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2 juggalo bros launch horrorcore hipster rap group


Just a couple of tween bros
in Middle America
listening 2 hip hop rap
saying the 'n-word'
imagining the hip hop lifestyle we will 1 day grow in2

because we r bad asses

chillin with the blacks
rapping just like them
mutha fuckas
white, black, 1 color

we r bros
gettin our rap on
eff all da h8rs

Are these bros mad talented?
Will they get signed by an alt record label?
Does all rap sound like this?
Are white people trying 2 be black ppl or are black ppl trying 2 be white people?
Are these bros the next Eminem / Insane Clown Posse?

2 altbros sneak into rave music festival, vlog about how they are ‘the shit’


2 altbros based in the Los Angeles area had a dream--to go to a meaningful music festival/electro rave without paying the massive charges + convenience fees required to enter the event. The Electric Daisy Carnival continues to be showcased as one of the most 'poorly run events' in the world after many riots/stampedes broke out, and some 15 year old tween overdosed on E during the event.

These bros aren't really helping out the music festival, which is getting 'a lot of shit' right now from the local government/blogspots on the internet. Worried that the local government in LA is gonna shut down raves. Wish they'd be chill and let old stadiums be utilized for alt events instead of mainstream sporting events. U can see that these altbros in the videos cultivate 'more joy' from being around a bunch of drugged up people than they would if they played youth sports.

Wonder if this video proves that the Electro Daisy is 'poorly run'. Wonder if they are gonna 'shut that shit down.'
These bros seem meaningful, really in touch with technology, utilizing photoshop to make meaningful wristbands 2 sneak in. Feel like maybe festivals should start using retinal scanning + hardcore electric fences to make sure people don't sneak in. They might have 2 consult the US government.

Do we live in an era where 'every1 is part of the media'?
Do people sneak into music festivals all the time?
Do u think people have been killed at music festivals, but promoters 'hid' the body just so there wasn't any negative press?
Are these 2 altbros 'ass holes' or were we all like that the first time we 'got VIP access'/'illegally snuck in' 2 some relevant concert?
Are raves bad for society?
Is there a new generation of altbros emerging?
Does this video seem 'meaningful' 2 u?
Do u think they missed an opportunity to get tons of youtube hits since they didn't film violence/chaos, and instead got caught up in the boring spirit of live music?

Snarky JPG Meme emerges ‘making fun of’ the ‘hipster fashion cycle’

It seems like some1 designed this picture to create a 'snarky take' on the hipster fashion cycle. The JPG photo, possibly designed in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator seems to try to 'analyze trends.' Assuming that 'hipsters' are on the cutting edge of culture, this photographic tries to 'give in depth analysis' on how 'effing hipsters' try so hard 2 be individuals, but don't realize that they are 'just part of a fickle cycle.'

Really opened my eyes, and made me feel like I wasn't unique [via Fight Club/Tyler Durden/Brad Pitt].

Do yall think this meme is 'insightful', 'duh', or 'just plain wrong'?
Are there any problems
Do yall feel like every phase of the fashion/trend cycle is sorta ironic/post-trendy?

So many mainstreamers trying to go viral with 'hipster memes.'

Do yall think this cycle applies to every hipster fashion/trend?
(Yes/No) Mom Jeans
(Yes/No) Shuttershades
(Yes/No) Fixed Gear Bicycles
(Yes/No) Twitter
(Yes/No) Facebook
(Yes/No) Skinny Jeans
(Yes/No) Vintage thriftwave shopping
(Yes/No) being Richie Tenenbaum for halloween
(Yes/No) being Margot Tenenbaum for Halloween
(Yes/No) Record Hats
(Yes/No) The XX
(Yes/No) chillwave
(Yes/No) Animal Collectives
(Yes/No) masturbating
(Yes/No) Child Predator glasses
(Yes/No) Palestinian Scarves
(Yes/No) Fedoras
(Yes/No) Duvets
(Yes/No) working at a coffee shop
(Yes/No) working at a starbucks
(Yes/No) going vegan
(Yes/No) going to Six Flags
(Yes/No) wearing khakis
(Yes/No) drinking soy milk
(Yes/No) memeing on the internet

Just trying to 'break down' this meme, and see if it is 'truly insightful' or if

Do yall think this infographic is 'correct'?
Do yall adopt trends or do u transcend them?
Do u h8 'effing hipsters'?
Do all alternative trends turn mainstream, and all conservative mainstream trends turn alt?

Alt teen shows off her boring day while listening to Toro Y Moi’s “Blessa”


Ho hum...
Another boring day in the summer
Can't wait til I'm 16
and I get a license
I am humble enough to be satisfied with my mom's used Toyota Avalon

Sitting around all day,
watching MTV

Parents at work
Nothing 2 do
Gonna get creative
Gonna vlog

Vlogging is the master art of the tween
i can show u my life
i can show u my face
more meaningful than a picture in .jpg format
this is my life
this is me
this video will last forever
or until youtube is hacked/the servers 'go down.'

