
Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest (59,879)
Sleigh Bells Treats (94,478)
Sufjan Stevens – The Age of Adz (100,405)
Beach House – Teen Dream (104,217)
LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening (126,288)
The National – High Violet (211,615)
Gorillaz – Plastic Beach (385,454)
Vampire Weekend – Contra (454,914)
Arcade Fire – The Suburbs (459,083)

African American Artists/Rappers

Janelle Monae – The ArchAndroid (129,152)
Erykah Badu – New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh (~300k)
Rick Ross – Teflon Don (541,299)
Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (915,391)
Drake – Thank Me Later (1,219,473)


  • African American artists are more popular/have more fans than indie artists, so it makes sense that Pitchfork is 'negrofying'
  • The Arcade Fire is 'really popular'
  • Vampire Weekend will soon be 'more popular' than the Arcade Fire
  • Regine should go solo
  • Bradford Cox should spend more time on the Deerhunter brand than the Atlas Sound Brand
  • James Murphy will not retire due 2 his band's popularity
  • Ariel Pink's next album should sell close to 100k copies
  • Drake is more popular than Kanye West
  • Sleigh Bells is 'really successful' for a 'debut indie band.' Might start blogging abt them if they really have 'that many fans.' Wonder how they can make their sound go 'more mainstream' or something
  • Hot Chip 'flopped'
  • Sufjan Stevens sells tons of albums 2 cool dads.
  • The National has a 'strong brand' with ppl who buy albums
  • Best Coast basically deserves the same amount of respect as Joanna Newsom (based on album sales)
  • WAVVES should be jealous of Best Coast because of her krazie album sales

What trends 'jump out at u?
Are all of these successful indie bands 4 lamestreamers?

This iteration of the list is ordered in 'Pitchfork album of the year contest ratings'

50 Wavves – King of the Beach (18,563)
49 Wild Nothing – Gemini (8,773)
44 Kylesa – Spiral Shadow (7,778)
43 Tame Impala – Innerspeaker (15,101)
42 Drake – Thank Me Later (1,219,473)
39 Best Coast – Crazy For You (48,296)
38 Rick Ross – Teflon Don (541,299)
35 Gorillaz – Plastic Beach (385,454)
34 Crystal CastlesCrystal Castles (39,368)
33 The Tallest Man on Earth – The Wild Hunt (35,524)
29 The Fresh & Onlys – Play It Strange (3,633)
28 The National – High Violet (211,615)
27 Four Tet – There Is Love in You (22,228)
26 Twin Shadow – Forget (10,985)
25 Sufjan Stevens – The Age of Adz (100,405)
24 Hot Chip – One Life Stand (~30k)
22 Girls – Broken Dreams Club EP (10,266)
21 The Walkmen – Lisbon (39,159)
18 Erykah Badu – New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh (~300k)
17 Caribou – Swim (33,803)
16 Sleigh Bells Treats (94,478)
15 Robyn – Body Talk (23,869)
14 Flying Lotus – Cosmogramma (33,574)
13 No Age – Everything In Between (13,802)
12 Janelle Monae – The ArchAndroid (129,152)
11 Arcade Fire – The Suburbs (459,083)
10 Titus Andronicus – The Monitor (26,090)
09 Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Before Today (25,942)
08 James Blake – The Bells Sketch EP / CMYK EP / Klavierwerke EP (511/4,091/na)
07 Joanna Newsom – Have One on Me (48,754)
06 Vampire Weekend – Contra (454,914)
05 Beach House – Teen Dream (104,217)
04 Big Boi – Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty (208,747)
03 Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest (59,879)
02 LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening (126,288)
01 Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (915,391)

What did u learn from this list?
Is this information 'legitimate' or just 'lies'?
Are indie bands 'more relevant than evr' in a mainstream kind of way?
If u could invest in an indie buzzband, which 1 would u buy stock in?

Vinyl Record sales have reached record highs

From what I have read on the internet, vinyl sales 'surged' in 2k10, since people no longer buy CDs, but they want a more authentic experience than just 'purchasing an mp3 from the internet.' Some people are really in denial abt the future of the music industry, so they are just trying their best to 'be authentic' by purchasing bulky packaging + outdated technology 2 play on their outdated record player just so they can be all like "U can really tell the difference, this sounds amazing!"

Anyways, bc of those types of cool dads with too much money, vinyl record sales are 'at an all time high' or something like that.

Though overall album sales dropped 13 percent in 2010, sales of vinyl increased by 14 percent over the previous year, with around 2.8 million units sold. This is a new record for vinyl sales since 1991, when the format had all but disappeared in the wake of the CD boom, according to a report released yesterday by Nielsen SoundScan.

This really isn't a big deal if u 'look at the numbers' because it is just cool dad music, mainstream indie, and boring old bands like The Beatles and Michael Jackson. People probably thought they were 'purchasing a collector's item' or something.

Top Ten Vinyl Albums, 1/4/2010 - 1/2/2011
1. The Beatles Abbey Road (35,000)
2. Arcade Fire The Suburbs (18,800)
3. Black Keys Brothers (18,400)
4. Vampire Weekend Contra (15,000)
5. Michael Jackson Thriller (14,200)
6. The National High Violet (13,600)
7. Beach House Teen Dream (13,000)
8. Jimi Hendrix Experience Valleys of Neptune (11,400)
9. Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon (10,600)
10. the xx xx (10,200)

Top Ten Vinyl Artists, 1/4/2010 - 1/2/2011

1. The Beatles (36,700)
2. Black Keys (36,000)
3. Radiohead (30,500)
4. Arcade Fire (28,600)
5. Jimi Hendrix (26,400)
6. The National (24,600)
7. Pavement (24,200)
8. Vampire Weekend (21,900)
9. Metallica (20,000)
10. Bob Dylan (17,000)

Are the Black Keys the ultimate cool dad band?
Are the Beatles 'overrated'?
Did people just buy Beatles + MJ albums to use as 'posters' in their roomes?
Should indie record labels pointlessly sink tons of funds into pressing vinyl records instead of releasing CDs + MP3s 2 the general public?
Can some1 do some research on 'cassette sales' 'booming' in '2k12'?
Do these stats mean anything?
Will there be enough mainstream indie bands who release vinyl records in 2k11 to keep this trend moving upwards?
How many vinyl records were sold in 1977/some other random year b4 8-tracks/cassettes/mini-disc players existed??

Some newspaper writes article abt how BandCamp is 'the final solution' 4 indie band websites

From what I understand, iTunes totally rips off musicians and small scale indie musicians don't really have an easy way to stream + sell + promote their music. Even websites like Myspace Music are 'dead' and 'irrelevant' because they are all bulky and and slow and every1 has a clunky layout and the player doesn't work.

Anyways, some newspaper wrote an article abt this 'kewl new service' called 'bandcamp' and how it rlly helps indie bands that can't build their own websites + eCommerce portals. Bands are starting to use bandcamp because they 'control their own image' and 'control their prices + profits' etc. Also buzzbands are usually 'dumb' and don't really know much abt HTML/content management systems, so they need a place 2 store their mp3s.

In contrast with a number of rules-clad retailers, Bandcamp offers ease and options: free sign-up; a Bandcamp storefront page to add to an existing site or let stand alone; an array of digital download formats (from hi-fi MP3s to FLAC and Ogg Vorbis files) for customers; physical sales and physical-digital bundling; and, perhaps most important, the ability to set prices, from free to a flat rate to a pay-what-you-want donation.

Might start a buzzband and start a bandcamp.
Encourage bloggers 2 'embed my widgets'
Encourage every1 to 'listen to my entire album.'
Track stats. Get buzz.
Make listeners think they are 'really helping me out' by letting them 'pay what u want' for my album.
Get signed to a major label. Put my album on iTunes.
Make mad tween bank.
Leave bandcamp behind.

Do yall think bandcamp is 'legit' or is it just gonna 'die' like every other 'band music webpage hosting service' that has been created since 2000?

