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NYTimes: EDM and raves under threat of acquisition by big business conglomerates

Did you know that raves, electronic EDM music, and rave culture are 'totally hot right now', and represent a lucrative industry that rich people are looking to make money on? Even though 'rave culture' is often affiliated with 'low + middle class society', the EDM scene has become more interesting than rocknroll because rocknrollers are all old, boring white men with fake hair. It sorta makes sense. So now every1 is trying to 'get in on EDM'. Magazines. Venues. Promoters.

Even 'big business' live event conglomerates like AEG, Live Nation, and the Corrupt Mainstream Music Machine are trying to acquire big name independent raves and RUIN them by making money off a 'hot cultural event'? Anyways, the New York Times wrote about it, and there are also some hilarious 'explaining DJs, raves, and EDM to old people' moments.

Did u know that DJs are the new rock'n'roll icons? Raves are here 4evr!

Long considered a marginal part of the music business that subsisted in clubs and semi-legal warehouse raves, dance has now moved squarely into the mainstream, with a growing circuit of festivals and profit margins that are attracting Wall Street.

For an industry increasingly reliant on aging headliners — like Bruce Springsteen, Madonna and the Rolling Stones — the appeal of a genre with fresh stars and a huge young audience is undeniable.

“If you’re 15 to 25 years old now, this is your rock ‘n’ roll,” said Michael Rapino, the chief executive of Live Nation Entertainment, the world’s largest concert promoter.

DJs are scamming festivals and casinos for millions and millions of dollars. Wish I was part of that scene. :-(

Two weeks ago, 165,000 fans went to the Ultra Music Festival in Miami to revel in the pulsating bass and wave glow sticks in the dark. Similar numbers have turned out for events in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Dallas. With the boom, artist fees have exploded. Top D.J.’s like Deadmau5, Tiësto and Afrojack can earn well over $1 million for a festival appearance and $10 million for a Las Vegas nightclub residency, talent agents say.

Did u know that the mainstream concert promoters are about to steal/buy independent promoters, and basically 'ruin' the rave experience 4 every1?

Having developed on the margins, electronic dance music — high-energy waves of mechanized sound that, at its best, creates a communal experience for a sea of strangers — is dominated by a network of independent promoters.

They include Insomniac, which presents Electric Daisy Carnival; Hard Events, another nationwide promoter; Ultra, whose namesake festival in Miami has expanded to Brazil, Argentina and Poland; and Made Event, behind the Electric Zoo festival in New York.

Their success has attracted a clutch of potential investors from inside and outside the music world. The insiders include Live Nation and A.E.G. Live, the two biggest corporate promoters.

“It feels like the dot-com era,” said Joel Zimmerman, an agent at William Morris Endeavor who books many of the top dance acts. “There’s a little bit of a gold rush going on, with outsiders looking in.”

I thought Joel Zimmerman = Deadmau5, not a big business agent!

Did u know that DJs actually 'don't spin records' any more, they just control bleep bloop machines?

Electronic dance music, or E.D.M. for short, has been common in one form or other for decades, but only in recent years has its audience become big enough to sustain large-scale touring. Last December, Swedish House Mafia became the first D.J. act to headline Madison Square Garden. (D.J.’s do not spin records so much as command computerized sound systems, playing snippets of songs and using them to create their own protracted rhythms.)

This statement was written for honkies, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers to 'understand' just how popular EDM artists are:

This summer acts like Avicii and Kaskade are touring in some of the same arenas and theaters where fans can see Coldplay and James Taylor.

Whoa! EDM collab-ing with mainstream artists? Kewl!

At the Grammy Awards in February, Skrillex won three prizes and Mr. Guetta and Deadmau5 (pronounced like “deadmouse”) jammed with the Foo Fighters, L’il Wayne and Chris Brown.

Do u think the rave promoters should 'sell high', or 'ride it out' in the name of preserving the authenticity of the EDM music brand?

“I have been approached by all the big boys you can imagine,” said Gary Richards, the founder of Hard Events. “I’ve been working in this for 20 years and nobody cared. Now it’s so massive that everybody wants a piece of it.”

Is every1 giving up on indie?
Would u invest in 'raves', or are u afraid of druggies and teens dying on ur festival grounds?
Is EDM here 2 stay?
Are raves the new 'festivals' / 'concerts'?
Will this new dot-com bubble burst?
Do all of these DJs and promoters need to be 'saving money' 4 when the trend ends?
Will this trend last 4evr?
Which DJs will survive the EDM apocalypse?
Which 'raves' will turn in2 'mainstream festivals'?
Will old ppl ruin EDM culture?
Will big business ruin EDM culture?
Do u think old ppl 'get' rave culture after this article?