Crystal Castles look sexie, scarie on the cover of NME | Hipster Runoff

Crystal Castles look sexie, scarie on the cover of NME

Oh Crysty Castles...
How did yall get on the cover of NME?
Oh yeah, the British h8 Americans
and yall are Canadian

That's chill.
yall look scarie
but at the same time

There's just something abt yall
That puts me in touch with my #DarkSide
Where ur really scared and afraid ur gonna die
but also rlly TURNED ON

Like getting effed with a gun 2 ur head
then crying abt youth
then having lilac hair
then seeing a man with a beard

Do u evr wish
that u were 1 of those ppl
who deserved 2 be punched
by Allie Glass?

Do u <3 Alice Glass?
Do u <3 Ethan Kath?
Do they look SeXy?
Is Crystal Castles III the #1 album of 2k12?
R u going 2 wear a bandana?
R u going 2 dye ur hair 2 be Allie Glass?

Crystal Castles


Crystal Castles are an 8 bit bleep bloop band from Canada.

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Ethan Kath

Alternative Celebrity

Ethan Kath is the 'genius' behind Crystal Castles.

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Alice Glass

Alternative Celebrity

Alice Glass is the lead singer of Crystal Castles. She is known for her KrAzY onStAgE aNtiCs.

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