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Cat Power got the Miley Cyrus haircut

As far as I'm concerned, Cat Power's career has been a failure, and now she is 'finally putting out an album' when indie is just this stupid PR song and dance, forcing uneducated consumers to consider something 'buzzworthy' just because some dumb writer hacks 'write about it' on homogenous content farms. Every1 just remembers her as a name brand 'female indie singer', then Feist stole her entire marketshare, her bangs, and all of the mainstream money she could have made if she had just taken some antidepressants. Instead, she turned to the church of Scientology [via dating Giovanni Ribisi].

Anyways, Cat Power has the Miley Cyrus haircut. Who looks keuter? Who looks #BarelyLegal-er?

I guess she has a short haircut on her new album. I'm not diggin the look...

I miss her old vibe... She has so much more #cougar potential than Feist.

It's a real shame that she created the female indie physical/aural archetype, but didn't fulfill her promise. Coulda been a real cakewalk for her. But instead, she [ALLEGEDLY] joined the Church of Scientology and is probably still trying to get out. Also, she is apparently 'hella insane.'

Do u care abt Cat Power?
Do her songs do anything for u?
Is she the face of The Failed Promise of Early Indie?
Did she 'have it easy'?
Was it always 'just about her looks'?
R u worried abt her breakup with the Church?
Do u think she wishes she was Miley Cyrus?
Do u think she has the 'tight ass/bod' of Miley?
Has she 'gone Agyness Deyn'?
R u still #hornie for Channy Marshall?