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What is a lifestyle brand?

Sometimes I'll get pretty into a band, or a t-shirt company, or any other sort of business, and I find out that they are not what I think they are. They are in fact 'a lifestyle brand.'

According to wikipedia:

A lifestyle brand embodies the values and aspirations of a group or culture.
A successful lifestyle brand speaks to the core identity of its customers. Individuals each have their own sense of self, based on their background (e.g. ethnicity, social class, subculture, nationality, etc.). A lifestyle brand provides a powerful supplement to this core identity, by allowing the individual to publicly associate themselves with the brand. 

Alternative lifestyle brands are the present and the future of the arts & entertainment industry. Bands will no longer be bands; they will be lifestyle brands. Designers are lifestyle brands. Films must exists as lifestyle brands. Blogs and Websites are lifestyle brands. Humans will be lifestyle brands.

In order to be a lifestyle brand, you must do any combination of the following:

  • Make Music
  • Make T-Shirts
  • Make totebags
  • Have an e-commerce website
  • Have 'inventory' of something cool within your apartment
  • Participate in yardsales/own a vehicle from which you sell your goods from
  • You have hired your best friend as a 'designer'
  • Have placed an ordered in bulk quantities from American Apparel
  • Have a myspace page with 500+ friends
  • Have exchanged emails with another 'lifestyle brand' about collaborating to make a cross-brander product
  • Have a logo
  • Have a website with over 100 images
  • Have an internship program
  • Have executed a 'guerilla' and or 'viral' marketing campaign
  • Have been blurbed in an alternative magazine or blog
  • Other crap that I'm sure people will cmmnt about

The best part about being a 'lifestyle brand' is that you are really easy to blurb about in alternative magazines that people may or may not read/take seriously. You supply writers with multiple 'talking points' that they can reference in blurb-style mentions. For example, HEARTSREVOLUTION.

Part of being a lifestyle brand means you don't have to know what the hell you are talking about. Here is an interview with some people who work in an ice cream truck.

Lifestyle brands are the only way to reach alternative markets. If you are a band or a business, and your audience is not willing to let you steer their identity, then you should not exist. We should all strive to be lifestyle brands, and take over the psyches of your friends, family, and any one who ever encounters you. When other people see you, they should say, "I wish that person made a t-shirt that I could wear so that other people would know that I associate with him/her."

For example, these kids love the Ed Banger Lifestyle Brand.

Should bands stop being 'bands' and start being 'lifestyle brands'?
Do you know any one with a startup lifestyle brand that deserves to be blurbed about on HRO?
When will HRO officially be a lifestyle brand?


A few of my favourite lifestyle brands:

  • Communist China
  • Nike
  • Michael Jordan
  • Pedro Winter/Tommy Banghalty
  • Supreme
  • McDonalds 50 Piece McNuggets
  • Pizza Hut 'Book It' Program
  • Broken Social Scene
  • Erlend Oye
  • Apple Computers
  • Google
  • Wal Mart
  • Rickrolling

What are your favourite and least favourite lifestyle brands?

INFOGRAPHIC: Spoiled tweens send 3000+ texts per month

Was just reading some teen parenting blogs bc I have an unruly tween who only cares about texting, sexting, social media, vlogging, and funnie television shows that generate viral content. Anyways, I found this 'startling' graph that showcases how many texts tweens send per month. It seems like they send 3000 per month, which comes out to around 100 per day. Worried.

Who r they texting?
Who do they need to be talking 2?
What are they talking abt?

I have a real job and I manage a team of 7 people in the office and we don't send that many emails per day. It is just so baffling that my spoiled tween son sends 100 texts per day. Really glad I got him 'unlimited' plan bc our bill was $1k last month. Was hella pissed, and threatened to get him a pay-as-u-go phone.

Anyways, here is the 'infographic.' I am not sure if this is a real 'infographic' or just a boring ass bar graph chart. U can see the spoiled tweens send the most texts, and the older u get, the less texts u get.

Worried that I'm gonna turn 65 and I won't be able 2 send texts.

Why do u send less texts when ur a grown ass person?
Are u too busy dying so u don't connect with ppl as much?
Do u have more friends when ur young, and then when ur old u only talk 2 ur husband/wife, and u prefer to avoid them as much as possible?
Is texting 'real communication' or just bullshitting?
Are tweens spoiled?
Will tweens grow old and continue texting?
How much do SMS messages cost ur mobile phone service provider?