Bandcamp drew its inspiration from intuitive blogging platforms such as WordPress. “[T]here, if you’re a writer, you can set up your own site that’s rock-solid for free. It struck us as crazy that if your artistic output happens to be music instead of text, that your options were bad.”

The site’s relative success -- Diamond said the company is “on our way to profitability” -- comes at a time when many prognosticators have called music retail dead, pointing to touring, licensing and 360 deals as the industry’s next revenue streams.

Pictured: Not sure who this band is, but they probably have a bandcamp account

Should all indie bands post their mp3s on bandcamp and require their listeners to purchase albums from non-iTunes solutions?
Should 'bandcamp' 'rebrand' so that they have a better company name that doesn't sound so 'entry-level'?
Would u be ashamed 2 put ur band on bandcamp, or is it a 'great service that could really help ur band'?
Do 'social networks' for bands 'work'?
Is bandcamp 'innovative'?
When will they open up their API so that I can develop my own buzzband site on my own server_space?

Pictured: Not sure who this band is, but they probably have a bandcamp account and think that they are gonna graduate from high school, skip college, and become a rock n roll band

Such advantages have made it enticing to bands (and content-hungry music bloggers) looking for alternatives to iTunes and MySpace -- though they do come at a cost. Bandcamp takes 10% to 15% of proceeds, depending on a given artist’s overall numbers. (It also charges minor fees for extras.) ITunes takes 30%, though that number comes with the benefit of a preexisting audience. Diamond said that in December, Bandcamp had more than $530,000 in sales, “and that’s growing quickly.”

Wish I had started bandcamp so I could have taken advantage of long tail indie bands who tell their immediate family + friends to 'buy their album.'

Is bandcamp a 'legit service'?
Does it really help the 'common indie band' or does it ultimately exploit local bands + bands that have between 20-100 fans who exploit their immediate social network 2 generate sales?
Do u miss the days of Purevolume?
Should Soundcloud try to 'squash' bandcamp?
What crappy service did u put ur buzzband on?
Is Myspace Music 'dead'?
Do u feel sad for buzzbands that don't know how to build their own websites?
What webservices should all bands have?
a) twitter
b) tumblr
c) Myspace
d) bandcamp
e) purevolume
f) kazaa
g) napster
i) iTunes
j) TuneCore
k) Amazon MP3
l) HIPSTER RUNOFF user account [link]
n) other ____________
o) Choose ur own Response

Indie bands fail to make 'big money' when touring, only mainstream acts make $$$

From what I understand, bands can no longer make money from 'selling albums and mp3s.' Instead, they must hit the road on massive tours in order to make some bank. I saw this chart of the top grossing touring artists of 2k10, and it made me feel sad for indie bands. It seems like mainstreamers will only see mainstream acts and pay 'way 2 much money' 2 see bands that they think are 'amazing.'

Feels like maybe indie bands are 'less relevant' than the blogosphere thinks. Wish indie bands made more money, but I guess the successful ones are just trying so hard 2 'be authentic' and 'give money to Haiti' and stuff like that.

Touring was a disaster in 2010, but let the little performers eat cake! After all, the top-grossing artists pulled some insane winnings, and being lonely at the top never felt so pampered. According to an annual ranking just published by Pollstar, Bon Jovi led the North American roost with an outlandish $108.2 million, and the worldwide purse stretched to $201.1 million.

Phew! Lady Gaga was naturally high-ranked with a $50.1 million North American take-home, but plenty of artists ranked higher. That includes stage-horses like Dave Matthews Band ($72.9 million) and the Eagles ($64.9 million), as well as surefire attractions like Paul McCartney ($61.8 million), Roger Waters ($89.5 million), and Michael Buble ($65.7 million). Most achieved far greater returns on the global stage.

Who were the top grossing touring bands + artists in 2010?

If u want to 'make money' as a musician, it seems like there are some standard gimmicks/roles u can implement. Don't think it is really worth it 2 be an indie band.

  • Turn in2 Dave Matthews/Jack Johnson/John Mayer/a mainstream bro who 'plays guitar' + chill/meaningful songs
  • Become a slutwave artist
  • Become a tween sensation
  • Become a tweenslutwaver
  • Have success in the 1980s, then write inspirational songs in the 2000s about how 'It's my Life' [via the Bon Jovis]
  • Become a 'rapper' that white ppl like
  • Start a popular shoe company then make an alternative music + skatefest 4 ppl who shop at Hot Topic and listen 2 crappy alt music [via VANS Warped Tour]

Would u rather have a 10.0 from Pitchfork or 'mad cash' from touring?
Do u think the Arcade Fire will be the Bon Jovi of 2k29 when indie altbros 'get old'?
Should I apply for an internship in the Black Eyed Peas?
R u sad that indie bands don't make money, or do they not deserve it?
Is "Riverdance" still relevant?
Who is the most successful indie band?
Is 'Muse'/'The Kings of Leon' an 'indie band'?
Should I take my lamestreamer family to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra?
If u were in a mainstream band, would u spend the entire year on tour so u could make mad $$$$?
Have u ever seen the Dave Matthews Band at a meaningful outdoor amphitheatre? $3.99 album sales don't really help, iTunes is still dominating digital sales

From what I understand, some bands expect to be paid 'in real money' for making MP3s, so there are a few retailers who sell MP3s. Much like physical stores, they are kinda like some sort of 'place where u buy shit', and they compete against one another by having gimmicks/price cuts/etc.

Anyways, a lot of ppl were wondering 'Is Amazon's MP3 selling business catching up with iTunes?' Amazon offers DRM free mp3s, and iPods MP3s are all protected and shit, and sometimes Amazon offers 'low deals' on entire MP3 albums, bc if u rlly think abt it... How much is an MP3 worth? Should all MP3s really 'cost the same'? Is an MP3 hidden on a CD worth more than an MP3 u buy from a retailer?

Amazon will do this thing where it 'drastically reduces prices' on new/old albums just to get customers 2 buy the album from them. Apparently Amazon MP3 'still blows' and 'iTunes is kicking ass.'

On the day Apple Inc. rolled out the Beatles' catalog on its iTunes Store, Inc. fired back with a digital exclusive of its own: The latest album from rap-rocker Kid Rock—whose music still isn't available on iTunes—for just $3.99.

Such steep discounts are a cornerstone of Amazon's strategy to gain traction in a market in which iTunes remains the dominant player. At the same time, a debate has arisen among music labels about whether such discounts risk undermining the value of their products.

Do bands get to decide their pricepoint?
Should bands even sell mp3s on iTunes/amazon?
How much do $$ do artists even see when u buy their music from megaretailers?
Have u ever purchased an album 'at a sweet discount' [via bargain bins]?
Should MP3s rise/fall in price depending on the market for them?

Amazon's share of the paid digital-download market rose to 13.3% in the third quarter, from 11% the year earlier, according to estimates from research firm NPD Group. Meanwhile, iTunes' share rose to 66.2%, from 63.2%.

Am I a lamestreamer if I buy music from iTunes?

How does album selling even work? Seems all confusing...

But when Amazon promotes a high-profile album as its daily deal, it typically pays the full wholesale price for the album—generally $7 to $8—and eats the loss, according to people familiar with the matter. That was the case with another recent high-profile special offer, Kanye West's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," according to people familiar with the matter.

In contrast, Amazon's monthly promotion of 100 albums for $5 each generally involves the cooperation of record labels and distributors, according to people in the industry. After haggling over what titles will be included in the promotion, the labels will temporarily cut their wholesale prices for the promotion. The process is similar to promotions at brick-and-mortar retailers like Best Buy Co.

Don't even rlly care, now that I think abt it.
Basically steal all of my music [via rapidshare/mediafire/etc]...
Hope all those mainstreamers have fun buying music from iTunes/Amazon.

Do yall miss Lala?
Do u 'listen 2 pandora all day'?
Is iTunes 4 tweens, cool dads, and lamestreamers who own iPods & iPhones?
Is itunes 'a brilliant product'?
Should Amazon stick to selling _________ [evrything]?
Should Amazon open up physical stores so we can go in and browse what they have?
Is 'selling MP3s' funnie because it competes against 'selling physical units' so both sides are kinda effed?

