Zooey Deschanel has new boyfriend, quirky honky named Jamie Linden. Will Ben kill himself? | Hipster Runoff

Zooey Deschanel has new boyfriend, quirky honky named Jamie Linden. Will Ben kill himself?


Zooey Deschanel got divorced from indie frontman Ben Gibbard, dragging him thru a messy divorce where she bragged about how rich she was, and basically cut ties before her hit album and hit TV show made her MEGA RICH. She used him, and then was like "I gotta get outta this shit", leaving him high and dry. Poor Ben. Now she has some new BF named Jamie Linden. He is apparently 'a Hollywood screenwriter', which means she won't have to compete with him in the indiesphere.

Here are 'the deets' on THE NEW GUY. Let's sort thru some terribly written tabloid copy.


There’s a new guy in “New Girl” star Zooey Deschanel’s life.

Sounds like things are getting HOT and HEAVY!

Six months after filing for divorce on her two-year marriage from Death Cab for Cutie rocker Ben Gibbard, the actress stepped out holding hands with a new love interest at the “Magic Mike” after-party in Hollywood Sunday.

According to Us Weekly, Deschanel has started dating screenwriter Jamie Linden.

I wonder if he knows how to make a sick batch of Tomato Soup.

Tell us what he's like! Find a nameless source!

"Jamie's a really nice guy," a source told the magazine. "He's funny, and a little geeky … he's into her!"

Perfect! A lil geeky, a lil kinky!

Wait, who is this guy? Has he written any shitty movies?

Deschanel, 32, and Linden, who has penned scripts for the films “10 Years,” “Dear John” and “We Are Marshall,” were reportedly inseparable at the star-studded bash, where they were spotted linking arms and chatting with friends.

Do u think every time he cums, he screams, "We Are. Marshall."

Do u think this CHUMP is good enough 4 ZoZo?
Is he just 'using her' for her millions?
How will Ben Gibb take the news?
Do u think she will leave the house with him?
Do u think he will dance around to 'Shake Rattle and Roll' with him?
Is he the kinda guy who u can just stay in and wear comfy jammies with all day?

R u on #TeamBen or #TeamZoZo?

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