Kinda sad that the school year is over
and I am stuck here with limited social interaction
relieved I have a smart phone / laptop compy
to connect with all of my friends

I guess Toro Y Moi was right
every day is a blessing...

might go to the mall this weekend

Group of Teen Vloggers Stay Up All night to watch Vampire Weekend Video Debut


Vlogging is a popular method of expression for teens and tweens in the modern world. Youtube allows you to upload videos and connect with similar like-minded tweens based on the way u look and searchable tags which represent ur common interest.

Vampire Weekend is one of the most popular bands in America because they are 'indie cuties' who serve as positive role models because they went to Ivy League Universities. It seems like the 'high end tween' prefers Vampy Weeks over Bieber/Jonas bros any day. Vampy Weeks evolved beyond 'making blog dollars' to 'making crazy bank' that u can redeem in the real world.

It seems like these vloggers 'stayed up all nite' chatting, then they watched the debut of the "Holiday" video. Sorta wish I could be that 'jacked up' on being the fan of a certain band. Wish the internet allowed vlogging when I was a tween, and that HTML5 existed so that content could be 'dynamic as fuck.' Feel like I woulda made better life decisions because I would have found people just like me, instead of settling for the HotTopicWave alts at my local high school.

Do u wish Vampire Weekend existed when u were a tween?
Will tweens forget about indie music, or will mindie bands live forever?

Has Vampire Weekend been the most successful indie band who appropriately engaged the internet tween market?
Will Vampire Weekend's next album provide the pop/bro rock sensibilities to help it be the best selling album of 2k12?
Should I start a vlog group with a group of like-minded teens?

Daft Punk in some boring adidas World Cup Commercial forced mega meme


adidas made some commercial, and I am not sure what it has to do with the World Cup. I think we are sorta in a phase where every 'high budget' commercial has to be aimed at 'getting tons of youtube plays' on the internet by people who aren't even interested in soccer/football/the world cup / adidas. I guess adidas feels pressure from Nike, since Nike always makes better commercials than they do.

adidas basically put Daft Punk, Snoop Dogg, some guy from Oasis, David Beckham, and a few other famous ass holes who appeal 2 different demographics in this video. Felt 'pressure' to blog about it, since it was such a strategically created meme. Overall feel like it is 'boring.' Star Wars is chill/memorable after riding a chillwave for a few hours, but still just feel 'whatever' towards this video just because I am too young for the Star Wars brand to 100% resonate with me. Like it was theoretically 'successful' but didn't really even add anything substantive to the brand, except maybe that they were willing 2 pay LucasArts to use Star Wars footage.

Do u think this meme is 'phenomenal'?
Is Nike better at commercials than adidas?
Who is adidas' target market?
Did this commercial 'do anything for u'?
Was it 'good branding' or just some blog fodder?
Is Star Wars 'authentic'?

Daft Punk

DJ, Buzzband

Daft Punk is a French House band that 'peaked' with discovery.

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VIDEO: some failed alt tries to talk to the XX bro, provides awkward moment


I have always wondered what I would do if I had the opportunity to 'schmooze' with a relevant alt celebrity. Like get a moment where I could convey 'genuine appreciation' for the art that they produce utilizing face 2 face communication. I know the mp3 buzzosphere can be a really fickle/fleeting type of place, but if I had just one chance to let them know I was 'more than just a fan' who 'stole their mp3s and loaded them on my iPod 4 free', I would make sure they understood me not just as a die hard fan, but as a chill bro who understands their existence better than they even do. Maybe if we connected hard enough, I would get 'exclusive VIP access' to the majority of their North American tour dates and late night talk show performances.

In the embedded video, an alt takes the opportunity to meet Oliver Sim of The xx, a 2k9 buzzband. It seems like she thought long and hard about her 'intro line', and went with "YALL WERE GREAT ON FALLON." He looks at her, kinda puzzled, then is just like 'whatevz.' The video dramatically ends, so we will never know if Olly shafted her, or if he 'took her back home and pounded her.' Realistically, he probably just asked if he could buy her sunglasses from her since they are kewl cuz they have a lil star on them..

Feel like even though this was a micromoment, it was the perfect embodiment of the fan perception of a blog buzz artist. U just want to let them know that every day u check alt websites, and the days where they 'have a new mp3', showcase 'live tour dates', or 'debut a new music video' are the days that mean the most for u. Seems 'surreal' to actually get to meet some1 u just read about on the internet all the time. Do u think this alt 'handled herself well' or is she 'a complete effing dork'?

Have yall ever met a famous alternative celeb? Was it a let down?
Were they 'nice' and 'chill' or 'mean ass ppl' who didn't give a shit abt u?
Do u try to never meet ur idols because they turn out 2 be 'huge a-holes'?
What 'intro line' would u use with each alt celeb?
Have u ever met a buzzband who was 'great on Fallon'?
Have u ever told any1 'yall were great on fallon'?

-a new alternative compliment, used in any context to let some1 know u appreciate them.

Some alt hipster drunkenly rolls around in mud like a pig at a music festival


Oink, Oink
The Festival Pig
Covered in mud
sticking my snouth in the trough
to consume slop
drinks, drugs, mp3s in live format

Oink, Oink
Rolling around in filth
2 drunk 2 stand up
I am the embodiment of the downfalls of our modern society.