Daft Punk's new crappy soundtrack album is their most commercially successful ever [via Disney]

Just found out that Daft Punk's new album called THE TRON LEGACY SOUNDTRACK cracked 'the billboard top 10.' Kinda makes me sad bc the album was 'such a big letdown', but ppl are still buying it. Must be because Disney 'marketed the shit out of it.' Rlly wonder who 'bought this album' and what they expected out of it. Maybe they wanted to 'have a party' in their car, or potentially they

Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy soundtrack debuts at #10. It’s the week’s highest-charting soundtrack to a theatrically-released movie...

I remember 'Discovery.' Seemed like a huge hit because every relevant indie electro fan 'knows abt it.' But I guess no1 bought it when it actually came out, because ppl were 2 young, and every1 was probs like 'WTF is this techno?' back b4 French Robots were totally 'kewl.'

This is the highest-charting album ever by the electronica-dance duo, which first charted in 1997. The duo’s highest-charting album before this was 2001’s Discovery, which reached #44.

Do u think this is 'bullshit'?
Does Daft Punk deserver 'commercial success' 4 this 'piece of poop'?
Did u see 'Tron: Legacy'? Is it 'bullshit'?
Do u think Disney can make 'any album' a hit [via the Jonas Brothers/Hannah Montana]?

Daft Punk

DJ, Buzzband

Daft Punk is a French House band that 'peaked' with discovery.

Read more>>>>

Some indie buzzband tweets abt how they are authentic bc they don't want 2 be in commercials

Just read a tweet by some buzzband abt how they 'turned down shitloads of money' in order to 'remain authentic' [via outdated indie standards]. The buzzband let us know that 'they were not being self-righteous', however, they are 'sacrificing' for the good of their band, the good of their fans, and the good of all indie music. They sacrificed not just for themselves, but for YOU, a member of the indie scene.

Do u think this buzzband is 'full of shit'?
How much money do u think they gave up?
Do u think they are 'effing idiots' if they gave up more than 1-5x what they could make on a US tour?
What is the point of making music if u can't make $$$ from it?

Listened to a few songs by The Pains of Being Pure at Heart ovr the years. Honestly feel like their songs were 'perfectly crafted' for commercials. Like I could see a Honda driving by as their music plays. Possibly a cutesy credit card commercial. Even McDonalds could rebrand using these poppy, generic indie tunes.


Do ppl still respect indie bands who 'don't want commercial success'?
Is that standard still relevant in the 2k10s?
Do the most successful indie/mainstream brands offer their music to represent brands?
Do fans 'care' whether or not their fave bands 'sell out'?
Will the Pains of Being Pure at Heart ever achieve 'authentic alt indie status' if they aren't willing to play by the modern rules of indie?
Do 'true fans' just want their favourite buzzbands to be able to 'pay their bills'?
Do u feel like people even care abt 'what songs are in commercials' or is everything jut
Should the AZN QT in this band 'go solo'?
Should she take over vocals for the 'dude who sounds like a girl anyway'?

"Real buzzbands don't make $$$$, they do it for the love of the buzz."


Some1 makes a list of 100 music companies that 'are not fucked'

It's so sillie living in the modern world where every1 steals music and entities that create/sell music can't really make as much money any more. However, some businesses/humans/online websites still try to 'sell music' even though it "isn't as profitable as it should be." Sorta 'dont' rlly care' abt who is making money via the music industry just as long as I get free, buzzworthy MP3s.

Some website made a list of 100 'not so fucked' music companies. Just the usual 'listing' gimmick to 'open up discussions' by throwing as many famous humans/services/websites on a list then letting people be all like "oh yeah this is interesting I rlly care abt musicians being compensated 4 creating art."

Well, here’s a list of companies (or divisions of companies, entities, performers, innovators, etc.) that are not-so-f*ked. In fact, they're likely to still be here in five years – and quite possibly, they'll be shaping the next-generation music industry.

Here is the list + analysis

1. Apple -heard they invented iPods and iPhones and 'screw over' artists
2. Apple Corps. - wonder what the difference between APPLE AND APP CORPIE is
3. Spotify - Not sure if they have this in America
4. Pandora - "I love listening to the _____ Pandora Station. It is s000 g00d at identifying similar hits."
5. BMG Rights Management - Who the eff is this
6. Frontline Management Group - Nvr heard of them
7. Universal Music Group - Sounds like a major label. Bet they are effed.
8. Google Music - Hope Google Music pays artists 90% of profits/replaces iTunes and continues to 'screw ovr' artists/labels
9. YouTube - Really enjoy streaming songs from youtube 1x instead of buying the mp3 for 4evr
10. Facebook - Great service for discovering buzzbands via ur friends via wall-2-walls
11. Kanye West - Do u think this is because he has tons of buzzbucks [via 10.0]?
12. EMI Music Publishing - Sounds like a major label. Bet they are fucked
13. BigChampagne - Sounds like some dumb internet service that does something stupid
14. Sirius XM Radio - 'This is a great product. Check out HIPSTER RUNOFF blog radio every Monday at Noon and Midnight Eastern.'
15. Topspin - Sounds like some online company that will eventually just be acquired by google/apple/pandora/myspace/lala/imeem.
16. Clear Channel Radio - <3 driving around listening to the mainstream radio
17. Android - Hope there is an Android platform on the new iPhone
18. MTV Networks - Not sure MTV is really into 'music.' Think the future of music is Jersey Shores and Poor Teens Getting Pregnant.
19. Twitter - Can't wait for twitter to let me 'add a song to my profile'
20. ReverbNation - sounds like a message board 4 lamestreamers.
21. Anonymous - is this the 4chans?

Pictured: Graph abt the music industry that may or may not be relevant but is supposed 2 look interesting

22. Berklee College of Music - One of my bros went there to 'master' the [dumb instrument] and now he is unemployed but is really good at [dumb, obscure instrument]
23. Rightsflow - Sounds like something that is supposed to keep albums from leaking.
24. CD Baby - Sounds like an iTunes portal that is 'so simple, even a baby can use it' [via mp3s for babies sales]
25. Music Reports, Inc. -- Sounds 'really serious', like Reports abt Music
26. Smule - Wonder if this is a human or some sort of bullshit service
27. Sonicbids - hope this is like some sort of 'ebay for mp3s' where u bid on mp3s
28. Pitchfork - Feel like it is way better to be a 'blog/website abt music' than to actually be a musician
29. The Hype Machine - Feels like it is better to be an 'aggregator of blogs' than 2 be an actual blog
30. Fuse - I think I have this crappy music channel
31. Vevo - wonder if they have effectively monetized youtube videos
32. CBS Radio - The Radio is the future of music
33. Disney Music Group - Heard they invented high school musicals
34. Avid Technology (Pro Tools) - I used Pro Tools 2 record my buzzyband
35. Rovi - Sounds like the name of a little Jewish boy
36. TuneCore - is this the new MP3 streaming browser created by WinAmp
37. Amoeba Music - sounds like a kewl
38. The Agency Group - sounds like an agency group
39. Antares Audio Technologies (maker of Autotune) - Wish I had invented autotune :-(
40. Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA) - Sounds like unchill bros who police leaks
41. Creative Commons - not sure what this is, but sounds like it doesn't make money
42. Trent Reznor - heard he is in a buzzband
43. Sonos - Sounds like the knickname
44. David Shapiro Lewit & Hayes - Sounds like some 'high powered Jewish Lawyers'
45. The Copyleft - is this a kewl mtv2 alt rock buzzband?

