Watch the Animated Japanese interpretation of Lana Del Rey's career [via anime] | Hipster Runoff

Watch the Animated Japanese interpretation of Lana Del Rey's career [via anime]

Lana Del Rey's career has been widely covered in 'recap posts', mainly for mad hits from lamestreamers who want to be all like 'How did Lana Del Rey get 2 where she is now?' Anyways, whenever there is an internationally acclaimed meme or news story, some random ass Japanese people make a Second-Life-wave animated version, recapping the story, and provide post-ironically funnie commentary on it, sorta because it is for 'crazy foreigners. The video showcases every inch of Lana Del Rey's AMAZING curves.

It looks EGGZACKLY like #LDR!
lana del rey animated

She was crowned a HIPSTER QUEEN, yall!
hipster runoff crown

Critics like Pitchfork Blog TOTALLY h8 Lana Del Rey! They PANNED the eff out of her [via pans] [via literally beating her with pans]

Remember when she put the SNL audience 2 sleep? #ZZZZZZ

I guess in the end, we all wish that we were #BORN2ARICHFATHER

Was this FUNNIE or SAD or do u feel like u just watched ur entire life flash before ur eyes?

Here is the Broken-English Version:

Should Lana Del Rey get her own animated series for Saturday Morning cartoons?
Will they animate the purchase of her first riviera?
Does Lana look good?
Are critics 'mean' [via PANNING]?
Does Lana Del Rey have it all 2day?
Do u hope that 1 day u are captured in animated Japanese video format?
Does this make you want to see Lana Del Rey in anime porn / hentai?
Will Lana Del Rey have a hotel room meltdown with prostitutes, showing off her naked bare ass?

Lana Del Rey

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

Lana Del Rey is a hot female indie singer. She is 'mad controversial.'

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