INFOGRAPHIC: How much do indie bands get paid per live gig?

From what I have heard, 'touring' is the only way for a band to make money because no1 buys albums any more, and when they do, retailers basically take all of the money. U have to 'tour hard' and hope u sell a lot of t-shirts so that ur band makes money. It seems like some website made an INFOGRAPHIC abt how much money acts make per gig. Feel 'jealous' of most of these acts, because they are making so much money.

Here is the mainstream version of the 'graphic', which tells us boring stuff.

White people honky bands make mad bank
-Tween sensations make more than u will make over the next 3-5 years per night
-Hootie bro from Hooting at the Blowfish still makes mad bank
-People will still pay to see rock n roll bans that dress up as clowns
-U should start a Christian band

Anyways, that is boring. H8 white people music. Coulda at least thrown some rappers in there (besides Darius Rucker).

So I decided to make an INFOGRAPHIC that illustrates how which indie artists makes the most buzz dollars per gig. Not sure if this is based on any sort of real fact / analytic, but it seems 'kewl.' If I had to guess, 'buzz dollars' are some sort of unit that measures the amount of tweets, blog buzz, and high resolution photos that are generated at your shows, along with attendance numbers + t-shirt sales.

Seems like some bands make 'tons of buzz bucks'. What bands were omitted, and how many buzz bucks do yall think they make? Does Phoenix make more buzzbucks than any1 in the world?

Do yall think this buzz chart makes sense?
Do indie bands even make money?
Does it suck 2 be a modern indie band?
Do bands deserve to make money?
Should bands make more money off album sales?
Would yall rather be a mainstream band or an indie band who is trying to earn 'buzz bucks'?
Do yall know much a top tier indie band makes per show?
Is it a 'solid' figure, or 'depressing'?
R u sad that J Bieb makes more money in a year than u might make in ur lifetime?
Would u rather be a billionaire in 'real money' or with 'buzz dollars'?

GRAPHIC INFOGRAPHIC: Which nation has the biggest average peen size in the world?

Do yall ever stand in the mirror and look at how big your private parts are? You'll start to feel insecure, proud, or ashamed, then you'll take a step back and have a more global perspective... You'll begin to wonder, "Who has the biggest peens in the world?" It's so weird how different groups of people have evolved to have different skin colors, hair types, and some people can even get diabetes rlly easily.

But I guess the ultimate question is, "Which group of people have the biggest peens?" Many people think that Africa-based humans are 'hung', but other European countries are hella macho, so they probably have big peens too.

Sorta wonder if penis size has altered / determined the course of global civilization.

Who has the biggest penis size in the world?

Complete list + average penis size

1. Denmark – 7.59
2. Italy – 7.44
3. Sweden – 7.44
4. Australia – 7.41
5. Netherlands – 7.41
6. Belgium – 7.39
7. England – 7.38
8. Switzerland – 7.37
9. USA – 7.37
10. Greece – 7.37
11. Dominican Republic – 7.36
12. France – 7.36
13. New Zealand – 7.35
14. Ireland – 7.33
15. Panama – 7.32
16. Spain – 7.31
17. Canada – 7.3
18. Cuba – 7.28
19. Israel – 7.27
20. Portugal – 7.26
21. Brazil – 7.25
22. Egypt – 7.22
23. South Africa – 7.21
24. Germany – 7.21
25. Argentina – 7.21
26. Chile – 7.19
27. Colombia – 7.19
28. Russia – 7.17
29. Costa Rica – 7.14
30. Venezuela – 7.11
31. South Korea – 6.98
32. Peru – 6.95
33. Mexico – 6.89
34. China – 6.86
35. Thailand – 6.82
36. India – 6.74
37. Taiwan – 6.56
38. Indonesia – 6.54
39. Philippines – 6.14
40. Malaysia – 6.08

Not sure if this data is accurate, but makes sense maybe. Think it was 'sourced' from a gay blog's reader poll, so it probably carries no weight since people in Africa don't have computers, aren't gay, and don't read blogs abt gay lifestyle.  This poll claims 'white blooded' people have huge peens, and 'brown people' / AZNs have small peens. Might move to Scandanavia and try to get some 'hung' bros, and check out how big their penises are. Just hold them in my hand, feel insecure.

How big is ur peen?
What's ur nationality?
What type of human do u think has the smallest penis?
Do u think penis size matters when determining ur personal brand?