Pictured: Graph abt the music industry that may or may not be relevant but is supposed 2 look interesting

46. SXSW - heard this is where buzzbands are invented every year
47. Merlin - sounds like a 'music discovery wizard' that has a long white beard
48. Domino Records - Must be because Animal Collective is on their label
49. Goldenvoice/AEG Live - wonder if they do sweet '360 deals'
50. Coachella - Wish I had started a relevant music festival 10-20 years ago
51. The Michael Jackson Estate - 'We have been making Money off MJ for the last _ years.'
52. Bonnaroo - heard this is like Coachella 4 hicks who like jam bands and alt rock bands
53. Arcade Fire - Bet they are gonna 'try to pull a radiohead' and release albums 4 free/donation 2 haiti in the future.
54. TDC's Play (Denmark) - no idea
55. Festival Republic (Reading & Leeds Festivals)
56. The Metropolitan Opera - 'Boring music is still relevant
57. Howard Stern - not sure what he has 2 do with music any more
58. Amazon MP3 - Great way 2 impulse buy DRM-free music
59. Metric - Do they mean the band Metric or is this some sort of
60. KCRW - some radio station that is 'respected' by cool dad markets like NPR or something
61. Big Machine Records - No idea what this is
62. Sony/ATV Music Publishing - sounds like it is gonna fail
63. Electronic Frontier Foundation - sounds pointless/dumb
64. UStream - thought this was for tweens to get naked on
65. Ford (see #4) - Might buy a Ford Truck 2 support the music industry
66. Concord Music Group -is this the company that makes Shazam?
67. Naxos - sounds like the name of a small Greek Boy
68. Taylor Swift - as long as she keeps dating famous ppl then writing songs abt the breakup she'll be fine

Pictured: Graph abt the music industry that may or may not be relevant but is supposed 2 look interesting

69. INgrooves (see #7) - is this the company that makes Shazam?
70. Music Hack Day - wonder if 'Record Store Day' is
71. The PROs: ASCAP, BMI, SESAC… - sounds like Garbage management companies
72. [Insert Torrent Tracker Here] -
73. Rapidshare - great place 2 illegally download albums. Might be more into mediafire though [via no wait time]
74. Radiohead - 'They released in_Rainbows 4 free and still made money!'
75. iBiquity - onder if this is the company that makes Shazam
76. Snoop Dogg - Probs just another rapper with a major label deal
77. Touchtunes - wonder if this is iTunes for the iPad
78. Chop Shop Music Supervision - no idea wtf this shit is
79. Bob Lefsetz - Some 'music industry insider/critic' who says obvious shit and doesn't even have a blog, just has a 'mailing list'
80. Soundcloud - great way to embed illegal mp3s
81. New Orleans - 'They play jazz music there'
82. Weezer - 'They are rlly innovative and reaching tween markets by appearing in youtube videos'
83. Gathering of the Juggalos - 'Juggalos are gonna be a really marketable meme going forward' -Jersey Shore's 1.4 season lifespan
84. ISPs - wtf does this even mean? Think they send u mean emails threatening 2 sue u when u download something illegal

Pictured: Graph abt the music industry that may or may not be relevant but is supposed 2 look interesting

85. Gibson Guitar - 'We make gitties, yall. We sell them 2 ppl who think they are going to be rock stars'
86. Musician's Friend - Wonder if this means 'the bff of every1 musician in the world'
87. NPR Music - 'They are a great way to reach an audience of cool dads who buy shit off iTunes'
88. Getty Images (Pump Audio) - Not sure what images have 2 do with mp3s
89. Outside Lands - sounds like a place for dead buzzbands 2 go
90. Gene Simmons - heard 50% of KISS is gonna die in 2-4 years
91. Glee - 'such a progressive way to introduce mainstreamers 2 kewl music'
92. AT&T - Can't wait til Apple is like 'we dont need u' and iPhones go 2 tmobile
93. Music Choice - is this the thing where there are 'radio stations on ur TV'?
94. ClickandBuy - sounds like an innovative online service
95. Gracenote - is this a way 2
96. RoyaltyShare - 'sounds like a great way to divide profits 4 buzzbands'
97. Music Mastermind - wonder if this is the company that makes Shazam
98. Ultimate Guitar Tabs Archive - 'I learned the tabs 2 TEARS IN HEAVEN' [via would u know my name if I saw u in heaven?]


99. Sennheiser - heard they make 'really sweet headphones'
100. The Consumer - 'U HAVE SO MUCH POWER' - a magazine trying 2 make u feel like u have power

Do u think these companies will all be around in 1, 5, 10, 50 or 100 years?
Are all of these companies/humans 'relevant'?
are they all 'rlly stupid'?
Is iTunes a digital music cyber bully?
Is PING going to be 'successful'?
Can GROUPON sell mp3s at discount prices for local bands?
What are the most innovative music companies?
Is 'pissed' 4 being left off the list?
Do all large social networks have a great chance to take ovr the music industry?
Are 'major labels' effed?
Is Radiohead 'overrated' as a digital music pioneer?
Are all new buzzbands (post-2k9) completely 'fucked'?
Do u like graphs that show 'trends' in 'digital music'/'the music industry'?
Is this list 'mad stupid'?

Amazon MP3


So far unsuccessful effort to compete with iTunes by cutting prices. Some artists & labels accuse Amazon MP3 for hastening the destruction of the music industry. Kinda sad to have your new album sold for $3.99. Others claim that super cheap albums distort the billboard/charting process.

Read more>>>>

Pitchfork Media

Company, Blog

Pitchfork is a popular indie blogzine that does reviews and gets mad hits.

Read more>>>>


Alternative Event, Company

SXSW (South By Southwest) is a relevant music, technology and film conference/festival that takes place in Austin, TX.

Read more>>>>

OKGO can't sell albums so they try 2 sell viral video cameras


From what I understand, bands can no longer make money by 'selling albums', and they must do things to get attention of humans on the internet. Even if u get ppls attention on the internet, it doesn't guarantee that u will make money, so ur best bet is basically to find some corporate sponsor with tons of money to feel like they are 'sponsoring' ur viral product/video/mp3. Even though it cheapens ur product to have a corporate sponsor attached [via Mountain Dew / Converse / Taco Bell], I guess blogs will blog abt u and talk abt the state of the modern mp3 industry.

Anyways, OKGO is some band that went viral in the infancy of youtube video streaming, and unfortunately, ppl have paid attention to them since then, even though they are forgettable alt rock. I think they don't have a record label any more because they wanted to focus on viral videos, so now they had to get Samsung 2 sponsor their viral videos.

Feel sad that the embedded video has less that 7K views.

Hope they help Samsung sell some cameras 2 tweens who want 'HD Content' that 'goes viral'. I think they still resonate with 'the youtube generation', but I don't think those ppl rlly buy music, they just sorta sit on youtube all day and watch tweens covering their favourite songs.

Do u h8 OKGO?
Does OK GO 'get' the modern music industry?
Do u feel bad for them/will they die soon?
Should they just become filmmakers instead of continuing on as a 'band'?
Do u think musicians deserve to make money for viral videos, or just 4 making music?
Should Barry Obama ban Napster/leaked mp3 files?

Rape Gaze band Crystal Castles utilized in BING Commercial


I just watched this commercial for BING on television that really appealed to me because I am a young 18-29-year-old-something, and I love listening to kewl music and going to music festivals. I basically only use the internet for social networking, pornography, and finding buzzbands. Anyways, it seems like this commercial wants me to use BING instead of reading blogs, the hypemachine, or any other music service on the internet.

Seems like a bunch of 'relevant buzzwords/events' were utilized in this commercial. "ACL." "Crystal Castles." "Buzzbands." "Austin." "Music Festivals." "High Resolution concert photography."

Sorta wonder if I should start using bing. If they are down with rape gaze bands like Crystal Castles, they are probs chill with me. Not sure what kind of music Google vibes too, but would have to guess "a little bit of everything."

Jesus. Just watched this other commercial that utilizes failed viral buzzband OKGO. It seems like 2 entry level losers are 'browsing the net' to find out about their fave buzzband. Sorta feel 'lame' knowing that this is the user experience that ppl get with bands these days. Wish there was a more authentic way to find + discover music on the internet.