Help Me
Fuck Me
Love Me
Push me down
back into the mud
and take a video of me
turning me into a viral festival meme

oink oink
fat ppl
looking like pigs humor
making fun of ppl on the internet
when she is probs just going thru a tuff time
and needed to 'escape' at a buzz music festival

Does n e 1 know what '7fest' is? They say it takes place in Ohio, so I am not sure if it is the Coachella of Middle America or what.
Do u feel sad for her?
Is this human meme 'effing pathetic'?
Should some1 help her get up, or should they let her roll around in slop forever?
Do u ever feel like this (metaphorically) when there aren't enough new buzz mp3s being released?
Is this girl a 'hipster' for transcending society so hard?

Angry Ginger Vlogger responds to M.I.A., yells at her “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH U?”


The defensive viral ginger vlogger who has become the unofficial spokesman of the Ginger People has 'lashed out' at M.I.A.'s "Born Free" music video, which features tons of gingers getting murdered and blown up [link]. Seems like he is mad pissed, like he is angry enough to murder M.I.A. Hope M.I.A. is safe from gingers at her upcoming concerts. Feel like they might stage violent protests against her, since she is one of the biggest anti-ginger leaders in the history of the world.

Feel bad for this bro, because he claimed he was 'into the Paper Planes song' but then M.I.A. pissed him off. Feel like M.I.A. might be 'isolating' a lot of her previous fans with her upcoming album, especially the gingers:

"What the fuck was that? Born Free? I'm disappointed in you--I like that Paper Planes song."

What the fuck was that? That wasn't even a music video?

What the hell?

I don't even know what the fuck you're getting at making videos like that, M.I.A.
I feel disgusted... That is madness...
I saw a little ginger boy get shot right in the head. RIGHT IN THE HEAD. RIGHT IN THE HEAD!
How is that video? I'm glad youtube took that off. I don't want that on youtube. That is horrible. That is discrimination, and that is not right.

Seems like an angry bro. Like he needs a girlfriend or something.

Should I plant a bunch of landmines at the Dublin Ohio Ginger Festival?
Do u think M.I.A. paid this bro to make this video [via Viral Marketing]?
Has this angry ginger 'already gone mainstream' after he was parodied in the ginger south park episode?


Are you angry at M.I.A.?
Will the gingers stage a boycott of her album?
Will M.I.A. 'crossover' or is she isolating mainstream markets?
Do u feel like this ginger has a lot of rage in his heart?
Do u get scared of angry vlogs, like the person will jump out of the computer?


Buzzband, Alternative Celebrity

M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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VIDEO: 3 Blipsters get mad blazed and analyze AnCo’s “Brother Sport” music video

Video may not be playable in your RSS reader

In this exclusive video, three 'stoned out of they mind' blipsters huddle around a laptop computer and watch the "Brother Sport" video. Many bands and artists want to inspire relevant discussions, but sometimes the only thing that truly 'frees your mind' and helps you to 'truly analyze the society we are trapped in' is marijuana. Seems like these blipbros really 'brought 2gether the best of both worlds.'</embed>

Does Animal Collective make more sense when u r 'lifted'?
Was AnCo engineered for people who smoke 'wacky tobacky'?
Is Weed the official drug of AnCo, or is it LSD / acid / meow meow?

The blipsters begin to talk about their disenfranchisement with the scene. One claims that he wants to create art and poetry as opposed to 'going out to party' every weekend. He later claims that the Beatles are part of the Illuminati, part of some sort of worldwide conspiracy. Seems likely that he has 'proof' in some sort of youtube slideshow/website from 1993.

The sounds of Animal Collective's hit anthem "Brother Sport" clash violently with the NBA posters on the walls of this blipster's dorm room.

Can u connect with this meme? Have you ever 'got mad lifted' with ur bros, put on some AnCo, and talked about art, society, life, and any other modern buzztopic?
Do 'black people' 'get' Animal Collective?

Is "Brother Sport" a 'hipster street name" for weed? Like when you go to your alt drug dealer, can u ask him for some "Brother Sport"?
Will he give you 'premium weed' or 'dank schwag'?
Does this video represent 'wanting to do something more with ur life' but just sorta being a blazed bro who hands out with bros and watches things on screens, forming opinions on them, and ultimately living a 'dead end life' no matter how many relevant bands/videos/movies/memes u consume?
Do u wanna chill with these blipster bros?

Alt Guy Rolling on Ecstasy strips naked with glow sticks, raves around room dancing to Crystal Castles


Does n e 1 know what happened to Crystal Castles? It seems like just yesterday their album leaked, they got a 'decent' Pitchfork score, but they haven't really produced a stream of memes that kept their fans engaged. I could honestly go for a few Alice Glass memes, maybe some dark music videos that leave me conceptually dissatisfied, and maybe even some 'controversial quotes' / stories about how CC were 'complete dicks' to a few bands on the road. Just expect a lil more buzz from buzzbands, even if the buzz is kinda forced.

Just glad this bro raved around his room to Crystal Castles' "Vietnam." I gave the album a 'power skim' but I only really listened to their song when this bro created engaging content. His dance seems to be commentary on the Crystal Castles fan base--sorta like those weirdo California ravers who go to Hardfest. I guess it is good that their brand is strong so they get critical acclaim, but still get this weird feeling that the band's core fan base is really dark/tweeny/shops at Hot Topic.

