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Earl Sweatshirt meets Will.i.am. Is there an Odd Future collab in the works?

Photo via thecobrasnake
earl sweatshirt big nigger lips
Earl Sweatshirt is a member of the rap band Odd Future, except he wasn't allowed to participate in the band's buzz rise to prominence. Instead, they locked him in a basement and pretended he was on some random ass island nation called Samoa. He probably worked in a Girl Scout Cookie factory [via samoas]. Anyways, for some reason every1 acts like he's a 'sick rapper' when he is only some dumb meme. Every one knows that Lucas Vercetti is the #1 member of Odd Future, especially because he is banging some premium Hollywood pussy.

Anyways, the best Earl Sweatshirt could do is hang out with Will.i.am, who is easily one of the softest, wackest niggas in the game. Pretty embarrassing picture. Not looking very swag at all. But I guess that's what is happening to Odd Future. They are so desperate to be on mainstream rap radio that they'll let Will.i.am produce some soft shit 4 them. Typical. Those dudes care more about selling overpriced skate gear to white tweens than they actually care about making good rap. No matter what, they will be hailed as 'the next big thing in rap' until they are like 40 years old, and every1 realizes they are just the Blink 182 of rap.

Mark Hoppus = Ty the Creating
Tom DeLong = Earl Sweatshirt
Lucas "Lucia" Vercetti = Travis Barker

Do they look swag?
R u on #TeamEarl or #TeamLucas?
Do u care abt Odd Future if Lucas isn't prominently involved?
Is Will.i.am effing wack?
Why does he think he is from the future?
Are the Black Eyed Peas 'the worst band ever'?

Earl Sweatshirt

Alternative Celebrity

Earl Sweatshirt is a member of Odd Future who was in captivity for a year as Odd Future rose to buzz fame.

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Odd Future is the lofi shock-rap crew run by Tyler, The Creator.

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