Should I start using BING?
Is BING more powerful than Google?
Do yall <3/h8 Microsoft?
Do u hope Apple starts a chill ass search engine?
Are people who don't use Google 'living in an altered zone of reality'?
Do commercials that utilize buzzbands appeal 2 u?
Is Microsoft 'crushing it'?
Should they hire Mark Zuckerbro to build them a Social_Network?
Should they hire Steve Jobs to build them a Zune_Pod?
Should they hire Sergei Brin 2 build them a Google toolbar?
Do u have a Windows compy that searches with Bing?
Is Crystal Castles a rape gaze band?

NYTimes writes article saying brands are the new record labels [via Converse, Mtn Dew, Taco Bell]

From what I understand the traditional record industry is 'going down the shitter' because people don't buy records any more. Instead, they use the internet to steal albums, mp3s, and youtubes viddies. Some New York Times article just 'profiled' the state of the modern music industry, and how so many lifestylebrands are trying to appeal to young adults by 'curating mp3s' / funding buzzbands / helping artists 2 'create art.' Really tried to make it seem like they are 'saving the music industry', and helping artists to 'do what they love--create mp3s.'

Do u buy into brands as the new record labels? I thought blogs were the new record labels [via the opinion of a pseudo-progressive journalist in 2k7]. Might have to start a brand to re-establish my position as a 'tastemaker'/'sharer' of music.

Here is the 'opening' hook, where they tell u that Converse is buying a studio space, and they are going to let bands record in there 2 seem 'kewl' with consumers.

RIGHT now it is just a shell, the peeling remnant of an old dry cleaner on a graffiti-covered block in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. But soon the 5,200-square-foot space will be transformed into a sleek new recording studio in the heart of the underground-rock capital. And in the latest twist in pop’s relationship with Madison Avenue, the struggling bands making music there will already be encountering corporate America: the studio is being built by Converse, which will let them record free.

A shoe company giving away studio time might seem peculiar. But with its new project, Converse — whose sneakers have been worn by generations of bands, from the Ramones to the Strokes — wants to become a patron of the rock arts. The company is not alone: lifestyle brands are becoming the new record labels.

Good think I am in a chillwave, lofi, bedroom-recordings based artist, and Converse can't really help my band.

Wonder if it is 'worth it' to record at Converse studios. Wonder if a 'recording studio' is a good investment by Converse, or if they should just 'open up a new sweatshop' in the same space in Brooklyn.

Seems like brands are just starting to buy the rights to albums instead of wasting money on tv/internet ads. Every time a relevant MP3 is released, a blog is forced to mention the name of the brand. Seems like they are 'winning' even if no1 really cares, the brand doesn't resonate with consumers, and every1 is just picking up some free MP3s.

Looking to infiltrate the lives of their customers on an ever deeper cultural level, they are starting imprints, scouting for talent and writing checks for nearly every line item on a band’s budget. And as the traditional record industry crumbles, plenty of musicians are welcoming these new rock ’n’ roll Medici.

Apparently, real record labels suck/take all of a band's money anyways, so buzzbands would rather just do a 'one and done' deal with a brand that has more money to pay them, and does't view them as some sort of 'golden calf' that they have to keep milking for 5-10 years, stealing money from it on the reg.

Artists and talent managers say that the music deals offered by brands can be fairer and more favorable than traditional label contracts. These days major labels want bands to sign so-called 360 or extended-rights agreements, which give the label a piece of nearly every dollar a band makes, from concerts to merchandise. On the other hand, most brands offer short-term deals with few strings.

Here is Best Coast being all defensive, and saying she hasn't sold out/isn't stupid 4 taking huge dollars from brands.

Ms. Cosentino’s band has existed for barely a year, but she is already a branding vet. Well before she signed a proper record deal, with the small label Mexican Summer, she released a single through a boutique headphone company. And when Converse asked her to collaborate with the rapper Kid Cudi and Rostam Batmanglij of Vampire Weekend on a song that would be given away on its Web site, she didn’t hesitate. “It was an amazing opportunity,” she said by phone recently from a gig in Iowa. “If I said no it would have been stupid.”

Makes sense that she took a $500 gift card from Taco Bell [link].
Do bands just not make that much money so it is impossible to 'say no' when some1 just wants to give them money without claiming too much ownership over them? Are companies just 'cooking the books', investing in abstract goods + services to offer buzzbands, and not really doing much to help their brand?

Here is some 'expert' dude saying why brands are doing this record label bullshit.

“Indie-inflected music serves as a kind of Trojan horse,” Mr. Rabinowitz said. “Consumers feel they are discovering something that they believe to be cool and gaining admittance to a more refined social clique.”

Here's something I didn't know, Motel 6 offers free rooms to buzzbands:

Motel 6’s Rock Yourself to Sleep program, for example, gives free rooms to touring groups.

Might 'go on tour' and just show up at random Motel 6 locations, and say to the dude at the front desk, "Hi, I'd like the buzzband room. It is the 1 with the jacuzzi/whirlpool tub."

Seems like life as a buzzband is rlly lucrative.

They interviewed the CEO / CFO / CTO of Pitchfork, and he was all like, "Consumers need to effing question these brands instead of just taking their mp3s for free. So many companies doing shady ass shit, eff em all. U can't blind us with free MP3s."

Chris Kaskie, the president of the music Web site Pitchfork, noted a lack of debate about the implications of bands’ working with brands. When Nike makes a cool mix-tape, he said, there is little comment in the indie-rock world about the company’s labor practices, which have drawn criticism in the past.

“Young bands are growing up in a culture where there’s less off that discussion happening, less of those underlying issues being addressed,” Mr. Kaskie said. “But the experiment that these bands are doing is important to see where it goes.”

From what I understand, Mountain Dew, Converse, Nike, and Taco Bell are all created in sweatshops and hire 3rd world labor to create their products.

Are lifestyle brands saving the music industry?
Do consumers really 'respond' to this type of marketing?
Have u bought Converse / Mountain Dew / Taco Bell since they teamed up with ur favourite buzzbands?
Is this the type of thing that just 'gets the name of ur product written on a blog' and makes brands feel 'young' even though they are sorta just running in place?
Are buzzbands 'abusing' brands that have large budgets?
Is 'music' even supposed 2 make money?
Are brands 'saving' the music industry, or is this just some marketing fad that they will realize has lost them too much money/didn't return any finite results?
Should all these brands just buy a commercial during the Super Bowl instead of this buzzband bloggy crap?
Do yall h8 the blogosphere?
Should all blogs boycott mp3s that are commissioned by brands?
What brand will be the next to launch a 'record label' 2 appeal 2 alts?
Should HIPSTER RUNOFF hire a buzzband to write an mp3 just to get 'mad coverage' from other blogs?
Should BP release the next Vampire Weekend/AnCo album to 'get on the good side' of the blogosphere and re-brand after the oil spill?
Should I buy a Scion, wear my Converse, and wash down my Taco Bell with some Mountain Dew 2 prove I <3 buzzbands?

Green Label Sound

Record Label, Meme

GLS is the record label of Mountain Dew. They pay a buzzband to write an MP3, then release it to blogs in order to get buzz.

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INFOGRAPHIC: How much do indie bands get paid per live gig?

From what I have heard, 'touring' is the only way for a band to make money because no1 buys albums any more, and when they do, retailers basically take all of the money. U have to 'tour hard' and hope u sell a lot of t-shirts so that ur band makes money. It seems like some website made an INFOGRAPHIC abt how much money acts make per gig. Feel 'jealous' of most of these acts, because they are making so much money.

Here is the mainstream version of the 'graphic', which tells us boring stuff.

White people honky bands make mad bank
-Tween sensations make more than u will make over the next 3-5 years per night
-Hootie bro from Hooting at the Blowfish still makes mad bank
-People will still pay to see rock n roll bans that dress up as clowns
-U should start a Christian band

Anyways, that is boring. H8 white people music. Coulda at least thrown some rappers in there (besides Darius Rucker).

So I decided to make an INFOGRAPHIC that illustrates how which indie artists makes the most buzz dollars per gig. Not sure if this is based on any sort of real fact / analytic, but it seems 'kewl.' If I had to guess, 'buzz dollars' are some sort of unit that measures the amount of tweets, blog buzz, and high resolution photos that are generated at your shows, along with attendance numbers + t-shirt sales.

