Lana Del Rey TANKS on another TV show but she JUST RIDEZ n e wayz. | Hipster Runoff

Lana Del Rey TANKS on another TV show but she JUST RIDEZ n e wayz.

I remember it like it was yesterday. Lana Del Rey went on Saturday Night Live and TANKED. It was a huge meme, and every1 acted like it was 'the end of the world' and people pretended that their opinion on the TANKING mattered. Now, the blogosphere has been desperate to 'create' another Lana Del Rey, even though it can't really happen bc any1 who sounds/looks relatively buzzworthy is picked up by a label/PR firm that can't organically manufacture 'internet controversy.'

Now Lana Del Rey is rich, mainstream famous (not just blog famous) and tons of ghey/tolerant tweens everywhere love her. I didn't really watch this song, I just assume that she is still as bad as her first SNL performance where she was all nervous and didn't even sing well and had no confidence. Maybe she turned it around, but I am not really 'connected' enough to even know any more.

I guess she tanked, but at the end of the day, maybe we can learn a lot from LDR... just ride, yall... just ride.

Did Lana TANK again?
Is LDR 'over'?
Is LDR 'just beginning'?
Do u miss the glory days of the Lana Del Report?
Did LDR ruin internet music culture bc she was a meme that shined 2 bright?

Lana Del Rey EFFING TANKS on SNL. Is her career 'effing over'?

Lana Del Rey

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Lana Del Rey is a hot female indie singer. She is 'mad controversial.'

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