Do u want more Crystal Castles content?
Is their album cycle over?
Have yall ever sucked on a pacifier and listened to CC with a few lil glowsticks?
Have yall ever 'rolled' [via ecstasy] and danced around to buzzworthy music/vlogged?
What is the long term outlook for Crystal Castles' brand: the next AnCo or are they just part of the L.A. electro scene [via mexi alts]?
Does this bro have the perfect male alt body?

Awkward High Schooler Bros throw down ‘sick guitar jam’ cover of Deerhunter


I am not sure what the deal with Deerhunter is. I don't really know any1 who says 'Deerhunter is my favourite band', but I guess they make decent albums and generate buzz on blog sites [via Bradford Cox]. Not sure if he should just 'focus on Atlas Sound' or possibly just focus on Deerhunter. Maybe Deerhunter will crossover if they write more songs that sound like the Killers.

N e ways, some group of high school bros threw down a rowdy alt cover of "Nothing Ever Happened", a song from several hundred blog years ago, but possibly one of Bradford Cox's best songs, except for the 1 he wrote with Panda Bear. Feel like these bros 'jam hard', like they took guitar lessons for a few years, then started 'figuring shit out on their own' and carving out a unique sound.

Do u think these high school bros will get a record deal from an indie label (with major label backing)?

Do u wish u could go back in time and throw down a 'bad ass jam' in ur high school talent show?
Sorta wish my parents invested more heavily in guitar lessons 4 me, plus tons of 'gear.' Feel like I would have been more alt at a younger age if I had the proper alt education, more access to regional buzzbands + a fully loaded vinyl collection + a laptop computer to google guitar tabs.

Will Bradford Cox ever write a commercially successful album, or will he continue to just be a 'blog darling'?
Were these kids better than 'the real Deerhunter'? Would they win Alt American Idol?


Does Deerhunter 'sound like Sonic Youth' or is that just what mediocre journalists do when they feel like they 'have 2 make a comparison'?
Should these kids make their parents buy them more effects pedals to have a better 'vibe' / aural aesthetic?
Did you have a mainstream or alt youth?
How old are these lil indie distorted rockwave bros?



The Deerhunter are some buzzband that Bradford Cox is in but no1 really knows who the hell the other member bros are.

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Some bitchy tween ‘goes viral’ 4 ‘making fun of hipsters’ [via vlog]


From what I understand, tons of youtube tweens enjoy making vlogs where they provide relevant commentary on stuff like Twilight, Justin Bieber, mainstream buzzbands, and whatever is on TV on MTV/the Disney channel. It seems like the community of youtube tweens have discovered 'the art of hipster bashing'--the practice of pointing out the hypocrisies in the modern young, trendy, technological adult lifestyle. Not sure if her video is 'revolutionary', or if it is just like a new, tweenage voice spitting out the same ideas that 'every1 already realized 500 blog years ago.'

Are yall 'sooo over' hipster bashing?
Should I start a blog that tracks tween hipster bashing?

Seems like this tween has 'knowledge beyond her years', like she has been reading snark blogs since 'the beginning of the internet.' Feel like she has tons of messages that can teach us not to 'be so consumerist', not to be a slave to trends, and why we shouldn't give up on bands. Do u think that even though she is younger than u, u can still learn a lot from her?

Do u think she is 'hot'? Do u think she should 'shut her mouth' and just keep being a slave 2 technology & trends?
wtf is a 'hipster'?
Do u appreciate her tone, or does she need a solid set of parents/alt role models to 'put her in her place'?
Was 'hipster bashing' only a solid meme in 2k6?
Are tweens taking over the internet/ hipster culture?
Do u wish u knew how to vlog / had a macbook / knew how to 'make fun of subcultures' when u were 11 years old?
Are hipsters 'effing hypocrites'?
Is this tween a 'wanna be hipster'?
Do u think she 'gets' AnCo, or does she just listen to Justin Bieber and not have the 'balls' to go into an Am Appy?

Some self-proclaimed “Hipster Mom” expands her youtube presence.


Sorta wish I had a hipster mom, who still 'stayed young and trendy' even though she had a couple of children. In this video, a 'hipster mom' explains what hipster mom is. She basically says it is a woman who 'stays young and cute' even though she has a kid. I guess her argument that 'being a hipster' is a lifestyle choice, and just because you have a spawn, it doesn't mean your life is over. You can still do things like 'get drunk', listen to buzzbands, and even teach alternative lessons to ur kids.

When you have a child, are you still allowed to live the same life that you had before you had a kid, or do you need to 'man up', 'grow the eff up' and start living for your child?

Do u wish ur mom did arts & crafts with you, or are you happy that u just watched TV + played video games?


Wonder how I would have turned out if I had a 'hipster mom.' Feel kinda relieved that I had a mainstream mom, since I was able to 'break free' from my cookie cutter life in suburbia, and search for something alternative and authentic. Feel like if you are raised alt, you will 'break free' by going mainstream, which is actually alt in your eyes.