Seems like some bands make 'tons of buzz bucks'. What bands were omitted, and how many buzz bucks do yall think they make? Does Phoenix make more buzzbucks than any1 in the world?

Do yall think this buzz chart makes sense?
Do indie bands even make money?
Does it suck 2 be a modern indie band?
Do bands deserve to make money?
Should bands make more money off album sales?
Would yall rather be a mainstream band or an indie band who is trying to earn 'buzz bucks'?
Do yall know much a top tier indie band makes per show?
Is it a 'solid' figure, or 'depressing'?
R u sad that J Bieb makes more money in a year than u might make in ur lifetime?
Would u rather be a billionaire in 'real money' or with 'buzz dollars'?

AnCo’s frontman Deakin releases new shoe 2 make u jump higher / run faster

Deakin is one of the most/least important members of the hit band Animal Collective. It seems as if he released some sort 'new shoe' just so authentic fans can buy it and prove that they are authentic Animal Collective fans. A lot of people are like 'who the eff is Deakin' because he left the band during their most successful stretch of songwriting/touring, but then on the other end, there are some fans who are like "AnCo is shit without the Deak."

Does any 1 know the truth abt why Deakin left Animal Collective?
Does any 1 know the truth abt why Deakin is getting more involved with the band?
Does n e 1 know why Panda Bear is 'less involved' whenever Deakin is more involved? Bad blood?

Here is the 'deep' explanation behind the shoe.

Guerra hi-top by Deakin Pre-Order
Sunday, October 3, 2010

Deakin’s Guerra hi-top showcases an embroidered accent influenced by the handicraft of Central American molas. Featuring a natural gum sole, black canvas upper, navy laces and a fish & wave motif, Deakin was inspired by the “awe of the ocean world” he has experienced while scuba diving.

“I realized that many of my friends are unaware of what is down there. Telling friends how psyched I was to have seen Yellow Fin Tuna, I also realized that though they have eaten Yellow Fin, [most people] have no idea what tuna look like. I thought it would be cool to represent tuna in some way that I thought looked sweet and would want to wear.” -- Josh Dib (Deakin)

Deakin’s Guerra is the second design in the Keep + Animal Collective Collection, a collaborative project benefiting the Socorro Island Conservation fund, a non-profit working to preserve the unique biosphere of the Revillagigedo Archipelago off Baja California. All profits from this project will be donated to the organization with advanced sales shipping in March with a bonus cassette tape of previously unreleased music.

Sorta just want to buy these for my son for the upcoming basketball season. I'm sure all of the other kids on his team will make fun of him as they wear their Nike /FILA / LA Lights / UnderArmour shoes...but my son will definitely be the most authentic player on the court.

Do these shoes look 'effing awesome'?
Do u think u can run faster / jump higher with these shoes?
If I buy these shoes and wear them when my buzzband plays live, will we 'crush it' and get 'mad blogged abt'?
Are yall on #TeamDeak?
Is Anco better at making footwear or mp3 albums?
Should AnCo just get internships at Urby Outfitties?

Would yall rather get Aveys or Deaks?
Or are you waiting for Geos / Pandas?

Diplo is in some Blackberry commercial where he brags abt how awesome his alt life is


The Blackberry is a popular phone for business men who aren't allowed to have iPhones because they aren't kewl enough/haven't ascended into management, so they are't really important enough to deserve iPhones. However, Blackberry recently realized that a lot of young adults are 'over-loyal' to Blackberry because of the trivial function of 'BBM', which I think stands for Blackberry Messaginger. Even though it is a simple chat service, people think that BBM is 'special' and helps them to build a network of other Blackberry users. Unfortunately, Blackberry will probably 'go under' now that poor people are starting to become loyal to Android phones.

Anyways, Diplo is a modern DJ who makes 'mad bank' producing, playing gigs, and 'endorsing products'/building a lifestyle brand. It seems like this 'commercial' is supposed to let u know that his life is 'effing awesome.' He seems to be flying around the world 'killing it', 'killing it' in DJ gigs, 'killing it' with bros', and 'killing it' while talking with his bffs on bberry. Seems like his life is awesome, and all he ever does is 'kill it.'

Wish my life 'killed it'. Sometimes I worry that I am just going to be an 'effing consumer' for the rest of my life. I'll keep buying expensive smart phones even though all I really do is use social networks and talk with my friends who are unemployed.

Do yall buy into Blackberry as a 'lifestyle brand'?
Can Blackberry rebrand and 'take over' the iPhone market?
What is the best '5G smart phone'?
Is Diplo a relevant DJ, or his his brand 'overvalued'?
How did Diplo survive the bloghouse era?
Will Diplo have a more successful career than M.I.A.?


DJ, Alternative Celebrity

Diplo is a relevant alt DJ and producer.

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Animal Collective releases OFFICIAL basketball shoe 4 jumping higher/being more relevant

Animal Collective is one of the most relevant/authentic/critically acclaimed indie concept wave buzzbands of all time, and they are constantly coming up with ways to brand themselves as 'authentic', 'green', and 'way chiller than u.' It seems like their latest gimmick is an 'environmental commerce' gimmick that is built around releasing a lil shoe or something. Feel like it is important to sell shoes because it makes u more famous, like basketball players. I'll never forget the time I got Air Jordans and I was able 2 jump higher. Also the time I got Barry Bonds sneakers, started doing steroids, abusing my family, chilling with back-ne, tons of mood swings, but I hit a lot of home runs and our team won state.

If ur wearing relevant shoes endorsed/created by some1 in ur field, ur gonna excel and become a 'bad ass baller.'

It seems like they ripped of the TOMS business model, and are giving most of the money to charity. Feel like AnCo shoulda just signed a deal with Converse and bought some new hybrid Lexus SUVs with pre-installed car seats or something.

We are so pleased to announce our collaborative project with our long time friends Animal Collective. Each member of the band has designed their own shoe, using Keep silhouettes with all profits from the sales going to the Socorro Island Conservation Fund, a non-profit working to preserve the unique biosphere of the Revillagigedo Archipelago off Baja California, where illegal fishing, in particular of its shark population, is a continual threat.

They are also apparently sending u a cassette tape of unreleased mp3s when u buy one of these shoes. Hopefully some1 who buys them has some technology that converts cassette tape to mp3 and auto-assigns the track data.

R u gonna buy these instead of Air Jordans? Is Kevin Durant better than LeBron James?

If u buy these Avey Tare shoes, are u officially on #TeamAvey?
Will Panda Bear sign with Nike and start some sort of 'shoe war'?
what is the most authentic alternative shoe?

Are these designs 'relevant'?
Are you tired of AnCo doodles?

Does Animal Collective still resonate with blog critics, or has the indiesphere 'evolved'?
Can Panda Bear hurry up and 'release his album?
Does this mean Avey Tare is 'more relevant' than Panda Bear?
R u on #Team Avey or #TeamNoahPand?
Do u think these shoes offer enough support, or should I just wrap my feet in cardboard boxes and doodle on them with Sharpies?
Is this shoe a 'bigger disaster' than the AnCo Guggenheim show? [link]

The obese guy from LOST joins Weezer so they can sell more albums.

Not sure what the deal with Weezer is any more. Think they are sort of like OK GO, except with a bigger marketing budget, and the ability to throw down more creative internet memes / purchasing high priced advertorials utilizing some of today's most important 'social media super users' on twitter, youtube, and the blogosphere.

Anyways, have never seen LOST, but I think I have seen these heavy dude associated with them. His name is 'Jorge Martinez' and it looks like he joined Weezer or something. I am not sure what he would have done on a LOST island, except maybe 'search for food' or 'eat human flesh after his bros die' [via stereotyping fat ppl]. His character name on the show was HURLEY, which is also the name of a popular clothing brand, which is also the name of Weezer's latest album [via product naming rights], but they basically just paid this dude mad bank to help them meme on their album cover.

