Fiona Apple is rlly skinny at recent live show. | Hipster Runoff

Fiona Apple is rlly skinny at recent live show.

Photo via SPINNER

Fiona Apple is trying hard to be a 'stick up ur ass' indie band, making those boring ass high-end songs that appeal to people who waste their lives' reading music reviews. I have no interest in listening to her, unless she is an 18 year old rolling around in her panties, but that already happened in the late 1990s. Now she's a grown ass woman. At least her body is still FIT, like a yoga instructor or something. At least she is allegedly 'alt', so we can accredit being 'really skinny' to her diet, health, and lifestyle, and not due to mainstream forces of anorexia, bulimia, or other non-eating diseases.

Does Fiona look good, bb?

R u worried abt Fiona?
Does she have a better bod than the majority of other indie divas?
R u vibing 2 her, or r u worried?
Do we put 2 much pressure on indie divas/mainstream women 2 be skinnie?
When u listen 2 Fiona Apple's music, r u like "Fiona Apple... more like Fiona Crapple!"


Why Fiona Apple doesn't matter and no1 should care abt her.