INFOGRAPHIC: Only Poor People Need “God” 2 distract them from having crappy lives

I have been trying 2 find faith in my life, connecting with some version of a white or brown God, but I've been having trouble because I am 'upper-middle class.' Some scientist/sociologist/anthropologist just made this 'infographic' that demonstrates how poor people 'love God.' Rich countries are kinda into God, but they don't really need it as much because they are busy spending money on 'material things.'

Why do yall think that poor people / poor countries need 'God'?
Do u have a God bro in ur life?
Do only poor Americans 'need God'?
Do 'religion' and 'capitalism' go 'hand in hand'?

Here is the infographic:

What did u learn from this?

  • The 'brown' parts of the world believe in a 'brown' God
  • South Americans + AZNs chill with some sort  of Religious system
  • American Christians h8 being Catholic, but <3 their white God
  • Great Britain also likes to ride the protestant wave
  • Japan believes in some God even though they are ric
  • U should move 2 Scandinavia / a kewl European country if u want to be rich but not believe in God

R u Muslim, Catholic, Protestant, or 'other'?
Which country has the zaniest God in the World?
Do u wish this infographic was just a huge bubble that represented the world adopting a new wave Christian religion that helped us to 'get rich quick'?
R u happy u live in a rich country?
Would u rather be rich or have 'mad faith'?
Is religion and important part of ur daily life?
Do u wish 'harvesting buzzbands' was a religion?
Should P4k convert 2 become an indie deity?
Why do poor people need God so much?
Do white American poor ppl <3 God [via Walmart]?
Should we go into Third World countries and try to make them 'Christian' [via modern crusades]?
If we give them high paying jobs in factories, will they be willing to abandon 'God'/adopt a new version of God that tells them to make more iPods/sneakers?

INFOGRAPHIC: Old Navy lies abt the waist sizes of their jeans 2 make fat ppl feel skinny

It's soooo hard 2 find a pair of jeans that fits me because I am a woman who is transforming into a pear-shaped body/because I am a bro who is 'starting to drink tons of brewskies every night.' I used to wear Levis skinny jeans, but now I am 'fat as hell' and just searching for something that fits comfily around my big ol belly/rapidly expanding midsection. Pants that can comfortably help me waddle my 'fat ass' 2 my fourth meal on time.

Glad I found this chart so that I can buy jeans that have a small LISTED waist size, even though my ACTUAL waist size is 'out of control.' Really just helps me [psychologically] to know that my waist size is pretty chill, and that I am 'almost healthy.' Feeling good about myself based on the 'clothes that fit me.' Really hope that by the time I am old, the t-shirt size "XL" is recalibrated and called "S" just to make sure I feel healthy and beautiful.

Really just want to be overweight/obese, but still feel 'skinny' according to my jean size.

Are yall obese or skinny/healthy?
What is the most authentic brand of jeans?
Do u prefer jeans that make sure that there is 'no way in hell' that fatties can fit into their brand?
Are you more chill with brands that help 'fatties'
R u wearing Old Navy Jeans right now, feeling 'fat and ashamed'?

Should I go to Old Navy 4 the rest of my life? Is Old Navy the chillest brand on the planet 4 helping out our image?

What is ur waist size?
According to alternative society, are you 'obese' if ur waist size is over 29/30/32/34/50/80 inches?
What brand of jeans do u wear?
What types of jeans are for fat people?
R u obese, and do u prefer to just wear pants with an elastic band?
Is Old Navy for fat Americans?
Do u prefer jeans that are 'accurately sized' or ones that err on the side of skinniness?
What jean brands 'lie' about their size? Which 1s are accurate?
Do u think alternative retailers should help their target market to 'feel skinny' for the rest of their lives'?

Pie Chart Meme Graphic: How artists, record labels, & retailers split album sales

Have always wanted to start a buzzband, but didn't really know if it was 'worth it' cuz of the state of the modern music industry. Feel like there is some sort of 'effed up' system where bands don't even get paid, and even if u go mainstream, tons of entities are 'stealing ur money' cuz they market + distribute ur music. Mad bummed. Thought being a rock star would get u mad rich, but feel like this chart illustrates that bands 'don't make that much money.'

Feel like if I had a band, I wouldn't have a manager, bass player, or lead guitarist. I would avoid signing to a record label, and would try really hard not to use a distributor. Might outsource an 'album sales website' to a web design firm in India. Just gotta maintain all my profits, avoiding 'legal counsel' and even a 'producer.' So weird that bands have to spend money on all of this stuff.