Do u think he is gonna add tons of value 2 Weezer?
Has Weezer gone 2 far to memefy their band?

Do yall 'respect' Weezer for just trying to make mad bank?
Do u think that Hurley bro is 'allowed 2 lose weight' or his 'being obese' part of his personal brand?
Do u wish Hollywood discouraged obesity so that actors wouldn't die/suffer from diabetes + heart failure?
Have yall seen LOST?
Was LOST an overrated tv series / 'cultural phenomenon'?
Was LOST just for boring people + stoners?

How does LOST end? (don't wanna bother watching it)



Weezer is some band of cool dads that still releases albums.

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Sufjan Stevens is pissed @ amazon 4 selling his album 4 mad cheap always does this thing where they will 'discount' relevant indie albums [via the digital store] upon their first week of release. A lot of theorists claimed that the record labels were chill with this, because it allows indie bands to 'sell more units' and perform on the mainstream charts. Sufjan Stevens is like 'aw hell naw', though, and is mad pissed that amazon is 'devaluing his work.'

Feel like this is probably an admission that his album won't perform 'commercially' and has a negligible chance to appeal to a mass market, so he is just scraping at all of the $$$ he can get. Really sad to realize that Sufjan isn't chasing mainstream dollars, and instead will just try to acquire a high percentage of his core fan base's money.

With a new album, 'The Age of Adz,' ready to be released in October, the singer-songwriter's record label, Asthmatic Kitty Records, has issued an e-mail to fans claiming that Amazon's bulk discount scheme is devaluing the work of artists.

Seems kinda weird for a record label to discourage fans from buying an album at a low price. I guess that record label h8s their fans or something. Just wish record labels would 'override' their artists' artistic spirits, and get them ready to 'take to market'/make the most amount of money + reach the most ppl.

The e-mail said, "We have mixed feelings about discounted pricing. Like we said, we love getting good music into the hands of good people, and when a price is low, more people buy. A low price will introduce a lot of people to Sufjan's music and to this wonderful album. For that, we're grateful."

It added, "But we also feel like the work that our artists produce is worth more than a cost of a latte. We value the skill, love, and time they've put into making their records. And we feel that our work too, in promotion and distribution, is also valuable and worthwhile."

Wonder if they are still 'rolling' in Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack dollars. Wonder if Sufjy even has to 'write another song' ever again. Sorta just wish he only wrote Chicago-style bangers.


Glad we are in the post-MGMT era, and we hold it against bands when they don't stick 2 a formula that 'works'/makes a lot of people rlly happy.

What do u think is the 'fair price' for an album? $100?
Should we add up the price of Sufjan's childhood banjo lessons and add some sort of 'depreciated'/'adjusted for inflation' costs?
Is discounting 'the only way in hell' u would even consider purchasing an album?
Should we all just 'buy shit off iTunes' and eff over
Is iTunes 'losing popularity' or will it be around 4evr because ppl have iPhones and Poddies?

Where is a good place to buy albums so that the artist gets all the cash?
Should I just wait to purchase

To this end, Asthmatic Kitty have recommended that check out alternative retailers and distributors such as Bandcamp which allows artists to sell directly to fans.

Will a service like 'bandcamp' ever be taken seriously, or does it need to 'rebrand'?
Will a new music service that 'helps artists monetize' take over the indie scene?
Does 'the lack of innovation' in album distribution hurt artists?
Or is it a 'good thing' that retailers like iTunes,, and ur local Best Buy exist to give mainstream markets an opportunity to acquire ur product?
Is Sufjan 'right', or does he need to 'shut the eff up' and write better albums 2 inspire ppl 2 buy them?
Do u respect Vampire Weekend and the Arcade Fire 4 letting amazon 'liquidate' their album, or should all albums cost $17.99?
R u sad that Sufjy is 'begging' 4 money/discouraging ppl from buying his album?

Amazon MP3


So far unsuccessful effort to compete with iTunes by cutting prices. Some artists & labels accuse Amazon MP3 for hastening the destruction of the music industry. Kinda sad to have your new album sold for $3.99. Others claim that super cheap albums distort the billboard/charting process.

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2 alt 30-somethings show off their alt breasts, wear indie buzzband nipple pasties

Mainly just posted this because it depicted some sweet 30 year old alternative breasts. Sorta just thinking about how we're getting older, and will start to 'get fat' / 'have kids' etc, and the impact of 'having a real job'/our metabolism slowing down. Worried. Is my body gonna start 'drooping 2 the ground' [via gravity]?
Am I gonna be allowed 2 wear free-spirited, half-naked outfits that show off my figure?
Can I still wear nipple pasties that demonstrate my love for a buzzband when I am 50 years old?
Are the buzzband years of my life abt 2 pass me by?

The band is pretty irrelevant, that 1 band who Lady Gaga stagedived with 1 time. Think they are called 'Semi Precious Weapons.' Seem pretty terrible. Not sure if they are 'nipple pasty-worthy' or if these fans just don't have Lady Gaga concert 2 attend.

What nipple pasties should I create 2 prove I am authentic fan of my fave buzzband??
a) Avey Tare
b) Eddie Droste
c) Pandy Bear
d) Larry Gaga
e) Twin Shadbro
f) Alan brolomo
g) Ariel Pinks
h) Oliver Sims
i) Romy Croft
j) Obama Bros
k) The Killaz
r) The Kings of Lions
p) Coldplays
r) U2
q) Mikey Jaxxxx
s) Win Butler of the Arcade Fire
l) That lil curly hair girl in the arcade fires
m) Choose ur own response

Would u wear nipple pasties 2 ur fave buzzband's live show, or would it be as entry-level as 'wearing a Dashboard Conf shirt' 2 a dashboard conf show?
Can the perfect alt breasts stay perfect & alt forever [via defying gravity + aging skin issues]?

Panda Bear continues to mysteriously delay album, releases Pedophilia-wave cover art

In a recent interview with Pitchfork, Avey Tare went on record and 'bashed' Panda Bear, saying, "Shit, I don't even know if that mother fucker's album is done yet." It seems like his words are true, and Panda Bear keeps 'mysteriously delaying' his album.
Starting to get pissed at Panda. Might join #TeamAvey. TOMBOY was sooo hyped but now worried that the buzz is dying, and critics are just gonna say 'that shit took forever, and it wasn't as good as Person Pitch.' U gotta hand it to Avey for making sure he pointed that out, ensuring that his own album will be more 'critically acclaimed' than Panda Bro's.

Anyways, Panda Bear 'released the cover art' for some new single. The single seems like it is just meant to 'distract' indie fans from the fact that his album is 'nowhere in sight.' Wonder if the label is rejecting his demos, saying, "Cmon bro. U gotta write something better than that." But then Panda is like "Nah... yall don't get it. This shit is the future." Then the rcrd lbl is like, "How bout u go write some more songs, and we'll select the most okay one.'

This is Panda Bear's 'single' cover for the song "You Can Count on Me" which seems like it is a sequel to "My Girls", now about "My Boys" based on the cover art. Not sure if he is riding the pedophiliabro wave or something, or if this represents 'natural love' for ur new born son.

The small son seems to be chilling hard on the broad shoulders of his dad bro.

R u pumped for this single?

Here is some fruity description of what it sounds like:

“A gentle duet between Panda Bear and himself, “You Can Count On Me” glimmers with third world melodic overtones, an ethereal uplifting number that is over before you become too familiar. “Alsatian Darn” on the other hand is a much different creature…a slightly foreboding track with an off-beat melancholy chord progression that occasionally lets the light break through with a jaunty two-step, if ever so briefly”

For some reason they are only releasing 500 copies. Wonder if the Panda market is dying down. Worried that Panda won't make enough money, and he will have to go back on tour with Animal Collective to sell out large venues.

