4 the Galz: Coachella FASHION Survival Guide! [by Lindsey, the HRO Fashion Intern] | Hipster Runoff

4 the Galz: Coachella FASHION Survival Guide! [by Lindsey, the HRO Fashion Intern]

This post has been sponsored by Pac Sun: It's not just for Cali Bros: It's also a place for Festival-wave BBs. Visit us at your local dying mall! This post was written by our 24 year old fashion intern, Lindsey.

The sun sets in the west every where in the world, but at Coachella, the sun sets a little bit wester than any where else. You'd have to be there to understand. Le Sigh...

Hello my girls!

I'm honestly running on iced coffee, diet pills, and the desire to make more than $18k per year so that my dad can stop paying for my Manhattan apartment! #TMI

Who is going to Coachella? I was FINALLY able to score a ticket, but I will be WORKING and PARTYING til I DROP! Picture me curled up on a coach in Palm Springs. Alas!

I am SO SO VERY inspired by the FASHION at the festival! I am truly in heaven when I am there, going crazy for SO many looks. Alas, I raided my closet, the local thrift store, and even maxed out my father's credit card at the designer vintage store... but I'm STILL searching 4 the right look. #ugh

Zany sunglasses!

Slutty shorts that show ur butt!

tube top + tank top combo that reveals sideboob

Slutty tube top

Skanky sexi capris

velour track suit made from endangered animals

Expensive clothes that look all vintagey!

'DTF' raver boots

'I'll put a boot up ur ass' boot legged jeans

haute couture dress

Be urself! express urself! Use FASHION to INSPIRE u to find HAPPINESS at Coachella, AND in ur every day life!

Also: DRINK lots of water, and MAKE SURE to see DAVID GUETTA!

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JC Penney

Also signed,
Mossimo [brought to you by Target

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Coachella is a music festival held in Southern California that turns into a gathering of the world's most relevant buzzbands, artists, designers, celebrities, and internet personalities.

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