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St. Vincent crowdsurfs at Coachella, wears MYSTERY wedding ring during set

St. Vincent is usually known for making 'semi-boring but respected' high-end indie rock. She played Coachella, and apparently every1 'went crazie' for this keut, curly haired girl playing the guitar. It seems as though her performance had 2 significant memes worth blogging about.

1) She crowdsurfed, which might be a 'first' in her career. Not only did she crowdsurf, but she performed an entire song while crowdsurfing. This is the kind of behavior/open grabfest that you'd expect from Alice Glass or even Alexis Krauss, but maybe ST. Vincent is 'trying to rebrand' as one of those crazy energy female BBs. I honestly wish i could have grab-fested her.

Will St. Vincent be required 2 crowdsurf at every show ever now?

2) She was wearing a MYSTERY WEDDING RING/ENGAGEMENT RING on her finger! I wonder who the lucky man is!

There are a few better shots of the wedding ring / wedding band at the 1:39 mark of this video.

Who is St. Vincent married 2?
Do u think they approved of her crowdsurfing?
Would u <3 to carry St. Vincent's bangin lil bod?
Do u like St. Vincent more now that she crowdsurfs?
Should all females in indie be required 2 crowdsurf?
Is this a good strategic brand move 4 St. Vincent?
Do u rlly need to find out the mystery behind Annie Clark's wedding ring?

St. Vincent

Alternative Celebrity, Buzzband

St. Vincent is Annie Clark. She plays the guitar and writes deep songs that go on for a really long time.

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Coachella is a music festival held in Southern California that turns into a gathering of the world's most relevant buzzbands, artists, designers, celebrities, and internet personalities.

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