What kind of mom do u have? Mainstream mom or a hipster mom?
Have you burned a CD for your mom with relevant buzzbands?
What are some good indie bands that your mom appreciates?
Do 'hipster moms' create 'spoiled ass kids' who have ADD?
Are the best parents the ones who try to be 'alt' or the ones who 'fall in line' and get a 2 story house in suburbia?

Happy Mother's Day 2 every hipster & mainstream mom.


Does your mom have any sweet tats?

Disabled Alt poses in risque photos for anti-American Apparel themed art project

All Photos by Holly Norris

Some artist / photographer made a 'think piece' art project that attempts to demonstrate the fact that American Apparel company branding experts are 'misleading consumers' by trying to make it seem like their models are 'every day women.' I feel like it worked. Basically, the artist had her disabled friend pose in fake advertisements that were supposed to mirror 'legitimate' Am Appy campaigns.

Does this send a message? Do u think she looks the same as most Am Appy models?

Official Project Description:

'American Able' intends to, through spoof, reveal the ways in which women with disabilities are invisibilized in advertising and mass media. I chose American Apparel not just for their notable style, but also for their claims that many of their models are just ‘every day’ women who are employees, friends and fans of the company. However, these women fit particular body types. Their campaigns are highly sexualized and feature women who are generally thin, and who appear to be able-bodied. Women with disabilities go unrepresented, not only in American Apparel advertising, but also in most of popular culture. Rarely, if ever, are women with disabilities portrayed in anything other than an asexual manner, for ‘disabled’ bodies are largely perceived as ‘undesirable.’ In a society where sexuality is created and performed over and over within popular culture, the invisibility of women with disabilities in many ways denies them the right to sexuality, particularly within a public context.

Too often, the pervasive influence of imagery in mass media goes unexamined, consumed en masse by the public. However, this imagery has real, oppressive effects on people who are continuously ‘othered’ by society. The model, Jes Sachse, and I intend to reveal these stories by placing her in a position where women with disabilities are typically excluded.

This work is part of a group exhibit for CONTACT 2010 and will be showing on over 270 digital screens in 50 Toronto Transit Commission stations on May 6, 11, 22 and 31.

Do u think American Apparel models are supposed to 'look a certain way' or is every1 free to be an Am Appy model?

Is this 'shocking'? Do you think you would buy from American Apparel if they had disabled / less-attractive models? What makes a model 'attractive'?

Is being alternative an 'equal opportunity' subculture? Do u discriminate against race, religion, mental + physical disabilities + other random ass criteria? Sorta feel threatened by this, like my world has been turned upside down, now I have to question my reality where I just 'followed my erect peen' towards truth. Maybe there's more to life/humans than sexual attraction + marketing.

Do u think this was a 'legit project' or is it just a well-executed meme that taps into the Am Appy zeitgeist?

Should American Apparel offer the disabled model a contract, just to generate blog buzz?
If brands don't have 'hot models' showcasing their clothes, will the brands be irrelevant?
Will handicapped / disabled people ever have the same rights as normal humans?
Are 'alt models' the new 'mainstream models'?
Is the 'hipster porn' strategy the best way to reach alt markets?
Did this 'progressive art project' send a message, or was it the same as any sort of low level American Apparel criticism / mockery meme that involves poorly utilized Helvetica + sexy model humor?
Would this have been more relevant 2 years ago?
Should every1 be equal, or is that an unreasonable expectation, and we all sorta just need 2 accept our faults/natural selection and moveo n?

Meme Diagram: The Evolution from Hipster to Hippie

Some blogger in San Fransisco made a 'visually delightful' image / meme about how certain bros evolve from hipster to hippie. I am not sure if I really 'endorse' this meme, since it seems pretty simple, but I figured I should 'get in on the traffic' it is probably going to generate some 'hipster bashing' hits as mainstreamers 'share' this image, and 'lol' about bros who they know who grew scruffy beards to try to be post-hipster personal brands.

I went to the website that was linked, and it seemed like some person who was trying to 'find social meaning' but it was difficult cuz 'so many ppl were so hollow' or something.

R u a 'hipster' or a 'hippie'?
Do u like people who 'share hipster links'?
Do u like to 'laugh at effing hipsters'?
Is there anything to laugh at in this meme, like some sort of whimsical truth that we can acknowledge and laugh about?
Is this a high level design meme, or some low level Adobe Illustrator vector graphics?
Could there have been more numbers / statistics involved to make this an official infographic?
Do bros in San Francisco 'get all confused' about what their brand is about?
Do all 'hipsters' devolve to 'hippies' or are they just 'the rich kids who don't have to get real jobs'?
Does n e 1 who generates 'hipster commentary' memes deserve an automatic book deal?

Festival Bro Meme goes viral: Drunk Guy Can’t Put on his flip flop at Coachella


It seems like this video of a drunk bro in a Hurley shirt struggling to put on his flip flop at Coachella has 'tore up' the internet, since it was released on April 19, getting 'tons of youtube views.' I am not sure if his struggle to put on his flip flop is similar to the universal struggle that all humans must endure. Maybe people can relate to him since he is just a bro in a Hurley shirt, wearing some flip flops. Not sure if it is a Jansport or a North Face backpack.

