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Lucas Vercetti, the white guy in Odd Future, spotted taking a shit

Dude. Tyler. Cmon man. I'm using the crapper here!

Honestly, I'm getting sick and tired of my job here, being the stock boy at the Odd Future pop up shop. I just ate a SICK burrito. Have u ever had carnitas? I think that's Spanish for SWAG MEAT, cuz shit is hella swag. So I go to take a deuce, AND I'm on my break. Tyler barges in like a friggin Loiter Squad and takes a pic of me crapping. It was a SUPER big one too. Burritos always do that to me after a long day at the shop. I'm on my feet a lot. I really need to look into getting some Dr. Scholl's inserts.

I knew I should have used the crapper at Chiptole. I'm just tired of having my privacy violated. I want to stand up to the guys, but I'm afraid of losing my job. I need this. I am hoping that I can eventually spinoff into my own thing, but who knows if it will work because I'm not a young African American. At least people got to see my kille thigh tats. I'm a pretty hardcore bro, underneath it all.

Things are going well, tho. HAve a good relationship with a girl that I care about. I AM thankful for my job. I am looking into getting a new place, movin' out of my folks house.

But c'mon man! I'm takin a crap here! All a man wants is to dump in peace. If a man doesn't deserve to crap in peace, he is basically a slave.

Well I gotta go check on some of the new screen prints from our distributor.





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