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Lucas Vercetti crosses over to the mainstream because he is dating famous person Tallulah Willis

Demi Moore was married to Ashton Kutcher until Kutcher decided to bang 'actual young pussie' instead of a cosmetically preserved cougar. Before Demi was with Ashton, she was with Bruce Willis, best known from the film "Dying Hard with Vengeances" where they created a few spawn children who were destined to be famous for simply being the children of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis. Along with her sister Rumer Willis, Tallulah is getting MAD COVERAGE for her new boyfriend: Lucas Vercetti, the white guy in Odd Future.

This is a HUGE moment for Lucas AND for the Odd Future brand.

Lucas is embracing the attention from the papparazzi, being all like "I'M FAMOUS, BITCHES! GOLFWANG! SWAG!"

Here is a better picture of Tallulah Willis before she decided to get swept up by the Odd Future ceremonial token white member.

You might know Lucas Vercetti better as The White Guy in Odd Future.

Here is a MAINSTREAM GOSSIP ROUNDUP on Lucas Vercetti's new FAMOUS HOLLYWOOD RELATIONSHIP. U can rlly appreciate the lamestream, SEO driven 'journalism.'

Via Radar Online:

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's youngest daughter is in a relationship with a hipster who runs with rapper Tyler The Creator, has exclusively learned.

Tallulah Belle, 18, is dating Lucas Vercetti — known as "The White Kid in Odd Future," a hip-hop collective led by Tyler.

Lucas friended Tallulah on Facebook in February under her secret "Lu Willy" account and by March 14 his relationship status was changed to "in a relationship." can confirm the pair has been photographed kissing each other and Tallulah's Facebook profile picture is a shot of the two of them together.

Lucas was dubbed the "white guy" in Odd Future after his face was features on their album cover and he's often the center of the group's hijinks — including a video of him being forced to suck on a man's toe after losing a bet.

No word yet if Bruce and Demi approve!

Check out my Odd Future hand symbol! We're like a gang!

Here are some photos [via the Cobrasnake] of Lucas and Tallulah being ashamed of him.

Why r u hiding bb?
lucas vercetti tallulah willis white guy odd future

From the Daily Mail. No idea why they call him Lucia Vercetti:

You'd think that dating Bruce Willis's younger daughter might make a chap tread carefully around her, lest he offend the action hero.

But apparently not if you're Lucia Vercetti, the cult skater dude who is currently stepping out with 18-year-old Tallulah.

The skinny youngster, who has his hair dyed a shocking blonde, put on a precocious and cocky display for photographers in Beverly Hills yesterday.

Having been spotted with the Die Hard star and Demi Moore's daughter, he decided to draw as much attention to them as possible, as Tallulah tried to hide.

This fact alone would surely prompt Bruce to start knocking the mothballs off his John McClane wifebeater, but Lucas went further.

The youngster, who works at the LA store for merchandise connected to hip hop collective, Odd Future, even raised his hands in the hair in a valedictory manner.

It looked as though he was proudly taking credit for his new relationship, it's a physical brag that would irritate any concerned father.

Later, Lucia, crossed his arms in a hip hop pose, as Tallulah trailed behind... simultaneously cringing and laughing at his antics.

Lucia, wore pair of old-school Vans and a T-shirt while Tallulah rocked '90s jeans and flats with a grungey vest and sweater.

Lucia 4evr!

It seems clear that Lucas Vercetti is becoming the most famous member of Odd Future. While Tyler the Creator is often celebrated as the leader, Lucas has the most upside to crossover into a massive sensation. Right now, he's just the manager of the Odd Future outlet store, but before long, he'll probably have his own album, shoe line, swag line, and stable of pure bred white women.

Can Lucas become more famous?
Is he the #1 member of Odd Future?
Is he banging more premium pussie than Tyler the Creator?
Do u <3 Lucia?
Is Ashton Kutcher an 'effing a-hole'?
Is Tallulah Willis 'the hot one'?
Have u ever heard of this broad?
Do u prefer Tallulah or Cholula, the popular hot sauce?
Is Lucas ready 4 mnstrm fame?


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