'Solo project' without any sort of band / marketing infrastructure seems ideal. Wonder if chillwave/lofi/being Radiohead is the best possible band business model, since you can minimize 'bullshit costs' and really focus on exploiting your tribe.

Really just want to keep all of the profits, knowing that my art belongs to me, and no1 can use it without my consent.
H8 how the music industry is so effed up, and it doesn't even allow us to make art any more. Even Larry Gaga is a 'slave' to the horizontally integrated corporate structure.

Do artist 'make money' from album sales?
What type of band would yall be in?
What staff would u have if you had a band?
What are some good ways to 'cut corners' and save ur band budget?
Will I make more money in my life if I have a mediocre 9-5 job for 35 yea, or if I have a buzzband that has 2 albums that sell moderately well?
Does this mean I'm never going to be a rock star / blog star?
Is the music industry 'swirling down the shitter'?
Do musicians deserve Health Insurance?
Do record labels 'steal' tons of money from artists, or are bands 'worthless' without relevant record labels?
Do musicians/bands waste tons of money on goods and services that they don't need?

Snarky JPG Meme emerges ‘making fun of’ the ‘hipster fashion cycle’

It seems like some1 designed this picture to create a 'snarky take' on the hipster fashion cycle. The JPG photo, possibly designed in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator seems to try to 'analyze trends.' Assuming that 'hipsters' are on the cutting edge of culture, this photographic tries to 'give in depth analysis' on how 'effing hipsters' try so hard 2 be individuals, but don't realize that they are 'just part of a fickle cycle.'

Really opened my eyes, and made me feel like I wasn't unique [via Fight Club/Tyler Durden/Brad Pitt].

Do yall think this meme is 'insightful', 'duh', or 'just plain wrong'?
Are there any problems
Do yall feel like every phase of the fashion/trend cycle is sorta ironic/post-trendy?

So many mainstreamers trying to go viral with 'hipster memes.'

Do yall think this cycle applies to every hipster fashion/trend?
(Yes/No) Mom Jeans
(Yes/No) Shuttershades
(Yes/No) Fixed Gear Bicycles
(Yes/No) Twitter
(Yes/No) Facebook
(Yes/No) Skinny Jeans
(Yes/No) Vintage thriftwave shopping
(Yes/No) being Richie Tenenbaum for halloween
(Yes/No) being Margot Tenenbaum for Halloween
(Yes/No) Record Hats
(Yes/No) The XX
(Yes/No) chillwave
(Yes/No) Animal Collectives
(Yes/No) masturbating
(Yes/No) Child Predator glasses
(Yes/No) Palestinian Scarves
(Yes/No) Fedoras
(Yes/No) Duvets
(Yes/No) working at a coffee shop
(Yes/No) working at a starbucks
(Yes/No) going vegan
(Yes/No) going to Six Flags
(Yes/No) wearing khakis
(Yes/No) drinking soy milk
(Yes/No) memeing on the internet

Just trying to 'break down' this meme, and see if it is 'truly insightful' or if

Do yall think this infographic is 'correct'?
Do yall adopt trends or do u transcend them?
Do u h8 'effing hipsters'?
Do all alternative trends turn mainstream, and all conservative mainstream trends turn alt?

Meme Diagram: The Evolution from Hipster to Hippie

Some blogger in San Fransisco made a 'visually delightful' image / meme about how certain bros evolve from hipster to hippie. I am not sure if I really 'endorse' this meme, since it seems pretty simple, but I figured I should 'get in on the traffic' it is probably going to generate some 'hipster bashing' hits as mainstreamers 'share' this image, and 'lol' about bros who they know who grew scruffy beards to try to be post-hipster personal brands.

I went to the website that was linked, and it seemed like some person who was trying to 'find social meaning' but it was difficult cuz 'so many ppl were so hollow' or something.

R u a 'hipster' or a 'hippie'?
Do u like people who 'share hipster links'?
Do u like to 'laugh at effing hipsters'?
Is there anything to laugh at in this meme, like some sort of whimsical truth that we can acknowledge and laugh about?
Is this a high level design meme, or some low level Adobe Illustrator vector graphics?
Could there have been more numbers / statistics involved to make this an official infographic?
Do bros in San Francisco 'get all confused' about what their brand is about?
Do all 'hipsters' devolve to 'hippies' or are they just 'the rich kids who don't have to get real jobs'?
Does n e 1 who generates 'hipster commentary' memes deserve an automatic book deal?

