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Pitchfork gives Frank Ocean a controversial 9.5. Is it unfair buzzfirmative action?

Link: http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/16859-channel-orange/

>Frank Ocean is gay.

He came out last week, and then got so much buzz and attention for being a 'hiphop artist who is openly kinda gay because he fell in love with a man' that they moved up the album release one week just to capitalize on the 'I pretended to come out because I wanted attention' buzz. It was definitely a savvy PR move, even if it takes away some one else's spotlight when they 'come out' because our society is s0o0o0 tolerant ow.

Frank Ocean is the latest overhyped buzz human from the hiphop world. If it wasn't him, it would be some other random ass person. It's the typical summer buzz drought where blogs are desperate to create something out of nothing for the sake of not feeling like the content farm has gone dry. I'm not sure why Pitchfork gave him a 9.5, probably because it was part of his P4kfest 2k13 festival contract.

Every one is desperate to turn this album into something that it's not just to act like they are 'tolerant', sort of like people who brag about having black/gay friends. I'm sure this is just some mediocre album. I know I'll never listen to it. It sorta makes me uncomfortable 2 know an artist is gay, because then u just think about how they aren't singing to a woman and love songs lose their power because they are singing about living in sin with sinful feelings.

So yeah, this album got a 9.5, every1 will pretend that it is awesome for a week before no1 listens to it again, then at the end of the year, people making year end lists will slide this into their 'buzzfirmative action' slot in the top 5 range, just to seem 'more tolerant.' I am not complaining, it is good for society to learn how to be more tolerant, but sometimes I wish we could just rate things based on the art, not on some1 'coming out' 4 the sake of buzz. I sorta wish the indiesphere could have a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy just so that we can all vibe without having impure thoughts and ratings.

This is really just a sad day for Billy Ocean, who Frank Ocean stole his name from. He's such a real ass nigga that Kanye West stole his haircut for a while. This is some 9.5+ vibes.

Is Frank Ocean overrated?
Is he unfairly rated?
Did he 'come out' just 4 the buzz?
Were there holes in his 'coming out' story that signaled it was 'just for buzz'?
Haven't all bros fallen in love with a bro b4? [via bromance]
Haven't all bros JOed with a bro b4? [via bromance]
Did P4k 'get it wrong'?
Did Frank Ocean end the buzz drought?
Is this album 'effing wack'/weak shit?
Is it soulful, meaningful, and a true representation of the human spirit?

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Frank Ocean

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Frank Ocean is an 'R&B specialist' from the horrorcore group 'Odd Future.'

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