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Dirty Projectors release new honky indie song, kick out an altbaguette

The Dirty Projectors are a high-end honky ass white man's indie band that embody the aging face of 'cool dads tryin 2 groove' 2 relevant indie rock. Some people love them, others are all like "Huh? I don't get it." But then u go to a show, and see 3 altbaguettes on stage, and ur like 'alright, i'll check out these BBs for an hour and a half.' They have some new song that showcases the voice of lead singer Dave Longstreth, instead of letting the altbaguette choir do their thing. He was probably like "I'm gonna riff, and yall just do ur OOH-AAH shit."

Not sure what the deal with this song is, or what websites are going to put their critical weight behind it. I feel like now that 'dubstep is cool', there will only be room to put your weight behind only a few indie-ish bands. Beach House and Vampire Weekend have guaranteed 'mindie but respected' slots, so DPs might be 'the odd man out' where this album is sorta just forgotten.

There is also some TERRIBLE news 2 report....

There are also reports that Angel Deradoorian, one of the altbaguettes from the Dirty Projectors, is 'on hiatus' during this album. There are rumors of an ugly 'force out' by Dave Longstreth since she got into a more serious relationship with Dave Portner, also known as Avey Tare, but those can't be confirmed--just rumored based on clashing musical styles. Maybe she was tired of OOHing and AAHing behind Longstreth... Maybe she wanted more...

I haven't seen an indie coverup this big since Baria Qureshi was kicked out of The XX.

The name of their new album is Swing Lo Magellan, which seems like it is 'trying 2 be deep' or something.

Did the DP's lose 33% of their magic formula by kicking out Angel BB?
Is Dave Longstreth an indie dictator tyrant?
Do the altbaguettes deserve more?
Will the Corrupt Indie Machine get to the bottom of Angel Deradoorian's 'leave of absence' from this album cycle?
Will the Dirty Projectors end the buzz drought, or is this type of indie music 'hella dated'?
Can we re-live 2k9, or will some ppl try to re-live the indie civilization peak of 2k9?

At least Amber Coffman and Haley Dekle are still there... I hope Angel is okay... #pray4Angel


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