R pissed at Panda Bear for 'delaying that shit' so hard?
Do u want him to only release it when it is perfect?
R u excited about the 'vinyl rip' of this song being released 4 free in mp3 format?
R u on TeamAvey or TeamPanda?
If Panda continues to 'delay' TOMBOY/not set a release date, will the blogosphere backlash him hard?
Is TOMBOY just a dream, and it will 'never come out'?
Is Panda Bear going to 'go insane' trying to write 'the perfect album'?
Does Panda Bear make u want to have children and write songs/draw pix of them 4 cover art?

Is this album cover 'natural' or 'pornographic' [via kiddie]?
Really thought TOMBOY woulda already saved 2k10...sad.

Panda Bear

Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

Panda Bear is a member of Animal Collective. He wrote the hit album "Person Pitch" but failed to deliver in 2k10 with TOMBOY.

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A Newspaper does in depth interview with ‘the guy who screens album submissions’ @ a radio station

I am still kinda confused about 'how important radio play' is when it comes to the success of an unsigned band. I remember hearing stories about how bands would 'get a single on the radio', then they would get rich/become rock stars. Not sure if that romantic model still exists, or if blogs have replaced 'independent radio stations' as the official breeding ground of underground/independent music.

Do yall think blogs have replaced 'indie'/'college' radio?
Is radio 'totally irrelevant'?
Will NPR 'go under', or is their business model going to be all about being a bloggy NYTimes gimmicky content producer?

N e ways, some blog newspaper did an article about 'how to get ur band featured on a relevant radio station.' They interviewed 'the dude who listens to CDs that bands submit.' He just dished out some tips, wanting to help buzzbands 'get discovered' by him.

Have yall met Eric K Lawry?
Does he seem like 'a pretentious ass hole'?

Meet Eric J. Lawrence. If you're a musician, he can be one of the most important people in your life.

Lawrence is in charge of one of the most critical avenues to an independent rock band's success -- getting your songs played on KCRW-FM (89.9).

As the music librarian at KCRW, his job is to dive into the hundreds of albums sent to the Santa Monica station every week and surface a handful of CDs to place on a row of compact wooden shelves in his library. And it is these shelves that the station's 25 DJs and producers turn to to figure out what to play next.

Seems like a 'high stakes', make or break environment 4 the future of rock n roll.

Do yall know if this radio station is 'legit'? Is it a 'tastemaker'? Do u have a better chance of getting global fame if u get written about on Pitchfork, or should I just submit some CDs to local + college radio stations?

For indie bands, getting their music played on KCRW is a sign of success -- and not just because of the estimated 375,000 people per week who listen to the station's music programming, both online and over the air. That's because the public radio station has a reputation for being a tastemaker, with its fingers on the pulse of independent music trends poised to be the next big thing. It's one reason why music directors in Hollywood troll the station for new music to include in their television shows and movies.

As a result, the station gets anywhere from 200 to 400 unsolicited albums each week. Lawrence listens to every album and makes a record of whether it is added to the library or rejected. Of those, only 30 to 35 albums are chosen.

Here are his 5 tips for making sure he listens 2 ur shit.

1. Make it personal
2. get experienced
3. Make sure the songs are "Radio ready."
4. Include relevant (and legible) information
5. Send a CD

Not sure if I own any blank CDs. Might hire a 'manager' to make sure we get written about on pitchfork + get played on the radio.

Worried that my lofi project might not be 'produced' well-enough for radio play. Wish I could make indie rock that was as 'polished' as the Arcade Fire, Spoon, and the Hold Steady.

Don't send tunes that are recorded in a garage with an ambient mike from Best Buy, unless that's part of the sound. "Audio quality is the key," Lawrence said. "When we play our sets, the songs all have to flow together. If your song is thin and skeletal, it will sound underproduced next to the other songs around it that are more polished. It doesn't have to be big or loud. It just has to have good audio quality."

Just want to impress this bro. Get mad radio airplay. End up on a soundtrack. Release an album. Tour across the world. But it all starts with this bro. The gatekeeper 2 the buzz economy.

Is Radio Play 'important'?
Do people who are 'relevant tastemakers' listen to the radio?
Is the radio inefficient as an mp3 evaluation service because u can't 'fast forward' whenever a song starts 2 suck?
Have blogs 'replaced radio'?
What will replace blogs as buzzband tastemakers/incubators?
Are blogs 'the perfect format' for niche bands to expand their audiences?
Do u think buzzbands 'huddle around the radio' to hear themselves the first time they are played on the radio?
Do u have any advice for a band who wants to submit their music to a blog? Should they send a CD? Should they send a link to their bandcamp/myspace?
Do u think radio stations are 'bad for the environment' cuz they have such a big carbon footprint?
Do u hope terrestrial radio 'goes under'?
Do people still listen to radio?
If u were in a band, would u 'even bother' with 'the radio'?
Is 'radio play' a sign of pseudo-success for bands that aren't 'connected/aware' enough to realize that the 'indie music scene' is 'taking place on the internet'?
Are buzzbands born on the internet, the radio, or in 'relevant venues in a live setting'?
What is the best way for a band to 'make it'?

Might just give that bro a call, and 'demand to know' why his 'goddamn radio station' hasn't played my chillwave fuzzy buzz lofi sound project.

As a reward for reading this far, we have a bonus tip! You can always try to follow up with Lawrence either via e-mail or a phone call. His "office hours" are noon to 3 p.m. every Wednesday. Calls are cut off at 3 sharp, and the hold times might be insane. But if you get him on the phone, Lawrence can personally relay the status of your submission and perhaps why it did or did not make the cut. The number is (310) 314-4640

Laters, this bro

Jay-Z releases his own sneaker to help people jump higher + rap harder

Not sure why rappers release shoes. I guess it is because they are 'basically the same as basketball players' / have a ton of crossover in their target markets. From what I understand, all NBA players want to be rappers, and all rappers want to be NBA players, and every1 in America has wanted to be either a rapper/NBA player at one point in their lives' (white or black).

N e ways, Jay-Z released some shoe that is a black Air Force 1. Honestly looks 'the damn same' as every other black nike shoe I have ever seen. Not sure why people would buy these.

Last night, preview photos of the Jay-Z x Nike Air Force 1 “All Black Everything” Collection surfaced online to many people’s surprise. This collaboration, which only features two pairs of five new designs, is currently being auctioned off on eBay. Much like the Nike Air Force 1 WBF Collection, each pair involved in this collection is inspired by five countries including the USA, France, China, Puerto Rico and Brazil. However, this time, each sneaker is obviously done up in all-black. Additionally, each sneaker features its own distinctive texture makeup and a multi-colored, translucent outsole that features the respective country’s flag colors. You can now place on bid on each one of these Air Force 1s now on eBay. Expect to pay a hefty price if you’re lucky enough to win!

Sad I can't just go to my local Footlocker / Payless and pick up these kicks. Guess Jay-Z doesn't care abt the common man. Wish he was just selling shoes to poor people for like $20 per pair, giving people access 2 affordable, ergonomic shoes.

I think his nickname HOV, so he put it on his shoe.

From what I understand HOV stands for 'high-occupancy vehicle' lane, which is what cars with 2 or more people get to drive in

In transportation engineering and transportation planning, a high-occupancy vehicle lane (also called an HOV lane or carpooling) is a lane reserved for vehicles with a driver and one or more passengers. These lanes are also known as carpool lanes, commuter lanes, restricted lanes, diamond lanes, express lanes, and are called transit lanes in Australia and New Zealand.

Do yall vibe in the HOV lane when u go back 2 suburbia?
Is the HOV lane good for encouraging middle class suburbanites to 'carpool'?
Is HOV a 'chill' nickname?

Think that this label means it was 'made with the hands of Chinese tweens'. Feel good about things being made in China.

R u gonna buy these shoes?
Are Jay-Z shoes the new 'Jordans'?
Is his shoe 'less gay' than Kanye West's shoe? [link]
Will buying these shoes make u a better rapper?
Do u want to buy shoes endorsed by indie celebs?
Does Jay-Z need to 'step it up' and make shoes that are more authentic than just forgettable black Nikes?
Should I just vibe out Heaven's Gate style, start a cult, and throw down a mass suicide in some chill black Nikes?

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