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Grimes and Kreayshawn collab to write worst song in the world. Did it melt ur ears?

Grimes is one of the flukiest indie artists of all time. Her songs aren't that great, but she has a strong personal brand that people are all like "Props 2 her for doing her thing" even if sometimes u wonder if she is just on a cocktail of drugs, heading straight towards death, but we are just propelling her faster into the abyss for the sake of indie content. She's a lot like Kreayshawn since both of their careers are based on lies and misperceptions of losers who are desperate to feel like they are consuming 'the next big thing.'

They both teamed up to 'write' this dumb song and video with some other fringe artsy indie performer who isn't even worth mentioning. The song is called "DON'T SMOKE MY BLUNT BITCH" and is stupid and sounds terrible. Grimes does some pointless ooohs and aahhs. The video is dumb, as well. This is just a huge disgrace piece of shit. Pitchfork is on record as calling this "Amazing."

Just another example of two girls who walk around like their 'shit doesn't stink', making what they think is 'art' because they are encouraged by their innercircles who believe that they are in the presence of some1 famous and relevant. What a disaster.

This song and video are easily 'the biggest pieces of shit' of all time, and any1 who celebrates them for being more than just 'dumb content' is a liar and should be excommunicated from indie. I wonder who will actually 'listen' to this in their free time. I wonder if any1 actually thinks that this is a 'quality work of art.'

Do u h8 Grimes?
Do u h8 Kreayshawn?
Who do u think has more $$$?
Should Grimes be removed from the buzzosphere?
Is this song one of the worst of the year?
Does this song make Bon Iver and James Blake look like pop geniuses?


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Grimes is Claire Boucher, a Canadian bleep bloop singer music project.

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