Crystal Castles spotted bronoodling with Joseph Kony. Are they making him alt famous? #STOPKONY #KONY2012 | Hipster Runoff

Crystal Castles spotted bronoodling with Joseph Kony. Are they making him alt famous? #STOPKONY #KONY2012

Jospeh Kony is a brand new internet viral sensation who has all of the blogs buzzing. No1 knew who he was, so some white dude who has a perfect life so he uses his excess energy to worry abt Third World issues was all like "I am going to make him go viral bc I own a nonprofit internet buzz company." It worked, and #KONY was #trending harder than any #hashtag that I have seen in hours. Now it seems like Joseph Kony is 'on the run', or he is actually just trying to raise his dictator-vibe/warlord brand, become Osama Bin Laden/Saddam Hussein level 'famous.' It is always hard to convert internet fame to IRL accomplishments, even in the field of genocide, oppression and cruel acts against humanity.

Kony must be trying to break into the buzzosphere because he was recently seen vibing with Crystal Castles. Sorta jealous that Alice Glass might be getting VIP tips on how to construct child armies. More indie buzzbands are attempting to corner the tween/pre-teen market, so u have 2 give CC props for reaching out 2 Kony, killing 3 birds with one stone:

  • Chillin with big thangs poppin
  • LEarning how to build child armies
  • Making Kony Famous #KONY2012 #STOPKONY

Do u think Kony was #canoodling with Alice Glass?
Do u think Ethan Kath will let Kony be an 'other dude' in his band?
Will Kony hurt or help their album sales?
Is Kony replacing 'Bob Smith' in Crystal Castles?

Will Joseph Kony become more alt famous?
Has JoJo Kony's buzz already 'died'?
Is Invisible Children just going to buy iPads 4 Uganda?
Should Invisible Children be shut down by the government?
Were Crystal Castles the original Invisible Children?
What would U do 2 make Kony famous?

Crystal Castles


Crystal Castles are an 8 bit bleep bloop band from Canada.

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Alice Glass

Alternative Celebrity

Alice Glass is the lead singer of Crystal Castles. She is known for her KrAzY onStAgE aNtiCs.

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Ethan Kath

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Ethan Kath is the 'genius' behind Crystal Castles.

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