Not sure why it went viral. Probs not even funnie. Lame music on in the background. Maybe people just want to say 'look at those effing hipsters at music festivals.' Maybe it's because tons of cute festival girls walk by in their revealing, breathable clothing. Do u feel like this meme was 'barely watchable' and 'definitely not sharable'?
Not even sure if he is on drunk. Do u know what kind of drug he is on?

Is this video truly worthy of 'going viral' or were you sorta let down by how 'lame' it was?
Would u rather see videos of intoxicated people almost killing themselves instead of just struggling to put on a flip flop?
Wonder if this video should get a 'record deal' since it got so many youtube views.

Have u ever been 2 drunk 2 put on ur flip flops?



Coachella is a music festival held in Southern California that turns into a gathering of the world's most relevant buzzbands, artists, designers, celebrities, and internet personalities.

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Group of Drunk Bitches Who ‘run LA’ party with Yolandi from Die Antwoord @ a Coachella Pool Partie


In a previous post [link], a group of drunk bitches claimed to 'run Los Angeles.' In the vlog, they made many claims about their party lifestyle. They inspired numerous 'internet haters' to come out in full force, claiming that the girls were just 'a stereotype' and falsely claiming to be relevant / coke dealers / 'the shit.'

A video of these two drunk girls partying with Yolandi from Die Antwoord was released on youtube, perhaps an 'eff u' to all of the people who thought that they didn't run LA. In the video, the two girls seem to really be 'bro-ing down' with Yolandi Visser in a way that only girls can. A total tipsy giggle-fest while listening 2 great tunes and drinking free alcohol.

Is Coachella a place where u can meet all of your favourite alternative celebrities, and they will be 'totally kewl' with u?
Have you ever gone up to an alternative celebrity, and had them truly 'get' u?
Will Die Antwoord sell records?

Have u ever been buzzed at a relevant Coachella Pool Party?


Did u go 2 the Anthem Party?
Do u get buzzed on free alcohol at relevant industry parties?
Do these Drunk Galz run LA?
Who runs LA?

Group of drunk bitches vlog while pre-partying, claim to ‘Run L.A.’


Recently, a group of Los Angeles based girls vlogged while 'pre-partying' for what was probably a meaningful night out. They seem to be showcasing an alternative lifestyle which is built around partying, hitting up alt parties, and 'gettin yo mutha fuckin drank on, bitches!'

Highlights of the video are

  • when they claim to be whores
  • they claim to be drug dealers
  • they 'score' coke
  • they claim to pee on eachother at age 15
  • they claim to have been 'going to clubs' since 13
  • they claim to be sober, but plan to get drunker
  • some band wants to stay with them, but says they 'need a place to stay'
  • they claim to 'run L.A.'

Did this vlog inspire the LCD Soundsystem hit song "Drunk Girls"?
Do u know if these girls were 'underaged' drinkers?
Do u know if these are just free-spirited girls who are trying 2 find themselves?
Do u <3 or h8 girls like this?
Do u wish u had their lives'?
Have u ever vlogged while doing drugs?
Do yall call it 'pregaming' or 'pre-partying'?

Choir of innercity kids led by free-spirited + pony-tailed teacher covers Beach House


Beach House made the mistake of leading off 2k10 with their "Teen Dream" album release, now their album isn't really 'remembered' by that many people. I can't even recall if their album was 'actually good' or if I was just 'excited about a new year of buzzbands / releases.' All of their songs sound the same, so on some days this is a good thing, and on some days this is a bad thing for their brand.

I think this choir of kids record songs, then put them on youtube, then a bunch of famous people like Ashton Kutcher and Perez Hilton tweet about how their cover of a Lady Gaga song is 'so inspiring.' They covered Beach House, probably because the teacher 'fell in love' with the album or something. Wonder if the kids were into it, or if they wanted to sing Justin Bieber.

Did this video 'inspire' u?
Is this innercity choir more famous than Beach House?
Is this choir unfair to these kids, because it is making them believe that they will end up being pop stars if they gesticulate enough?
Do u wish ur elementary school had courses which focused on making internet memes, how to be internet famous, and buzzbandology 101?
Is Beach House's "Teen Dream" going to end up being a top 10 album of the year, or will they represent a valuable lesson for PR companies: 'going first' and releasing your album in January means that your album won't be remembered at the end of the year?

Beach House


Beach House is a relevant buzzband who has 'tons of indie cred.' Lead singer Victoria LeGrand is known as 1 of the sexiest women in indie.

Read more>>>>

Group of community college students make crappy video about the Hype Machine.


The Hype Machine is marketed/branded as 'a kewl community where people can come together to find the best music in the world from the most authentic, pure sources in the world: blogs.' It seems like these college students are in some sort of class where they had to make a video about website, and they chose the hype machine. The video is terrible. It features the traditional 'bros trying to be funny' mixed with terrible production value.'  Sorta makes me wish I could relive my film school days so I could 'have a field day' ripping them to shreds during the critique of their video.

Wonder what is worse: the acting or the production value?

I think they are trying to tell you that Hype Machine can help u find music to 'get a girl friend' or something.

Ultimately a very pointless video, but just wanted yall to reconnect with 'the process of making videos' for your class in high school/college. It seems like every1 is 'trying to be funny', like they think they are emulating whatever type of humor is 'funny' right now. Feel sad. Feel sad that humor 'evolves' so quickly.

