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Was Bon Iver's Grammy acceptance speech a disgrace 2 the indie community?

Bon Iver's Grammy speech will be analyzed as one of the most pretentious displays of indie elitism as portrayed to the mainstream masses in the history of the music industry. Bon Iver won a mainstream award, and decided to 'stay alt', prancing up on stage in his FASHION DISASTER outfit, offering contradictory points that celebrated his own authenticity, the authenticity of artists who would never get mnstrm praise, and the mnstrm artists who are 'actually' talented. Understandably, Bon Iver hunky frontman Justin Vernon was nervous... but u have to wonder if he should have pulled it together for the sake of indie. This was his moment to promote specific buzzbands, cool blogs like NPR.blogspot.com, and improve vibes in a broken indie scene that has resorted to tabloid journalism.

Instead, we're left wondering if Bon Iver came across like a 'lost man from the woods' who stumbled on 2 the Grammy Stage. He was sorta 'ashamed', like 'I don't belong in this world', offering an apologetic speech to the mainstream audiences, but also the crappy buzzbands who he outbuzzed to mnstrm success.

U did it, Bon Iver. U won indie this year.
Somewhere in Canada, Win Butler threw his Grammy trophy thru his 140 inch plasma screen HDTV.
Bon Iver is the King of Indie, and can get handjobs from entry level alts in any scene that he wishes.
He has it all.

U did it, Bonny Bear, bb! U are the definitive sound of 2k11.
Don't look so ashamed 2 win! U earned it! BB ur a firework...cmon let ur colours burst, bb!

Did he tank in his speech?
Do u know what the eff he was even talking abt?
Was he 'confused'?
Should he have planned on winning, and practiced his speech in front of the mirror a few times?
Did he 'nail' his speech?
Does he seem 'proud' 2 win, or 'ashamed' like he is apologizing?
Was this the worst Grammy Acceptance speech of all time?

Bon Iver

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Bon Iver is a bearded man from a Midwestern forest who sounds like Bruce Hornsby and once collab-ed with Kanye West.

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