Diplo says that ex-GF M.I.A. was abusive and stupid 4 ruining the Super Bowl | Hipster Runoff

Diplo says that ex-GF M.I.A. was abusive and stupid 4 ruining the Super Bowl

Diplo is known as the DJ imperialist. He'll go to a 3rd world country, jack their beats, then sell them to Beyonce for BLOOD-DIAMOND level money. He has transitioned into one of 'the most famous DJs and producers in the world' with a team of brand managers. However, he will always be 'the guy who dated M.I.A. before she went insane', so he'll always get to give magazines 'soundbits'/blurbs/web_bits about how crazy she is, and how she is totally inauthentic and she thought she was mnstrm because she married a billionaire, but he dumped her.

Anyways, in the latest round of Diplo Vs. M.I.A., he says that she is 'abusive.' I can't tell if that means she was goin 'wild n out', throwing crap around a hotel room in a massive brawl, or if he meant while he was trying to write her songs. He also says that her collab with Madonna was wack, and she used the Super Bowl incident 2 make it seem like she didn't give an eff, but it just made her look stupid anyways.

He's blunt when it comes to M.I.A., too. They broke up, but continued collaborating until the sessions for her last album. "She didn't really know what she was doing," he says. "She was really abusive, telling me I wasn't good enough or fast enough." Discussing M.I.A.'s middle-finger flip at the Super Bowl with Madonna, he says, "It was kind of stupid. I think her being on that Madonna song is kind of lame, and she was trying to make up for that. That song is such a flop."

Nothing we didn't already know.

Just riding some more 'M.I.A. is crazy and used to date Diplo' pageviews, standard blogging procedure.

Do u h8 M.I.A.?
Should Diplo 'get her blacklisted' from the industry?
Should M.I.A. 'be deported'?
Is M.I.A. crazie and abusive?
R u scared of her?
Is America scared of her [via her being a terrorist]?

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M.I.A. is known for thinking that the American government is out 2 get her.

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