How can bands exploit their fan bases? How to categorize a band’s target consumer groups.

Some blog that probably tries to sound 'all innovative' about music and the internet came up with this infographic. It seems like it is trying to compartmentalize types of fans, and how bands can exploit them to make money.

There are four tiers of fans:
True Fans: bros who are way into a band and will buy something stupid
General Public: Random ass people who have no identity, and just want to buy what other people are buying
Local Concert Goers: People who don't realize that the internet is the ultimate buzzband incubator, so they accidentally get way too into 'local music'/the live concert experience, and blow money when they pass by merch tables
Friends and Family: The sad people who are guilted into going to shows / supporting a band, even when a band sucks/doesn't deserve to make more money. Your friends and family who are afraid to tell you that your band sucks + probably won't ever attract a larger crowd.

What band do u like?
What type of fan are u for that band?
Does Animal Collective have the highest density of 'true fans' in the history of music?

Based on the graph, I have come up with the following broad assumptions about music fans / buyers of music

  • True fans are super annoying, but u can make a shitload of money off of them if you make them feel special
  • ur band is pointless if you can only sell ur CDs to friends and family
  • local bands are worthless to the 'general public'
  • The general public doesn't really identify with a band's music, but are sort of just shopping for something that makes them appear to be 'more cultured.'
  • Blogs that try to direct 'the general public' towards good music are for entry levelers
  • The goal of life is to exist on a level that transcends this chart, where you illegally download albums + get into shows for free + eventually become bros with the bands
  • Bands that make the most money exploit the 'General Public'
  • Bands can make more money than they deserve by exploiting local concert goers who buy merch

Which band do u feel the most spiritally / emotionally / financially connected to?
Have you ever been guilted into going to your friend's band's show every weekend for a 1 year span?
Do you h8 the mainstream general public who just aimlessly fill up their iPod with iTunes recommendations?
Are blogs for super fans, the general public, or macro-micro-local audiences?
What is a good way for a band 2 make a shit load of money?
Do u feel sad for bros who are 'way into local music' and don't realize that the buzzcentric internet is the optimal format for consuming new artists?
Do you think it is more valuable to have a core group of super fans, or just to create a poppy, accessible album that you can trick the general public /Middle America into buying?
Is Nickelback / the Beatles / Radiohead / U2 the best band of all time because the general public = super fans?
Is life just about accumulating a tribe of followers who will pay you to release kewl / interesting / functional products?
Should music be free?

Map of America that illustrates density of Apple Users / tech gadget ass holes

Some map was created that shows the density of Apple users in America. It seems like people in real cities use Apple products. People who live in rural America are stuck on PCs / Dell Desktops / Cheap Hewlett Packards / Sony Vaios / other crappy Windows based computers. They probably don't have many computers in the green parts of the map, like the 'third world' areas of the United States. Feel bad that not every1 can enjoy the functionality of Apple products, but they probably don't even have good educations / a real job where a computer would be useful 2 them. They probably just need to count beans in these parts of the country, and don't

Wonder if you can make other assumptions based on this map of Apple users. Like 'all of these people read blogs' or 'all of these people are ass holes.' Maybe 'all of these people have fake jobs in the design + web development industry.' or we can assume that this map also represents the density of 'ass holes who use twitter.' Do yall know how to interpret maps + statistics?

Do u live in one of these relevant Apple using communities, or are you stuck in suburbia? Are you stuck in suburbia, but do u have parents who paid for you to 'be different from the rest' by buying u an iPod touch?

1. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA: With Silicon Valley and Apple headquarters located squarely within the market’s boundaries, it’s no surprise that the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose DMA ranks number one in the nation for owning or using one of the core Apple products. Residents here are 49% more likely than the average American to own or use an iPod, iPhone or Mac computer.
2. Boston, MA: Almost one-in-three adults in the Boston DMA (31.3%) own or use an iPod, iPhone or Mac computer making area residents 45% more likely than average to be Mac maniacs. And with 11 Apple stores located within the Boston DMA, residents never have to go far for their Apple fix.
3. San Diego, CA: San Diego-area residents are 42% more likely than the average American to be toting around an iPod, chatting on an iPhone or computing on a Mac. In fact, 31.8% of the San Diego DMA’s 2.2 million adults are admitted Mac users.
4. New York, NY: Anyone can tell you that iPhones are about as common in New York City as taxis, which supports the fact that there are roughly 4.9 million Mac-users in the New York DMA. Of the almost 16 million adults in the area, 30.4% use either an iPod, iPhone or Mac computer.
5. Washington, D.C.: Residents of our nation’s capitol can agree on at least one thing: their love for Apple. D.C.-area residents are 39% more likely than average to be found listening to an iPod, chatting on an iPhone or tapping away on a Mac computer.
6. Chicago, IL: The Chicago-area’s eight Apple stores should keep plenty busy serving the DMA’s 2.1 million adults who currently use one of the three core Apple products. An estimated 29.4% of adults in the Chicago DMA use iPods, iPhones or Mac computers, making them 36% more likely than average Americans to be Apple consumers.
7. Denver, CO: An estimated 863,000 adults of the Denver DMA’s 3 million adult residents (29.1%) are Apple users, making Mile High City and surrounding area residents 35% more likely than average to use Apple’s iPods, iPhones and computers.
8. Monterey-Salinas, CA: This upscale, coastal DMA located immediately south of the San Francisco DMA is home to barely a half million adults and only one (busy) Apple store. An estimated 151,000 adults in the area (28.1%) own or use iPods, iPhones and/or Mac computers. In fact, Monterey-Salinas residents rank 30% above average for being Apple users.
9. Santa Barbara-Santa Maria-San Luis Obispo, CA: Aside from breathtaking views and sun-drenched beaches, the Santa Barbara DMA is home to 141,000 Apple users, 27.9% of area adults. Residents can take their pick of two Apple stores—one in Santa Barbara and another in San Luis Obispo—to fill all their Apple needs.
10. Las Vegas, NV: Sin City-area residents are also 29% more likely than average to be users of Apple products. Approximately 408,000 of the DMA’s 1.5 million adults (27.9%) use either an iPod, iPhone or Mac, or all three.

Should Apple start opening Apple Stores in rural America to get ppl to buy their products?
Do u feel ashamed of your city for not being on this list?
Are apple products perfectly designed products that God created thru the prophet Steve Jobs?
Do people in rural America not understand how technology is useful?
Is San Diego 'more alt' than NYC for beating them on this list?
Do u think one day the entire country will only use Apple products?
Should I buy an iPhone or get an iPad with a skype app?
Do u live in a relevant Apple city, or a rural PC shit hole?

Flowchart Meme: How 2 Select the Right Font for Your Project / Life / Brand

Just saw this flow chart meme that helps designers select a font based on a set of criteria. I think this meme might be a 'hit' in the design world, but it also might be 'completely wrong', constructed by some1 who 'doesn't know a damn thing about design/typography.'

What's ur favourite font?
Do all roads lead to Helvetica?

SO YOU NEED A TYPEFACE is a project by Julian Hansen. It's an alternative way on how to choose fonts (or just be inspired) for a specific project, not just by browsing through the pages of FontBook. The list is (very loosely) based on the Top 50 of the Top100 Best Schrieften by Font Shop.

What is the most authentic font?
Is Univers more authentic than Helvetica?
Is Arial the 'Microsoft' of fonts?
Do u h8 Times New Roman?
Is Futura the 'next big alt font'?
Should I get a Comic Sans tattoo on my face?
What criteria do u use to select a font?
Do fonts 'make or break' brands / projects / businesses?
Do u feel 'sad' when people don't value the visual representation of their brand [via font selection]?
Is this flow chart 'useful' or is it 'just another worthless internet meme'?

How many mp3s / albums / streams must an artist sell to make minimum wage?

I just saw this 'really sweet infographic' about how much artists must sell in order to make minimum wage in the United States. From what I understand, there are tons of ways for artists to make money by selling their CDs, but they usually get 'ripped off' by iTunes, label contracts, and streaming services. Not sure if it is realistic to expect 2 make money in the modern world unless you are Coldplay.

Would u rather be in a minimum wage buzzband, or just work at McDonalds for a while?

Does this infographic 'open ur eyes'?
Does it seem lucrative to be in a buzzband, or should they just get 'real desk jobs'?
Are streaming services 'bullshit' scams that don't really pay artists?
Should the American education system be converted into Infographics so that information is graphically displayed in a beautiful way that seems compelling and interesting?
Should I start a blog with fake, yet plausible infographics?

Do u know how much modern buzz bands get paid when I download their mp3s for free off the internet?

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