Do u miss college?
Do u miss watching videos that other 'losers' made?
Do u miss entry level micro humor?
do u use music as a way to 'impress girls/bros'?
Do u feel like technology has enabled 2 many people to 'make asses of themselves'?
Is they Hype Machine still relevant, or do u just illegally download entire albums instead of just cherry picking individual mp3s?

Gifted and Talented Tweens ‘cover’ Matt and Kim’s Indie hit “Daylight”


Just saw this group of gifted and talented tweens covering Matt & Kim's song from a few years ago "Daylight." Sorta weird that this generic indie song is 'so generic' that it has evolved into a mainstream indie staple song. I don't have any commentary on the performance since it is probably 'good', but wanted to use this post to reflect on children + the performing arts.

Feel sad that my parents didn't send me to guitar / piano / ableton lessons when I was a kid. I am at a severe disadvantage as an artist, like if I wanted to start an indie band I wouldn't even know how.

Wish I could have had an awkward high school band, playing songs that sounded a little bit like Pavement meets Lifehouse.

Wish I could have 'dropped vocals' in the studio.

wonder if I would have been a smarter kid if music stimulated the left/right side of my brain. I guess I'll never know. I'll always be jealous of the bros who brought their acoustic guitars to high school, or my friends who were in 'orchestra' then spent several thousand dollars to buy some weird instrument like a cello. Even though they never play their cello any more, they still had the affirmation that their parents were willing to invest in them 2 cultivate a skill that may or may not have taught them life lessons.

Do u think Obama should cut funding for the performing arts in schools across America?
Does music really help kids 2 learn?
Should Vh1 really care about 'saving the music' or should they just keep making celeb reality shows?
Do u wish u knew how to play indie songs on the guitar / garageband / serato?
Do u think these teens wish they could have covered a Disney teen pop song?
Will Matt and Kim's "Daylight" accidentally evolve into the next "Wake Up" by the Arcade Fire?

Will LCD Soundsystem’s “Drunk Girls” turn into a mainstream meme with its new viral video?


I am not sure if this is a real unofficial music video. It seems like it was probably 'planted' by LCD Soundsystem's PR company to try to go 'viral' and get hits when people search for "Drunk Girls" + "Girls Gone Wild" + "Drunk girls having sex." Wonder if this song was just created to be a lasting Google search term.

Do u like watching drunk girls + seeing pix of them on facebook? Is this video a 'great meme' or does it mean that LCD Soundsystem is meant to resonate with mainstreamers? Is "Drunk Girls" more of a spring break anthem instead of an "Authentic Indie Post-Disco Wave anthem"?

I think this video might be bad for the LCD Soundsystem brand. Like since it was turned into a meme it makes the song seem like more of a 'joke', some sort of silly song that a wannabe comedian wrote just to make a viral video.

Is "Drunk Girls" still better than "Flash Delirium"?
Is this video a real 'fan video' or was it 'planted' by LCD Soundsystem Public Relations and/or Marketing Firm?
Are Unofficial videos 'fakes' 40% of the time?
When will we hear "Drunk Girls" as the theme song to MTV show?
Would u rather see a video of alt girls getting effed up, instead of mainstream girls getting trashed?

Beyonce releases official 'fuck doll' to appeal to more male fans

Beyonce is the wife of popular rapper Jay-Z. Beyonce's ass has been branded as 'bootylicious' after she wrote a song with the same name. Part of becoming a popular female pop star means branding yourself as a sex object. Beyonce has mastered her personal brand and is one of the greatest sex objects in the industry right now (especially after she collaborated with Lady Gaga).

The upside of this doll is that she is branded as having '3 holes that love to be filled.' (You can simulate oral, anal, and vaginal sex with this doll.) Many men find themselves in relationships where they are lucky to have 2 holes to fill. In addition, you 'don't have to put a ring on this slutty siren', meaning you don't have to marry her even though you cum inside of her, because she can't get pregnant.'

"This Single Lady Has All the Right Moves." This doll seems genius. Some bands create cool websites, others make viral videos, and some bands even make iPod apps to reach their fans. But if you really want to be connected to some1, you have to let them 'make love to you', so that they can look into your eyes while they cum and establish the most personal connection

Is the Beyonce Sex Doll a good idea to extend her brand to more male listeners?
Will men be paranoid that Jay-Z will h8 them if they make love to this doll?
Can you either be a Jay-Z fan or own this doll?
Would Jay-Z make love to this doll if Beyonce was away on business, or would he just cheat on her?
Is Beyonce still the 'hottest black woman on the planet' or did Jennifer Hudson / Whitney Houston replace her?
Are fuck dolls the future of 'band merch' / band brand extensions?
Do men appreciate female artists, or do they only care about how 'hot' they are?
Should I buy a sex doll?

Which other female artists should look into creating a sex doll?

Some bro does a chillwave cover in his underwear


Recently, a popular internet bro did a cover of Toro Y Moi's hit song "Blessa" in his underwear. He opted to adapt the lyrics in order to be 'more representative' of the chillwave era.

Is this cover 'authentic'?

Does this bro have a hot bulge?

