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Alt Slutwaver Brooke Candy releases new slutwave ass video

Brooke Candy has stolen the hearts of every1 who is still into the genre formerly known as indie. Every1 is just like 'fuckit, I just wanna look at a conceptual slutwaver who I can beat off 2' at this point. She has some new video with some human named Charli XCX where she raps.

I have seen the name "Charli XCX" around, but these days you can't tell if that name is some sort of rapper or a keut girl singing and trying to copy Lana Del Rey/Grimes. I feel bad for Charli XCX since she had to 'steal' Brooke Candy from Grimes to basically 'rip off' Grimes. I probably could have found a slutwaver on the cheap for at least half the price of Brooke Candy with curves in all the right places. The real cost would have come from molding a metal slutwave futuristic suit.

The rap/song is pretty lame. Just that usual modern rap shit where they 'drop pop culture references' and act like they are being 'innovative.' Having said that, I'll take Brooke Candy over Kreayshawn any day bc at least I can rub my peen and feel pleasure instead of watching a human who more directly represents the Exploitation of Human Memes in the Modern Internet Music Scene.

Do u <3 Brooke Candy?
Did Charli XCX 'steal' Brooke Candy from Grimes just 2 'rip off' Grimes?
Does Brooke Candy need 2 wear her definitive slutwave outfit all the time?
Does Brooke Candy 'spit mad game' or is she 'wack'?
R u hornie?

Brooke Candy (The Curvy, Sexy BB from the Grimes 'Genesis' video) releases slutwave new music vid

Brooke Candy

Alternative Celebrity

The hot, curvy sexy alt music video girl from the Grimes "Genesis" video. She is trying to launch a rap career.

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