Do u miss his previous chillwave vlogs /artistic interpretations?


are chillwave vloggers the future of chillwave?


Did this meme turn u on?

H&M Hires tweens to participate in a Flash Mob 2 promote their Kids Line


H&M is a popular retailer with a moderately alternative reach. Many people describe it as American Apparel meets the Gap meets Forever 21 meets ___________. It seems like they are trying to re-brand to be 'cool with the kids + tweens', as opposed to being a place where you go to get cheap shit that looks okay/neutral.

It seems like they got a bunch of tweens to do some sort of flash mob in order to promote their brand. I wonder if it cost a lot of money to hire these tweens, or if it was a bunch of those types of tweens who think their kids should be models / actors / singers / dancers / etc. Always seems like a good idea to hire some teens/tweens who are down to work 'on the cheap' in hopes of creating a better life.

Seems 'weak'

55 stylish kids surprise the public at Union Square in San Francisco with a hip hop dance battle that showcases the latest H&M Kids fashion.

Alt tweens doing grown up things. Riding public transportation, wearing scarves

Every1 is free to live life

Altbaguettes keep getting younger and younger.

Are flash mobs still a legitimate way to create 'viral buzz' for your brand, or should the creative executives who orchestrated this campaign be 'fired' for using a buzzworthy idea from 2-4 years ago?
Will u take ur tween son or daughter to shop at H&M, or will they prefer to shop at WalMart since Miley Cyrus' fashion line is carried there?
Do flash mobs really 'count' when it is just a group of parents huddled around, watching their kids perform?
Do u shop at H&M?
What is your perception of the H&M brand?
Is H&M alt and/or authentic?

Some SXSW venue creates a ‘snarky’ sign 2 repel bloggers

In an age where every one has a blog and every1 thinks they deserve 2 be 'V.I.P.' / 'on the list' at every relevant concert, the duties of event management companies have become more complex and tedious than ever before. Every blog claims to be relevant, due to the number of hits they get, or due to the alleged 'high level'/income/age range quality of the blog's readers.

This sign seems like it is trying to 'get the attention' of the internet through the collective blogospherian voice. It questions the journalistic voice of bloggers in an era where the blogosphere / twittersphere is the first line of tastemakery. In a way, we are all bloggers. In a way, we all deserve 2 be inside a relevant club. In a way, we are all already inside the most relevant club in the world: Life.

Not sure if they should have branded their 'club' in the background so that they could have gone viral with this site. Sorta seems like this might be the 'blogger meme of SXSW 2010.' Not sure if this was directed at music bloggers or tech bro bloggers?

Have u ever been stuck outside a venue, then claimed u wrote / took photos for Pitchfork?
Have u ever heard a bro try to 'promote' his blog?
What do u do when u can't get into venues?
Is this meme trying 2 hard?
Are bloggers real writers?
Should I stop blogging and start writing on poster boards?
Is SXSW full of 'fucking ass holes' from every pseudo-industry in the Western World?


Alternative Event, Company

SXSW (South By Southwest) is a relevant music, technology and film conference/festival that takes place in Austin, TX.

Read more>>>>

Alt tweens get buzzed & make a Vampire Weekend Tribute Video


"Giving Up The Gun" by the Vampire Weekend has been the most successful song of 2k10, since it is a 'poppy masterpiece' played by an indie band that also has a bloggable music video starring tons of search engine optimized celebs. In order to align their personal brands with this video / band, a group of alternative teens / tweens made a 'tribute' video, in which they put on alternative gear + tennis gear, then pranced around in front of their webcam aimlessly, giggling, being young, being alt, being free.

Is this video a 'fucking disgrace' to the Vampire Weekend brand or is it indicative of their core audience?
Is the Macbook webcam the most important tween innovation of the past 20 years?
Do u wish u could be a tween again? What song/video would yall have done a tribute 2?

Some etsy designer makes iMaxi iPad cover as a product meme.

It seems like if you are an independent designer trying to 'sell shit' on the internet, building a cutesy Apple accessory is probably your best bet. If your product is a good enough meme, you will get natural coverage on large technology blogs, then inspire purchases by wealthy people who need zany gag gifts.

Does n e 1 know if they can make a tampon that holds an iPod shuffle?
Are tampons more alt than maxi pads?
Are maxi pads for old ass bitches with 'heavy flow'?

This iMaxi iPad cover seems 'funny', like a link I would share with my friends.

Introducing Hip Handmaids’ exclusive iMaxi—the only Apple iPad case made with protective wings!
With its durable vinyl outer layer and plush, quilted-cotton sleeve, the iMaxi helps keep your iPad clean and dry. Plus, the iMaxi's Velcro-latched, advanced wing design wraps snugly around your device, so your iPad always stays where it should. Best of all, it shields it from all those unsightly and embarrassing data leaks that would make any motherboard worry!
Each handmade iMaxi can be easily customized to fit your active lifestyle. Please view other listings for different color options including our uh... "lived in" red thread interior. If you don’t see a color you like, just ask!

Should I get an iPad, or is it a 'bullshit' product?

Should I get an iMaxi or is it just a gimmick?
Do u like zany Apple accessories, or do u just carry around ur Macbook in an empty paper Whole Foods bag?
Should I have my period on this zany product?

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